Đồng nghĩa của choke up

Alternative for choke up

Đồng nghĩa: block, lug, stuff,


Be overcome with emotion
weep cry break down become speechless sob bawl wail whine blubber snivel whimper keen blub put on the weeps cry as if one's heart would break crack up cry your eyes out shed bitter tears shed tears be in tears cry one's heart out howl tear up dissolve in tears turn on waterworks burst into tears turn on the waterworks howl your eyes out lament squall mewl grieve mourn let go pule boohoo yowl plain let it all out bleat sniff greet whinge bemoan bewail ring the blues grizzle moan complain groan gripe repine ululate mutter grumble murmur growl sniffle nag yammer scream carp grouch inveigh squeal maunder croak yawp squawk caterwaul holler fuss grump sorrow grouse beef bellyache deplore yelp yaup crab kvetch fret kick hurt screech carry on agonize suffer anguish sigh bleed regret snuffle ache kick up a fuss cry a river agonise mither be sad yell eat your heart out sing the blues shriek girn roar protest remonstrate yap rue sound off pine be miserable feel sad grieve over take it hard sough whisper make a fuss drip cry fretfully mumble tears cry softly plead let it out grunt cry convulsively call out create kick up a rumpus despair miaow bicker quarrel be despondent be wretched be heavy of heart be dejected wear black miss languish yearn wring hands long for be brokenhearted crying noise make screeching waul repent decry object condemn disparage declaim plain over complain about cry over be sorry sorrow over grieve for weep over express regret about wail for shed tears over express sorrow about sigh over rant revile lash upbraid castigate lambaste admonish denounce criticize rail impugn vituperate reproach blast fulminate vilify scold berate roast recriminate trash censure scorch abuse storm blame rage denigrate criticise expostulate grouch about rip into tongue-lash lay out lay into inveigh against crack down on run down complain vehemently about have at beef about let someone have it bellyache about take exception kick up a stink about jump down one's throat work over go after kick up a fuss about sound off about bear be mournful be in anguish weep and wail be sorrowful be unhappy be in distress be upset be distressed


Fail under pressure


To push air from the lungs in a quick, noisy explosion

Trái nghĩa của choke up

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