Đồng nghĩa của detach

Alternative for detach

detaches, detached, detaching

Đồng nghĩa: assign, delegate, disconnect, draft, separate, unfasten,

Trái nghĩa: attach,


Disconnect, cut off
separate free remove disengage disconnect loosen unfasten sever part uncouple unhitch disunite isolate loose segregate disjoin divide unbutton undo unhook untie unzip disentangle cut off tear off unbridle abstract chop off clip off decouple disassemble disassociate dismount hack off nip off prune off pull off sunder unfix withdraw break off strip off take apart rip off unyoke split divorce unlink dissociate dissever release disjoint break up resolve ramify extricate set apart unloose unclasp keep apart extract cleave unbind seclude distance break sequester insulate liberate set free split up unclick partition unfetter rend pull out alienate untangle disarticulate unlock unstrap take out quarantine disentwine disaffiliate amputate take off close off unbuckle cut come apart rive untether let out unbolt unleash unchain excise unlace estrange disband clear unloosen exclude unlash dismember unshackle dissect unstick unravel lop off island break apart unmanacle slice split off hew off shear off slice off set aside let go cut out let loose cordon off block off unpin distinguish confine bifurcate disembarrass uncork unsnap discharge come away pull apart untwine seal off emancipate protect cocoon rope off draw unscrew dock shield break away unwrap pull cloister prune disrupt unknot open trim deliver dichotomize save manumit screen off rescue dissolve enfranchise dismantle divide in two avoid split in two uncage disenthral section disenthrall segment spring ransom set at odds move away set loose set at variance put at a distance snip out cut away bail out cut in two pluck out splinter dig out divide off demarcate cordon restrict skim end things unpeg solve snap off come off disembed unmarry unmoor rupture disperse embroil separate off scatter unpen uncombine luxate put away shy dislocate draw back ease stand between group sort part company go separate ways truncate carve out unpick break open wedge apart section off bisect unseal become disconnected become detached cast off set adrift eliminate abscise remove surgically lop curtail enlarge redeem carve disburden discumber unshut unclose unblock unstop unplug free up give rights to save one's neck befree get out from under cut loose tear diverge spread saw off closet particularise itemise factor itemize portion strip particularize articulate subdivide break from break with choose select sort out ghettoize unlatch clip move apart withdraw from place far off walk away keep at arm's length put asunder draw apart discriminate against ghettoise single out pump suck tap tear out resect mitigate unbar untighten separate out sunder out cushion yank out prise out tug out hoick out fish out shelter defend screen expel work free work loose draw off safeguard take away come loose become unfastened slacken off keep safe allow to leave set at large turn loose set at liberty cast loose treat wad tape inlay fill coat keep from harm line alien turn away sour disgruntle disaffect wrap up in cotton wool drive apart set against antagonize antagonise wean shut away sow dissension keep out fence off shut off tape off partition off curtain off make indifferent push away turn off come between make unfriendly make hostile to keep in solitude form a ring around turn your back on withdraw the affections of drive a wedge between put a cordon sanitaire around chop cut up slash hack rip shear slit slice up pierce chop up quarter halve lacerate incise split open gash crack divide up carve up break down cut open tear asunder axe cross anatomize butcher dislimb mutilate snap hew intersect ax fork joint divaricate tear apart share lay open disintegrate distribute fractionate abscind knife branch off cut into pieces cut in half lance portion out share out cut across break in two make an incision in slot abjugate delink reduce decompose dislodge relocate move bust fray compartment branch chiv shred shave mince hash dice score maim branch out fork off slice open nick cripple limb make hostile withhold cube fell smite open up wound injure lose apportion disillusion leave disunify dissatisfy disenchant divert crack open furcate dimidiate hemisect hack up deal disburse dispense drive away split down the middle set at odds with cause antagonism between burn your bridges destroy the affections of sow dissension between put on the outs sever connections between schismatize tear limb from limb bite parcel out whack hackle mangle fragment factionalize jimmy separate into two dissipate saw cut into cut in size into divvy up dole out measure out cut off the limbs of differentiate take a chunk out of burst penetrate polarise polarize dispel saw down bring down cut down hack down vivisect pit against one another create a schism in create a rift in cause a rift between cause disagreement among drive squander send exscind operate exsect prosect perforate kick in bust in puncture break in chase go in different directions set asunder put to flight migrate clear out move in different directions go their separate ways shatter disject cut apart


To separate for a special object or use


To mark the limits or boundaries of something
demarcate delimit separate define differentiate mark bound determine circumscribe delineate demark distinguish divide fix limit mark off terminate discriminate draw establish isolate segregate mark out distinguish between outline set restrict specify mark the limits of mark the boundaries of sketch trace confine stake out delimitate measure out restrain curb silhouette border enclose girdle set out surround encircle plot draft hamper draught hem in draw the lines of sketch out describe chart identify bar prescribe etch encompass detail trammel straiten regulate cap control set the limits limn edge indicate constrict inhibit constrain depict prelimit paint image hold down keep within bounds keep within limits map out lay out bottle up keep a tight rein on pinpoint measure measure something off environ contour nail down set off stand out picture portray render disconnect partition line plan block out pencil rend sever copy map fence off chalk out draw round decide designate settle stipulate classify sketch in draw over make a rough draft rough out draw up compass moderate contain envelop ration split off section off screen off rim belt verge flank gird bind shorten narrow reduce shrink contract temper inclose chain qualify tether decrease repress diminish modify lay down allocate send up cool down put on ice hang up come down on set limits on impose limits on cut down on hold back shut in put a ceiling on keep under control clip someone's wings put away pin down wall in fence in set the limits of set the boundaries of set bounds to block in check freeze peg hinder arrest hold bridle fetter govern cramp cork hold in check place a limit on tie down put a brake on draw the line on keep the lid on suppress keep in check keep down stifle smother impede rein in subdue stop ring crack down on handicap curtail fence tame imprison keep rule prevent clamp down on circle cool embrace wreathe box up obstruct stamp out crack down box in tone down concentrate cage pen muffle muzzle coop put a stop to put an end to hobble tie retard rein gag deter calm besiege beset focus dampen hem hold in extinguish choke back clamp down stem impound invest pull in keep back slow down kill wrap coop up gaol jail rein back engird intern keep within the limits of lock up blockade fringe skirt encase overcome close in put the brakes on not allow to go beyond hedge in narrow down keep a lid on nip in the bud cut off set aside protect interfere with set a limit on stymie mitigate come down hard on halt compose collect mothball immobilize immobilise shackle master modulate ease ring-fence encumber slow hamstring relieve simmer down thwart clarify hold up cramp someone's style deaden strangle budget conserve discipline lessen dull entrammel withhold save allay go around siege beleaguer put a limit on hedge enwreathe throng trap enwreath blunt damp cut back encage wall margin close in on circumvent enclave loop ring round enfold inundate lay siege to close around round cool off closet house pound corral immure lower still localise center localize centre mute fight back button up bite back keep tight rein on mure keep lid on bring to screeching halt tie up stem the flow of benumb numb rail lock in seal off block off cordon off put inside mew up mew restrict the consumption of chill cauterize crib quench quell take tough action shut down limit to a fixed amount quash zero in center on fix on centre on cauterise squash damp down leash bit harness crush stop from spreading squelch get tough on get tough debar swathe cloak blanket swaddle detain stay guide direct hogtie silence tighten up on come down on like a ton of bricks take severe measures against make do with only come down heavily on be happy with take stern measures against keep in end sit on pull back conquer throttle keep in line bring under control put out pour cold water on gain mastery over put down slap down throw cold water on snuff out gain control over have on a tight leash


To break up into small pieces as the result of impact
disintegrate break shatter fragment fracture crumble split bust splinter crumple rive sever collapse shiver rupture separate dismember divide explode disrupt founder subside fall fail disperse disunite fold disband dismantle disconnect disimprove disorganize sink taint turn break up give way cave in come apart fall to pieces fall apart break apart blow up fall to bits fly apart blow apart go to pieces go belly-up go to rack and ruin fade away take apart fall apart at the seams smash to smithereens turn to dust smash crack burst demolish break down rend destroy tear give crush snap buckle fall in crash fall down sunder implode pulverize fragmentize trash annihilate blow out total break into pieces pulverise come apart at the seams come unstuck cleave slump sag tumble damage yield splinterize fragmentalize waste topple part tumble down succumb bust up dissolve pull to pieces make mincemeat of spall come to pieces cave nuke eradicate torpedo pop blast blow burst apart disassemble wreck go devastate crunch scrunch split up wrack cream prang mangle finish off tear apart make hash of topple over break to smithereens give out give in crush to smithereens go down come down wrack up go out malfunction come unwrapped come to bits batter rift come unglued crack open crack apart physically break stave ravage beat powder settle pash dash drop wilt crack up smash up write off dash to pieces stave in perforate puncture squash squish breach distort collapse inwards crash in come to dust sink inwards come down about one's ears break into tiny pieces extinguish ruin vaporize desolate decimate raze warp break to pieces smash into smithereens break into fragments erupt detonate smatter impair pull down exhaust tear down do in disable rub out vaporise split asunder break open break into crump go off dissipate be set off burst out fly into pieces go bang tatter shred ribbon rip deconstruct pull apart take to bits take to pieces pull to bits strip down dispel rip apart dissever drive squander send wrest cut disturb pierce pull tear in two rip to pieces rip in two lacerate tear to pieces tear asunder slit rip asunder slash chase migrate clear out set asunder scatter diverge disject go separate ways go in different directions move in different directions put to flight go their separate ways


To dismiss from a job
remove dismiss discharge displace expel oust depose eject fire purge unseat dislodge dethrone eliminate move sack topple relegate retire supplant transfer abolish evict release reposition defenestrate evacuate expunge pull relocate shift abstract ax axe bounce budge can cashier dislocate out ship boot out kick out throw out turf out muster out pink-slip see the back of take down give someone the boot give the bum's rush throw out on your ear give someone their marching orders show the door terminate send packing drum out turn out get rid of banish force out drive out turn off give the heave-ho give someone the push let go chuck out cast out lay off exile run off boot exclude give someone the bullet give the old heave-ho give someone the sack make redundant overturn disturb deport transpose reject rout defrock chase bring down give someone their cards overthrow put out give notice slang give the elbow throw someone out on their ear expulse remove from office uncrown unthrone suspend deprive unmake bump impeach shut out turf heave out push out thrust out give someone their notice bin off give notice to give the gate give someone the big E give someone the air discard break dispossess usurp unfrock debar ostracize discrown fling out drop ostracise send away give walking papers upset misplace ban subvert uproot disqualify degrade pension deselect disfrock shelve recall disemploy furlough depone bust replace eighty-six chuck freeze out knock out of place knock out of position disestablish extrude transport give the sack to force to leave bring about the downfall of sling out run out of town pay off give someone his chase out let out wash out turn away give warning ride out on rail give the ax show the door to throw out on the streets give a pink slip give someone the pink slip toss out give marching orders rusticate keep out throw demote bar consign downgrade blackball move on heave expatriate unhorse prohibit from entering blacklist undo triumph overwhelm defeat yeet excuse strip of rank black put out of place dissolve expropriate nix supersede put out in the street sever connections court martial give heave-ho give the boot to give the bullet to put away give someone his or her walking papers unsettle remove from power dehire unhire shed fordrive get going set going give the push to move out of place send home hand someone his hat chase off ask to leave disthrone disenthrone separate rummage perturb disunite divide unhinge disarticulate interrupt declare redundant hand walking papers give one's cards give pink slip pink slip give bum's rush drive away pack off give the 1-2-3 bundle off remove by force show out heave-ho toss out on ear deprive of office change the position of give the hook show you the door extricate knock over disentangle take over relieve of duty free bring low lock out step into shoes of dig out get out tomahawk cut downsize reduce hatchet poll decimate cleaver knock loose clear scale down cut back put an end to slim down toss ditch unloose irrupt dump throw overboard kiss goodbye send off squeeze out drive off do away with give someone their P45 give the chop withdraw show the gate to take away move out remove from clear from send to a safe place kiss off


To bother or cause unease to one's mental or emotional state
unhinge distract disturb unsettle upset agitate ail alarm alarum bother concern derail discomfort discompose dismay disquiet distemper distress exercise flurry frazzle fuss hagride perturb undo worry freak out weird out confuse disconnect disengage fluster separate uncouple unfasten unhitch drive insane send over the edge disconcert rattle trouble unnerve faze ruffle vex discomfit perplex bewilder annoy discombobulate afflict spook shake confound frighten fret get to startle bug make anxious hassle provoke discountenance dishearten irritate daunt irk make uneasy pester scare throw off balance panic nonplus harass throw plague stir up discourage frustrate appal embarrass demoralize sicken torment derange psych needle puzzle appall depress shake up demoralise put off shock excite bedevil pain chagrin take aback try chill disorder abash chafe muddle work up pother turn gnaw at dispirit terrify unman horrify terrorize intimidate affright stress cow bustle displease sadden grieve harry gall repel mortify hurt offend beset oppress torture aggrieve astound terrorise lie heavy on craze psych out throw off burn up put someone off their stroke put the wind up give a hard time make waves nauseate petrify hurry revolt discommode nettle disgust unbalance jolt fright preoccupy burden rack curse surprise rouse disappoint exasperate disarrange strain wound awe anger peeve arouse addle browbeat weigh down badger aggravate miff despair make fretful fuddle deter beleaguer bulldoze scarify agonize disburb stiff indispose tantalize tantalise floor affect nag persecute mystify cause anxiety to agonise flip scare to death make sick make one's blood run cold make a scene get at strike terror into chill to the bone give a turn put into a flap make teeth chatter push buttons egg on turn on do someone's head in make one's hair stand on end scare away throw into a tizz tick off curdle the blood give someone grief scare off pick on baffle haunt make uncomfortable incommode heat occupy unquiet make nervous put out frenzy incite inflame cause disquiet to make restless eat away at set someone back on their heels inconvenience dash put on edge send into a spin prey on your mind occupy thoughts make someone scratch their head disillusion paralyse stimulate disgruntle disenchant nark tax incapacitate cramp debilitate cause anxiety paralyze snafu let down flummox dumbfound ferment flutter rock the boat hurt somebody's feelings get someone bum out fire up wind up get across get on your wick hack off lay up flip out key up hustle throw into panic knock sideways quicken besiege ventilate examine move scare stiff scare witless tease mess up fill with consternation foul up screw up throw into a tizzy knock for six louse up muck up repulse test importune fill with fear scare the bejesus out of freeze your blood daze deject anguish hound dun tear goad hector make flip bug up make someone jump out of their skin give someone goose pimples make one's flesh creep give one the creeps scare someone out of their wits get the wind up put the fear of God into chill to the marrow scare the pants off scare someone half to death throw into a fright give someone the heebie-jeebies throw into a panic scare the living daylights out of throw into a blue funk pique outrage complicate amaze intrude tire interfere injure be mess with someone's head sweat out weigh heavily on one's mind be a great weight on disarm strap dog break nit-pick prick push desolate harrow martyr gross out suffer be unwell cause suffering to cause anguish to stun stupefy get in the way eat at arouse anxiety in make miserable do a number on be on one's case make wretched make it tough for weigh on cut up reluct turn off be repugnant to turn stomach make someone want to throw up make someone feel nauseous make your gorge rise be indisposed be crook carp cavil destabilize ride uncalm undermine buffalo weaken enfeeble sap enervate niggle fear be sick be wrong with feel pain be in pain feel unwell be ill be weak be the matter with sweat stew quibble down disorganize dement displace jumble rummage disarray disrupt nitpick flap bowl over set back cause someone to lose their composure fidget destabilise be agitated take pains throw into confusion be in a tizzy be worried labour over be in a flap pull the rug out from under throw into uproar pull the rug from under throw into disorder get worked up get in a stew be in a stew make a big thing out of make a big thing of make a meal of make a mountain out of a molehill make a thing of silly scare the daylights out of rile eat excruciate bait drive up the wall molest bully get chivvy be on your back devil grate mither rasp gnaw heckle spite gripe get on your nerves gravel pursue frost heavy crucify get in your hair taunt infuriate madden itch incense rankle nudge blight prey on rub up the wrong way sting work on drive round the bend press enrage keep after keep on at traumatize weigh heavily on rark smite rankle with nag at obsess overwhelm bend someone's ear hack you off hang over interrupt victimize chivy assail crush traumatise cause trouble to attack go on at victimise give a bad time breathe down someone's neck be a burden to catch off balance be at drive round the twist give someone the hump cut to the quick make someone see red get under your skin get your back up put down possess devastate pressurize disorient wring encumber abrade dissatisfy pressurise antagonize affront ridicule coerce dragoon dominate haze wrong cause agony to grate on disoblige overload get down harp on at be a nuisance to drive crazy drive bananas pick at make somebody's hackles rise hump exacerbate put your back up confront take control of antagonise tee off put someone off their stride face mix up cause to be at a stand weigh heavily on someone's mind rib chaff grip pressure hamper rag overburden stab insult hinder cast down saddle stress out buffet criticize bullyrag befuddle abuse stump overcome mistreat tangle bore entangle maltreat humiliate intrude upon be a burden on gibe wear bamboozle make angry beat shame devour balk press down on henpeck make cross prod overpower jar baulk take over bite impose on carp at handicap cause pain to quiz bluster criticise cause concern to railroad burn put out of countenance infest cause discomfort to rattle one's cage give the business blackjack put the squeeze on force sound kick thwart lead on fall on consume weigh drive to distraction hunt astonish load jibe at cause anguish find fault with drive mad niggle at bleed be a pain in the neck be a thorn in someone's side roil make your blood boil flirt with inflict anguish on get your dander up exploit make things hot for someone make it hot for someone give someone the pip ride roughshod over ruffle one's feathers get on someone's back get up someone's nose muse labour labor squirm harm damage scorn give someone hell stir touch sear buttonhole fester rend grind lie heavily on insist remind roust pierce insist on be in someone's way beleague convulse macerate noodge despoil foray overcharge scar tear away at rock pall dizzy spur recur accost encroach obtrude furbelow frill breath down someone's neck bring down punish bone cut mess with scandalize jerk around consternate expel exile disaccord jangle disharmonize discord aggress be bothered chide dampen spirits break one's heart jeer grind at make blue drag down put a damper on break the heart of put into a funk catch unawares discontent disaffect come back to lie heavy on someone's mind weigh heavy on someone's mind unstring be a pest to throw into tizzy barrack boo question tweak run up the wrong way lash at be prey to be the victim of chasten entice titillate try your patience be a thorn in someone's flesh get your hackles up dash the hopes of slight jump on one's case break in misplease wing curdle zing cool cap disorientate put through wringer single out stay with shout down fall upon get on one's nerves start in on strike be a weight on someone's mind T-off get your goat weary drive you up the wall give the needle visit take lead someone a merry dance play cat and mouse rub salt in wound tatter erode fray scandalise get the knife into stick the knife into hiss be hurtful to mourn cause suffering cause offense lambaste cause sorrow worst make someone laugh on the other side of their face take the wind out of your sails make self-conscious make someone laugh out of the other side of their mouth be ever present cheese off push button heat up knock props out be a weight on one's mind dish out dish it out give it to stick it to take by surprise lean on catch disadvantage dis play dirty ask for it throw a curve put pressure on tempt intrigue beguile fascinate lure allure give offence to make unhappy be disagreeable to push the buttons of cause pain cause someone distress bring pressure to bear on have had enough make someone fed up become bored make discontented exhaust someone's patience try the patience of grate at lose patience scour wear down rattle someone's cage hit where one lives rub the wrong way be on the back of put someone's nose out of joint raise your hackles be in someone's hair bemuse threaten strong-arm hit a sour note shout at thumb nose at stop someone in their tracks upset the applecart menace charm fox deflate humble butt in shout catcalls at make game of cause someone difficulty discommodate meddle scrape away bite into gnaw away at rage wear away wear to shreds wear out weight pose fog mau-mau bogart abase impel make impress maze be a problem to overstretch overtax tense steamroller befog wilder thicken muddy involve hang up put in a spot give trouble make someone go out of his way make it tough put on the spot give someone bother put to trouble oblige compel obligate swagger get one's comeuppance take down belittle make someone eat humble pie disgrace put to shame take down a peg take the wind out demean degrade stretch live off blackmail plunder take advantage of depredate kill keep someone hanging on raid keep hanging extort feed on make your mouth water fleece seize live on muck ravel stumble charge scold muscle sandbag steamroll constrain crunch overextend use strong-arm tactics on push around mix you up be all Greek to absorb laden lade lumber freight snarl up muddy the waters berate upbraid suppress subjugate engross engulf drive overdo trammel subdue yowl crab yammer wail moan grump squawk inveigh whimper bleat growl murmur yaup croak keen yawp whinge maunder beef grouse holler mutter grumble kvetch peck at complain squeal caterwaul whine scream grouch repine bellyache grizzle monopolize surround make tense tense up push to the limit eat up enthral repress tyrannize enslave dither egg urge moan at grumble at obstruct kid mock hegemonize master ill-treat deride moan on at keep complaining to josh enthrall monopolise subject scourge joke jive razz overrun find fault rally cause to feel emotional strain cause to feel mental strain put in traction put on trial keep down treat harshly satirize roast banter bust someone's balls bust chops take it out on twit be cruel to grind down bring under the yoke tyrannise tyrranize rule with an iron hand trample underfoot weigh heavy upon hold down smother beat down be brutal to rule with a rod of iron trample on rule over hold sway over walk all over tyrannize over put screws to bring someone to their knees overthrow trample despotize rule put upon bring to heel jostle encircle guy fun press the panic button go into a panic become flustered be in a dither be in a state be in a twitter get into a state chiack mob slang shuck smoke rot swarm around set upon crowd around descend on converge on crowd round sledge impede cross spoof slam snap satirise laugh at scoff at jeer at make fun of poke fun at send up make jokes about goof on rag on be sarcastic about poke mullock at get on someone's case make sport of sling off at take the mickey put on make a monkey of have on flout at mess around swipe at pull someone's leg pull one's leg poke borak at take the piss out of

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