Đồng nghĩa của initiated

Alternative for initiated

initiates, initiated, initiating

Đồng nghĩa: admit, begin, break the ice, educate, head, install, institute, instruct, introduce, launch, lead, let in, originate, pioneer, receive, start, take in,


Having knowledge of a fact or area
educated informed learned knowledgeable lettered enlightened erudite literary literate schooled tutored cultivated intellectual scholarly discerning experienced polished academic bookish coached studious taught cerebral discriminating instructed nurtured acquainted brainy corrected developed enriched finished fitted formed intelligent prepared professional scientific shaped trained versed well-informed well read well informed well-taught well-versed well educated well-educated well-read intellectually aware cultured widely read highbrow sophisticated scholastic donnish civilized civilised aware switched-on pedantic illuminated wise clever swotty familiar sharp savvy in the know expert conversant egghead clerkly au courant au fait smart refined accomplished serious abreast sussed bluestocking sagacious sage clued-up well versed in the picture liberal clued up genned up advanced in the loop knowing bright brilliant progressive thoughtful earnest ivory-towerish impractical briefed skilled up-to-date versant cognizant plugged-in formal well-grounded esoteric recondite down sapient plugged in tuned in posted genius longhair up to date industrialized advised book-loving well-briefed well schooled understanding perceptive pointy-headed up insightful pedagogical pedagogic formalistic precise dry labored directed highly-developed industrialised eager obscure sensible at home laboured educational well versed in classical belletristic bookly assiduous into with great knowledge with it competent proficient conscious wise up quick-witted book-learned unintuitive great solid philosophical grounded abstruse philosophic well-rounded deep judicious omniscient sound polymath solemn grave studied pansophic professorial slick stellar open-minded raised primed broad-minded dynamite hot keen reared intellectualist intellectualistic reasonable well versed highbrowed eggheaded geeky intellective nerdish blue nerdy apprised top-shelf top-notch rational free-thinking tolerant apprized well briefed long-haired produced up to speed abreast of the facts filled in wised up hip to knowing what's what bred brought up


(led to) To have culminated or resulted in a particular event or consequence
led caused brought on brought about gave rise to produced effected created engendered generated triggered promoted advanced precipitated prompted contributed to furthered hastened accelerated provoked quickened occasioned pushed forward expedited sped up speeded up induced stirred up sparked off stimulated helped set off added to called forth spurred instigated begat begot set in motion put in motion touched off triggered off drove contributed fomented made happen risked aroused elicited brought to pass catalyzed entailed had a hand in necessitated effectuated ended in had a part in invited roused conduced to cultivated excited fostered incited involved catalysed conduced enkindled introduced affected led to sowed the seeds of kindled evoked inspired hatched bred made for whipped up encouraged moved stirred goaded motivated urged impelled sparked activated inflamed pushed animated prodded influenced fired up galvanized egged on made persuaded galvanised actuated worked up driven drave druv pressed put up to inspirited prest agitated abetted compelled brought propelled spurred on raised awakened piqued started fermented set on leaded fired coerced inclined swayed whetted energized impassioned brewed given rise to rallied enticed pricked nudged set instilled got wakened energised enlivened convinced forced picked invigorated revved up electrified pressured impressed exhorted envigorated prevailed on invoked tempted set going begotten hounded coaxed dragooned revived inveigled vivified wrought worked pressurized incentivized exhilarated disposed pepped up keyed up fired the imagination of talked into pressurised lit a fire under enthused fueled fuelled emboldened cajoled culminated in vitalized procured spawned predisposed fanned yielded touched converted bestirred challenged whipped kick-started obliged translated into set afoot set up won over prevailed upon brought out brought around sicced fanned the flames of gotten gat mobilized mobilised ignited badgered drummed up conditioned developt developed riled forwarded heartened began begun thrilled steeled harassed filliped wheedled bullied increased waked determined finished in titillated needled added up to turned on sounded brought forth fired the enthusiasm of improved stoked up drew strengthened brought round gotten going got going nurtured disturbed holp holpen nursed refreshed played a part in awaked braced spiked yolden yold advised primed livened up asked achieved originated played a role in hassled charged wound up pumped up jump-started realized realised solicited drawn revivified spelled struck gingered up cheered up redounded to terminated in set on foot made possible twisted someone's arm zipped up leaned on psyched caused to happen worked into lather put a bomb under rowelled agitated for made waves wheedled into fed the fire crazed summoned up brought off geed up jazzed up actualized prodded into amped up put pressure on sold one on commoved put someone up to something exalted put the heat on waked up put the screws on brought into being juiced up contrived put into action brought back innervated caused to occur innerved roweled sweet-talked set astir fired with enthusiasm started off put in place intensified set in beared sent bucked up livened cost stung amounted to biased biassed woke woken directed gave made to happen impressed on made willing paid off drew forth oriented drawn forth honed refined prevailed corrupted imposed on assisted aided boosted bribed had roiled nourished revitalized begged gladdened bolstered enjoined pleaded pled planted lodged whomped up implanted reinforced besought implored admonished adjured entreated beseeched reawakened startled angered launched fortified resuscitated incensed irked served meaned meant gained satisfied warmed wooed succoured awoken awoke lured sold constrained requested appealed insisted reanimated chivvied reactivated infused commenced imbued intrigued conceived accomplished teased established pleased enriched vexed reasoned counseled vext grilled counselled nagged manoeuvred jumpstarted sanctioned maneuvered summoned educed steered approved reinvigorated sown the seeds of empowered impacted uplifted organised tickled attained engineered opened the door for tantalized organized endowed lit up enlisted propagandized proselytized proposed exercised given propagated stricken reignited rekindled mustered charged up gained confidence of acted upon countenanced started up magnified reassured were responsible for pushed for brought to life psyched up maddened mounted heightened boosted up juiced exerted influence on deepened called on got to had as a consequence cajoled into predetermined worked over drawn out got up steamed up was responsible for turned on to breathed new life into drawn on brainwashed recalled called down proved to taunted spooked cheered on called stirred embers jogged memory coaxed into beghasted steamrolled twisted one's arm railroaded into dispatched bulldozed into revitalised resurrected propagandised tantalised infected woken up redoubled lashed reminded switched on pulled off shook up sprung bugged drew out proselytised built up brought to senses rooted on suggested to worked on woke up carried through converted to commended mustered up jolted rationalized drew on got someone going rousted made alive fanned the fire proselyted led to do paved the way for insisted on been responsible for sucked in oiled the wheels of made wild called to mind vivificated shaken up carried off suborned costed buoyed up cranked up resulted run soft-soaped conjured cheered caused to appear hinted to enhanced called into being pleaded with incentified talked round breathed life into succored reasoned someone into buoyed caused to believe won argument had the effect of rationalised used pressure on tried to persuade agitated against spirited up elated heated up caused to be suscitated pressured someone into informed fanned the flames got round pressurized into bore het up conjured up caused to become endued led to believe chirked up borne squeezed intensated pressed someone into alerted smooth-talked argued into bulldozed carried crowded called up asked for it had as a result did done was a factor in been a factor in were a factor in drove on driven on appealed to gave life to given life to gotten up drew in drawn in sprang grew grown ran added fuel to fire worn down wore down sowed sown gave a leg up given a leg up sown the seeds sowed the seeds shaken shook ridden herd on rode herd on gotten to given one an idea gave one an idea borne up given impetus bore up gave impetus gave incentive to given incentive to given incentive gave incentive been partly responsible for was partly responsible for were partly responsible for gave new life to gave a buzz given a buzz given new life to gave birth to given birth to


To have set up on a long-term basis
established set up founded instituted formed created based incorporated assembled inaugurated enacted launched started up built constructed started stationed centered ensconced entrenched erected grounded implanted organized put in place rooted secured setted brought about centralized got going landed lodged moored planted positioned put set down centralised centred consolidated domiciliated embedded fixed fixt installed organised placed stuck constituted introduced structured originated inducted found instigated set in motion made put in motion instated commenced produced effected effectuated enrolled ushered in brought into being put in set off set about set going invested began pioneered developed ordained innovated embarked on catalyzed catalysed gave rise to triggered legislated kicked off ratified designed authorized executed decreed engineered admitted enlisted forged crafted recruited did authorised fashioned generated opened actualized composed authored machinated affected fabricated brought into existence brought to pass knocked up knocked together registered converted seated baptized actuated engendered came up with came out with signed up entered into laid the foundations of practised kick-started practiced come out with laid the first stone of started the ball rolling introed made up brought on started off got cracking on laid the cornerstone of setted the ball rolling on baptised triggered off catechized come up with commenced on dreamt up activated begun predicated laid foundation corroborated built up sworn in swore in inculcated taken action on got going on gotten under way sowed the seeds of sown the seeds of gotten ball rolling taken up gotten feet wet got under way took action on got ball rolling broke the ice on gotten going on broken the ice on took up got feet wet caused invented induced devised revolutionized occasioned incited invoked bred contributed to elicited provoked brought prompted fostered put together cooked up fathered discovered conceived of spearheaded contrived concocted turned out drew up issued conceived threw together modernized rang in modernised put up threw up hatched knocked off started out revolutionised laid down performed formulated materialized realized materialised realised moulded passed pieced rendered shope rigged shaped cast sanctioned molded germinated proclaimed dictated appointed completed put in force voted in put through carried through exercised carried out committed accomplished brought off achieved acted out acted pulled off finished made into law engaged in developt set spawned set the ball rolling gotten going opened up precipitated sparked off enkindled translated into put into force anointed promoted given rise to crowned kindled got underway yielded inspired imposed set forth brought in floated whipped up masterminded set a trend set upon ordered begot begat begotten got in operation laid got working got functioning enthroned consecrated blazed a trail framed stirred up launched into worked up jumped into gotten off the ground got off the ground fired up made a start on got the ball rolling led the way lay down transpired heralded crystallized levied ushered tackled commanded evoked unveiled commissioned evolved instilled trailblazed compelled entered sparked yolden yold ruled brought forward directed prepared drafted brewed planned programmed set in cultivated led off shapen prescribed thought up delegated started on mustered slapped led to come into existence come into being bowed entered on kicked something off got things rolling gotten things rolling got something moving got going with got something going crystallised got the show on the road brought to bear set out blazed put into practice set an example dealt with put on embarked burst into hit the ground running mapped out got stuck into wrought embarked upon draughted fixed up put foot down put forward admitted into office paved the way brought into effect started ball rolling got something off the ground entered upon got off done made the first move struck into put into operation got something working putten broken new ground broke new ground thrown together drawn up gave birth to broken the ice announced given birth to broke the ice appeared emerged eventuated occurred broached emanated dawned initiated things resulted surfaced happened presented proposed charged arranged unfolded erupted manifested led leaded offered fomented undertaken undertook run manufactured laid the foundation exacted coordinated started ball rolling on inserted approved coined enjoined applied provided advanced brainstormed spurred necessitated scheduled enforced inseminated empowered impressed imprinted picked abetted raised fermented imagined validated arrived sprouted orchestrated choreographed prepared the way stimulated laid the first stone made a start called pronounced mandated accepted blueprinted designated administrated chartered mobilized writ enrooted conducted managed infixed fined made for promulgated started to implemented legalized improvised beared kicked in become apparent become established come to pass come out preceded prefaced sketched proceeded with tore into torn into imbedded deputed schemed gathered demanded assessed collected taxed made law conjured OKed marshalled charted marshaled projected made to happen made happen debuted hammered out settled came into existence came into being vamped thrown up revved had a crack at made possible voted favorably touched off endorsed dealt sorted out had a shot at mounted gotten show on road fallen to scratched the surface legalised colonized turned one's hand to got to clapt got up parented made arrangements for drawn on mobilised broke in rung in blessed gotten off ventured into phased in called forth jammed through procreated got weaving on sketched out steamrolled knocked out explored laid the groundwork on saddled laid down the law railroaded through clapped blest patented blocked out laid the groundwork for wreaked run up foresaid fell to budgeted for motivated setted in place schemed out wrecked timetabled ringed up the curtain on broken in drew on had a go at got show on road brought out pushed the envelope facilitated worked got weaving railroaded admitted to office laid on plunged got down to prepared the way for settled down to gotten down to got something functioning knocked down laid out made laws elected colonised looked after multiplied walked heavy straightened out strategized about required lit the way brought up the curtain on determined jacked up licked into shape took the lead in opened the door caused to be rolled out taken the lead in concerted hashed out obliged leaded the way for plunged into settled up transacted adjudged endowed nominated brought up arose arisen broke ground broken ground ran sowed sown wrote written driven drove drave druv risen rose bore borne drew drawn gotten up taken the first step took the first step took the initiative taken the initiative administered an oath to came out came to pass became established became apparent lay on ran up took on taken on gone about went about sprung up sprang up broken the seal broke into broken into broke the seal engagde in gone into went into were responsible for was responsible for gotten together been responsible for taken care of saw about took care of seen about got together lay out seen to saw to gotten one's feet wet gotten down to business gotten cracking got one's feet wet got cracking got down to business went ahead gone ahead given the seal of approval to gave the seal of approval to gave the green light to gave the thumbs up to given the OK to given the go-ahead to got the floor gave the go-ahead to given the green light to given the thumbs up to gotten the floor gave the OK to broken through broke through taken the lead on showed the way on shown the way on showed the way taken the initiative in took the initiative in shown the way went out in front took the lead on gone out in front taken the lead took the lead went ahead with got on with gone ahead with gotten on with gotten to

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