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Tính từ

Finished, having reached an end or conclusion
complete finished completed done accomplished achieved fulfilled concluded through attained compassed discharged effectuated finalised finalized settled consummated dead defunct expired extinct kaput kaputt obsolete over over with performed produced up consummate down effected ended executed in the can realised realized terminated all-embracing all-inclusive all over all over but the shouting brought about carried out done with fini finished off home free polished off sewn up sorted out sweeping that's it wrapped up clinched resolved closed established at an end in the bag wrapped-up wound up out of the way over and done with decided determined final built buttoned up brought to pass gone past bygone lapsed perfected satisfied ancient history actualized dispatched no more vanished out of hand nonextant departed bypast set rendered happy contented pleased content made worked out gratified comfortable in the past obtained crowned matured brought to a close a thing of the past made good at ease passé elapsed out-of-the-way irrelevant invalid materialized substantiated dated exhausted depleted spent full prepared effete wrought handled organized organised discontinued a wrap used up run out materialised ceased relaxed perf entire taken care of run forgotten all up knocked off tied up finished with dispensed with dead and buried dead and gone over and done come to an end decreed serene placid ordained designated chosen destined prescribed delighted reached untroubled rewarded allotted agreed fated fixed concrete put into effect at peace nailed prearranged predetermined set in stone

Tính từ

Habitual, firmly established, and unlikely to change
dyed-in-the-wool confirmed entrenched inveterate complete established deep-rooted long-established absolute diehard long-standing thorough thoroughgoing utter committed dedicated deep-dyed out-and-out devoted faithful firm incorrigible loyal staunch steadfast unshakeable bred-in-the-bone chronic die-hard full-bore habitual incurable true blue unapologetic unashamed unfaltering unrepentant unswerving unwavering arrant card-carrying right-down through and through through-and-through congenital deep-down deep-seated fixed genuine hardened infixed ingrained instilled true unchangeable uncompromising well-established mad keen deeply ingrained keen as mustard out and out to the core rooted well established indelible settled immutable hard-core irremovable deep ineradicable dug in embedded set firm set deep-set inexorable fortified intrenched stubborn rigid abiding seasoned unyielding enduring inflexible accustomed habituated immovable firmly established persistent obstinate proved radical staid inured unshakable hard-shell hard-line invariable profound accepted intransigent inbred hard-and-fast permanent innate long-lasting resolute irradicable unchanging strict adamant unbending unvarying definite deeply felt implanted worn valid extreme fundamental basic hard and fast built-in secure inbuilt inherent subconscious lingering ardent lasting irredeemable fervent earnest perennial lifelong devout unalterable explicit torrid zealous vehement wholehearted concrete fiery fanatical longtime hard severe stable supreme hardheaded constant solid stiff incommutable inalterable cast-iron ironclad bona fide unflappable all-consuming red-hot well-set locked in set in stone undestroyable indestructible unremovable unfading unforgettable ineffaceable instinctive intrinsic gut obscene pornographic X-rated hopeless inborn longstanding determined unwaivering inannihilable driven in stringent rigorous irrepressible undying eternal beyond hope exacting brassbound deep down grounded conservative reactionary traditionalist unadaptable dyed-in-the wool ultra-conservative unprogressive based on stalwart lodged in one's brain steady obsessive unreformable compulsive impenitent intense indomitable val endemic sicker installed frozen hidebound determinate pigheaded final bound flat inexpugnable jelled certain heartfelt strong impassioned perpetual unflinching sure indurated old sworn long-lived usual persisting radicated continuing customary blimpish stiff-necked avid fervid powerful abject acute passionate burning changeless sacrosanct ageless undeviating static unvaried unchanged honest enthusiastic sincere heightened serious exceptional consuming unfeigned keen extraordinary ensconced irreversible unmodifiable fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist nerveless imperturbable stirring inflamed warm rousing excessive great grave impregnable unsinkable solid as a rock fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians biased preconceived

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