Đồng nghĩa của imputed

Alternative for imputed

imputes, imputed, imputing

Đồng nghĩa: ascribe, assign, attribute,

Tính từ

Attributed to another person

Tính từ

Accepted by supposition rather than as a result of proof
putative assumed presumed reputed supposed accepted acknowledged alleged apparent evident ostensible ostensive presumptive recognised recognized reported seeming conjectural hypothetical purported reputative rumored rumoured suppositional suppositious commonly believed commonly regarded prima facie professed claimed specious declared likely outward superficial so-called avowed illusory pretended semblant held thought perceived presupposed supposititious surface illusive plausible feigned probable believed said asserted theoretical understood possible considered regarded appearing deemed estimated exterior quasi- obvious unambiguous clear clear-cut exhibited manifest accounted colorable notable demonstrative quasi reckoned judged to all appearances soi-disant fabled gossiped suppositive suppository invented made-up fictional imaginary conjectured expected stated described surmised hypothesized granted anticipated implicit inferred given connoted postulated tacit unproven hypothesised suspect designated suspicious affirmed doubtful credible external dubious unproved averred taken as known counted on taken for granted suspected questionable outside outer visible outermost would-be implicated extrinsic self-styled incriminated out over involved under suspicion ersatz extraneous cosmetic peripheral outmost outdoor posturing phoney phony titular symbolic named emblematic token official formal ceremonial paper honorary nominal simple mentioned puppet suggested perceptible noticeable observable discernible in title only in name only open from within toward the edge to the eye on the surface

Động từ

Past tense for to blame or accuse someone of a mistake or wrongdoing
accused blamed charged implicated branded indicted alleged stigmatised stigmatized censured held accountable impeached pointed the finger at incriminated impugned inculpated put on trial for condemned arraigned faulted denounced attributed prosecuted criminated recriminated framed reproached fingered pointed the finger held responsible defamed reproved sued denunciated arraigned for indicted for impeached for brought charges prosecuted for recriminated for taxed laid charges against hung something on filed charges against made accusations about pointed finger at preferred charges against let have it brought to trial for taxed with lodged complaint incriminated for assigned guilt to laid the blame on laid blame on accused of laid confronted cited held someone responsible held someone answerable admonished summonsed pegged rebuked reprimanded charged with involved saddled rapped named implicated in laid at one's door imputed blame to held answerable for laid at door held liable laid at your door stuck on placed the blame on assigned liability to betrayed served summons slurred found guilty of apprehended libeled held accountable for considered guilty of condemned for held responsible for blamed for laid a guilt trip on pointed a finger at brought charges against pinned on laid a bad trip on attributed liability to tried for laid the blame on someone for presented filed claim dragged into court censured with took to court for slandered called to account arrested complained summoned taken to court for libelled assigned fault to attacked passed the buck blown the whistle blew the whistle blown the whistle on whistle-blew blew the whistle on whistle-blown attributed to set up informed against served with a summons ratted on called subpoenaed entrapped exposed convicted faced with charges reported grassed on blackened the name of fitted up pinned the blame on ordered sticked the blame on dobbed in served with a writ commanded dropped somebody in it informed on given away gave away did done

Động từ

Past tense for to attribute or ascribe a property, quality or value to someone or something

Động từ

Past tense for to place or transport in one's mind, usually in reference to one's feelings, emotions or insecurities

Động từ

Past tense for incorporate within one's self

Động từ

Past tense for to regard, or be regarded, as possessing a specified quality or fulfilling a specified role

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