Đồng nghĩa của made ready


Past tense for to prepare any hardware (such as a printer or scanner) for use


Past tense for to make ready or prepared
got ready braced geared up organised organized prepared primed steeled fit readied set up put together fitted equipped trained set groomed arranged laid seasoned prepped built up qualified produced fixed fixt anticipated devised coached formulated tailored fashioned equipt made planned conditioned concocted designed framed conceived armed educated developt developed worked out thought up adapted spread constructed adjusted put shaped hatched contrived edited taught forearmed composed suited endowed loaded formed worked up fitted out cast laid out set out made up put in order dreamt up fortified drawn up drew up tempered processed drilled instructed charged treated acclimated acclimatized assembled mobilized strengthened tutored nurtured schooled plotted conformed softened shope doctored accommodated shapen patterned empowered forged fabricated supplied calculated crafted charted drafted schemed poised loaden strategized about facilitated dressed warmed up cooked up jacked up enabled budgeted draughted furnished accoutred filled in filled upskilled perfected choreographed made suitable settled on brewed blueprinted turned out acclimatised appointed lay out schemed out cleaned mapped out got up outfitted armed oneself prepared to use made provision looked after projected guarded prepared to fire mobilised made plans for smoothed the way paved the way putten got set gotten set gotten up drest took on been responsible for taken on were responsible for did done was responsible for seen to saw to

Trái nghĩa của made ready

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