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Alternative for skive

skive /skaiv/
  • ngoại động từ
    • lạng mỏng, bào mỏng (da, cao su)
    • mài mòn (mặt ngọc)


To spend one's time in an aimless, idle way
loaf idle lounge laze loll dawdle dally chill relax bum lazy dillydally footle drone loiter vegetate drift slack mooch saunter stall trifle goldbrick stroll malinger dream evade piddle shirk kick back hang about veg out goof off kick around waste time hack around hang around do nothing kill time take it easy lounge around slow down hang out lie around fritter away time sit around be idle bum around be inactive while away the time pass time fool around hang round mooch about mooch around fritter away twiddle thumbs let down knock around take things easy while away hours be indolent be slothful be unoccupied stand around not lift a finger shirk one's duties lounge about doss bludge loaf about loaf around loll about loll around mark time bob off sit back and do nothing lie unwind daydream veg bask lie about neglect flag languish piddle around piddle about while away the hours stagnate fool away dodge fritter while slouch degenerate slummock moulder potter lollygag slack off be lazy bunk off molder laze around laze about slouch about slouch around sit back while away fanny about bat back and forth lay on one's oars bat about go to seed bat around rest on your oars kick your heels bat linger mope moon wander amble tarry wait fiddle droop dilly-dally creep stooge meander delay skulk lag sprawl ramble traipse lallygag drag diddle shilly-shally crawl poke procrastinate hover stay trail pass the time idle away time fill in time sit on one's hands consume time idle away the hours amuse oneself chill out fritter time away put off mess around get no place fast vacillate deteriorate exist remain haunt frequent decay hibernate weaken hang futz while away time do nothing in particular go to pot be inert chillax lie down on job lie dormant rest fiddle around mess about stooge around be slow hang loose potter around toddle diddle-daddle plod potter about hang fire take a breather put your feet up take five take a break potter round flop about flop around warm a chair shlep along drag your feet scrounge around sit on one's butt take your time straggle stray galavant roam gallivant range float rove cruise knock about gad about deviate maunder mosey shamble halt go slowly slacken slough shuffle dabble pause lurk


To evade or circumvent by cleverness or trickery
dodge evade avoid duck sidestep elude shirk escape shun bypass circumvent skirt eschew shake beat scape finesse shortcut parry bilk funk cut tergiversate juke decline tergiverse get around steer clear of skirt round get out of duck-shove cop out of weasel out of wriggle out of skive off shuffle out of slide out of back out of give something a miss pussyfoot around find a way out of short-circuit get away from run away from pull out of find a way round shy from turn back on give a wide berth to shrink from skip backpedal welsh renege revoke renounce excuse abandon quit desert rationalize withdraw use pretext rationalise cop out have alibi back down back out duck out of back off weasel out get out give the slip body-swerve escape from shake off fend off go around cheat flee ditch give the slip to fight shy of neglect miss dance around lose get round pussyfoot stay away from pay no attention to leave behind outflank outwit disregard ignore outmanoeuvre burke thwart foil slip outmaneuver fence fudge shuck shuffle off fly shy balk outrun pass over default weasel baulk fail to pay turn your back on take no notice of end-run slough off slip away from skip out on throw off the scent give a wide berth not pay keep clear of let lapse give the runaround duck out pass on relay keep away from deke avoid dealing with trick keep off skulk jouk fake field swerve brush off deflect goldbrick malinger stay clear of hide from wriggle keep out of the way of keep at arm's length overlook discount pass the buck fence off answer evasively put the move on throw off duck out of the way of swerve away from get out of the way of baffle dispense with run away abscond elope have nothing to do with extricate oneself from outpace outstrip outdistance clear fake out keep one's distance from be oblivious to pay no heed to lay low from pay no mind unmind unheed turn a blind eye to tune out run off shut eyes to wink at blink at take back road depart from deviate from go around the barn get rid of get ahead of rid sneak away from slip through the net of lead on a merry chase sneak away escape the clutches of slip out keep your distance break away from overcome shirk from stymie hedge forget not attend let something slide scrimshank wuss out baulk at recoil from dismiss play truant from creep skimp on leave something undone dog bludge flannel equivocate prevaricate frustrate take fright flinch from chicken out of turn tail get past lose sight of not attend to bob off be lax about be remiss about waffle stonewall double pay little attention to not give a straight answer to beat around bush be equivocal about be evasive about quibble about avoid answering beg the question beat about the bush about find a way around run from lie down on job get away skirt around skim over skate over gloss over fail to deal with rat backtrack backslide run around stay shy of be beyond slip through the net slip through your fingers levant welch dishonor stiff defraud repudiate fail skate swindle dishonour go into arrears see in the alley run out on break your word leave town put on the cuff fail to honour meet under arch fall behind


To depend on financially


To make an opening, incision, or wound in (something) with a sharp-edged tool or object
cut slash gash nick slit incise lacerate penetrate pierce score slice wound notch scratch graze injure lance rip saw hack snick amputate behead chip fell flitch guillotine perforate puncture raze rive sabre saber scarify scissor scythe separate sickle sliver lay open tear stab damage scrape gouge mutilate carve rend hurt impale maim spear mangle cleave prick stick mark spike gore knife abrade skewer transfix chop skin jab cut open break mangulate strip shear flay run through bark harm jag bayonet mar tear apart deface thrust groove sever furrow rasp pink split bore disable spit peel chafe scar disfigure transpierce harpoon excoriate incapacitate bruise spoil claw dent total open up batter serrate butcher shred engrave slice open indent hew probe maul scuff plough drill crush shell etch pick peck brand husk hull shuck cripple impair pare ruin distort plow punch rub raw make an incision in drill through bore through bore into savage scallop drive ribbon slot deform destroy clip mill shank wreck ream split open shave rind smash cut to ribbons cut into make an indentation in dig crack enter contort exuviate desquamate remove decorticate slough shed cut to pieces blemish cut up weaken bare scale hack up flaw traumatize stick into traumatise pinch make a hole in break through lay bare pull off cut off burst bulldoze tatter nip fray frazzle log be torn be rent jigsaw disfeature scotch scribe seam slit open riddle slice into crosshatch cross-hatch ram plunge sink prong hole break the skin of permeate breach tap line affect beat crack open intrude thrust through break in pervade make a flesh wound in make a notch in make a notches in grind lame deboss dint make a grooves in mark off crenelate crimp chisel dismember crumple trash grate scour scrub snap wing hit rut make nicks in pockmark make notches in scoop depress bash hollow rabbet pit make a groove in make a wound in pass through intrude upon punch through rub zap blast irritate plug shiv kill adulterate expurgate censor bowdlerize ding ouch contuse scrabble slay mash cut about hash twist bite file bowdlerise ravage stave in hollow out cave in chop up triturate thin sand flake sandpaper rough up chop down tear limb from limb mess up hash up take a chunk out of fracture shatter make a mark on pound vitiate bloody compromise crab endamage pulverize knacker crool scathe grieve foul up torture pique draw blood shake up pain wax aggrieve cross up torment foul do mischief to distress prejudice sting do in burn bang up put out cause pain to work over pummelled cause injury to pulverise pummel slap slug whack lash spank punish belt flog flail whip pommel undermine blight tarnish sabotage taint upset afflict threaten devastate hinder debilitate poison subvert stain jeopardize enfeeble demolish sully defile undo abuse impede jeopardise debase be detrimental to sap put the kibosh on scupper queer diminish reduce vandalize endanger thwart screw up louse up put at risk imperil agonize blot annoy paralyse waste torpedo paralyze soil blacken agonise annihilate hamstring discolour vandalise anguish do harm to oppress risk harrow foil discolor blow corrupt botch trouble hazard offend shake menace peril desecrate expose molest desolate jeopard besmirch befoul warp adventure wreak havoc on venture put out of action maltreat misshape invalidate pollute blow a hole in bring to naught touch put in danger gamble with expose to danger darken put in jeopardy be a danger to leave vulnerable pose a threat to immobilize mistreat disturb ill-treat prostrate enervate sadden disrupt dirty dash destabilize contaminate bother disqualify martyr dilapidate infect pervert nix banjax dish insult euchre indispose impoverish frustrate cruel destabilise hamper cramp be prejudicial to play havoc with immobilise attenuate stymie inflict suffering on inflict pain on decimate wrong do for slight wrack affront pick on cause suffering to put a damper on make a mess of take out muck up chance uglify put out of commission throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of buckle displease devalue squinch screw lessen decrease obliterate malform embitter blunt deteriorate peeve eat away antagonize emasculate vex gnarl wrench worry handicap rack plague deprave hound curse persecute shock excruciate smear knot skew devitalize tweak black bodge envenom make useless debauch hog-tie demoralise demoralize discomfort wince quash be disadvantageous to despoil scourge bend crucify inconvenience defeat overturn corrode ail dismantle torpefy detract from empoison brutalize brutalise soften be deleterious to vaporize cream nuke lay waste anger make miserable prickle needle extinguish put down unstrengthen stifle take apart antagonise disarm put an end to lay up vaporise smash up overthrow tear to pieces clip one's wings do a number on cause detriment to reduce to rubble rain on someone's parade pull down drive a nail into the coffin of leave defenseless make sick leave in ruins bring down tear down rub out lay on the line put someone's life on the line erode consume rip up shiver use up wear away tag hock water down degrade spot disfashion whittle hobble bow play merry hell with detract scorch wither jeopardy chew up make unattractive make black blotch speckle mayhem gimp castrate truncate massacre smirch interfere with disenable radioactivate make ugly restrict bankrupt crash hospitalize end make misshapen distort the shape of dishonour worsen grime muddy begrime smudge rile limit prevent quell throw a monkey wrench into have a bad effect on pull the rug out from under make impure profane alloy make liable bend out of shape be careless with subject to loss poke gall shipwreck cost victimize efface nullify dishonor bastardise bastardize bestialize animalize topple give someone the works smite grill martyrize put on the rack denigrate tar make a hash of put the lid on disappoint dash to pieces glitch up decay damage beyond repair bring to an end put a stop to tear up put paid to write off break up run onto the rocks pile up crack up wrack up cause pain neutralize squelch expose to risk tempt fate put on the line subject to stake leave unprotected hospitalise invalid eradicate unfit devaluate cheapen cause the loss of cause the sacrifice of result in harm to make one's heart bleed break the heart of hit hard obstruct cancel out grimace ache render ineffective throb hunt result in damage to lead to the end of exhaust smart lose strength put on the sick list have neutralise craze unbuild overreach outmaneuver abolish outmanoeuvre work against abate outsmart make waves balls up outfox offset mortify beset pursue besiege bedevil tire weary bust flatten ruinate drain fatigue etiolate overwhelm ravish muller disrespect dis outrage diss level tyrannize encumber extenuate eviscerate deplete jaundice colour sour cause discomfort palsy sideline dislimb be tender give offence to get knock down reduce to nothing bring to ruin lay in ruins bring to nothing wreak havoc upon clean out wipe out leave desolate tyrannise twinge discriminate against victimise rupture sunder rift grab pluck run snatch yank evulse divide pull apart wrest pull extract seize aggravate make bitter knock out confine to a wheelchair lay low make feeble make weak confine to bed render infirm wear out gnaw at inflame play up constrain plunder depredate disgrace squash spoliate sack pillage dump on cause discomfort to be sore convulse be painful zing make lame color make rancorous acerbate alienate rankle hurt somebody's feelings hurt the feelings of cut to the quick bung up disempower whittle away be a blot on the landscape sandbag mine tunnel wear challenge implicate disquiet perturb agitate drag through the mud dig out make black and blue dismay chip away at queer the pitch of ruffle poke full of holes irk unnerve harass stress knock the bottom out of distemper try perplex concern alarum rattle harry fuss miff distract unhinge discombobulate discountenance disconcert bug pester discompose flurry alarm derail unsettle throw faze fluster nag confound hassle strain hagride fret place in danger nit-pick tantalise exercise strap dog tantalize push get at burn up weird out get to cause anguish to eat at arouse anxiety in throw off balance be on one's case make wretched push buttons make it tough for weigh on give a hard time tick off freak out incommode misuse discommode disserve put under suspicion sell out lash out at treat roughly trample on ill-use do violence to lay a finger on

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