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Alternative for jelled

jell /dʤel/
  • danh từ (thông tục)
    • (như) jelly
    • động từ
      • (như) jelly
      • (nghĩa bóng) hình thành rõ rệt
        • public opinion has jelled on that question: về vấn đề đó dư luận quần chúng đã rõ rệt
        • the conversation wouldn't jell: câu chuyện rời rạc nhạt nhẽo


    Not able to be changed
    set rigid entrenched firm inflexible steadfast concrete deep-rooted fixed invariable strict deep-seated hard hardened hardheaded ingrained settled stable stubborn unbending unyielding definite immovable obstinate rooted solid stiff unchangeable unchanging unvarying bound certain determinate final flat frozen hidebound inexpugnable inveterate ironclad pigheaded unflappable cast-iron hard and fast hard-and-fast stiff-necked locked in well-set set in stone solid as a rock unalterable immutable established unwavering changeless rigorous stringent constant uncompromising undeviating permanent decided incommutable steady inalterable enduring abiding irreversible exacting determined lasting binding fast hard-line unshakeable static perpetual precise unadaptable explicit tight absolute exact consistent uniform incontrovertible stationary severe sure resolute unfluctuating unmodifiable clear-cut definitive express secure clear conclusive unmovable anchored regular iron-fisted still invariant specified unmoving unfailing harsh eternal tough draconian stern adamant defined irrevocable obdurate decisive brassbound unrelenting specific ineradicable moored unchanged continuing persistent unpermissive unfading indelible immobile incontestable outright nailed stabile agreed cut-and-dried well defined arranged positive preset unqualified indisputable unquestionable predetermined adamantine never-failing unvaried unequivocal authoritarian predictable confining unfaltering valid convincing intransigent picky indestructible confirmed bullheaded unrelieved distinct unshaken convinced irremovable even immotile lifelong inexorable same perdurable ultimate prescribed relentless limited direct unswerving categorical fastened riveted plain hitched durable sturdy attached hooked emphatic dead set heavy-handed ageless ceaseless writ in stone imperishable locked secured narrow equable continual hard-nosed dyed-in-the-wool black-and-white never-ending made fast clearly defined set in concrete pegged straight nonnegotiable strong inevitable biased preconceived quantified safe known austere unbreakable level regimented independent nonmoving ramrod incompliant dictated mandatory written compulsory sustained continuous uninterrupted controlled disciplined unbudging balanced not changeable fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians unabated unabating incessant interminable unceasing non-stop well-established sacrosanct nonmotile motionless demanding finite circumscribed bounded restricted measured particular intent determining telling satisfied confident indubitable undeniable real genuine unshakable doubtless free from doubt for a fact unquestioning persuaded assured calm unremitting braced jammed cemented absolutist single-minded tough nut to crack strait-laced decided upon well grounded tied unshaking never-changing everlasting irrefutable authoritative literal assigned beyond doubt carved in stone tenacious long-lived staying put long-standing close faithful true compelling poignant forceful powerful acrimonious drawing extreme rough brick-wall dour oppressive perennial unappealable undiversified monotonous habitual fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced unending unchallengeable forbidding disciplinary illiberal unambiguous endless undying indefinite forever uptight grim undoubting determinative unanswerable peremptory irremediable unreversible non-relative non-variable remove indissoluble irreparable standing by the numbers by the book dead set on intractable headstrong hardline indurate not changing unrectifiable finished unrepealable quiet situated located dateless immortal deathless unmistakable in black and white puritanical pertinacious nailed down set fast immobilized unmoveable immobilised set firm stuck down obvious perduring stuffy manifest accurate forever and a day in for the long haul for keeps unpersuadable unsparing straightforward univocal no-nonsense crystal clear allotted prearranged decreed planned resolved unblinking stipulated stated not subject to change in the bag


    Past tense for to harden into a solid or semi-solid state
    clotted coagulated congealed gelled gelated gelatinized jellied set cohered condensed finalised finalized firmed froze frozen hardened jellified materialised materialized sticked stuck stiffened thickened became clear become clear came together come together firmed up took shape taken shape solidified caked curdled inspissated dried clabbered ossified petrified concreted consolidated strengthened compacted crystallized indurated buttressed annealed fixed crystallised cemented coalesced concentrated loppered toughened reinforced glopped up densified fossilized become solid amalgamated fossilised precipitated fortified swelled widened added expanded enlarged harshened baked tempered braced become hard vitrified girt girded pressed settled starched calcified became solid steeled seasoned inured deepened swollen lumped gelatinated refrigerated grew thick grown thick decocted book become firm become thicker become thick become firmer became hard formed clots globbed up got hard gotten hard contracted reduced stabilized inflated benumbed propped nerved become stiff made stronger stabilised candied steadied closed starkened acclimatised become more concentrated chilled acclimated vulcanized casehardened acclimatized went hard gone hard became thicker became firmer became thick became firm calloused became stiff became more concentrated fixt set hard rigidified compressed secured prest coarsened tamped beefed up shored up toughened up built up baken pressed down tightened maintained roughened preserved swoll sustained made stricter supported plateaued upheld protected bolstered defended become rigid become fixed developt developed climatized fastened rooted poised forearmed readied garrisoned abraded become inflexible augmented embattled rigidized entrenched safeguarded psyched up walled prepared bulwarked become obdurate gone rigid went rigid charged up stepped up scratched roughed up evened out molded made more severe brazed souped up held up roughed become unyielding become constant moulded upholden became fixed became rigid became constant became inflexible became obdurate became unyielding

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