Đồng nghĩa của escalated

Alternative for escalated

escalates, escalated, escalating

Đồng nghĩa: intensify, step up,


Great, or greater than normal, in quantity or size
high copious great large significant ample considerable disproportionate enormous excessive exorbitant inordinate profuse substantial voluminous abundant extraordinary extravagant extreme sizable sizeable vast big huge immense massive monumental substantive boundless epic giant handsome healthy heightened humongous immoderate increased intemperate jacked up limitless major serious severe super tremendous unreasonable whopping abnormal above average astronomical intensified unusual elevated raised colossal up mammoth whacking gigantic titanic prodigious towering gargantuan hulking stupendous monstrous jumbo mega Brobdingnagian elephantine mountainous bumper oversized ginormous hefty thumping king-size king-sized king size extensive grand mighty husky monster cumbersome unwieldy Himalayan outsize augmented humungous inflated cosmic bulky amplified astronomic long leviathan walloping galactic supersized cosmical thumping great whacking great whopping great unlimited tidy oversize herculean goodly supersize ponderous largish gross expansive pharaonic cyclopean super-duper vasty biggish outsized higher lifted upraised uplifted expanded enlarged numerous immeasurable comprehensive tall deep heavy weighty awkward spacious wide broad oceanic gigantesque planetary heroical stellar heroic unhandy cumbrous mondo overgrown unmanageable man-size Bunyanesque massy of considerable size mastodonic brobdingnagian man-sized dirty great beefy stout jacked stately aerial upheaved uprisen high-rise Herculean jumbo-sized hulky moving august notable dynamic eminent magnificent majestic intense renowned illustrious imposing impressive irresistible strong appreciable terrible behemothic swelled thundering fair-size good-size good-sized great big socking great roomy a whale of a economy-size super colossal life-size magnific fair-sized economy-sized capacious megalithic lofty full-size family-sized staggering grandiose family-size whopper commodious almighty protracted extended pronounced prolonged populous decided fat bull lengthy overflowing teeming superabundant opulent sweeping global plentiful good plenteous full lavish wholesale bountiful sufficient galore upped bloated measureless booming generous exhaustive heavyweight cavernous monolithic puffed up raised up marked up wide-reaching wide-ranging large-scale far-reaching added on generously proportioned ungainly boxcar unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy very large giant-sized giant-size infinite comfortable widespread very big unbounded endless abounding prolific prodigal sky-high incalculable rich bounteous rife undue unconscionable flush plethoric steep unrestricted inexhaustible exaggerated superfluous needless overmuch profligate open dissipated indulgent dizzying redundant unmeasurable self-indulgent recrementitious too many stratospheric overboard supernatural overkill extra way out more airy palatial overabundant thick on the ground uncrowded eternal rambling blimp surplus titan interminable illimitable super-colossal liberal thick countless stiff decent Cyclopean terrific princely innumerable kingly aplenty plenty myriad all-inclusive overdue insane overweening intolerable cornucopian overextravagant devilish far-flung lank very great luxuriant Gargantuan munificent over catholic a gogo high-ceilinged in excess cavelike Moby baroque fancy unmerciful rank reasonable marked panoramic noticeable fair mucho no end of rip-roaring much respectable unfathomable fathomless tolerable through the ceiling awesome overwhelming formidable pretty mundo detailed in abundance rolling outspread outstretched very too a lot latitudinous beamy interplanetary cosmopolitan cosmogonic empyrean interstellar cosmogonal space intergalactic ecumenical never-ending spread-out whale of a stretched-out spread out worth taking into account not to be sneezed at far reaching wide physically enough and to spare no end thorough complete universal profound pervasive all-embracing all-encompassing blanket rangy prevalent filled awash interdisciplinary scopic indiscriminate across the board scopious inclusive comprising multidisciplinary replete unexclusive cross-disciplinary flowing fraught wall to wall swarming thronging lousy unwarranted unbridled unrestrained gratuitous extortionate well-provided exuberant flourishing well-supplied uncontrolled wanton improvident imprudent fantastic uncurbed outrageous wasteful unhampered out of all proportion ridiculous unchecked overindulgent ludicrous O.T.T. over the odds unfettered overgenerous unnecessary uncalled for too much silly a bit much OTT over the top preposterous uninhibited solid statuesque behemoth mahoosive extremely large extremely big extra-large larger-than-life barn door more than enough


To have intensified
increased intensified enhanced exacerbated aggravated intensated deepened exaggerated heightened magnified worsened hastened quickened made worse swelled expanded multiplied augmented spread built up boosted enlarged amplified raised mounted extended accelerated compounded aggrandized upped snowballed climbed mushroomed burgeoned proliferated lift swoll swollen ballooned accumulated inflated pumped up bourgeoned appreciated gained rocketed developed grew developt grown waxed boomed strengthened supersized soared risen rose built stepped up shot up rolled up hyped beefed up stoked advanced reinforced clomb clumb lifted elevated jacked up skyrocketed added to spiralled spiraled hiked up surged improved incremented widened increased rapidly broadened redoubled cranked up bumped up mounted up hiked accrued dilated made bigger made larger supplemented amassed progressed consolidated made greater upgraded put up padded accentuated doubled furthered maximized inflamed topped up went up sprouted maximised scaled lengthened gone up tripled hit the roof amped up added flourished marked up become larger thickened grew rapidly grown rapidly upsurged picked up pumped leaped up made better distended prospered annexed protracted parlayed ratcheted up slapped on blew up increased in size thrived leaped leapt stretched straught jumped roused bloomed ascended cumulated enriched thrust outspread pyramided blown up ameliorated scaled up went through the roof gone through the roof become more numerous piled up spread like wildfire jumped up sharpened gotten bigger got bigger upscaled prolonged tacked on pullulated risen rapidly went through the ceiling gone through the ceiling rose rapidly spiked exalted propagated emphasized optimized towered exploded bloated dramatically increased puffed up pushed up emphasised drastically increased greatly increased climbed sharply souped up run up increased exponentially run riot bettered arose arisen became larger teemed luxuriated fleshed out spread uncontrolled optimised concentrated encouraged elaborated thriven throve nurtured zoomed bolstered fostered gathered cultivated diffused pervaded swarmed stressed levitated upreared come up thrusted upthrusted aspired climbed up become bigger collected fortified flowered jacked got up filled out floated moved up moved upwards got larger spread out speeded up put on a spurt lifted off increased in scope boosted up added fuel to the flames burst moved upward spread across sped up gone sky-high increased suddenly increased in value filled put fuel on become greater set off made its way up puffed out put salt on the wound became more numerous heated up spread like lightning spread through het up burst forth increased dramatically turned up went sky-high sprung up sprang up reenforced upraised uprose uprisen elongated followed up increased in extent taken off increased in complexity raised the value of ran up rose steeply took off ran riot risen steeply fueled tended fuelled went up in price gone up in price embellished overstated promoted fattened bred unfolded uplifted diversified dramatized stiffened toughened overplayed embroidered sprawled opened kept burning overestimated mended feed poked stirred fed rekindled blossomed bulked conquered shot upturned bulged metastasized surged up advertised underlined advertized beefed revitalized matured stimulated developed rapidly overemphasized hyperbolized glided glid come upwards sprung sailed loomed become distended came up flown flew gained strength became bigger succeeded buttressed complicated inclined gotten up sweetened confused confounded spurted aggregated manifolded expatiated vaulted escaladed piggybacked upsized billowed stretched the truth broadened one's horizons added insult to injury poured it on shinned up became greater sloped upwards tagged on reached up got to made more rigorous darkened sent through the roof touched up scrambled up come on intumesced branched out tumefied started to be swept upward heaped on revitalised reached welled ramped up swelled up opened out bobbed up peaked made complex surcharged rose up clambered up stacked up become worse piled on heated extended one's operations fetched up shifted up lightened crammed made one's way up made stricter toughened up hotted up dramatised tightened pointed made more stringent made a big thing out of rallied got stronger overemphasised spiraled upwards deteriorated flowed bulked up circulated whetted blasted off swept detonated accented made intricate spiralled upwards made more rigid toned up poured het added fuel to the fire become large rained piled stoked up rubbed salt in the wound floated up fanned the flames rolled out risen up goosed up shored up stocked up brightened made louder overrun topped bucked up enforced grown profusely grew profusely added fuel to got higher gotten higher became distended shotten sprang overdone overdid added fuel became worse grew in grown in grown stronger grew stronger grown quickly grew quickly overran gone upwards came upwards went upwards brast gone off went off bursten grew full became large gotten to grown full grown greater grew greater grown larger grew larger went from bad to worse gone from bad to worse aped up taken to the air flown up took to the air flew up blown out of all proportion swollen up drove up blew up out of all proportion driven up blown up out of all proportion blew out of all proportion done well been successful did well rose in value risen in value were successful was successful came on drew out perfected cemented colored coloured refined fudged put on polished helped supported renewed substantiated corroborated empowered made stronger catastrophized falsified fabricated boasted bragged puffed lied elaborated on fanned the flames of updated secured loudened shaped up straightened out made strides amended established excited inspired seasoned restored hardened set right emboldened sustained justified upheld invigorated inspirited steeled overstressed underpinned distorted complemented provoked become louder backed up firmed up made firm confirmed misrepresented misreported misquoted caricatured corrupted set up jazzed up made a mountain out of a molehill romanticised dressed up sent up envigorated cooked up buoyed up spread on thick hit on made too much of played up laid it on thick romanticized improved on built on worked up fast-tracked smartened brushed up smartened up fine-tuned blown out of proportion blew out of proportion reformed reaffirmed corrected made headway adjusted forced up stirred up revamped worked out honed moved forward aged made progress forged ahead revised assured reiterated reasserted restated emended purified edited rectified recuperated suited fixed evolved delighted pushed animated stabilized authenticated thrilled galvanized made perfect modified spurred perked up exhilarated turned the corner upholden crescendoed overvalued overdrawn overdrew electrified enlivened championed motivated maturated aroused elated infuriated irritated endorsed settled oversold meliorated maddened solidified vexed vitalized exasperated enraged candied heartened overpitched grown louder grew louder became louder transported incentivized assisted maintained rewarded mellowed incentified buoyed aided damaged inured gilt gilded varnished endowed envenomed embittered lent more weight to added colour nourished indurated rejuvenated harshened rubbed salt in a wound scammed made a big thing of annoyed highlighted rattled one's cage romanced rubbed salt in the wounds gingered up filled with joy given a boost to laid it on with a shovel shot a line laid it on with a trowel made higher bolstered up rounded out hopped up become stronger fed the fire fired the imagination of bigged up loud talked made a production out of impaired magnified importance made matters worse made healthy made a federal case of geed up went to extremes enlarged on piled it on about overembellished made a drama out of a crisis sinewed galvanised fattened up emphasized too much spurred on piled it on yeasted energized egged on overelaborated big upped prettied up energised increased in weight laid it on thick about ratcheted retraced laid on laid it on with a trowel about harmonized with made federal case made secure stabilised added detail to gone to extremes added flesh to repeated gave a boost to potentiated braced up made richer twisted the knife backed become strong overexaggerated exaggerated information defended fruited regenerated pushed one's button integrated with compounded the problem toned made mountain out of molehill ripened made stable become loud driven drove gave weight to given weight to stuffed went into detail about gone into detail about lay on drew the longbow blew something out of all proportion drawn the longbow blown something out of all proportion got taller gotten taller given strength to gave new energy to given new energy to added fuel to fire gave strength to drew the long bow drawn the long bow gone with went with blown up out of proportion blew up out of proportion became stronger became strong became loud grown loud grew loud


Past tense for transfer responsibility


Past tense for to hasten the speed or progress of
fast-tracked accelerated expedited rushed drove drave driven druv hastened hurried precipitated promoted quickened advanced boosted impelled whisked speeded up sped up hurried up cranked up gathered momentum made faster spurred on fired up got moving gotten moving gave a boost to given a boost to facilitated forwarded furthered stimulated prest pressed stoked sped eased aided helped along dispatched spurred speeded assisted simplified stepped up made easier helped smoothed the way for smoothed made easy cleared the way for loosened up pushed opened the door for run interference for paved the way for oiled the wheels of encouraged inspired enabled motivated holpen holp made smoother opened doors smoothed the path of made smooth assisted the progress of made possible hand-carried walked through revved up greased the wheels ran interference for greased urged on urged unclogged fast tracked pushed through picked up speed greased wheels geed up cleared a path for oiled the wheels for cracked on sent forward oiled lubricated gave a push to bundled gathered speed picked up the pace gotten faster made haste accomplished quickly made peace hurried on made short work of shot through ironed out the difficulties of finished quickly went faster reduced the difficulty of lessened the labour of assisted in dashed off given a push to got faster pushed forward increased speed achieved quickly opened the door to gone faster goaded paved the way helped with taken the sting out took the edge off took the sting out taken the edge off

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