Đồng nghĩa của implicit

Alternative for implicit

Trái nghĩa: explicit,

Tính từ

Having certainty in one's mind
positive certain confident assured sure clear doubtless sanguine cocksure convinced satisfied unwavering resolute persuaded definite conclusive absolute unfaltering categorical unhesitating decided self-confident free from doubt secure in no doubt undoubtful optimistic hopeful unequivocal decisive firm unquestioning consummate self-assured confirmed easy in one's mind secure in one's belief undoubting unvacillating unshaken resolved unshakeable trusting clear in your mind unshakeable in one's belief have no doubt not question hold the unwavering view valid assertive undoubtable believing questionless having no questions about unshaken in one's belief holding the unwavering view having no doubt cheerful buoyant bullish cheery upbeat bright happy ridibund enthusiastic lively animated expectant spirited in good heart of good cheer disposed to look on the bright side concrete undeniable express self-conceited unquestionable specific rank affirmative perfect real cold out-and-out forceful irrefutable inarguable downright explicit incontestable direct indubitable thoroughgoing thorough indisputable complete unambiguous incontrovertible factual actual forcible unmistakable outright genuine hard clear-cut unfailing infallible guaranteed inevitable palpable irrevocable unerring authoritative true foolproof recognized surefire obvious confirmable patent verifiable manifest determinate demonstrable undoubted accurate can't-miss solid fail-safe convincing transparent precise as sure as eggs is eggs unqualified safe in the bag recognised inerrant sure-fire failsafe

Tính từ

Contained in, although not stated openly
inherent underlying latent contained inbuilt fundamental incorporated ingrained intrinsic essential natural native immanent innate inborn basic inseparable integral inbred indigenous constitutional engrained constitutive permanent hardwired congenital ingrain connatural deep-rooted indwelling in-built built-in deep-seated part and parcel instinctive connate central hereditary elemental structural organic inherited inexpungible indelible instinctual ineffaceable ineradicable characteristic resident individual unalienable inner elementary fixed internal indispensable integrated inward distinctive genetic original subjective intimate in your blood hard-wired in one's blood rooted included radical instilled infused en suite vital key intuitive principal primary unlearned rudimentary necessary cardinal quintessential in the family chief prime profound primitive in the blood core important foundational critical pivotal basal inveterate main unacquired focal root capital requisite crucial primal paramount bred in the bone entrenched staple salient constituent confirmed material gut component needed dyed-in-the-wool deep rudimental natural-born bottom-line deep-down major significant meat-and-potatoes inheritable natal ingrown heritable true real dominant settled foremost predominant first untaught genuine genealogical patrimonial born integrant required existing from birth firm ingenerate imperative compulsory chronic inmost mandatory persistent secure hard-core intrenched bred-in-the-bone unshakeable irremovable established beginning needful obligatory consequential introductory abiding subconscious well established lingering long-lasting necessitous all-important substantive must-have high-priority called for prerequisite all important pre-eminent vitally important compelled temperamental spontaneous frequent brassbound composing uncomplicated particular standard normal typical regular native-born embedded implanted wild inwrought nuclear raw unsophisticated complete utter endemic congenite genetous thorough mere base sheer unlearnt in one's genes pure primordial initial abecedarian simple highest greatest ultimate supporting sustaining substratal substrative axiomatic grass-roots theoretical bottom underived axiological groundlaying demanded untutored incumbent leading overbearing arch prior sovereign preeminent sovran grand big supreme premier great overriding overmastering master sporogenous chromosomal phytogenetic digenetic matriclinous historical ancestral abiogenetic genital xenogenetic genesiological eugenic genomic involuntary forced nonelective peremptory burning appropriate compulsatory connected expedient wanted desired preferred compelling proper binding decisive momentous specified pressing urgent exigent recommended genetical number one numero uno of great consequence de rigueur incumbent on name of game life-and-death of the utmost importance of the essence at the heart of mental habitual longtime longstanding composite ingredient formative fractional divisional ethnic psychological emotional transmissible factorial combinative partial part maternal deep down traditional lodged in one's brain deeply felt paternal constituting cerebral in the genes handed down psychologic intellectual viscerous visceral most important

Tính từ

Existing as fact without formal acknowledgment
effective tacit implied virtual essential unacknowledged de facto literal verifiable certifiable genuine palpable true objective absolute attested bona fide certain certified concrete confirmed demonstrated established existent factual final hard incontestable incontrovertible indisputable indubitable irrefutable positive proven realistic real-life real-world substantial substantiated tangible undeniable unmistakable unquestionable validated verified authentic authenticated believable inescapable real actual sure-enough very veritable dinkum definite honest legitimate valid precise existing accurate substantive truthful veridical kosher clear good fundamental categorical right material firm corporeal exact correct sensible physical echt pukka unimaginary clear-cut pucka intrinsic faithful pure evident historical non-fictional legit undoubted perceptible authoritative honest-to-goodness corroborated documented considerable significant sheer express especial unqualified plain manifest non-fictitious current unimagined living bodily for real honest to God sure enough real live solid live corporal embodied rightful sound incarnate present proper veracious natural explicit conclusive characteristic archetypal guileless typical ingenuous regular archetypical representative unequivocal near practical strict artless unaffected simple indirect unambiguous unpretending dead-on appropriate average dinky-di standard real McCoy normal unpretentious direct undesigning fitting sure fixed definitive decided lifelike unadorned fair detailed credible verbatim circumstantial nonfictional unadulterated documentary unvarnished veristic verisimilar unexaggerated near enough in effect unbiased unprejudiced scientific true-to-life word for word true-life matter-of-fact telling it like it is card-carrying fact-based straight from horse's mouth as it really happened on the level set in stone constructive pragmatic potential basic in conduct for all practical purposes in all but name in practice to all intents and purposes unerring true to life undistorted unembellished reliable spot-on so scrupulous spot on bang on rigorous on the button on the nose on the money narrative close on-target on the nail methodical straightforward distinct meticulous demonstrable just unelaborated first-person autobiographical nonfiction convincing out-and-out unembroidered thorough perfect on the mark careful on target right on punctilious rigid discriminating judicious deft systematic sharp discriminative skilful defined skillful punctual particular specific dependable ultraprecise trustworthy assured naturalistic faultless complete decisive obvious errorless thoroughgoing inarguable appreciable patent measurable infallible downright consummate observable quantifiable unimpeachable outright righteous well founded on the beam word-perfect unmistaken amen on the ball dead on as true as I'm sitting here as true as I'm standing here reference severe well-founded true story provable biographical case reputable down-to-earth logical confirmable cogent discernible unfaked utter creditable fit bull's-eye just so learned in accordance with the facts what really happened what actually happened total striking intelligible chronicled scholarly detectable perceivable unmitigated satisfactory in accordance with reality empirical everyday straight from the horse's mouth the real McCoy based on facts guaranteed bare archival flawless admissible unalloyed arrant graphic unconditional last deciding worldly respected supported circumstantiated undisputed unrefuted gospel stark watertight immaculate inerrant solemn recorded well defined well documented well-grounded error-free no ifs ands or buts stone cold nailed-on peremptory narrow in every respect convinced confident OK earthly honest-to-God straight official photographic vivid acceptable O.K. conscientious mundane temporal fleshly unfaltering painstaking right as rain on the right track for sure on track on the right lines impeccable free of error right stuff along the right lines stone okay cooking with gas equitable according to Hoyle representational naturalist photo-realistic three-dimensional apparent ordinary written usual verbal critical sublunary historic commemorated historial antique classical important from the horse's mouth transparent unassailable settled nice satisfied unwavering doubtless persuaded cinematic filmic speaking original unarguable irrefragable unchallengeable undebatable emphatic terrene terrestrial carnal earthborn non-spiritual earthbound resolute sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff on the up-and-up really-truly compelling unanswerable undisputable uncontroversial not figurative nonspiritual lay beyond doubt self-evident beyond question well grounded well-proven not in doubt beyond a shadow of a doubt beyond dispute open and shut true-blue undeceptive self-assured self-conceited self-confident unhesitating unquestioning secular visible in truth rank affirmative cold free from doubt phenomenal forceful cocksure forcible high-principled on the line on the up and up like it is sincere forthright open plain-spoken plain-speaking

Tính từ

Spoken rather than written

Tính từ

Not expressed or done in a direct way
oblique evasive implied indirect roundabout backhanded circuitous circumlocutory elliptical inexplicit ambagious circumlocutionary periphrastic circular collateral devious obliquitous obscure vague allusive ambiguous enigmatic cryptic meandering unclear mysterious puzzling equivocal opaque arcane perplexing abstruse Delphic incomprehensible inscrutable double-edged recondite unfathomable deep nebulous mystic impenetrable confusing oracular esoteric murky dark occult fuliginous enigmatical long-winded mystifying inexplicable discursive elliptic rambling baffling indistinct doubtful hidden convoluted unintelligible secret indefinite indeterminate hard to understand as clear as mud tortuous uncertain concealed paradoxical digressive tenebrous mystical strange coded difficult complicated secretive wordy prolix veiled verbose diffuse elusive misleading equivocating prevaricating garrulous inexact imprecise pleonastic windy bewildering two-edged gnomic hazy shifty wandering foggy logorrheic covert dubious sneaky uncanny duplicitous unaccountable unexplained amphibological insoluble apocryphal Delphian cabalistic involved hinted at hard clear as mud inaccessible challenging difficult to understand hard to follow tedious dense obfuscated nubilous purblind imperceptive cerebral intellectual rarefied beyond comprehension bamboozling wildering surprising subtle intricate labyrinthine knotty sarcastic complex uninterpretable riddling non-linear deviating recherché abstract beyond one ironic sardonic inconceivable illegible technical incredible illogical indecisive far-out tautological repetitious repetitive Greek to me not easily understood clear as dishwater tongue-in-cheek circumlocuitous circumlocutional circumlocutious taking the long way underhanded snide disguised masked indecipherable suppressed borderline unexplainable sibylline winding suspicious inconclusive with tongue in cheek sphinxlike contradictory questionable blurry muddled camouflaged surreptitious unrevealed deviant clandestine teasing profound stickling cabbalistic unknowable hermetic hermetical stumping confused underlying ill-defined unexplicit clouded open muzzy fuzzy disreputable zigzag serpentine curving divergent little known sidelong anfractuous long-drawn-out unforeseen eventual subsidiary long understood sinister erratic sneaking crooked vagrant sinuous snaking underhand inferred out-of-the-way unplanned twisting tacit undercover unexposed unrecognizable invisible shrouded shielded unrecognisable hooded screened covered cloaked long way home slippery cagey deceptive cunning shuffling tricky deceitful dissembling sophistical intangible casuistic elusory false noncommittal casuistical stonewalling non-committal

Tính từ

Confident or self-assured
assured confident positive assertive poised self-confident self-assured self-possessed calm certain collected composed cool phlegmatic self-reliant bold complacent cool-headed imperturbable level-headed nonchalant unflappable unperturbed audacious brazen clear cocksure doubtless fearless impassive pushy relaxed sanguine self-asserting serene sure together tranquil unfazed unruffled dauntless equanimous filled with aplomb laid-back nonplussed overconfident sure of oneself at ease gutsy high rosy secure unhesitating upbeat gung ho puffed up pumped up sure of yourself cool, calm and collected self-controlled placid sedate undisturbed equable untroubled unflustered unagitated unbothered even-tempered believing in oneself unmoved controlled well-balanced brave possessed unworried coolheaded unshaken level self-composed levelheaded self-assertive limpid peaceful equal recollected smooth unexcitable unemotional steady commanding authoritative can-do courageous dignified self-respecting urbane suave balanced elegant sane sensible reasonable sound rational grounded stable sober mature clearheaded dispassionate stolid unshakable at peace unaffected chilled well adjusted cool as a cucumber as cool as a cucumber casual unexcited well balanced settled self-sufficient intrepid surefooted sure-footed swaggy hotdog undoubtful know-it-all hotshot self-secure strong cocky believing unafraid expecting expectant firm unabashed quiet aggressive defiant forward dashing militant graceful full of oneself philosophical deliberate civil debonair strong-willed neutral stress-free centred centered passionless in control mild-mannered detached unimpassioned patient nerveless easygoing stoical stoic coherent lucid easy-going easy reserved normal undismayed thick-skinned smug self-satisfied untouched disimpassioned immovable practical wise pragmatic prudent calmed circumspect realistic right businesslike judicious reliable dependable commonsensical roll with punches hard as nails cool as cucumber stiff upper lip compos mentis in possession of all your faculties all there down-to-earth matter-of-fact of sound mind clear-headed able to reason clearly sound of mind having all marbles mentally sound with both one's feet on the ground able to think clearly right in the head moderate straight with one's feet on the ground full of common sense well-adjusted

Tính từ

Accepted by supposition rather than as a result of proof
assumed supposed conjectural presumed accepted alleged conjectured expected purported supposititious theoretical apparent evident hypothetical ostensible ostensive presupposed putative reputed seeming surmised anticipated claimed connoted given granted held hypothesised hypothesized inferred postulated rumoured rumored suppositional tacit thought understood prima facie counted on taken as known taken for granted believed likely professed suppositious academic declared said specious suspected speculative reported probable notional suspect ideational theoretic outward suppositive presumptive so-called imaginary superficial plausible abstract avowed contingent possible pretended illusory unproven analytical formularized idealized ideological academical semblant tentative unsubstantiated asserted in theory unproved idealised perceived imaginative codified formalistic impractical general instanced suspicious surface in the abstract ideal as a premise doubtful illusive designated vague assumptive feigned untested acknowledged stated described philosophical logical intellectual averred credible imagined prospective questionable hypothetic implicated pedantic transcendental problematical unearthly quixotic transcendent uncertain gossiped on paper incriminated groundless unfounded involved based on guesswork under suspicion intelle recognized based soi-disant imputed reputative metaphysical pure invented made-up fictional regarded considered presumable estimated deemed appearing recognised commonly believed commonly regarded exterior quasi- obvious clear-cut unambiguous clear exhibited manifest accounted notable colorable demonstrative quasi admitted reckoned judged premised to all appearances believable experimental hairy dangerous projected conceptive affirmed just so fabled suppository predictable reasonable odds-on creditable dubious postulational guesstimated figured guessing unresolved surmising conceivable verisimilar foreseeable awaited circumstantial convincing presumptuous on a hunch on a long shot whispered prevailing told broadcast circulating bruited external rife postulatory going around given out all over town unreal nominal equivocal concocted conditional conjecturable refutable provisory guessed unconfirmed indefinite indeterminate casual contestable disputable stochastic debatable proposed pretending problematic made up

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