Đồng nghĩa của impregnable

Alternative for impregnable

Tính từ

Not able to be overcome, subdued, or defeated
invulnerable invincible impenetrable secure strong unassailable unbeatable unconquerable indestructible bulletproof indomitable insuperable insurmountable inviolable safe stout unattackable unstoppable immovable unshakable firm fortified solid unyielding well defended well fortified untouchable undefeatable sound durable overwhelming enduring steady unbreakable impassable sturdy sacrosanct sacred robust holy stable hallowed impervious reliable irresistible established impossible steely dependable reinforced airtight toughened hopeless inured hardened strengthened lasting well-made well-built tried-and-true well-founded resistant rock-solid imperishable challenging fast cast-iron long-lasting safe and sound fortress-like stalwart well-defended above criticism holdable insusceptible risk-free insensitive immune irrepressible low-risk protectable unshakeable riskless powerful certain locked iron indefeasible undefeated intractable innate inexpugnable unsurpassable unattainable defensible proof against unhackable inalienable unchallengeable unalterable hardy heavy heavy-duty hard armoured hard-wearing absolute hard as nails able to be protected no-win inaccessible unmasterable ineluctable flourishing everlasting cohesive storm-resistant stormproof bombproof well-armed well-protected fixed concrete impassible seasoned hard-bitten knockabout armored well protected intemerate divine uninfringeable unbreachable inviolate forget it no way persisting persistent inevitable inescapable unrelenting inexorable overpowering relentless persevering not a prayer compelling effective infallible cogent indubitable substantial well-defined well-established well-constructed tough rugged resilient strongly made built to last permanent made to last infrangible incorruptible resolute vigorous perdurable staunch indissoluble flawless binding eternal shatterproof wear-resistant foolproof abiding inseparable non-breakable weatherproof adamantine nonbreakable error-tolerant tight brass-bound serviceable whole intact hale wholesome well-conditioned fit bouncing unimpaired undamaged hearty healthy well able-bodied vibrant wide-ranging perfect sane rigorous vital unhurt undecayed normal unblemished right as rain hanging together holding together up to snuff in the pink alive and kicking

Tính từ

Unable to be disproved or refuted
incontrovertible irrefutable faultless flawless incontestable indisputable indubitable undeniable unquestionable airtight foolproof watertight beyond doubt beyond question without loopholes unassailable sound conclusive beyond dispute perfect firm sure certain irrefragable unanswerable invincible apodictic irresistible positive decisive definite definitive accomplished plain inarguable patent unmistakable unarguable manifest clear palpable unchallengeable evident obvious accurate forceful odds-on apodeictic ironclad convincing final telling unimpeachable proven double-checked irrebuttable set overwhelming can bet on it nof ifs ands or buts absolute unequivocal undoubted unambiguous categorical clear-cut transparent compelling true confirmed not in doubt demonstrable real assured decided self-evident established genuine acknowledged emphatic marked nailed-on accepted undebatable settled authoritative unquestioned open and shut express not in question recognized pronounced authentic doubtless undisputed verifiable concrete guaranteed actual straightforward ultimate without doubt apparent recognised unchallenged uncontested sure-fire beyond a shadow of a doubt unqualified as plain as a pikestaff undoubtable binding factual undisputable observable unerring uncontroversial determinate fixed safe infallible clinching distinct veritable sure thing surefire reliable downright hard open-and-shut staring one in the face bona fide immutable nailed down provable irreversible irrevocable demonstrative flat dependable questionless secure obligatory unappealable inexpugnable sealed confirmable resolute establishable unfailing well-founded cold unconditional implicit no mistake peremptory hard-and-fast open solid sure-enough valid explicit blatant overt glaring nonambiguous conspicuous unambivalent precise striking as sure as eggs is eggs complete barefaced cut-and-dried crystal clear clear cut in the bag authenticated de facto literal certified tangible inescapable demonstrated effective substantiated bald-faced verified existent certifiable inalienable tyrannous admitted dogmatic arbitrary inoppugnable overpowering without question unshakable safe to say not disputed freely admitted necessary compulsory unequivocable uncontestable commanding imperative for sure inevitable unbreakable well grounded pat superior well-grounded no two ways about it strong invulnerable down pat for certain no ifs and or buts well-proven convinced confident inerrant failsafe ensured as plain as day writ large as plain as the nose on one's face undisguised axiomatic black-and-white beyond the shadow of a doubt impeccable clinched veridical unfabled unfaltering beyond a shadow of doubt tacit satisfied unwavering persuaded implied virtual fail-safe no ifs ands or buts insured cinched racked can't-miss unalterable that's a fact essential unacknowledged permanent made certain nailed on on ice absolutely certain sewed up pellucid perspicuous objective real-world substantial attested believable real-life realistic validated self-conceited self-confident unhesitating self-assured unquestioning specific last deciding invariable rank free from doubt affirmative unchangeable determinative irremediable unreversible out-and-out consummate thorough cocksure direct thoroughgoing forcible outright unrectifiable lasting indelible finished changeless unrepealable no ifs ands or buts about it completing concluding settling state-of-the-art closing limiting finishing terminating ending terminal determining especial intrinsic pure very legitimate perceptible sheer flat-out straight out ascertained known frozen stable supreme having down pat there are no two ways about it all sewn up

Tính từ

Impossible to travel along or over
impassable impenetrable blocked closed obstructed unnavigable impermeable impervious pathless trackless unpassable blockaded forbidden inaccessible insurmountable treacherous untraversable untrodden impassible dense waterproof sealed resistant tight inviolable solid hermetic invulnerable thick hermetically sealed watertight water-resistant indestructible secure safe unassailable imperviable water-repellent immune unattackable unpierceable unyielding bulletproof rainproof overgrown thickset jungle-like jungly airtight damp-proof nonporous untravellable leak-proof untouched unmoved unaffected unreceptive unswayable proof clogged jammed congested gridlocked choked choked up bunged up invincible obdurate unmovable unbending unfeeling impassive unapproachable unwavering rigid insusceptible insensitive unconquerable unstoppable unshakeable indomitable unbeatable strong insuperable untouchable powerful proof against safe and sound hard unbreakable puncture-proof compact murky firm substantial unpiercable close tightly packed fortress-like repellent unsusceptible protected showerproof weatherproof proofed leakproof resistive coated waterproofed sound rubberized resilient unaffected by shut waxed -proof repelling tough completely sealed enclosed resisting renitent sturdy hardy repellent of impervious to unsusceptible to invulnerable to immune to hardened imperviable to lost unimpressionable not subject to unresponsive locked untouched by unmoved by fastened clumped plugged bolted smothering snapped stopped up treated soundproof fireproof tamper-proof childproof windproof bombproof able to withstand

Tính từ

Crowded or packed closely together
dense thick compact packed compressed crowded solid close tight crammed firm impenetrable thickset compacted heavy overgrown serried substantial condensed impassable jungly concentrated consolidated deep full heaped husky impermeable impervious jammed massed piled rigid robust rugged set solidified close-packed closely packed packed in closely set jam-packed tightly packed close-knit heavy-going jammed together jungle-like packed like sardines hard unyielding stiff hardened congealed tough congested close-grained inelastic nonporous inflexible swarming teeming abundant resistant sealed sturdy crawling jelled concrete thronged seething populous adamantine stiffened steely cramped rich thickened squeezed frozen taut filled unmalleable strong packed together non-flexible secure waterproof crushed brimming impliable inviolable lush closed impassible overflowing bursting populated rife awash hermetic overcrowded stuffed thronging bristling replete hermetically sealed multitudinous chock-full refractory fine-grained like Piccadilly Circus incompressible close-set assembled tiered unpliable close together unbending luxuriant short blocky cropped appressed bunched squashed pressed renitent unmoving profuse bushy plentiful riotous circumscribed confined inaccessible untrodden pathless untraversable trackless unnavigable unpassable restricted particular rank rampant exuberant densely planted packed close watertight stout pressed together swamped viscoid viscid viscous water-resistant airtight loaded overrun mobbed heaving evaporated undiluted reduced fixed water-repellent damp-proof immutable blocked huddled unrelenting resolute gelled walkable distilled starched brimful flooded up to the hilt filled to the rafters wall-to-wall unchangeable dimensional rigorous imperviable unwavering rocklike jellified stony sardined full up full of commotion elbow-to-elbow fit to bust busy unpierceable heavily populated rainproof leak-proof puncture-proof indestructible unbreakable cemented uncompromising jellied unattackable invulnerable unassailable rock-solid rock-hard brick wall safe like a rock set in stone overpopulated murky unpiercable bulletproof really hard very hard numerous thickly populated settled densely populated many multifarious peopled multitudinal legion voluminous several occupied various semi-solid boiled down heavily settled fortress-like full of people covered choked fraught flush abounding pullulating lousy chocker great generous chock-a-block crawling with full of abounding in like sardines cram-full of overrun by bursting at the seams having a considerable amount of having a copious amount of chock-full of

Tính từ

Able to be maintained or defended against attack or objection
sustainable defensible tenable defendable justifiable maintainable strong supportable reliable viable credible plausible rational sound vindicable warrantable able to hold water secure arguable reasonable believable acceptable workable imaginable conceivable condonable excusable trustworthy invulnerable unassailable sensible valid logical realistic legitimate good well-founded well founded feasible just right understandable coherent reasoned cogent proper practical legit sincere justified effective manageable warranted convincing compelling admissible suitable fit solid grounded lucid congruent true sure permissible correct fair pragmatic pardonable persuasive rightful probable deductive discerning analytical commonsense proven confirmed informed commonsensical analytic prudent bona fide levelheaded intellectual accurate commonsensible judicious well grounded well advised well-reasoned well-advised well-grounded well thought out assertable dependable appropriate genuine authentic bearable lawful verifiable dinkum accepted honest pukka real acknowledged trusty legal explainable forgivable allowable licit remissible venial satisfactory rock-solid cast-iron practicable realizable attainable operational achievable possible operable doable serviceable usable likely applicable objective enlightened thoughtful philosophic reflective infallible sagacious ratiocinative trustable veridical reasoning collected faultless unquestionable cerebral thinking circumspect certain perspicacious synthetic veracious intelligent useful accomplishable errorless shrewd impeccable inerrant hard corroborated colorable knowing meticulous rigorous validated substantiated verified truthful expedient within reach within reason empirical cognitive certified open definite calculable explicit exact precise sharp stringent careful empiric level-headed wise of use worthwhile realisable well-thought-out dead-on spot-on clear-cut on-target letter-perfect within possibility within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility telling substantial powerful balanced perceptive sane perspicuous irrefutable astute conclusive weighty authoritative germane determinative firm sober consequent forceful pertinent consistent relevant efficacious stable uncorrupted attested tested potent kosher well reasoned down-to-earth clear-headed matter-of-fact holding water

Tính từ

Dangerous or perilous
jeopardous hazardous perilous risky unsafe chancy precarious speculative insecure threatening hairy menacing unhealthy serious delicate treacherous venturesome parlous bad thorny ticklish exposed nasty touchy deadly critical adventurous dangersome fatal venturous viperous alarming breakneck dynamite formidable heavy hot impending loaded malignant mortal portentous pressing queasy serpentine shaky terrible ugly unstable urgent vulnerable wicked touch-and-go on collision course dangerous dodgy dicey tricky uncertain unsound high-risk grievous grave jeopardizing unpredictable gnarly iffy jeopardising difficult sticky rocky fraught with danger long shot unchancy awkward prickly tricksy sensitive tough knotty problematical catchy problematic spiny adverse scary ominous slippery harmful detrimental hurtful damaging injurious deleterious shonky endangered prejudicial pernicious nocuous defenseless defenceless on thin ice playing with fire wide-open on slippery ground out on a limb hanging by a thread lethal troubling noxious baleful baneful life-threatening severe troublesome intricate complicated complex unsure perplexing involved hard taxing unsettled controversial vexatious unreliable convoluted trying embarrassing unpleasant dubious irksome bothersome unsteady uncomfortable worrying touch and go baffling vexed concerning questionable undependable in the balance desperate unknown undetermined debatable unresolved upsetting doubtful challenging erratic open to question up in the air dire tight fiddly pending contentious terrifying puzzling rough in limbo capricious distressing incalculable awful in danger untrustworthy at risk disturbing nettlesome in jeopardy Russian roulette compromising humiliating profound rugged undecided bleak in doubt painful sophisticated death-defying cringeworthy onerous forbidding arduous grim cringey pointed briery cringe-making punishing dark disagreeable worrisome wobbly unforeseeable volatile unfriendly bitter suspect spartan hostile mystifying up for grabs reckless uneasy daredevil unclear subtle paradoxical fluctuant vague unfinished tentative extreme harassing cliffhanging suspenseful provocative intractable searching penetrating heated haphazard echinated annoying stimulating emotive divisive scandalous dreadful disputed quirky barro discomforting like herding cats to be won or lost in no man's land laborious operose strenuous debated contested eventful hair-trigger threatened destructive toxic disconcerting moot flustering unprotected nice discomfiting acute unconcluded explosive fearsome tottering rickety very bad demeaning degrading ongoing in contention at issue in dispute inconvenient embarrassed open to attack on a limb inconstant fickle lively temperamental mercurial variable changeable untimely discountenancing discomposing open to debate hot-button excruciating incommodious exasperating shameful peracute open to doubt fractious barbed bristly toe-curling egregious life-and-death yet to be decided much debated unconfirmed briary thistly brambly unfathomable insoluble bewildering unanswerable elaborate incomprehensible insolvable confusing tangled enigmatic confounding mind-bending undecipherable indeterminate undefined spicular spiky aculeate spinous sharp spiculate spiked pronged bristled spiniferous scratchy hanging in the balance on a slippery slope built on sand conjectural sketchy indistinct setaceous jaggy muricate pointy barbellate spinose

Tính từ

Not able to be shaken
unshakable steadfast resolute unwavering firm staunch steady unswerving immovable constant fixed unflinching sure adamant inflexible unflappable abiding imperturbable nerveless entrenched unsinkable determined tenacious unyielding unrelenting dogged single-minded obstinate persistent stubborn persevering unfaltering indefatigable unflagging committed unbending purposeful stalwart obdurate dedicated true untiring undaunted unshakeable insistent relentless strong-willed pertinacious strong vigorous unshaken uncompromising resolved bold steely solid spirited gritty unhesitating mettlesome intransigent strong-minded set undeviating indomitable bound earnest intent gutsy reliable diligent faithful loyal assiduous plucky perseverant sturdy implacable stout driven rock-ribbed assertive tireless rigid dependable forceful hard patient valiant decided brave devoted bulldog unfailing unbendable courageous certain serious strenuous trusty never-failing persisting full of determination stiff enduring stout-hearted unchanging spunky tried and true tried and tested bent upon meaning business dead set on zealous fierce ruthless fanatical hardened emphatic infallible trustworthy hard-nosed bullheaded purposive grim deliberate bent sedulous manful importunate dead set settled definite decisive stable hanging tough compulsive indurate inexorable stiff-necked true-blue four-square tough consistent hell-bent on bound and determined straight dyed-in-the-wool do-or-die tried-and-true hell-bent upon bent on unswervable focused pigheaded headstrong ingrained deep-rooted direct rock-solid wholehearted self-willed never-tiring focussed unmovable cohesive redoubtable coherent mulish possessive unforgetful dour formidable daring hard-working strict good audacious steamroller unafraid resilient nervy powerhouse honest dutiful trusted whole-hearted well-established sticky in earnest hard-line determinate dominant unmalleable unalterable unmistakable responsible trustable tested calculable effective prevailing inexpugnable unqualified seasoned domineering thick-skinned cast-iron hard as nails hardy rugged toughened going explicit positive fast in for long haul like bad penny stand pat hang tough through-and-through hard-and-fast intrepid immutable out intent on on one's mettle insistent on set on determined to committed to the idea of hell bent on tall in the saddle intent upon endless boundless inexhaustible ceaseless continuous ambitious fail-safe unlimited surefire unfading undying can't-miss unerring continual motivated ardent bottomless industrious keen same absolute delivering lasting there come-through continuing eternal invariable counted on rock solid inspired enthusiastic avid hungry compelled enterprising obsessed consumed obsessive active eager striving possessed thirsty desirous galvanized monomaniacal pushy impelled fixated aspiring militant obsessional energetic induced impulsive guided besetting pushed steered galvanised go-getting self-starting hard-driving goal-oriented self-driven urged on hell-bent self-assertive hearty aggressive iron lusty fiery bitter stony unquenchable furious ferocious burning granite

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