Đồng nghĩa của bourgeoned


Past tense for to rapidly grow out of proportion or control
snowballed increased expanded swelled swoll swollen escalated multiplied burgeoned grew grown mushroomed rose risen proliferated enlarged spread ballooned mounted extended appreciated augmented accumulated climbed clomb clumb boomed accelerated amplified developed developt gained boosted waxed heightened magnified inflated intensified advanced aggrandized enhanced raised strengthened widened broadened soared built lengthened dilated reinforced progressed thickened aggravated distended doubled exaggerated tripled deepened padded furthered redoubled upsurged supplemented prolonged annexed protracted sharpened swarmed teemed pullulated built up rolled up stepped up marked up ran up run up slapped on tacked on grew quickly grown quickly rocketed compounded pumped up surged upped supersized spiralled spiraled skyrocketed shot up flourished stoked hyped mounted up lift improved incremented accrued become larger picked up become more numerous increased in size thrived added to propagated amassed prospered leaped up made larger stretched straught bloated filled out piled up beefed up jacked up blew up blown up grown rapidly grew rapidly went up gone up bloomed gotten bigger got bigger elevated lifted gathered diffused sprung burst burst forth made bigger pervaded leaped leapt added made greater outspread intensated topped up pyramided fattened increased in scope increased rapidly became larger become bigger flowed bulged hiked jumped increased exponentially became more numerous spread out run riot thriven throve spread across puffed up puffed out speeded up hiked up got stronger put up sped up spread like wildfire spread like lightning spread through spread quickly arose arisen went through the roof gone through the roof sprouted cumulated exploded roused succeeded flowered pumped spurted collected luxuriated vaulted towered escaladed diversified unfolded aggregated manifolded developed rapidly sprawled sprang metastasized come on detonated inclined sprung up sprang up got to become large topped started to be bulked ascended fortified scaled up branched out poured rained reached overrun became bigger exacerbated surged up become distended circulated swept emerged peaked become greater ran riot bolstered intumesced tumefied parlayed went through the ceiling gone through the ceiling got larger billowed broadened one's horizons bulged out ratcheted up bulked up cranked up bumped up become bloated developed quickly become more powerful souped up increased in value opened out rolled out filled stocked up stacked up extended one's operations uprose uprisen overran grew full became large gotten to grown full got higher gotten higher bursten brast became distended done well been successful did well were successful was successful became greater came on grown greater grew greater grown larger grew larger rose in value risen in value aped up risen rapidly rose rapidly gone off went off went up in price gone up in price grown in grew in became bloated became more powerful hit the roof scaled swelled up dramatically increased drastically increased greatly increased climbed sharply aerated accentuated exalted emphasized put on a spurt filled with air maximised emphasised maximized swollen up rose steeply gone sky-high went sky-high risen steeply spiked bred nurtured concentrated upgraded blossomed cultivated matured embellished overstated filled up welled enriched increased in weight overplayed dramatized embroidered elaborated stressed overestimated underlined consolidated hyperbolized overemphasized crammed stretched the truth dramatised made a big thing out of overemphasised touched up fleshed out amped up surcharged enforced grown stronger grew stronger gotten taller got taller blew blown took off taken off overdone overdid drove up blew up out of all proportion driven up blown up out of all proportion blown out of all proportion blew out of all proportion


Past tense for to grow strongly and vigorously
throve thrived thriven flourished prospered burgeoned bloomed succeeded advanced boomed blossomed grew grown improved increased profited rose risen arrived developed developt progressed shone shined built expanded flowered matured ameliorated battened went well gone well mushroomed produced scored waxed yielded yold yolden was successful were successful been successful came along come along came on come on covered ground cracked on did well done well went forward gone forward made inroads moved ahead picked up pressed forward became better become better caught on came of age come of age developed well did wonders done wonders fared well gained ground got ahead got better gotten better got on well gotten on well went ahead gone ahead made good made headway made it made progress made strides moved forward moved onward pressed on pushed ahead pushed forward took steps forward taken steps forward worked up bore fruit borne fruit became rich become rich flew high flown high forged ahead went places gone places grew rich grown rich grew vigorously grown vigorously grew well grown well made good speed turned out well got places gotten places got there went to town gone to town made a go shot up got on gotten on had legs spread one's wings hit it big moved forward in leaps and bounds run riot starred evolved stood out augmented triumphed figured led prevailed performed leaded emerged featured glowed excelled reigned supreme gotten somewhere got somewhere gone great guns went great guns had a gift had a gift for stood out in a crowd ran riot made the big time went gone worn the crown wore the crown went up in the world gone up in the world stolen the show stole the show

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