Đồng nghĩa của anticipated

Alternative for anticipated

anticipates, anticipated, anticipating

Đồng nghĩa: await, expect, foresee, hope for,

Tính từ

Expected to arrive
awaited due expected scheduled slated certain estimated foreseen likely predictable predicted projected sure prepared for probable foreseeable forecast planned proposed on the cards envisioned hoped-for plausible to be expected intended reasonable prophesied promised wanted inevitable foretold unsurprising odds-on logical required coming looked-for counted on wished-for credible par for the course future presumed understandable obvious conceivable natural possible calculated destined ostensible only to be expected potential calculable justified meant set believable normal advised right designed reliable liable long-awaited prospective presumable imaginable targeted tenable thinkable apparent verisimilar pinned presumptive not unexpected seeming rational ten to one what one would expect asked for in the cards desired necessary knowable displayed outlined waited for valid assumed likeliest sensible correct practical acceptable accountable supposed legitimate explicable justifiable excusable explainable implicit contemplated allowable pardonable admissible defensible forgivable believed understood creditable scheduled for inferred hypothetical convincing assumptive presumptuous circumstantial hoped for looked for planned for counted upon formulaic formularized sure-fire feasible expected to arrive prepared expectable nonrandom earthly quite possible mortal illusory arranged aimed steered marked directed reasonable to think determined purposed a good bet a reasonable bet a fair bet condign fair fit deserved merited rhadamanthine requisite becoming rightful good earned obligatory equitable just suitable fitting fated disposed predisposed promising inclined inferable prone supposable true distinctly possible within the bounds of possibility on in the air in the wind given to in the offing a pound to a penny in the habit of having a tendency to on the verge of most likely

Tính từ

About to happen or appear
forthcoming approaching coming imminent impending expected future nearing prospective upcoming oncoming advancing pending awaited close proximate near destined fated inescapable inevitable predestined resulting supplied in the air in the pipeline on the horizon on the way at hand close at hand in store about to happen in the cards in the offing in the wind on the cards in preparation in prospect on us to come planned eventual to be potential likely possible probable next -to-be just round the corner brewing looming threatening gathering coming up considered intended nigh immediate on the agenda soon-to-be proposed presumptive up and coming about to be in view in the making just around the corner contemplated under way in production being prepared underway under discussion menacing fast approaching fast-approaching upon us near-at-hand on the go inevasible looming large following overhanging unescapable expectant unavoidable handwriting-on-the-wall ineluctable on its way on the verge in the stars see it coming due foreordained predetermined ultimate preordained subsequent unborn converging progressing in the course of time unfolding designed doomed near-term drawing near up-and-coming en route gaining upon almost on one getting near hoped-for intending would-be aspiring looked-for designate promised latent ensuing later downstream succeeding on tap coming soon in the wings on hand consequent latter down the pike down the road down the line likely to happen successive near at hand scheduled subsequential consecutive yet to come coming after next off directly after coming next onrushing arriving convergent approximating hovering portending awaiting ominous happening soon hereafter waiting to looking to moving closer round the corner emerging in sight nearly on us in the near future appearing rising extended long-term over the long term around the corner after successional posterior succedent sequential resultant consequential postliminary pursuing running later on in line following after late next up sequent supervenient on the trot serial ordained certain bound meant sure foredoomed guaranteed assured that is to be settled que sera sera predesigned compelled condemned closed nailed on sealed very likely way the ball bounces directed hanging over stated written in the cards instant that will be inexorable compulsory

Tính từ

Characteristic of a particular person or thing
typical characteristic customary common standard usual accepted average consistent conventional expected familiar habitual inherent natural normal ordinary orthodox prevalent representative routine stock symptomatic traditional accustomed chronic commonplace emblematic everyday foreseeable foreseen frequent indicative predictable prescriptive reliable unremarkable distinctive distinguishing established formulaic idiosyncratic likely proper proverbial regular steady ubiquitous unexceptional unsurprising acknowledged cliched clichéd individualistic native recognised recognized set wonted in character in keeping bog-standard to be expected true to form par for the course time-honoured true to type run-of-the-mill standard-issue cut-and-dried cut-and-dry on the cards only to be expected old hat … all over general prevailing universal popular settled fixed mainstream widespread current pervasive rampant household time-honored predominant rife confirmed stereotypical going endemic overall long-established classical repeated constant classic rooted quotidian stereotyped public well-known shared received fashionable archetypal inveterate proven generic true vested well worn persistent recurring admitted extensive broad ingrained majority collective ruling well established plain approved mundane garden-variety mechanical hackneyed acceptable prosaic sanctioned formal well known ongoing across the board understood day-to-day vulgar daily permanent regulation preferred old widely held in vogue pervading diagnostic obvious favoured what one would expect definite explicit determined precise archetypical default gut comfortable favorite favourite defined express exact legendary famed notorious famous recurrent canonical numerous typic acquired honored perpetual certain appropriate essential inborn inbred local innate derived domestic agreed in use self-evident unquestioned axiomatic renowned known profuse reiterated incessant continual honoured adopted authorized favored great acquainted endorsed reputed infamous monotonous unsophisticated standard operating procedure same old wont in the groove playing it safe by the numbers sop stipulated according to Hoyle in a rut workaday recognizable touted prescribed staple periodical periodic given used habituated homespun humble recognisable unopposed passed legit okayed authorised serious highbrow garden mass wide congruous in the habit of of choice chosen addicting repetitious practised practiced iterative disciplined reiterative perfunctory iterated systematic cyclic seasoned methodical automatic long-term overused trite banal garden variety concert heavyweight heavy symphonic agreed upon unoriginal derivative global national joint blanket communal overarching outright common or garden common variety matter-of-fact overworked platitudinous tired basic comprehensive tried and true tried and tested arrived at corny hacky sweeping in force epidemic broad-brush middle-of-the-road all-round broad-spectrum nationwide societal wholesale all-around across-the-board total in circulation official readily available worn out widely available worn-out ready-made dull dyed-in-the-wool entrenched well-established historic stable deep-rooted widely used old-fashioned traditionalistic old-style sound officially recognized secure unshakable

Tính từ

Accepted by supposition rather than as a result of proof
assumed supposed conjectural presumed accepted alleged conjectured expected purported supposititious theoretical apparent evident hypothetical ostensible ostensive presupposed putative reputed seeming surmised claimed connoted given granted held hypothesised hypothesized implicit inferred postulated rumoured rumored suppositional tacit thought understood prima facie counted on taken as known taken for granted believed likely professed suppositious academic declared said specious suspected speculative reported probable notional suspect ideational theoretic outward suppositive presumptive so-called imaginary superficial plausible abstract avowed contingent possible pretended illusory unproven analytical formularized idealized ideological academical semblant tentative unsubstantiated asserted in theory unproved idealised perceived imaginative codified formalistic impractical general instanced suspicious surface in the abstract ideal as a premise doubtful illusive designated vague assumptive feigned untested acknowledged stated described philosophical logical intellectual averred credible imagined prospective questionable hypothetic implicated pedantic transcendental problematical unearthly quixotic transcendent uncertain gossiped on paper incriminated groundless unfounded involved based on guesswork under suspicion intelle recognized based soi-disant imputed reputative metaphysical pure invented made-up fictional regarded considered presumable estimated deemed appearing recognised commonly believed commonly regarded exterior quasi- obvious clear-cut unambiguous clear exhibited manifest accounted notable colorable demonstrative quasi admitted reckoned judged premised to all appearances believable experimental hairy dangerous projected conceptive affirmed just so fabled suppository predictable reasonable odds-on creditable dubious postulational guesstimated figured guessing unresolved surmising conceivable verisimilar foreseeable awaited circumstantial convincing presumptuous on a hunch on a long shot whispered prevailing told broadcast circulating bruited external rife postulatory going around given out all over town unreal nominal equivocal concocted conditional conjecturable refutable provisory guessed unconfirmed indefinite indeterminate casual contestable disputable stochastic debatable proposed pretending problematic made up

Tính từ

Deliberately designed according to a plan
intended deliberate intentional conscious knowing planned calculated purposeful purposive wilful considered prearranged predetermined premeditated voluntary aforethought preconceived predestined wanton willed willful witting studied volitional contemplated contracted designed prepense pre-planned done on purpose thought out in advance on purpose set strategic advised thought-out measured scheduled purposed aimed designful weighed thoughtful reasoned determined organized projected prepared programmed deliberately planned outlined meant fixed prospective cold-blooded organised express schemed thought out with forethought according to a plan meditated contrived willing preconcerted proposed unforced cognizant laid-out rigged sewn-up set-up mindful wary reasoning rational reflective responsible meditative aware tactical accidentally on purpose framed up stacked deck politic cut-and-dried predesigned self-conscious planful predeterminate judicious in the making on the docket diplomatic shrewd prudent cunning computed estimated steered marked directed well-planned well thought out agreed arranged settled allotted preset specified established controlled selected given chosen arranged in advance preplanned pre-established arranged beforehand advance decided beforehand mannered artificial studious careful feigned strained well-considered forced affected laboured guarded investigated thought-through thought-about examined overworked reviewed plotted overdone labored gone into pre-agreed pre-decided cut and dried set up inevitable encoded established in advance inexorable foredestined precogitated forethought destined bound doomed

Động từ

To have expected
thought expected assumed presumed believed envisaged envisioned estimated imagined predicted presupposed reckoned sensed speculated suspected took deduced determined had a hunch prognosticated understood forecast forecasted foreknew foresaw foretold posited took for granted concluded predetermined prophesied saw coming soothsaid read hypothesized ascertained projected conjectured fancied gathered theorized calculated considered felt postulated figured surmised daresaid deemed daresayed contemplated trusted discerned judged perceived guessed supposed augured gaged called foreboded portended visualized divined apprehended visualised forewarned reasoned espied entertained previsioned sayed planned vaticinated presaged said premised planned on had sneaking suspicion come to the conclusion thought it likely psyched out adumbrated auspicated allowed for hoped for looked for prepared for called it theorised banked on had a hunch of forefelt figured on contemplated the possibility of hazarded a guess hypothesised counted on spaed counted chickens pre-empted doped out waited for gauged foretasted foreshadowed reckoned on regarded as likely prevised watched for counted upon thought likely foreseen seen saw got the idea seen it coming saw it coming drawn the inference bargained on taken it as given took it took it as given seen coming saw in the cards bargained for came to the conclusion taken it seen in the cards taken for granted foreknown gotten the idea readen drew the inference inferred demonstrated telegraphed figured out modelled modeled extrapolated purposed charted pictured omened tipped opined boded forespelled signified bode announced halsened contrived suspicioned sized up gleaned planned for delineated granted warned of sparked imaged cooked up diagramed conceived called the turn guesstimated featured told in advance admitted brainstormed predicated accepted had a sneaking suspicion dare-said dared say dreamt diagrammed dreamed pretended visioned foreshowed foreshown forespoke forespoken seen handwriting on wall saw handwriting on wall went out on a limb taken as read taken took as read gone out on a limb

Động từ

To have formed a mental picture of, or to have predicted
seen envisaged envisioned imagined pictured visualized conceived fancied predicted foreseen foretold visualised conceived of divined forecast forecasted augured figured prophesied apprehended foreshown presaged prevised prognosticated viewed visioned believed seen in one's mind's eye foresaw saw foreshowed saw in one's mind's eye portended read foreshadowed foreboded indicated betokened heralded boded bode signified harbingered pointed to promised adumbrated foretokened signalled signaled vaticinated warned of forewarned called spelled soothsaid announced prefigured meaned meant omened auspicated denoted suggested spaed added up to bespoke threatened forerun had a hunch projected implied telegraphed figured out made book doped out showed manifested bespake bespoken marked demonstrated forboded speculated revealed foreran predetermined expected proclaimed hinted warned croaked hinted at told of saw coming called the turn psyched out called it seen coming evidenced represented estimated calculated guessed conjectured declared said premonished reckoned witnessed forewarned of disclosed determined gaged expressed imported tipped inferred forespelled concluded psyched it out hazarded a guess reasoned symbolized surmised symbolised gathered gauged shown foreknown foreknew amounted to bade fair gave a warning of bidden fair given a warning of preceded displayed sketched obfuscated clouded darkened backed intimated obscured outlined misted purported evinced typified testified connoted looked sensed felt offered stopped messaged planned registered recorded attested illustrated designated shadowed ushered in intuited reflected argued proved betrayed perceived identified presumed supposed flagged pointed at opened the way for betided insinuated pinned down pegged paved the way for signposted touted crystal balled it brought hope psyched sanctioned ballyhooed given notice of looked like testified to held out hope pronounced flagged up declared arrival held out hopes of made known held a probability of halsened noted paved the way betid called the shot planned for told buttoned down held probability doped called the shots come before leaded you to expect signed divulged shown in told in advance had a feeling napped indicated the coming of beared witness to gave notice of thought of asserted judged seemed likely led to expect leaded one to expect pointed toward sized up pinpointed prove proven seen something coming saw something coming seen it coming saw it coming seen the future saw the future came before forespoke saw handwriting on wall seen handwriting on wall forespoken gave warning of given warning of saw in the cards seen in the cards saw future seen future given every indication of given hope given hope of gave hope of given good grounds for expecting gave every indication of shown all the signs showed all the signs gave good grounds for expecting shown signs of showed signs of given an indication of gave an indication of gave hope

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