Đồng nghĩa của revolutionized

Alternative for revolutionized

revolutionize /,revə'lu:ʃnaiz/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm cho (một nước) nổi lên làm cách mạng
    • cách mạng hoá
      • to revolutionize science: cách mạng hoá nền khoa học


To have pioneered
established innovated pioneered founded invented built designed developed devised launched originated produced engineered forged introduced set up assembled authored constructed created fashioned made put together ushered in actualized began brought about brought into being came out with catalyzed commenced composed conceived conceived of concocted contrived cooked up crafted discovered drew up fabricated fathered gave rise to initiated instigated instituted issued kicked off modernized spearheaded started threw together turned out brought into existence brought on brought to pass catalysed effectuated hatched inducted knocked off knocked together knocked up machinated modernised put up rang in revolutionised started out threw up developt set an example set a trend set in motion put in motion industrialized technologized civilized advanced scaled up progressed industrialised fast-tracked civilised found trailblazed constituted begun come out with lit the way led the way blazed a trail blazed drawn up given rise to thrown together thrown up rung in gave birth to given birth to broken new ground broke new ground formed put in place generated inaugurated engendered caused organized dreamt up installed thought up made up organised spawned set off come up with formulated planned effected framed wrought planted whipped up coined prompted bred cast worked masterminded occasioned brought induced provoked enacted invoked triggered opened manufactured yielded prepared started up evolved translated into plotted came up with shaped fostered sparked off laid the foundations of stirred up worked out precipitated arranged moulded hit on schemed begot begat molded started off rendered set the ball rolling set in begotten brainstormed set down kindled inspired erected incited got going trumped up started the ball rolling brewed gotten going activated did beared materialized imagined excogitated thought of triggered off set about laid the first stone of mapped out set going executed embarked on materialised appeared sprung orchestrated promoted yolden yold projected enkindled realized done based shope opened up drew on dawned elicited drafted choreographed conducted incorporated managed realised conjured up coordinated secured drawn on drummed up draughted fixed fixt procreated directed synthesized aroused affected actuated pieced called forth modeled modelled rigged kick-started sparked motivated brought forth cogitated led to vamped worked up set doped out entered into synthesised gotten under way got under way got something working shapen invested confected multiplied accomplished knocked out gotten off the ground laid out got off the ground evoked run sired propagated negotiated manipulated manoeuvred wangled blueprinted finessed finagled maneuvered bore borne floated authorized charted brought in raised legislated mustered made to happen made happen parented spitballed got the ball rolling hammered out made for got something functioning fixed up laid the cornerstone of got off implemented predicated laid foundation placed decreed completed sprang authorised reproduced arose arisen outlined churned out contributed to achieved sown the seeds of compounded fit together sowed the seeds of brought off administered fulfilled controlled performed cultivated proliferated administrated fomented pulled off mothered mobilized superintended impregnated broke broken brake spurred stimulated laid improvised programmed laid the first stone led off mounted roused abetted supervised instated fermented brought out dreamt dreamed picked progenerated concerted fired up introed bowed minted influenced got things rolling gotten things rolling set on foot made a start on set afoot touched off ad-libbed set on got in operation moved got underway got the show on the road got up mobilised put over set forth put on burst into hit the ground running schemed out mapped embarked upon jumped into put in put into effect vamped up got ready codified paved the way strategized about got cracking on started ball rolling leaded the way for entered upon lay out put through made the first move put one over struck into put across put into operation ratified stationed broken through broke through ran corroborated built up lodged moored implanted inculcated domiciliated caused to be germinated exercised cobbled together gotten off taken up cobbled up rigged up carved out eked out comprised rustled up took up diagrammed pieced together decided structured determined diagramed whipped out piloted patched together sculptured carried out attained enforced carried off carried through initiated things commissioned grounded rested ground led leaded perpetrated headed consummated laid the foundation processed finalized pondered conceptualized hinged excited heralded incarnated discharged sketched succeeded in painted necessitated scheduled reified awakened arranged for setted empowered passed rooted ordained finished represented harvested fronted procured prepared the way compelled made a start symbolized intrigued increased drew drawn regulated concluded designated chartered delegated hanged depended hung stage-managed captained objectified bossed mass-produced commanded conceited encompassed ideated staged caused to happen caused to occur got preceded took the initiative taken the initiative prefaced wreaked fecundated summoned educed ordered deputed portrayed stemmed centered derived compiled stumbled upon mooted uncovered calculated handled budgeted conjured marshalled marshaled presided over reared launched into entered on inseminated encouraged fertilized delivered debuted expedited settled comped fangled accelerated revved got going with leaded the way in scammed brought young into the world got moving sorted out come into existence jockeyed brought to life entered gotten show on road fallen to faked it scratched the surface made real trail-blazed finalised colonized got going on had as a consequence made arrangements for provided blazed the trail broke in had its origin in summoned up quarterbacked detected phased in gotten ball rolling brought forward made concrete strategized got weaving on readied explored resurrected fertilised laid down laid the groundwork on operated emerged dealt with fixed together embarked gotten one's feet wet batched had the bright idea of patented laid the groundwork for run up fell to fudged together gotten going on showed the way come into being budgeted for commenced on ushered broken the ice timetabled got stuck into laid eggs ringed up the curtain on broken in emanated shown the way got show on road pushed the envelope pulled strings shepherded got weaving pulled wires ran up angled tossed off prepared the way for went out in front centred played it by ear knocked down stayed slapped together got one's feet wet swung guided ad libbed admitted caused to appear cooked self-seeded doctored counterfeited fathered offspring colonised made up off the top of one's head looked after prefabbed envisioned upstaged straightened out symbolised envisaged run things brought up the curtain on turned the trick mixed up gone out in front jacked up gotten up licked into shape got ball rolling took the lead in opened the door elaborated started on broke the ice propped rolled out helmed setted the ball rolling on produced offspring taken the lead in conceptualised matured taken the lead got ahead used as a basis purposed forged ahead played games made pregnant come out took the lead gotten moving banged out persuaded called up sired offspring conned unveiled brought up had as a result broke ground broken ground driven drove drave druv taken the first step took the first step gotten gat lay down drew forth drawn forth founden fand swang swungen oversaw overseen got the jump on ran things gotten the jump on broken the seal broke into broken into broke the seal came out broke open broken open given forth gave birth given birth gave forth begot offspring begotten offspring were responsible for was responsible for gotten together been responsible for taken care of saw about took care of seen about got together seen to saw to took action on broke the ice on taken action on broken the ice on gone about went about gotten down to business gotten cracking came into existence got down to gotten down to came into being tore into torn into got cracking got down to business went ahead gone ahead given life gave life taken the lead on showed the way on shown the way on taken the initiative in took the initiative in took the lead on


To have made something into something else
changed altered modified adjusted amended edited molded redesigned revamped revised reworked rewrought adapted modulated refashioned tempered tweaked made over moderated morphed reconstructed redid regenerated remade remodeled remodelled remoulded renovated reorganized restyled retooled alternated diversified fashioned freshened up improved moulded readjusted rearranged reconfigured rejigged remolded reorganised replaced reshaped revolutionised tampered with translated warped affected commuted made innovations recast reconstituted refined rejiggered reordered reorientated reoriented tailored permuted turned around emendated made adjustments to made alterations to redressed rehashed remixed reshuffled became different redrafted reviewed reworded rewrote shuffled tampered tuned arranged made different ordered reconciled rectified regulated transformed renewed reformed updated modernized rebuilt upgraded modernised overhauled developt developed metamorphosed converted transmuted refreshed transfigured revived redone transmogrified technologized restored varied refurbished innovated bettered streamlined rejuvenated mutated contemporized corrected rehabilitated alchemized transposed transubstantiated reconditioned restructured reindustrialized customized rebranded face-lifted permutated switched stirred up turned upside down interchanged switched over brought up to date turned customised relaunched remarketed revitalized reinvented mended ameliorated evolved rationalized repaired emended diverged retouched shaped remedied redecorated shifted doctored fixed fixt redeveloped metamorphosized reclaimed uplifted downlinked tarted up recalibrated brought into the twenty-first century resolved fixed up transferred turned over new leaf made far-reaching changes in cooked downloaded debugged applied made better brought up to code red-penciled changed completely red-pencilled rationalised made revitalised marched into the twenty-first century dragged into the twenty-first century denatured refitted cured appropriated become different turned the tables leaded into the twenty-first century altered dramatically shifted gears turned the corner shope shapen rewritten done over did over sung different tune done up did up sang different tune broken with the past shaken up shook up broke with the past distorted falsified manipulated misrepresented fudged perverted massaged interfered with twisted cut rigged bended bent fiddled tinkered with faked colored coloured rephrased garbled fiddled with moved misstated put juggled slanted rescripted rethought fit misinterpreted misrelated swung set set right put a spin on misreported fluctuated veered corrupted reversed belied touched up trumped up swapped reconsidered substituted forged polished conditioned adulterated righted rendered deviated misconstrued squared put right skewed contorted disguised become reset exchanged sorted out messed about with changed round meddled with moved around cleaned up changed around progressed biased biassed fitted traded suited reassessed re-evaluated backtracked deflected angled reappraised misquoted qualified spun diverted swungen swang prepared digressed swayed swerved deceived trimmed dialed back vacillated made changes to doctored up flip-flopped scrubbed fine-tuned influenced formed realigned enhanced budged made an alteration made an adjustment worked wrought blended blent rescheduled redirected redeployed attuned displaced tainted clarified redacted accommodated oscillated inverted backpedaled backpedalled prejudiced redistributed counterfeited censored wheeled debased advanced pivoted personalized regrouped embellished retracted embroidered pushed styled curved reevaluated fabricated wound winded pummelled crushed governed vitiated redisposed passed whipped snapped snapt spoiled mixed up dealt with spoilt yo-yoed reexamined sidetracked conformed helped perfected acclimatized acclimated sheered wavered swapped round became becomed becomen redrew redrawn putten controlled recreated produced new version put on an act doubled back transitioned acclimatised changed your mind changed mind set aside put in other words steered put on reproduced tidied up put the wrong slant on put in order about-faced changed direction made improvements to changed opinion exaggerated custom-made quoted out of context had another think about shifted one's ground proofread set straight relocated shilly-shallied designed thought over paid dues shaped up had second thoughts blue-pencilled personalised set up upset set the record straight made to order reverted cooked the books cut to fit tightened changed one's tune put differently salted put another way lied straightened out ironed out blue-penciled lift looked at in a different light misled tailor-made conned predisposed impinged upon had an impact on went over gone over span undergone a sea change played around with jiggled around underwent a sea change straightened calibrated squeezed removed repositioned positioned reused jumbled confused misused restated patterned metamorphized misust abused returned to metastasized checked balanced muddled grew grown borne upon born upon bore upon obscured dislocated pulled bartered transplanted harmonized condensed impacted subedited discussed repeated segued planned reiterated misapplied paraphrased drifted averted reinforced bastardized contaminated slurred pummeled pressed reacclimated prest wrung pounded rotated methodized blurred meandered treated mistranslated did again done again toned invented rerouted weighted zigzagged assembled looped overturned slipped revivified recanted sullied infected degraded varnished diluted concocted laced worked on mutilated managed handled interspersed dissimulated said again stated differently expurgated subverted profaned prostituted merged bowdlerized transited misemployed spring-cleaned transmutated reconceived revisited readdressed reanalyzed redefined reweighed reexplored restituted resurrected stretched abridged jiggered geared rubbed mixt mixed straught meliorated shortened malaxated stroked deformed annotated enriched detoured weaved recalled inflected trucked generated disconfirmed remastered reenforced twisted around defiled misrendered putrefied fouled misarticulated polluted made ready rehabbed channeled channelled recapitulated aged matured ripened approved departed snaked holp holpen reneged made good finagled flimflammed diddled reassembled played down fibbed harmonised added a rider to magnified cleaned out taken a fresh look at elevated took another look at made specially excised passed around custom-built ruined returned alloyed mucked about with analysed looked over blew hot and cold hot roded plotted compiled bowdlerised made additions to flip-flopped on backed down brainwashed worked in sequence sagged offled plied glossed cornered did an about-face checked over headed off attended to whitewashed taken another look at did a U-turn on made out like yawed looked at again amplified laundered took a fresh look at four-flushed juggled around spliced brushed up boned up followed hung a left seesawed patched up made a clean sweep scrutinised padded cooked up patched restrained added reservations to discarded collapsed weighed draughted reported performed magic deteriorated reneged on made impure whirled contrived remapped featured traversed struck out bastardised lifted had an effect on boiled down knotted made another study of re-created quadrated optimised amalgamated differentiated hemmed and hawed snowed did an about-turn maneuvered hung a right overstated focussed filled in for relieved exerted an influence on spiked writhed moved between occurred in rotation done an about-turn animalized done an about-turn on restarted fooled about with followed one another changed gradually did an about-turn on drafted promoted scanned acted in sequence scammed assigned paltered deaconed compared run over outraged deleted faked it inclined picked up lessened made up expressed differently optimized sung a different song rechannelled backslid directed made a right watered scrutinized turned aside sang a different song yo-yoed on reframed started over occurred in turn made up for deconflicted desecrated composed mangled manoeuvred changed the course of prevaricated dressed up administered done a U-turn on focused took out of context blown hot and cold monkeyed around with curbed varnished over made a left taken out of context raised equivocated followed in turn processed declined shaded done an about-face rechanneled eaten your words mistreated re-formed switched round lowered made conditional retraced fazed framed up made right changed drastically contravened gnarled backed off said differently inversed analyzed melted turned off ate your words had another look at started again effected chopped and changed caused revolution thought better of prepared for publication changed gears on slumped performed on butchered underwent a change backed cleared up become clearly visible as reduced recoiled did a U-turn seduced channelled away corrected mid-course dovetailed done a U-turn finished published undergone a change kneaded cleaned up your act prescribed unsaid aerated decided against toned down made to measure cleared out backtracked on withcalled gone went went back to gone back to wringed wrang woven wove withdrawn withdrew wrote over gone through written over flew speck flown speck been through went through got with it gotten with it re-presented threw thrown taken care of acted on took care of seen to saw to drawn away drew away broken with past broke with past snew snown molt writhen molten wrothe backslided taken a bend took a bend backslidden gave a false picture of added to given a false picture of took turns taken turns became clearly visible as gone over again taken another look took another look ran over went over again took back taken back went back on gone back on backed out of acted with taken it in turns came and went acted reciprocally took it in turns come and gone done from scratch done over again went back to the beginning gone up and down did from scratch did over again went up and down rose and fell risen and fallen gone back to the beginning done an aboutface did an aboutface broke broken brake

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