Đồng nghĩa của upgraded

Alternative for upgraded

upgrades, upgraded, upgrading

Trái nghĩa: downgrade,

Động từ

To have advanced or promoted the growth of
developed elevated improved advanced bettered boosted progressed enhanced expanded lifted perfected raised augmented fostered improved on refined ameliorated built increased polished stepped up beefed up brushed up built on built up fast-tracked fine-tuned fortified furthered grew heightened intensified magnified promoted prospered reenforced reinforced scaled up shaped up smartened smartened up straightened out strengthened supplemented touched up updated uplifted worked up amplified compounded cultivated enriched extended made headway made progress made strides moved forward forged ahead worked out lift aggrandized exalted preferred developt kicked upstairs placed in a higher rank improved the status of moved up converted improved the position of given promotion to gave promotion to gave a higher position to given a higher rank to gave a higher rank to given a higher position to proceeded matured flourished thrived come on come along pressed on pushed on gained ground got on evolved blossomed got better grown pressed forward marched got ahead succeeded thriven throve came on came along paced picked up pushed forward pushed ahead moved on burgeoned went gotten on bloomed come moved onward become better moved ahead come of age went forward gone forward gotten better gone fared moved modernised modernized revolutionized transformed forged continued moved along covered ground turned out marched on got along revolutionised gone off went off unfolded boomed rallied mended gained comen came shown improvement showed improvement spread worked one's way skyrocketed became better went along leveled up done well pulled ahead fared well gotten on well got on well been successful made one's way come to fruition did well moved towards made inroads cracked on perked up came of age were successful levelled up was successful gone along battened burst forth spread one's wings ripened looked up moved forward in leaps and bounds fore faren went places gone great guns went great guns took steps forward taken shape took shape gone on taken steps forward went on gone places went ahead gone ahead approached climbed neared enlarged recovered honed nighed profited unrolled changed pushed elaborated convalesced recuperated arrived shined shone bourgeoned altered emerged metamorphosed meliorated optimized rocketed risen rose flowered adapted differentiated headed transmogrified passed advanced gradually gotten going came to fruition bounced back cranked it up pressed ahead stepped it up advanced steadily made your way continued ahead made good speed picked up the pace moved nearer trucked adapted yourself primed straightened up took the next step bore fruit become rich wended kept moving got there turned over new leaf got kept on soldiered on made a go drove forward driven forward journeyed waxed shot up proceeded forward worked towards shot borne fruit multiplied took a turn for the better derived educed carried on made up for lost time rolled on made a comeback forged on turned a corner optimised picked up speed worked one's way up turned it up travelled rolled up propelled forward made it yielded reformed taken a turn for the better kept going taken the next step boosted one's game hied climbed the ladder continued on made good opened out peaked speeded stepped forward kicked it up a notch made first rate bettered oneself increased one's intensity sped turned out well gotten somewhere got going developed well stepped up one's game moved out produced caught on opened up had legs got somewhere elevated one's game mushroomed turned the corner scored raised one's game traveled moved closer clumb clomb did done drave driven druv drove gotten gat went forth gone forth shotten grew up grown up taken it to the limit taken it to the next level took it to the limit taken it up a notch took it to the next level took it up a notch rose to the next level risen to the next level shown promise showed promise went to town grew vigorously grown well gotten places did wonders grown rich done wonders gone to town gone well became rich flew high went well yolden grown vigorously got places yold grew rich grew well flown high drew near drawn nigh drawn close drew nigh drawn near drew closer drawn closer drawn nearer drew nearer drew close

Trái nghĩa của upgraded

upgraded Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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