Đồng nghĩa của staunch

Alternative for staunch

Tính từ

Very loyal and committed in attitude
faithful loyal constant stalwart dependable devoted firm reliable steadfast trusty dedicated resolute steady true committed sound stable strong sure true-blue unwavering devout down-the-line fast good hard-working pious redoubtable stout trustworthy unfaltering unswerving vigorous immovable unhesitating allegiant ardent inflexible liege secure stiff tough tried-and-true tried and tested tried and true determined unyielding dogged unflinching unshakeable indefatigable tenacious persistent stubborn single-minded unbending uncompromising unrelenting spirited unflagging indomitable fixed obstinate solid strong-willed persevering relentless resolved zealous earnest unshakable untiring purposeful unfailing adamant dyed-in-the-wool enduring obdurate pertinacious intransigent undaunted bold valiant steely intent plucky undeviating dutiful tireless mettlesome stanch set driven courageous strong-minded deep-dyed rigid enthusiastic implacable brave unchanging hardened decided fanatical unshaken gritty keen insistent forceful diehard inexorable wholehearted unremitting stout-hearted sturdy long-standing gutsy lionhearted fervent willful doughty passionate assertive assiduous intrepid abiding genuine tried never-failing intense hard-core sincere established responsible spunky diligent safe honest deep-rooted entrenched true blue honourable trustable honorable calculable confirmed bound certain decisive emphatic rock-ribbed manful upright durable settled active full of determination trusted fearless card-carrying inveterate perseverant deep serious fervid hard unflappable hard-line conscientious attached fierce feisty ruthless confident patient unqualified true-hearted avid straight eager dead set on absolute hard-nosed patriotic thorough grim heroic iron thoroughgoing aggressive strict gallant energetic ambitious long-established supportive vehement motivated indurate positive close truthful resilient immutable bulldog long-lasting purposive pushy headstrong bent upon gutty out-and-out strenuous hardy mad keen complete through and through deliberate consistent sworn iron-willed loving dauntless robust cast-iron unmovable focused daring rooted industrious adherent self-assertive die-hard ingrained unbendable audacious bred-in-the-bone high-spirited deep-seated unchangeable intractable reputable hearty incorruptible stouthearted unceasing enterprising bullheaded inured pigheaded focussed incurable pat bent game self-willed militant dead set inseparable valorous inexhaustible perdurable bosom dynamic unvacillating do-or-die utter pledged go-getting indelible infallible impassioned hell-bent on bent on eternal hell-bent upon unafraid incorrigible unquestioning explicit boon unswervable four-square unappeasable righteous stiff-necked lasting compulsive conservative unapologetic unashamed hanging tough greathearted heroical obsessed undauntable aspiring thirsty sedulous inspired unassailable desirous hungry invincible obsessive mulish scrupulous meaning business irrepressible extreme red-hot toughened orthodox sustained unconquerable rigorous definite behind one stringent self-confident resistant dear out wilful valued unending permanent intimate balanced well established unwearied eager beaver unswayable uncompliant through-and-through pure on the level special cherished treasured well-established self-starting hard-driving keen as mustard unsurpassable invulnerable correct impervious intrenched out and out traditional goal-oriented weariless self-driven hell-bent profound lusty impregnable immobile unstoppable long-lived irremovable revering bulletproof venerating domineering assured undefeatable predictable decent heartfelt unequivocal bombproof true to life fiery unshrinking forward unfluctuating unlimited perennial undeterred high-principled studious chronic habitual ferocious full-bore unrepentant virtuous ethical composed manly unimpeachable sensible substantial even unvarying uniform poised importunate unerring continuing seasoned time-honoured imperishable adoring rugged persisting obedient striving prevailing arrant right-down undismayed monomaniacal adventurous powerful invariant never-tiring lion-hearted undying regular indestructible ineradicable proved confiding circumspect affectionate ballsy whole-hearted brassbound veracious unmalleable well-built hardheaded perverse ossified opinionated adamantine inconvincible self-opinionated instilled truehearted dominant tested infixed self-assured progressive pioneering brick-wall inexpugnable strongly made well built fail-safe tried and trusted can-do self-possessed unmoved up front refractory string along with always there defiant deep-down full-fledged bound and determined unfearful hard and fast bona fide deeply ingrained not giving an inch rock solid deep-set self-asserting built to last self-seeking get up and go power-hungry set in stone stand pat set in one's ways standing one's ground power-loving high-reaching direct firmly-based confidential straightforward unwearying unretiring reactionary traditionalist well-founded changeless credible convinced perfervid ever-abiding attentive concerned unbeatable ultra-conservative unprogressive engagé hopeless unblinking immoveable radical hellbent unintimidated perseverative serviceable hard-wearing hard-bitten familiar cohesive uninfluenced admiring consecrated everlasting never-ending timeless perpetual believable dinkum fundamentalist high-powered undiscouraged time-hallowed go-to embedded coherent religious effective unmistakable steamroller nervy powerhouse obscene pornographic X-rated impeccable respectable goody-goody worshipping worshiping heart-and-soul pietistic reverent noble well made possessive unforgetful imperturbable nerveless incessant Herculean beyond hope competent copper-bottomed rocklike fortified hidebound unadaptable prayerful immoderate exacting laborious on one's side careful incorrupt unsinkable blinkered unaccommodating sagacious surviving blimpish equable as thick as thieves pig-headed determinate in earnest unalterable immortal unwaivering untameable insurmountable insuperable hard-boiled stern ungiving goody two-shoes competitive doting big exuberant endless boundless going inalterable dug in set firm thrusting set in your ways recalcitrant not put off not discouraged dyed-in-the wool impassable in good faith long-term time-honored age-old ancient cutthroat consumed compelled telelogical playing hard ball mean business calculated be out for blood nose to the grindstone independent perceptive mean take charge carrying the load hang tough hard-and-fast have-a-go bloodthirsty unabated fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist intent on congenital lifelong commanding possessed well balanced well-balanced in place in position warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy ceaseless continuous tough nut daredevil rabid fond firm in spirit animated two-fisted tough-minded ironclad resourceful tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon set on determined to committed to the idea of hell bent on plugging jumping go-go grind unstinted hyper perky fireball continued plodding moral right just nice like a ball of fire on the make desiring success bullish good as one's word to be counted on capable galvanized impelled real unstinting full unambiguous total unreserved categorical venturesome death-or-glory demanding right-minded ever-enduring torrid impenitent supreme irredeemable unreformable longtime full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face fiercely competitive stop at nothing having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough high-pressure go for broke gung ho surefire can't-miss unfading continual imposing authoritative burning unquenchable bitter stony furious granite induced fixated obsessional never give up venturous unmitigated unrestricted unconditional undivided veridical undistorted square worthy creditable all right estimable accustomed habituated staid controlling proven attested quiescent to the core imprudent herolike chivalrous chin-up foolhardy fortitudinous pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised bottomless unalloyed unadulterated flawless single-hearted old faithful overbearing imperious bossy sicker recognized approved certified classic demonstrated failsafe uncooperative hardline unpersuadable principled true to the end no lie used recognised well constructed heavy-duty well-made made to last unfeigned undiluted warm outright same delivering there come-through invariable difficult to keep down rolling with punches quick to recover quick to bounce back as game as Ned Kelly collected foolproof guaranteed mature convincing uncorrupted compelling undamaged best close-knit normal perfect tried out put to the test safe as houses as keen as mustard entire authentic fullhearted saintly stiffened hard-shell all-consuming firmly established urged on counted on given over to bloody-minded renitent persuasive well judged unimpaired seasonable unspoiled eatable timely unhurt influential fresh trenchant felicitous favourable expedient potent whole well timed motionless statuelike level-headed on the up and up straight-up immalleable merciless sure-fire above suspicion as good as one's word worthy of trust full of integrity fly right boy scout to be trusted down home self-reliant undecayed promising fit to eat unblemished well-timed uncontaminated intact hundred percent whole-souled cool-headed locked in without reservations favorable make good in good part make good on something severe harsh final conclusive clear frozen indubitable indisputable undeniable incontrovertible flat unquestionable draconian irrefutable incontestable authoritarian tight incompliant evident peremptory contumacious dogmatic in the bag bull-headed definitive unreasonable remaining autocratic known dictatorial demonstrable obvious verifiable irreversible unsparing valid cussed iron-fisted cantankerous binding balky undoubted imperative heavy-handed inarguable oppressive confirmable austere establishable lordly concrete cruel magisterial masterful stated plain tyrannical clear-cut unmanageable ascertained beyond doubt remorseless ongoing patent beyond question provable sharp stubborn as a mule drastic callous unpermissive unarguable sure thing unbreakable incommutable high-handed having down pat stationary unanswerable rough unchallengeable despotic express watertight impressive manifest predetermined ornery predestined destined undisputable hard as nails dateless ageless static indissoluble concentrated unsympathetic bolshie agreed salted away on ice arranged hard-hitting long-running irrevocable telling locked contrary preset specified irrefragable urgent unmoving pushful savage accomplished cogent forcible level still difficult dire ultimate overweening ramrod precise unmodifiable incisive distinct palpable specific beyond dispute tyrannous autocratical tyrannic cross-grained arrogant stipulated well-defined doctrinaire implanted rebellious absorbed engrossed insubordinate dour confining set in concrete deaf to reason excessive untoward picky immotile heavy basic fundamental unaffected concentrating preoccupied inbred mule uninterrupted anchored restive unruffled occupied disciplinary immersed prearranged airtight violent inbuilt built-in calm dominating doubtless cool planned unfazed hitched riveted unsentimental sempiternal froward nonnegotiable desperate hooked impassive inevitable flinty subconscious lingering inherent innate exigent pressing nailed longstanding arbitrary unchanged defined accepted no-nonsense rocky old coercive stony-hearted unforgiving unbroken resounding imperial solemn cynical exact hardhearted standing pat made fast crisp accurate hard-hearted wrapped up effectual ringing significant plausible efficacious weighty lucid intelligent clamorous finished pitiless sure of oneself transparent monotonous not in doubt deeply felt pertinent officious cut-and-dried tough nut to crack undisputed nailed-on formidable well founded single-minded about firm about stabile well-set not backward in coming forward resolved to by the book hard to please obsessive about as sure as eggs is eggs inflexible about fixated on fanatical about writ in stone carved in stone solid as a rock beyond a shadow of a doubt clinging self-disciplined ended not joking predisposed tending inclined leaning disposed standing hardboiled buckled down sine qua non like granite pegged unforgettable ineffaceable unaltered mullish free from doubt persuaded satisfied for a fact noncompliant awkward cocksure formal forbidding illiberal gut instinctive intrinsic non-compliant uptight endemic unbothered untouched unvaried unmodified moored fastened risk-free unbudgeable self-evident clinching masterly jelled high-stake winner-take-all zero-sum win-or-lose irradicable inannihilable worn low-risk puritanical brassy iron-jawed unabashed undebatable punishing punitive Draconian quantified engaged enthralled living allotted riskless hopeful unimpressionable resolute about driven in undoubting poignant acrimonious drawing grave stuffy decreed prescribed spartan stroppy narrow-minded bidding ordering biased limited unimpressible systematic meticulous painstaking heady opinionative impatient sticky impertinent bullhead uncompassionate unemotional preconceived apodictic contrarious lengthy extended assaultive punitory ironhanded onerous rock-hard unflexible dashing cold fish proof against persuasion carnivorous open and shut mandatory dictated written compulsory brusque grounded never-changing marathon inerrant questionless uncharitable believing in oneself going for broke not subject to change all out flat-out satisfying great material crystalline abrupt summary brisk going all the way serious-minded meaning what one says in for long haul like bad penny stick to guns well grounded iron-handed uncontested unquestioned unchallenged sealed acknowledged clear-sighted straight out determining insistent about vicious truculent virulent observant wrong-headed interminable non-stop regimented fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians not changeable by the numbers staying put hardhanded not in question disciplinarian ascetical astringent browbeating ascetic do or die hold one's ground hold the fort hold the line clamant crying reiterative salient decided upon strait-laced etched in stone nonmoving based on inborn inexpungible forever self-respecting with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in nasty intuitive insightful relevant ingenious fortress-like intolerant disciplined controlled all exclusive enrapt unbudging sticking to one's guns nonmotile repressive lofty cold unfeeling abrasive unjust unfair watchful alert there are no two ways about it all sewn up standardized nonstop homogeneous regularised regularized standardised unappealable uncaring all-or-nothing cocky dogmatical Neronian like the Rock of Gibralter solid as rock pugnacious unkind inconsiderate heartless insensitive deep down in a straight line in charge high and mighty crack-the-whip throwing weight around haughty egotistic pompous dictative proud determinative irremediable unreversible case-hardened in for the long haul till the cows come home rowdy intensive curt hard-headed unrectifiable unrepealable hard-shelled rational adult minding lifetime undisturbed capable of being trusted efficient qualified able shrewd practical realistic lodged in one's brain closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced matter-of-fact down-to-earth affirmed livelong out to fixed upon anxious to committed to intending to fixed on obsessed with resolved on impatient to decisive about determined on muscular lifetime's trying perfectionist world-weary indurated unperturbed remove secured downright hard-edged compacted packed hard-handed compact impenetrable consolidated compressed quiet situated located tiresome critical judgmental disapproving fussy glaring stressed important pointed sober accented iron-clad all-time for life lacking sentiment peaceful recollected untroubled coolheaded serene limpid equal unworried tranquil sedate together placid self-composed smooth for all your life one hundred per cent overexacting unamenable querulous troublesome cavilling nagging fractious as hard as nails as tough as old boots toughened by experience no mistake quibbling disparaging hypercritical sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous needy hairsplitting caviling censuring cavillous unalarmed for a face univocal black-and-white demeaning carping censorious well-marked minute forthright graphic pronounced clean-cut distinguishable noteworthy audible visible tangible undubitable silhouetted vivid well-grounded at peace over-rigorous fault-finding over-particular over-strict over-exacting hard to satisfy over-censorious high-maintenance without loopholes black and white as plain as daylight clearly defined cut and dried crystal clear not vague as plain as the nose on your face

Tính từ

Having a sound, strong body
able-bodied sturdy firm hardy strong vigorous fit healthy powerful robust strapping lusty sound stout tough capable hale hearty athletic brawny burly Herculean mighty muscular rugged stalwart bouncing fighting fit sinewy well well-conditioned whole wholesome active buff hale and hearty husky in good health in fine fettle in shape right as rain in good shape in good trim in the pink in tip-top condition fit as a fiddle as fit as a fiddle as fit as a flea as strong as an ox solid well-built forceful substantial hefty jacked stark energetic well built thickset shredded ripped red-blooded solidly built powerfully built beefy secure iron hunky well-made thewy durable flourishing in good condition powerhouse in rude health enduring tenacious able cast-iron hardened toughened hard-bitten inured hard as strong as a horse in trim rude peppy as strong as a ox gingery roaring dynamic aerobicized vital thriving rough flush bursting with health alive and kicking potent influential unflagging resilient indefatigable physically fit acclimatised resistant seasoned acclimatized fresh important heavy significant forcible virile masculine big reinforced puissant hard as nails heavy-duty unyielding well-founded fixed in fine feather steady stable stocky well made meaty chunky muscly all-male decisive enthusiastic bulky hulking stiff stouthearted strong-arm strenuous man-size male manlike mannish man-sized built to last sound in body and limb tiger stately confident manly jock beefcake stud he-man two-fisted self-reliant lion-hearted noble dignified hunk colt undaunted audacious jockstrap fine blooming trim full of life lively all right up to snuff normal broad-shouldered unimpaired mesomorphic in excellent shape in good physical shape fit as a flea restored chipper healthful strong as an ox in good kilter muscle-bound well muscled full of vim OK in top form sporty physical right agile nimble lithe sprightly good spirited herculean perky sane vibrant bushy-tailed bright-eyed invigorated well-developed bruising hulky solid as a rock in good form in good physical condition bright-eyed and bushy-tailed well-knit up to par glowing full of beans well knit abled muscled as right as rain young better rested manful healthier fleshy strengthened recovered refreshed full-bodied built A1 rehabilitated ok sturdily built healed untroubled cured mended together luxuriantly toned up slim toned portly gorillalike energised vitalized energized relieved in peak condition not disabled nondisabled strong-featured big and strong chiseled chiselled fitter soothed safe and sound rosy-cheeked hunky-dory intact fine and dandy musclebound wiry pumped up ropy stringy swole comfortable the picture of health fast bombproof undamaged hard-wearing thick strongly made invincible indomitable well-proportioned flawless wide-ranging undecayed well constructed well-constructed perfect rigorous safe unhurt unblemished hanging together holding together as strong as a lion animated sparkling high-spirited vivacious effervescent zippy jaunty spry playful strong as an lion buoyant strong as an horse intense zestful tireless go-getting bouncy upbeat spanking feisty wick spunky persuasive take-over dashing enterprising steamroller snappy exuberant efficient take-charge brisk hard-driving driving effective raring to go ball of fire full of energy

Động từ

To stop the flow of (blood)
halt stem stop check curb lessen restrict slow block contain control dam hold back reduce restrain diminish retard stanch stay curtail decrease hinder cut off arrest impede bar obstruct prevent stall bring to a standstill inhibit stifle close suppress thwart bridle limit terminate frustrate repress choke interrupt hamper shut off pause still interfere with catch hold up cut short pull up draw up nip in the bud fetch up oppose withstand resist delay foil rein neutralize muffle squelch smother swallow constrain govern moderate hold fight back bottleneck withhold counteract plug repulse discourage bottle up circumvent brake tame regulate rebuff choke back neutralise checkmate clog caulk barricade seal put a spoke in someone's wheel pull in keep under control slacken pace keep a lid on keep back play for time bite back hold in put a brake on hold down stand in the way of rein in keep in check stem the flow of slow down close out jam clog up blockade block out close up fill up fill stymie pack close off jam up stop up intercept block up stuff hold off choke up bung up block off shut out occlude bung stonewall bottle stopper muzzle gag congest choke off plug up end cease discontinue quit finish conclude drop break suspend elapse can lapse pass determine expire go die hobble belay freeze hesitate falter waver immobilize teeter dither scruple balance wabble stagger vacillate wobble limp stumble whiffle immobilise break off leave off break up wind up cut out desist from be abandoned come to a stop dead-end wiggle-waggle come to an end knock off come to a halt come to a close be suspended close down blow the whistle on wink out bring to an end put a sock in draw to a stand let up put a stop to be over hang back stand still call it a day come to a standstill put an end to be broken off pack in bring to a stop shilly-shally hold at bay lay off put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill pull the plug on come to rest bring up give over put the kibosh on pack up draw to a close desist give up abandon forestall baulk cancel balk complete wrap up call a halt shut down call a halt to prohibit bring to a close kill forgo derail refrain from avoid cut quash adjourn bring to a halt avert fetter preclude dissolve forbid cramp scotch debar scrub extinguish head off shelve deter call off defeat counter nullify abort kick baffle subdue quell obviate hang up axe ward off ruin stave off renounce hamstring call it quits finish off ax abstain from interdict trammel forfend encumber cripple lay off of peter out deactivate put paid to postpone relinquish put the lid on withdraw surcease forsake settle dash squash annul destroy round off round out do without scrap shackle scupper beat crimp dispense with rule out fade dwindle outlaw turn off do for crush culminate abolish recess eschew prorogue abate exclude put off take a break enjoin park crack down on remit fend off run down rest pack it in fade away proscribe abstain disappear rescind repeal run out revoke cool vanish refrain consummate ban veto defer wane forbear ebb disallow eliminate handcuff stamp out intermit keep scratch spoil forbear from shun slacken disappoint cumber cry off ultimate sink sew up snooker switch off turn aside wind down discomfit embargo pass up die down put back hog-tie steer clear of swear off criminalize die away taboo tie up put down put out make illegal have done with die out arrive melt away clamp down on criminalise keep off set back handicap sabotage disable subside bork decline not continue manacle disconnect embarrass nip something in the bud interfere wrap take five skip top off decelerate overturn shake defend against bite the dust divert silence have a breather dodge crab negate get done take a breather weaken short-circuit get off end up prorogate stop dead give something the chop fizzle out knock something on the head contravene hold over ditch withhold from ease up remove ward run its course ease off outwit put a lid on lay aside dissuade spike jack in get in the way of put on ice slap down snuff out slow up foul up put in cold storage place an embargo on screw up throw a spanner in the works of tail off put the stopper on stop trying wait call recall fail shorten stop work unplug shut fence pull over draw in sever evaporate estop save disrupt forego ignore evade crown intervene wilt abbreviate abridge detain invalidate evanish screen offset disengage repel sidestep clip pigeonhole stand obscure fix skirt finalize refuse recede wither sandbag help conquer shrink clot restrain from abjure leave throttle deflect reject table parry pass on stop short throw in the towel throw in the sponge deteriorate droop decay stay away from smash degenerate back off shy from pre-empt mothball lower have a break go without waive take ten set aside keep from censor cut it out nobble chill cease to exist finalise become invalid pull out of get out of protract disconcert duck turn out hold in abeyance relax put on hold get in the way bury rattle skip out on become void become obsolete not touch pass away blow over nix draw to a halt taper off crumble queer dull cross faze bring to a conclusion trail off stump bog down leave alone bring to naught cool it reach a standstill overcome lay on the table cramp one's style quit cold throw monkey wrench in take a rain check on keep at bay lock up put on the back burner give a rest keep in box in put the brakes on withdraw from fall away pour cold water on put the mockers on beat down declare illegal kick the habit upset the apple cart bilk finish with mess up throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw a spanner in the works keep lid on bring to screeching halt throw up retire from not do be a hindrance to wipe out take the cure gum up cork throw cold water on buck kick over louse up land eradicate strangle at birth put a stop to something clobber bring to end sidetrack brace kill off turn back flick off stop working cinch disturb abrogate close shop finish work finish working clock off surrender despair lose heart capitulate admit defeat be beaten give in concede defeat bring deny yourself jack it in censure cap yield resign circumnavigate achieve succeed retardate depart douse clear forlet collapse stop in one's tracks leave out back out of bring to an untimely end leave work wreck shatter withcall phase out accomplish discharge shutdown quit cold turkey bit confront power down be at an end be no longer valid stave anticipate disjoin interpose disunite part do away with dissever get rid of separate pick off down tools confine prolong take a breather from put on a back burner polish off get on the wagon hang it up draw to close put to bed put a period to ease render powerless crash call a stop to put on brakes put an stop to forswear say goodbye to lose speed cut into slam on the brakes break into crool banjax burden bring down curtain simmer down compose collect detach log off put the brakes on take out of play dish give up hope abandon hope stop doing lie by spell back out renege bag it blow off clinch shutter render null and void give the run around dash one's hope lick upset the applecart overpower fold up be put to bed button up cut loose button down take down hold off on make late stop oneself transpire reschedule put a stopper in put half nelson on put chill on put a lock on zing gridlock stop midstream fold extirpate snub exsect marginalize oust carve isolate usurp delete extract overlook excise shirk retreat be the end of drop out tie up loose ends liquidate clean up come to the end do be through with finish up take time out take time off elude disband bypass black decommission come to a conclusion round up give notice throw a spoke in the wheel of knock it off back off from break the habit of shrink from check out from root traverse relent drop off put aside carry out fight shy of resist the temptation to take the pledge give a wide berth to go on the wagon avoid doing sit out be temperate have nothing to do with banish boycott kibosh surcease from escape from call it quits on constrict scuttle hit the switch halt in its tracks give the slip shake off give the run-around buffalo promote shuffle off juke run circles around run rings around bollix throw a monkey wrench in the works resolve carry through bring to fruition damp vanquish overthrow push back procrastinate inactivate hang fire omit put on back burner count out put in abeyance file pink-slip keep in abeyance lay over put on the shelf look away turn turn from veer shunt shove aside confound upset blackball disqualify complicate cut dead take out marginalise take away throw a curve set the seal on obturate quench cow switch something off get there haul up let taper de-escalate pall drop away fall finish the working day forfeit undo bulwark defend guard declare ineligible pass by illegalize ice out curse officially forbid sunder be no more fly by divorce sacrifice jilt triumph over continue respite put over suspend proceedings blank counterplot attenuate dampen disadvise scare stunt slip away dam up gibbet gunge up wring noose squeeze drown silt up put out of business put out of action bring someone to their knees escape deprive deny overwhelm dominate annihilate clamp shush trample pull off the road slack phase down coast cool off drain away become weaker chill out unlax ratchet down unaccustom take a recess break short stop cold evanesce cover fend put lid on keep inside put kibosh on drive underground trample on sit on go by weigh down declare taboo take wind out of sails get the better of upset one's apple cart cause setback put end to leave unfinished stop in full flow dispose of wind something up monkey with resign from eighty-six dust off part from forget about turn your back on part with break with write off retrograde bate give the thumbs down to put the chill on give the red light to say no pull the plug molder dilapidate moulder take a rain check deliberate dock languish flag talk out of keep from happening get shut of safeguard against secure against protect against shield against put a damper on act like a wet blanket run low go downhill fade out wear away go down grow less go dead get shot of stand up for guard against skirt round defend oneself against fight off keep at arm's length wean cut back mark time linger sideline take a breath reflect tarry lag emaciate tire shrivel sag truncate retrench stop briefly counterbalance think twice call time minimize totter faint lose spirit impoverish debase minimise give way depress grow dim waste away wear off grow faint thin out fall off relapse vitiate lose tremble grow weaker pare down elide cut down lop trim syncopate chop break it up come to standstill catch one's breath minify tighten up crop slim down downsize contract slash stand off not move deaden counterpoise negative countervail cancel out stop what you're doing dumb clam correct remedy compensate for boil down rein back get to meat put in nutshell roll back put a restriction on put a limit on keep down say nothing prevent oneself from cease to indulge in restrain oneself from prevent yourself from not give in to stop oneself from equilibrize make up for counterweigh balance out even out countercheck respond rectify stabilise redress right go against stabilize counterwork

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