Đồng nghĩa của became visible


To have been visible, or to have been seen
showed appeared revealed emerged stood out stuck out caught the eye exposed featured flashed presented came into sight came into view materialised surfaced materialized arose blossomed broke out came out cropped up dawned debuted erupted loomed reappeared rematerialized resurfaced rose shot up sprang up came to light popped up put in an appearance issued took shape came up revealed itself unfolded developed emanated turned up presented itself came forth developt arrived manifested showed up presented oneself made an appearance became apparent sprung sprang hoved into view heaved into view crystallized grew came into being bobbed up matured crystallised exposed itself showed itself evolved began started peeped appeared partly appeared slowly broadened deepened transpired peeked occurred progressed leaked out advanced naturalized flourished burst out entered into the picture increased peered out set became known flowed blew in showed its face became evident resulted set in came on the scene took form showed oneself changed naturalised revealed oneself came together merged popped boiled over hovered showed partially issued from peeked from appeared briefly proceeded ensued came on appeared indistinctly figured entered manifested yourself made appearance showed one's face popped in hove in sight arrived on the scene manifested oneself made the scene turned out wound up at manifested itself rolled out came to pass pitched up fetched up broke settled actualized cultivated crystalized solidified jelled commenced originated acquired brake engendered accumulated came into existence became a reality took on character formed condensed eventuated hardened fell into place shaped up happened sprouted came about mushroomed befell spread took place followed burst forth germinated budded bloomed proliferated happed burgeoned kicked in put forth shoots took root put forth buds rocketed stemmed supervened multiplied spawned catalyzed pullulated betided betid flowered built up catalysed thrived throve skyrocketed expanded derived swelled snowballed prospered enlarged vegetated incubated boomed ballooned bourgeoned exploded set off shot rolled up bechanced launched fell felled accrued put on a spurt went down ran riot kicked off grew rapidly became more numerous burst into spread quickly chanced to happen escalated chanced existed became manifest came mounted appreciated came to the fore entered the picture popped out forthcame clomb climbed passed began life accelerated soared went through the ceiling went sky-high gained was were came from arose from stemned from arose out of resulted from upsprung upsprang headed waxed did stopped ended terminated formed buds developed buds appeared unexpectedly sprouted up appeared suddenly actioned increased rapidly increased exponentially propagated came off fell out came down flamed happened suddenly ripened blew up started suddenly flared up began suddenly embarked on blazed up precipitated sparked incited initiated pushed up pushed invoked enkindled fostered developed quickly instituted actuated established collected gathered occasioned triggered activated abounded started up kick-started triggered off became established effloresced came along grew up fared well bore fruit maturated battened grew well produced got on amassed succeeded broached came after went up ascended came to the top came to the surface floated up stood up rose up broke the surface came next mounted up stockpiled augmented added piled up accompanied attended followed on originated in supervened on

Trái nghĩa của became visible

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