Đồng nghĩa của blockade

Alternative for blockade

blockades, blockaded, blockading

Đồng nghĩa: barricade, barrier, fortification, obstruction,


The closing off of a port or region to prevent the passage of goods
barricade barrier obstacle impediment obstruction block hindrance roadblock bulwark restriction stoppage check deterrent encirclement hurdle bar clog closure cordon snag stop wall blank wall line of defense fence rampart fortification stockade railing hedge palisade drag crimp stumbling block hitch difficulty drawback catch problem complication handicap disadvantage setback hiccup encumbrance trammel interference inconvenience shackles cramp holdback fetter manacle balk inhibition hazard embarrassment glitch let chain joker hamper burden impedance cumbrance baulk catch-22 booby trap pale boundary jump fencing embankment breastwork parapet enclosure limit dead weight hedgerow rail bailey sentry post defence protection defense blocking object restraint limitation curb hardship preventive albatross facer baggage bump blockage uphill gridlock millstone cumber hampering disincentive rub interruption fly in the ointment spanner in the works monkey wrench sticking point ball and chain hang-up jam-up mountain to climb monkey wrench in the works pitfall downside issue disbenefit minus gotcha gimmick holdup brake pickle bug puzzler knot scrape spot land mine tight spot the rub unseen problem constraint trouble discouragement damper weakness prevention stricture defect rein headache delay determent prohibition shortcoming shackle dilemma liability control circumscription nuisance deterrence detriment flaw predicament fault road block thwarting straitjacket negative halt impasse bridle quandary avoidance forestalling retardation hassle interception inhibitor misfortune bottleneck debit strike preclusion incommodity condition hold-up deadlock forestallment deterence dissuasion weak spot suppression weak point obviation imperfection deficiency adversity clampdown embargo safeguard load dispute can of worms disputed point mess point at issue worry blow congestion reversal hangup occlusion mishap rebuff whammy opposition question botheration count squeeze doubt crunch disagreement curtailment checking hot water blocking arrest failing ill box weight bone of contention fetters retardant downfall precaution traverse plight preventative prob confinement lack disability upset caution negative aspect choking retardment deal-breaker reverse stone in one's path disappointment wet blanket impairment knock cross defeat bummer jam hornets' nest stalemate standstill millstone around your neck body blow standoff con cross to bear knock-back piece of bad luck reversal of fortune one in the eye bit of trouble thorn in one's side kick in the teeth bond bonds barring elimination complaint consequence deadweight hobble yoke injury stumbling stone tribulation leash anticipation averting precluding lock sabotage intervention pinch circumvention defensive measures psychological baggage tie disablement disorder weary load bad foot dragging excess baggage gate millstone round someone's neck prophylaxis buttress snafu tangle discontinuance red tape chill aggravation penalty put down damp disqualification exclusion break flip side depressant cloud entanglement factor web development other side of the coin privation affliction warning saddle debt guilt duty bridling curbing repression restrainer afterdeal responsibility obligation gloom pall shackling fettering holding back frustration baulking cramping stifling smothering clot harness stint imposition pressure stress strain tax depression halting stopping quashing foiling trap interdict stretch grievance bother trick monkey on back balking sublimation inadequacy reservation circumspection injunction taboo modification definition qualification snare demarcation cold water cinchers anchor binders retarding device blunder conundrum ploy puzzle dodge wile vexation stopping up slip putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud lapse compression contraction astringency tightening squeezing binding shrinking joker in the pack mix-up hot potato thorn in the flesh vexed question question mark gremlin source of difficulty source of trouble muddle difficult situation perplexity inefficacy error palladium fail-safe protective remedy shield security regression slowdown backset comedown regress bath foil bottom miscalculation mistake mischance bafflement worriment habit bugbear ceiling ban hold reverse of fortune double whammy drawing board flip-flop whole new ballgame unfortunate development about-face neutralizer precautionary measure prophylactic air bubble airlock bitter pill evil teething trouble preventive measure protective measure stroke of bad luck order reduction involvement lease chit indebtment loan bite pledge balance arrear possibility due contingency remainder contract damage Achilles heel mortgage jinx tab IOU account anticipatory measure cul-de-sac end of the road nowhere to turn corner draw no through road blind alley dead end logjam bad news disaster area millstone round one's neck snarl-up snarl backup full stop traffic jam Mexican standoff sig alert tailback


An obstruction of blood flow


The state of being secluded or shut out, as from company, society, the world, etc.


The process of excluding or the state of being excluded
exclusion ban embargo prohibition debarment bar barring debarring refusal rejection veto banning boycott disbarring disqualification elimination exception interdict ostracism proscription banishment forbiddance keeping out nonadmission omission preclusion repudiation blackball coventry cut discharge dismissal eviction excommunication foreclosure interdicting interdiction lockout marginalisation marginalization missing out occlusion ousting prevention prohibiting relegation sanction segregation separation leaving out expulsion ejection removal noninclusion snubbing disentitlement shunning discard withdrawal unfitness ineligibility exile dropping erasure sending to Coventry taking away non-inclusion expunction spurning avoidance ignoring blackballing blacklisting isolation passing over cold-shouldering injunction disallowance don't no-no restriction obstruction constraint negation taboo temperance off limits out of bounds ruling out unsuitability invalidity deletion deportation subjugation alienation excision attainder outlawry expatriation displacement excretion eradication purification destruction riddance evacuation extermination concession reservation excusing disallowment excepting absence forbidding outlawing expiation weeding out disbarment vetoing embargoing disallowing enjoining proscribing nonjoinder disregardance excluding cutting out withholding desertion rebuff abandonment forsaking tabooing ostracizing snub disenfranchisement making illegal inhibition incapacity shutting out brush-off purgation ostracising cutting dead incompetence awkwardness ineptitude incompetency lack clumsiness disenablement incapacitation excommunicating suspension disfellowshipment ejecting disfellowshipping damnation unproficiency disablement moratorium a kick in the teeth renunciation restraining order throwing out disfellowship ostracization boycotting cold shoulder


To surround or encircle
gird encircle surround enclose encompass ring circle girdle compass circumscribe bound environ border embrace confine wreathe skirt inclose edge fringe engird round enfold pen cincture block fence in hem in wall in shut in close in cut off lock in pen in pen up form a barrier round form a ring around encase corral coop box in box up envelop hedge immure impound cage contain fence mure hedge in coop up fence off lock up block off mew up beset besiege circumvent invest encage wall imprison trap closet flank house pound intern limit hem jail hold gaol mew bottle up cordon off seal off put inside orbit circuit bind circumnavigate entrap include siege beleaguer delimit go around cover enshroud enwreath enwreathe throng shut up wall off mew in inundate rim margin outline verge enclave loop ring round close around close in on lay siege to wrap line restrict begird blanket cloak belt go round enwrap swathe hide veil conceal swaddle embower circumfuse bower shield fix circulate shroud mask obscure close sheathe screen form a ring round cover up travel round revolve round halo band enring move around coil around tour coil circumduct ensphere gird in ring in writhe around frame trim isolate segregate seal revolve around circumambulate revolve spin round move round sail round turn round whirl round rotate round pivot round circle round kettle close off divide up separate off section off partition off hurdle straiten demarcate establish hinder constrain determine form a barrier around specify engulf delineate cocoon rail in hold back distinguish set demark prescribe mantle disguise curb set the limits of set the boundaries of set out mark mark off lay down terminate stake out set bounds to define mark out embosom involve enswathe wrap up muffle lap bosom shade shelter wrap around obnubilate camouflage roll overlay superimpose overspread guard protect drape occult shutter suppress curtain cache blind belie seclude stash shadow adumbrate bury ensconce blot out separate shut off block out obstruct paper over shut out umbrage


To prohibit or interdict the participation or inclusion of
shut out exclude bar ban debar except eliminate ostracise ostracize refuse evict cover conceal hide mask veil shroud seclude close obstruct beleaguer discontinue screen close out rule out count out freeze out keep out shut off lock out block out fence off keep off close one's doors to keep at arm's length reject expel blackball preclude prohibit proscribe repudiate disallow dismiss veto blacklist boycott snub banish throw out suspend embargo outlaw exile oust shun forbid spurn eject cold-shoulder ignore force out remove prevent black interdict drum out stop bounce avoid leave out send to Coventry drive out leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder deny omit block disregard bate set aside pass over kick out turf out boot out turn out cast out drive away out refuse entrance to extrude censor deprive vote against disfellowship kill cancel get rid of estop obviate discount cut out miss out put out put an embargo on ward off blank pass by run off brush off chase steer clear of rusticate slang deny admittance to say no to taboo place an embargo on coldshoulder slight deny entry excommunicate chase out hand someone the frozen mitt give the cold shoulder to rout drive off disentitle disqualify push out dispel exempt inveigh refuse to employ thumbs down consider undesirable hit list put on hit list enjoin declare ineligible suppress obscure repress erase forget leave in the cold foreclose inhibit refuse admission to stand in the way of restrict nix down negative cashier override circumvent check thwart shut out of limit shoot down stave off avert put paid to abolish revoke discard not consider recant forestall forfend deter forget about put a price on someone's head condemn blot out blank out wipe out neglect give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by give the brush stiff-arm turn back on cut off press out express squeeze out gouge out overrule disclaim throw declare null and void pass on disown put down overturn keep back zing give the thumbs down to countermand rebuff abjure reverse turn down squash quash disacknowledge invalidate disavow give the bum's rush show out give the old heave-ho chuck out expropriate defenestrate force to leave throw someone out on their ear dislodge heave-ho throw out on the streets give the heave-ho show the door toss out on ear heave out send packing turn your back on have nothing to do with stay away from impose sanctions wash your hands of hold aloof from withhold patronage abstain from ice out refrain from strike give a wide berth to pass up refuse to take part in expatriate drop isolate do away with relegate send away discharge repatriate deport shake off extradite extradict expulse see the back of displace sequester chase away transport give something a miss pretermit cut not bother leave off dispense with let something slide miss fail to include bypass fail to mention skip take out elide overpass withhold skip over factor out overleap cast aside disbar deny access to disclude occlude sideline not count refuse to admit prevent from entering refuse admittance shut the door on

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