Đồng nghĩa của hotdog

Động từ

To brandish one's possessions as a signal of one's status
flaunt parade exhibit display brandish flourish vaunt disport flash sport dangle expose produce show showboat unveil wave advertise advertize air broadcast showcase streak strut flash about lay out break out fan it show off make a show of display ostentatiously roll out make a great show of make an exhibition of put on display put on show trot out wave around make a scene throw in one's face whip out smack with spring on reveal present demonstrate swagger feature draw attention to publish put on view grandstand swank boast disclose wield brag manifest uncover stage put on airs launch posture set out promulgate hype crow promote unmask swing make public make known put on demo peacock flounce illustrate bare introduce skylark swash offer impress expose to view arrange deliver exult in lay bare hold aloft attract attention swagger around advertize oneself show and tell play to audience play to the gallery play to the crowd make a spectacle of put before the public play to the cheap seats act up draw attention to oneself let it all hang out pose show to advantage register publicize plug project come out with transmit show something off spread televise gloat unfurl declare aggrandize self-glorify array supply unfold have on have on show plaster emblazon highlight set forth model call attention to give publicity to hang preview publicise uncloak deal in bring to view put out spotlight have mince stride sweep stalk sashay prance ostend blazon indicate express parade wares put on public view show to the public put on a display strut stuff put up evidence evince jiggle betray divulge flap esteem extol acclaim revere release communicate make plain give away celebrate bull vapor gasconade blow make clear joggle wiggle laud prate push puff bring out bring to light lay open blow smoke crow about brag about vapour gloat over boast about hot-dog wag shake swish make much of put on side give yourself airs waggle flail give oneself airs about show off about swipe move something to and fro move up and down move to and fro give submit perform propose suggest do mount unearth carry discover put forward proffer tender provide play render bring forward set before unbosom let slip spill leak unclothe put before direct cite advance act lay before tell let drop adduce represent come up with open bespeak dramatize dramatise let out specify bring out into the open bear yield depict portray cast lodge turn over designate propound proposition raise smoke out moot unclose blurt out enter denude blab announce undress acknowledge execute prove table enact be marked with hand out show up blow wide open allow to be seen blow the whistle on give the game away let on about let the cat out of the bag act out take the wraps off screen open up derestrict strip detect turn up show evidence of pinpoint inform mouth contain include take the lid off wear make available be evidence of detail unrobe pour out give details of furnish install instal lay something bare put the spotlight on nail debunk quote name mention list convey orchestrate extend declassify send in characterize let cat out of the bag admit confess relinquish surrender extract record mark organize conduct state identify instance expose information personate make a clean breast of relate issue run coordinate recommend vote bid bounce allege point out impart ventilate pitch pose in argue bring advise playact imitate emote personify impersonate report urge affirm assign strike a pose fly administrate hand over pull out broach expound draw out set up pull off put together refer to put forth ham make a motion do a number bring down the house mimic characterise be on tread the boards do a turn go on make a pitch file lay contribute make reference to have hoisted throw up bring about bring up organise have run up out crack bewray nake catch out tell of spill the beans on pull the plug on find out make manifest make obvious tip off let cat out of bag

Động từ

To (excessively) boast about one's accomplishments, qualities, or possessions
brag boast crow swagger vaunt bluster gasconade gloat swank blow bull rodomontade show off skite vapour vapor congratulate oneself hyperbolize roister big-note oneself blow hard exult grandstand jive mouth prate preen oneself puff showboat shuck talk big give oneself airs pat oneself on the back shoot the bull speak for Buncombe lay it on thick talk boastingly blow one's own horn blow your own horn blow your own trumpet sing one's own praises strut flaunt sing your own praises flourish bully parade fly your own kite aggrandize glory exaggerate flatter oneself triumph blow smoke revel posture swell cock-a-doodle-doo glory in exult in attract attention crow about brag about rejoice put on airs blow one's own trumpet give a good account of oneself acclaim celebrate delight promote jubilate exuberate trumpet overstate preen joy peacock flounce pose bray hot-dog kvell hector drool advertise fake con advertize be proud of pride oneself lord it boast about gloat over hug oneself revel in take delight in make much of puff up toot one's own horn try to make an impression name-drop swash declare proclaim disclose divulge reveal esteem extol revere felicitate overbear presume congratulate prance attitudinize feel self-satisfied be proud of oneself be pleased with oneself applaud praise put on side give yourself airs be smug play to audience gurgle call whoop babble gas cackle triumph over rub it in sling shovel shoot flatter yourself psych plume advance overvalue exhibit flash laud hype push display congratulate yourself on show and tell draw attention to pride yourself on sound off behave affectedly swagger around advertize oneself put on an act strike an attitude shoot your mouth off strike a pose make a spectacle of cop an attitude draw attention to oneself self-glorify lay on thick hold head high be proud rant sweep swashbuckle lord saunter pontificate sway brandish shoot one's mouth off put on look big give oneself airs about show off about play to the gallery parade one's wares storm thunder huff fulminate roar rave spout kick up one's heels play to the crowd domineer bulldoze harangue yap complain protest waft browbeat brazen rage cow bridle threaten bristle intimidate badger appreciate enjoy be overbearing rejoice in relish rejoice at savour ride the high horse shoot off one's mouth taunt feel satisfaction at find satisfaction in bask in find pleasure in wallow in delight in luxuriate in take satisfaction in find joy in take pleasure in feel proud about savor feel proud of feel self-satisfied about flatter oneself on preen oneself on congratulate oneself on pique oneself in give oneself a pat on the back for be proud of oneself for pat oneself on the back for pique oneself on get a kick out of get a thrill out of greatly enjoy take great pleasure in take delight take great pride in pride yourself pat oneself on the back about gloat about plume oneself on preen oneself about

Động từ

To inspire with reverence or dread
awe amaze cow frighten impress stun terrify astonish daunt horrify intimidate alarm appal appall dazzle enthral enthrall flabbergast grandstand overawe overwhelm scare showboat startle strike stupefy blow away knock socks off dismay unnerve terrorize disconcert browbeat terrorise shock bully deter subdue petrify affright agitate abash discourage spook unsettle upset shake dishearten faze panic disquiet bulldoze astound perturb fright alarum scarify disturb shake up buffalo scare to death ruffle scare the bejesus out of jolt psych out rattle chill put off take aback strike terror into discomfit tyrannize throw floor bewilder hector dragoon confuse demoralize strong-arm bludgeon mau-mau distress repel surprise stagger tyrannise consternate demoralise scare off put the fear of God into pressure pressurize nonplus threaten fluster badger confound outrage menace railroad bullyrag disgust depress perplex discompose blackjack bogart sicken scandalize pressurise unman oppress bluster enforce bother trouble persecute discomfort insult dumbfound coerce stiff worry disburb unhinge pick on scare witless torment rock take someone's breath away lean on daze push around fill with fear scandalise dumfound scare stiff paralyse paralyze scare away curdle the blood bowl over jar make teeth chatter make blood run cold chill to the bone fill with terror thunderstrike make someone jump out of their skin take the wind out of your sails scare the pants off make your hair stand on end give someone goose pimples make one's flesh creep give one the creeps electrify give a turn throw into a panic gross out scare someone out of their wits knock for six make your blood run cold throw a curve spring something on put the wind up frighten out of your wits scare the living daylights out of throw into a blue funk give someone a turn make nervous put off balance outface stare down outstare stand up to victimize frighten off offend revolt harass nauseate make things hot for someone inspire panic in strike terror in make it hot for someone victimise put the frighteners on psych someone out put someone off their stroke traumatize domineer hound harry throw into panic displease provoke oblige force freeze frighten to death compel ride overcome antagonize anger freeze your blood paralyse with fear embarrass steamroller constrain knock out traumatise raise someone's eyebrows give offence to set someone back on their heels completely surprise antagonise shake out of your complacency make someone's blood run cold numb devastate hit like ton of bricks take someone aback spring give someone a jolt make jump give a shock give someone a fright scare someone half to death throw into a fright give someone the heebie-jeebies chill someone to the marrow get the wind up plague frighten the life out of scare the life out of frighten someone out of their wits make your flesh creep scare the hell out of frighten the living daylights out of send into a cold sweat strike fear into scare the pants off of make someone shake in their shoes push about twist someone's arm use strong-arm tactics on get to knock for a loop walk heavy dispirit benumb leave open-mouthed strike with awe blow someone's mind render speechless take one's breath away stop someone in their tracks leave aghast strike dumb cause wonder crush make anxious make uneasy turn on the heat deject dash disappoint baffle destabilize unbalance frustrate cast down flummox mystify make downhearted make despondent blind destabilise afflict irk repress disparage droop cause to lose heart dampen someone's hopes deprecate prostrate put a damper on break one's heart dampen vex try weigh beat down throw off balance pull the rug from under blind someone with something put off one's stroke pull the rug out from under silly make one's blood run cold scare the daylights out of make one's hair stand on end distract freak out concern pester ail fuss frazzle flurry derail distemper hagride undo annoy weird out inhibit discountenance put the wind up someone exercise discombobulate irritate drive away chase off warn off psych make afraid frighten away warn hassle bug fret pother goad overbear dissuade haunt sadden make someone's hair stand on end chill someone's blood make someone's hair curl hinder caution puzzle grieve needle subjugate beset throw into a tizz scare silly aggrieve nag abuse tease throw into a tizzy push mistreat stir up bedevil issue threats to indispose torture despotize intrude interfere ride roughshod over make waves talk out of put heat on mess with someone's head do someone's head in give a hard time transfix freak incommode work up chill to the marrow chill off make fearful stampede excite immobilize unquiet immobilise make one's teeth chatter make restless make fretful move make someone's flesh crawl scare the living daylights out of someone make someone jump out of his skin mortify muddle derange harrow addle throw into disarray rouse pique complicate arouse pain tire gall put chill on unstring fill with panic put out castigate distress greatly rattle one's cage put someone off their stride put out of countenance stress burn up repulse tax get in the way roust strain press disillusion chagrin knock props out besiege burden despair beleaguer hustle prod brainwash put through the wringer lord it over twist somebody's arm boss around put the chill on boss about disgruntle disenchant persuade influence heckle bait accost pursue discommode molest encroach obtrude break in interrupt weigh down test importune chafe snafu let down maltreat tyrranize tantalize dun tear tantalise ride roughshod fast-talk put the squeeze on put pressure on prevail on put the screws on bring pressure to bear on put under an obligation act on press-gang work on use pressure on disarm make worried knock sideways cause anxiety to give someone the creeps dominate manhandle flush sweat out weigh heavily on one's mind gnaw at lie heavy on be a great weight on mess up fill with consternation foul up screw up louse up muck up misuse overpower hurt inconvenience uncalm undermine weaken enfeeble sap enervate mishandle brutalize brutalise snarl comminate fulminate blackmail admonish scowl forewarn growl be repugnant to make someone want to throw up be distasteful to make shudder make someone's gorge rise peeve put down be cruel to walk all over kick around play the heavy with treat harshly ill-use ill-treat mess over be brutal to venture peril jeopard adventure jeopardize imperil risk compromise endanger hazard wound nark miff throw off put into a flap set back turn incapacitate flip craze cramp debilitate get at fire up wind up egg on tick off flip out make threats against threaten to harm flex muscles look daggers shake fist at make threat threaten to kill make threats to cause someone to lose their composure get someone bum out get across turn on hack off lay up key up portend jeopardise gamble with impend lower loom bad-eye rock the boat make a scene give someone grief get on someone's wick hurt somebody's feelings prevent whip around utter threats to check scare hell out of curb stop avert suppress obstruct disadvise quiet stave off turn off ward off keep back impede disfavour withhold control disfavor oppose fend off restrain pour cold water on put a stop to hold back divert throw cold water on hold off

Tính từ

Confident in one's own abilities
self-confident assured confident self-assured poised secure self-reliant assertive authoritative commanding fearless positive self-asserting self-possessed composed hotshot know-it-all sanguine self-secure undoubtful believing in oneself sure of oneself sure of yourself collected calm cool cool-headed bold imperturbable unruffled tranquil serene unperturbed unflappable unfazed certain sure pushy impassive self-assertive cool, calm and collected together audacious equanimous domineering at ease level-headed firm nonchalant aggressive strong bullish bossy forceful controlled can-do brave nonplussed relaxed strong-willed decisive fierce ambitious overbearing insistent in-your-face determined enterprising feisty forward militant cocksure emphatic dauntless phlegmatic gutsy courageous equable intrepid dominant upbeat well-balanced self-controlled placid gung ho laid-back imposing imperious demanding dogmatic dignified go-getting high-pressure daring overconfident urbane suave unafraid powerful elegant doubtless implicit clear decided unhesitating puffed up filled with aplomb zealous expectant unemotional unworried spirited coolheaded undisturbed limpid peaceful equal unshaken sedate recollected untroubled self-composed level possessed smooth self-respecting not backward in coming forward swaggy controlling unabashed driven committed settled defiant resolved resolute self-sufficient unshakable plucky surefooted sure-footed immodest staunch steely steadfast dashing cocky believing expecting tough tenacious graceful stoical stoic strong-minded debonair nerveless patient philosophical easygoing dynamic vigorous energetic full of oneself potent easy reserved pushing driving at peace resounding competitive violent vehement full-blooded muscular go-ahead strenuous optimistic cheerful cool as a cucumber buoyant hopeful peremptory dominating balanced practical sensible stable levelheaded grounded rational unbothered reasonable wise pragmatic unflustered prudent calmed unagitated circumspect mature realistic lordly cheery bright sober businesslike sane judicious reliable sound dependable commonsensical masterful authoritarian autocratic dictatorial moderate clearheaded well adjusted straight with one's feet on the ground unmoved full of common sense well balanced even-tempered well-adjusted in good heart of good cheer enthusiastic disposed to look on the bright side happy ridibund lively animated masterly tyrannous despotic tyrannic arrogant autocratical imperative magisterial tyrannical officious doctrinaire assaultive carnivorous pushful absolute complacent brazen rosy high pumped up high-handed arbitrary overweening oppressive harsh strict severe imperial rigid totalitarian repressive autarchic draconian unyielding inflexible high and mighty undemocratic haughty anti-democratic iron-handed opinionated monocratic pontifical coercive illiberal czarist tsarist willful wilful stubborn intolerant uncompromising iron-fisted stern obstinate unbending heavy-handed egotistic dictative summary compelling disciplinarian absolutist one-party definite ruthless subjugating bullying fanatical adamant fascistic opinionative self-opinionated opinioned pompous proud dogmatical prejudiced Neronian insolent regnant pigheaded stiff-necked one-sided bigoted bullheaded impressive self-willed all-powerful ordering bidding uncontrolled unaccountable unconstitutional single-party lofty unassailable merciless cruel overpowering unlimited unjust in charge dystopian clamorous crack-the-whip throwing one's weight about awe-inspiring diplomatic monarchic regal czarlike brutal inhuman unreasonable throwing weight around compulsatory exacting obligatory required mandatory compulsory autarchical absolutistic superior biased ironhanded mean speculative impractical theoretical overproud presumptuous brusque throwing one's weight around crack the whip in driver's seat on high horse abrupt brisk lording it supercilious unpragmatic unrealistic swivel-eyed extreme hypothetical ideological enforceable binding narrow limiting traditional classical customary conventional preponderant snotty high-and-mighty uppity ascendant prevalent cavalier stuffy disdainful sniffy holding fixed views dogged mulish pertinacious fixed undeniable stringent finished rigorous legislating sanctioned didactic preceptive normative accepted prescribed presidential entrenched downright unchallengeable narrow-minded unquestionable categorical prescriptive obdurate small-minded egotistical unequivocal wrong-headed formal

Tính từ

Most prominent in rank, importance, or position
foremost leading principal chief supreme top first premier primary prime best paramount greatest highest main elite first-rate key pre-eminent top-level top-tier central front major notable preeminent arch big capital cardinal commanding dominant grand great head high initial lead master noteworthy outstanding overbearing overmastering overriding predominant presiding primal prior sovereign sovran supereminent A-1 A-number-1 headmost inaugural number-one ranking top-notch champion heavy heavyweight hotshot important number one numero uno of note primo heavy stuff hot stuff at the cutting edge at the leading edge prominent superior ruling eminent illustrious essential vital distinguished famous influential renowned finest crucial celebrated fundamental pivotal star prevailing noted ultimate peerless critical well-known core controlling topmost significant focal esteemed respected uppermost powerful unsurpassed incomparable basic matchless famed exalted big-time exceptional honoured acclaimed honored prestigious excellent unequalled noble first-class unequaled integral prevalent well known superlative elevated salient indispensable unrivalled top-drawer governing consummate high-ranking top-ranking transcendent unrivaled necessary stellar reputable preponderant popular utmost unparalleled major-league big-league major league apex dominating signal intrinsic highly regarded choice high-level surpassing arch- glorious peak conspicuous premium recognized venerable senior perfect ascendant august towering notorious select optimal directing quintessential imposing crack best possible inimitable consequential recognised requisite regnant underlying rudimentary authoritative lionized second to none legendary lofty high-up elemental staple big-name seminal lionised world-class mighty biggest big league unsurpassable of high standing high-powered high-profile predominate serious of greatest importance optimum unexcelled five-star revered VIP nonpareil remarkable maximum weighty redoubtable memorable admired high profile marvelous fine topflight well thought of urgent of distinction top drawer extraordinary blue-chip top of the line top of the range absolute reigning No. 1 aristocratic iconic visible top-priority marvellous luminous must-have successful bright dignified material maximal immediate apical choicest industry leading four-star large potent tiptop honourable honorable unmatched all-important big-shot required elementary needed crowning imperative puissant of repute overruling culminating in charge ideal winning necessitous public root respectable radical alpha upper pressing telling number 1 of prime importance brilliant grave model unprecedented majestic momentous idyllic considerable applauded regal exclusive especial very precise burning upper-class astral infamous constitutive right proper largest exemplary name unexampled valued super unbeatable superstar celeb upmarket feted good formidable magnificent frontline highest-ranking resonant high-grade heavy-duty high-priority far-reaching of the first rank without equal trusted much-publicized top-class a cut above the rest worthiest beyond compare out-of-sight of great consequence best-case top-end outside accomplished loftiest inherent special pertinent characteristic decisive guiding acknowledged compelling crown royal total greater determining unconditional reputed final complete larger substantial constitutional fabulous lauded effective dire storied widely known boss estimable redoubted acute marked first and foremost eventful ace intense exigent operative almighty imperious striking of supreme importance classy extravagant upscale quality deluxe fab precious distinctive historical tops overpowering predominating well-thought-of utopian world class importunate high-flying well-connected prized dear costly pricey cracking sterling superb priceless valuable luxurious expensive undefeated unbeaten in first place big-gun of concern of influence historic fabled monumental impressive high-class of mark highly rated sensational spendy fantabulous selected ultraexpensive pricy slick supernal sublime life and death skookum tip-top far-famed big-ticket highest quality top-of-the-range high-end par excellence talked about top-quality having made a name for oneself record-breaking first class prize-winning much publicized life-and-death high-quality sans pareil high-ticket red-letter tremendous expert finished unmatchable winner's marquee initiative particular standard front-page beginning opening simple best in class strongest original axial basal favoured favored chosen oustanding richest obligatory mandatory compulsory pioneer chad splendid unlimited banner intervening superseding of greatest significance familiar top-rank general managing recognizable keynote strategic better bestselling terrific resplendent widespread king worthy higher bigger elder patrician refined singular infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded zenithal in the limelight extolled earnest big time in demand in spotlight in limelight top-shelf unforgettable shining A-list Grade A ascendent rare unique imperial full utter kingly majority vulgar received current overall common recognisable established second-to-none immortal trendsetting big-wheel hot-dog extensive genteel widely knowbn leonine lionlike celebrious page-oner prodigious arresting stipulated of the highest quality one-in-a-million vintage blue-ribbon superfine gifted high-minded heroic magnanimous triumphal idealistic first rate learned stately omnipotent official supervisory all-powerful efficacious arbitrary eloquent rich oratorical cogent magnific phenomenal deciding high priority posh monarchical monarchal meaningful executive in control prepollent prepotent record cool gilt-edged exquisite highborn highbred gentle huge wellborn profound sweeping ponderous appreciable monarchial desperate unassailable innate without peer big name talked of definitive everything domineering ahead severe large-scale sizable pronounced holding the reins needful prerequisite wanted right-hand rife rampant emergency drastic sore impelling extreme in the public eye all-time best beyond comparison without an equal in a class of its own hors concours stand alone out of sight out of this world untouchable widely praised well born silk-stocking blue-blooded upper-crust high-born advanced impactful worthwhile pointed instrumental to the fore furthermost terrible clamant driving crying parlous emergent in the ascendancy the most demanded overshadowing life-changing dangerous grievous of consequence called-for very great of the utmost importance of the essence at the front highest ranking natural venerated true relevant foundational mother of all vaunted deep-rooted ingrained built-in hard-wired bottom-line deep-seated deep-down inborn native indigenous primitive hardwired inbred connate immanent engrained underlined congenital laureate germane well received standout worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out well-regarded exact of interest definite emphatic much touted up there appropriate correct suitable opportune fitting solid vigorous on the money just right on the button uttermost most max nth pure only last unqualified classic faultless flawless archetypal prototypical invincible impeccable without parallel downright sheer enormous all-out autocratic categorical out-and-out outright unmitigated dictatorial thorough classical unconquerable unblemished flat-out thoroughgoing categoric stark representative immaculate despotic indefectible arrant unalloyed unadulterated rank paradigmatic greatest possible totalitarian magisterial authoritarian autarchic deadly typical strong assertive clean fair dreadful bodacious blooming alone untainted copybook stainless spotless whole cotton-picking straight-out maxi tyrannical unequalable grandiose epic baronial plumb unstoppable proud gallant flat heroical dead regular massive Homeric blank archetypical climactic irreproachable unmarred unparagoned best ever excelling transcendental without match mostest blameless aces comprehensive eternal textbook untarnished greatest amount of foolproof all-embracing all-encompassing immense one and only indomitable effectual high-octane invulnerable unchallenged tyrannous triumphant forceful divine stone impregnable efficient exceeding determined insuperable administrative monocratic autocratical exciting thrilling concentrated tyrannic unconstrained unreserved emblematic symbolic fantastic stereotypical wonderful tsarist czarist unbroken dazzling treasured conventional seamless insurmountable bulletproof stock upmost autarchical unequivocal picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect intact without fault idealized idealised perpetual one-off crashing unremitting A1 sui generis one of a kind true to type in a class of one's own spot on umpteenth ten skilled skillful out-of-this-world adept paradisiacal experienced skilful paradisiac A-OK defectless sound distinct anti-democratic arrogant apogean admirable unapproached unfettered lion's share hegemonic undiminished gilt-edge all-time solid-gold unimpeachable exhaustive full-scale farthest unflawed victorious beautiful epochal unbowed commendable praiseworthy laudable meritorious one plain demonstrative resolute unstinted gubernatorial superintending overseeing conducting ordering regulatory restraining mastering presidential unvanquished unsubdued inveterate horrible gorgeous hugest absolutist plenipotent outermost furthest individual autonomous applaudable very good capable able real effulgent radiant splendiferous absolutistic on the throne godlike competent hard unconquered unsullied out of the ordinary extra special remotest farthermost best-example dream come true fairy-tale pie-in-the-sky fearsome adored time-honored gratifying signature princely unending endless imitable raging indescribable mortal overarching full-blown full-on novel predictable unmistakable habitual outmost endmost aftermost undemocratic concluding finishing closing ending determinative well-suited apt made to order tailor-made just the job queenly monarchic usual idiosyncratic dynamic totemic irreplaceable furthest up terminal unaccountable vitally important very important life-or-death much needed earth-shattering crowned top-grade egregious enterprising energetic the best stirring gripping riveting hair-raising apocalyptical apocalyptic dramatic climacteric action-packed insistent top-of-the-line extraordinaire at his best at its best at her best first-string accurate aggressive go-ahead go-getting traditional A-grade furthest away farthest away errant perfected positive chronic moving entire intellectual intuitive awe-inspiring uplifting inspiring inspirational primordial obscure hypothetical transcending unconfined abstract theoretical approved unheard-of unconventional plenipotentiary purpose-built new sanctioned something else without precedent authorized unrepeatable far-out unimaginable officiating fresh once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind unrepeated separate amazing unordinary incredible in a class by itself newfangled fast-track thundering outrageous harsh gross uber preposterous deep overwhelming flagrant veritable hellacious brutal climatical climactical not beatable indelible haunting of a king no end of catchy wholesale unbound pushing driven ambitious pushy error-free unquestionable peremptory lasting cherished indestructible unyielding faithful scrupulous meticulous unerring beyond grasp robust go-go forcible deep-dyed timeless unfading vivid without blemish everlasting undying on the nail crimeless right on errorless unspotted on target on the mark bang on unguilty just so imperishable enduring enthralling never to be forgotten not to be forgotten spectacular observable legitimate accredited accepted fancy invaluable unspoilt hot unsurmountable highly capable full of get-up-and-go in the saddle remembered rememberable inestimable profitable unflinching dauntless indefatigable inviolable unshakeable unbending all out no holds barred bureaucratic ex cathedra departmental legal lawful canonical authorised without limit ex officio straight out stamped on your memory fixed in the mind mind-blowing secure safe hot property undefeatable impassable irresistible unshakable unattackable irrepressible have-it-all up to standard up to snuff up to scratch up to par more powerful more important most important most illustrious most influential most prominent most skilled most excellent most powerful most favorable most favourable most advantageous most appropriate most significant most successful most obvious most noticeable most outstanding most high most extreme most typical most valuable most precious most scholarly most reliable

Danh từ

A famous person, typically successful or much-publicized
notable celebrity luminary notability personage celeb dignitary name personality star superstar megastar leader worthy biggie bigwig figure heavy icon ikon light lion nob notoriety somebody standout big shot chief eminence grandee heavyweight kahuna macher magnate mogul power dignity executive panjandrum public figure big name high-up VIP famous name household name important person leading light big gun big cheese big fish big noise cause celebre big-time operator big wheel high muckamuck high muckety-muck V.I.P. pooh-bah nabob big kahuna honcho celebutante heavy hitter someone hotshot kingpin fat cat top dog famous person character top banana big enchilada pillar of society top brass idol master official major leaguer top cat face person of influence bigshot big hitter kingfish great king giant head honcho person of note guru nawab tycoon big nibs wheel bigfoot very important person supremo expert big-timer key player big leaguer big boy high-muckety-muck muckety-muck poo-bah muck-a-muck high-muck-a-muck hero lord prodigy lady muck influential person legend top name authority big chief Big Daddy Big Chief well-known person baron headliner lord muck guiding light person prince industrialist captain entrepreneur peer Napoleon czar tsar monarch joss bashaw captain of industry plutocrat distinguished person big bug doyen Mr Big wonder sun inspiration muckamuck Lord Muck Lady Muck ace brass hat topliner man phenomenon heavy-hitter draw major player important personage muckety muck grand poobah face idol big cat big man on campus big Daddy individual presence potentate mandarin cause célèbre force dynast royalty princess queen deputy viceroy governor somebody famous person to be reckoned with big star god muckymuck boss fundi well-known face achiever juggernaut sphere favorite favourite pillar of the community high man on the totem pole eminent person pillar of the church pillar of the state nobleman powerful person powerful batter great gun person in charge milord immortal mahatma cynosure gentleman big stuff big deal the cheese pundit virtuoso toff pro elite specialist doyenne hot shot maestro scholar genius savant champion sage maven whiz wizard old pro top hand connoisseur big wig noble financier magnifico proprietor prelate aristocrat merchant prince aristo top executive merchant capitalist businessperson Mister Big sensation colossus titan belter blockbuster box office success crackajack coup jewel dandy best-seller jim-dandy starlet box-office hit crackerjack masterpiece wow success prizewinner treasure knockout marvel success story market leader sell-out natural best seller tour de force box-office success master stroke gem smash lead big hit hit pip fairy tale smash hit crowd-puller fame megahit bestseller billionaire moneybags millionaire multimillionaire investor rich person deep pocket backer wealthy person director Croesus have speculator money business person robber baron silk stocking dealer trader big businessman administrator manager businessman zillionaire broker bankroller operator buyer and seller manufacturer man of means producer tradesman squillionaire moneymaker wholesaler businesswoman vendor seller trafficker buyer shopkeeper retailer agent owner banker marketeer distributor merchandiser supplier richling representative purveyor rich man vender person of means money man taipan ruler money-spinner feudal lord industrial magnate financial magnate factory boss factory owner wealthy businessman multimillionairess multibillionaire gazillionaire Daddy Warbucks Mr. Moneybags salesperson salesman stockbroker loadsamoney yuppie marketer employer liberal bourgeois landowner Dives saleswoman moneyed person person of substance pedlar hawker the boss the money one who signs the checks economic liberal head grubstaker supporter staker usurer sponsor manipulator Midas oligarch handler commercial traveller storekeeper sender exporter jobber tradesperson consigner shipper importer commander nouveau riche Santa Claus investment banker money lender merchant banker homme d'affaires commandant headman foreman helmsman skipper taskmaster jefe skip commanding officer principal moneyed man man of wealth wealthy individual Mr Moneybags woman of means person who writes the checks chieftain figurehead Capt. impresario CEO CFO mistress four-striper officer boss man exec pilot guide top number one supervisor cap contractor enterpriser old man intermediary promoter middleman wheeler-dealer team leader straw boss higher up pilot in command business executive undertaker founder hustler whizz-kid organizer go-getter high-flyer impressario organiser commercial intermediary mover and shaker

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