Đồng nghĩa của sprouted

Alternative for sprouted

sprouts, sprouted, sprouting

Đồng nghĩa: bud, burgeon, develop, flourish, grow, shoot up, thrive,


To have come into being as a result of something
developed followed arose stemmed ensued resulted transpired came about came into being came off chanced derived sprang sprung germinated occurred picked up uprose went brake broke broke out burst out came into existence erupted issued propagated fomented happened metamorphosed set in shot up upsprang upsprung developt come into being come about come into existence arisen emanated formed materialized emerged surfaced eventuated proceeded flowed dawned evolved unfolded originated appeared manifested launched flourished actualized crystallized catalyzed culminated uprisen broken come to pass crystallised come up materialised come after cropped up come off come forth broken out catalysed risen rose gone grown grew came to pass came after taken place came forth took shape took form taken form came up fallen out took place fell out taken shape turned up arrived commenced come out started presented itself popped up came to light turned out sprung up sprang up loomed befell befallen began begun panned out came out become apparent entered into the picture spawned kicked off progressed betided betid showed up kicked in made an appearance manifested itself fared supervened come along happed accompanied engendered rolled up existed come from attended headed worked out originated in became apparent ended up bobbed up flared up burst forth supervened on burst into proved succeeded unravelled got underway unraveled come next fore faren birthed exploded come flowed from came along made a start deepened broadened become manifest emanated from issued from started off performed sprung from finished accrued ended came from flamed naturalized hailed from occurred suddenly went over increased offered come into view appeared unexpectedly showed become evident swung come into sight played out felled followed on stemned from become visible had one's foundations changed happened suddenly gone over paced merged recurred sprouted up leaked out advanced entered the picture started suddenly become known come together spurted come to the fore got along matured embarked on appeared suddenly come on the scene come forth suddenly blazed up naturalised forthcome gushed resulted from prove proven came next comen came became manifest sprang from bore fruit borne fruit shaken out shook out forthcame came forth suddenly became evident begun life began life fell came to the fore fallen arrived on the scene came on the scene came into view came into sight became known shown became visible came together blew up begun suddenly blown up began suddenly gone off went off arose from arisen out of arisen from arose out of gotten under way got under way swang swungen shown itself showed itself gotten going got going went ahead gone ahead gotten cracking got cracking


Past tense for to elevate or extend in an upward direction or motion
ascended climbed clomb clumb rose risen arose arisen mounted soared scaled towered aspired climbed up came up come up conquered levitated lifted lift thrust thrusted upped upreared uprose uprisen upthrusted upturned came upwards come upwards went upwards gone upwards loomed moved up moved upwards clambered up escalated floated floated up flew flown went up gone up rose up risen up scrambled up shinned up took off taken off flew up flown up made its way up got up gotten up moved upward sloped upwards took to the air taken to the air lifted off shot up shot sailed glided rocketed glid skyrocketed spiralled spiraled made one's way up swept upward pushed up blasted off bobbed up shifted up reached up shotten gone sky-high went sky-high soared up shinnied topped launched left the ground shinned escaladed clambered drifted surmounted reappeared surfaced become airborne drifted up winged crested arcked arced appeared emerged reemerged resurfaced winged its way shinnied up swarmed up popped up inclined extended jutted heightened broken the surface broke the surface became airborne reached upsprung stretched straught slanted upwards wafted stabbed darted cleared circled stood flown upwards flew upwards piggybacked roofed stretched out gained altitude jumped climbed over zoomed broached jumped up leaped up walked up made your way up flown off sprang up vaulted up reached the top of become erect straightened up spiraled upwards come to the surface rose into the air stood up gotten off the ground flew off climbed to the top of turned out defied gravity sprung up scrabbled up come out risen into the air reached the summit of come to the top whizzed catapulted got off the ground piled out spiralled upwards upsprang took flight taken flight reached out gone uphill gotten higher went uphill got higher got steeper gotten steeper became erect went over gone over broke broken brake taken wing took wing came out came to the top came to the surface gone through the ceiling grown went through the roof rose rapidly gone through the roof went through the ceiling risen rapidly grew

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