Đồng nghĩa của abate

Alternative for abate

abates, abated, abating

Đồng nghĩa: curtail, decrease, do away with, lessen, moderate, put an end to, reduce, stop,

Trái nghĩa: augment, increase, raise, rise, strengthen,


To diminish in intensity or severity, especially gradually
decrease decline diminish subside dwindle ease lessen ebb wane fade moderate recede drop off relent slacken weaken let up relax remit sink de-escalate desist die away die down die out drop away fall lower pall shrink slow taper taper off attenuate ease off coast cool cool off decelerate drain away dull end fall away halt peter out phase down quell ratchet down slack stop subdue tail off terminate unlax become weaker chill out cool it fade away come to an end drop reduce fall off slump contract grow less flag plummet wither go down droop ease up fail deteriorate soften plunge melt away decay disappear slack off shrivel slow down drain cease depreciate evaporate grow smaller nosedive degenerate waste away mitigate slacken off vanish become smaller fizzle out alleviate wilt trail off sag crumble retrocede regress die off devaluate go downhill downsize descend dip dissolve close calm down crash wind down wear away settle quieten trail downscale languish get smaller finish waste depress temper deplete get less go take a nosedive rachet down collapse curtail grow faint tumble wear off dive fall back run low minimize minimise curb flow back lighten check get lower calm nose-dive quiet restrain withdraw settle down lag emaciate lapse erode devalue dent bate dry up narrow down wear down die blur evanesce melt grow dim break go away deflate break off run out come to a stop break up become lower knock down become less retreat rebate come to a halt fade out lull pass slash dim quieten down still slip retire retrogress lose edge slake give way faint downgrade trail away thin out grow weaker relapse tire slope totter lose decrement cut retrograde condense falter cheapen shorten release minify conclude discontinue thin quit draw back downturn come to nothing crater mark down level off fall short pause draw to a close wind up leave off write down tone down go through the floor hit the floor pack in modify cut down tail away pass away allay assuage relieve modulate mollify pine weary succumb be forgotten dissipate rescind shape elongate dampen peter disengage lose strength lose intensity narrow incline downwards slant down slope down tilt downwards sink into oblivion disappear slowly blow over grow flow away phase out thin down fall through give out extenuate abbreviate retrench go out slim wrinkle go downwards fall down close out pare down make smaller make less turn down infrigidate freeze freshen ally frost run dry sink lower telescope become less intense atrophy constrict compress lose its effect lose its effectiveness elapse minimalize discount die away or out die away or down determine expire drop down pull out return back away drop back compact disintegrate skid worsen write off lower in price devalorize lower in value drag backslide buckle give in become weak molder dilapidate moulder squeeze tighten move away go back adjourn flop disperse perish constringe capsule capsulize bow out back retract depart move back be on the way out dematerialize fly flee scrimp come down go into a tailspin fold up hit the dirt tip over break down be precipitated take a header lose value decrease in value cave in decline in price back off move further off dead-end wink out go dead etiolate can become softer become quieter take in lose ground do less rest amputate impair crop clip abridge soft-pedal hush fold deliquesce grow feeble pass off rarefy die on vine evanish poop out vanish into thin air fag out tucker out become less loud become unimportant clear draw away impoverish cripple debase vitiate tremble limp get quieter get softer desist from lay off cut off knock off shut off cut out give over cut back roll back slack up be over pack up come to a standstill take a breather relax one's efforts take a break take a breath hold back take the bite out take the sting out lose spirit slide fall steeply fall sharply devolve drop rapidly take a dive rot be reduced disimprove get worse be no more go to the dogs rocket go to pot concentrate truncate decimate shrivel up minish clear up slim down take it easy numb dock deaden mute make less active reach a new low go to ruin go easy be gone dispel stoop precipitate descend rapidly dump decrease rapidly cease to be exit become obsolete become extinct grow worse cease to exist disappear from the face of the earth grow weak spoil deprave revert corrupt corrode muddy up hit the skids be giving up the ghost be about to die become moribund have one foot in the grave be breathing one's last be approaching death be on one's deathbed be slipping away be in extremis be at death's door be on one's last legs take a turn for the worse go down the toilet go to rack and ruin go to the pack go to pieces pale go down the tubes come apart at seams lose significance decrease in importance pale into insignificance lose lustre grow dull


To decrease in size, amount, value, or degree
ease reduce decrease diminish lessen moderate lower relieve alleviate mitigate relax slow allay assuage attenuate calm dampen de-escalate dent deplete downscale downsize drop dull dwindle mollify soothe weaken appease palliate quell slake temper knock down tone down soften lighten blunt deaden take the edge off subdue curb curtail cut cushion check dilute cut down cut back quiet minimize restrain cool lull suppress minimise depress help slash tranquilize contract tranquillize stifle still wind down pacify lenify damp scale down shrink limit qualify modify impair compose taper muffle quieten smother depreciate pare down extenuate settle decrement repress slacken sweeten mark down roll back damp down take the sting out placate mute prune discount erode narrow trim control ebb devaluate pare kill ease off take the bite out bring down numb slim down step down put an end to restrict quench degrade modulate sap smooth satisfy silence deduct extinguish dispel benumb stop undermine ameliorate make less soft-pedal anaesthetize dial down clip comfort tail off anesthetize make cutbacks in pour oil on cheapen remit sate shorten quash retard mask gentle wane squelch paralyse buffer mellow cauterize thin retrench regulate banish dissipate subtract devalue truncate abridge enfeeble undervalue slack constrict destroy peter out loose disable cripple debilitate make smaller axe inhibit deflate downgrade sink improve cauterise shave minify obtund paralyze ax chill out water down decline couch cure phase down write down rein in cut off choke off cut back on throw cold water on taper off make nice scale back take down trim back slow down trim down drop off aid assist cool out write off get rid of put a damper on let up on pour cold water on put a stop to dampen down ease up on subside ration revise wear away wear down tame hush address contain dock satiate blanket defuse put at rest commute fill surfeit restraint disempower calm down settle down rein pipe down excuse round down whittle down adulterate rarefy vitiate offset enervate make weaker dulcify gratify fix up take sting out patch things up ratchet down gruntle reduce the force of break take the heat off play down rein back make reductions in retrench on salami-slice dismiss demote eliminate cut in price lower in price admix hebetate desensitise desensitize drive away chase away put to rest square drive off disintegrate refresh crumble relaxed adjust transmogrify switch revamp undersell lower the price of make cheaper put on sale loosen turn down cause to fall reduce something offer at a giveaway price reduce the price of render worthless rebate fine tune monkey around with take the bite out of make reasonable take the sting out of cut down on make fewer overcome play up to subjugate disgrade demerit drive down release rise above squash crush dry up amortise cast down strike off knock off take off take away amortize tighten arrest brighten run down salve counteract halt dumb censor punctuate succor succour console vary solace clam run interference for disburden clear the way let up cheer nurse forward disengage facilitate speed up doctor relent simplify meliorate promote free make easier speed untighten expedite attend to lift open the door further liss interrupt delay keep down put down cut short close up say nothing clamp down on crack down on slap down snuff out incapacitate dim stun exhaust frustrate etherize chloroform KO drown unnerve stupefy injure freeze gas deprive consume tire dope prevent break up detain hinder bring respite to handicap bring an end to take a load off bring aid to make bearable make something bearable bring aid take load off knock out lay out rationalize put out of order put to sleep stunt decelerate impede economize rationalise economise hold up stall set back obstruct hold back keep back mire hamper lag retardate stay loiter postpone procrastinate embog choke reef make less intense put damper on put the lid on interfere with back-water hit the brakes lose speed put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps get in the way of bog down keep waiting anchor it budget cut phase out tune down roll down trim away


To put an end to, especially formally
cancel annul abolish invalidate rescind repeal quash nullify void abrogate negate vacate avoid dissolve disannul null strike down roll back revoke countermand retract reverse set aside undo withdraw annihilate vitiate render invalid overrule do away with terminate recall declare null and void obviate overturn override repudiate nix kill wipe out render null and void overthrow veto obliterate end put an end to axe remove scrub discharge ax recant delete discontinue scrap neutralize dump get rid of dismantle renege take back X-out make void neutralise zap call off black out bring to an end undermine suspend destroy drop eradicate disallow ditch eliminate stop abort extinguish expunge reject finish disestablish erase chop trash subvert counteract suppress discard stamp out cancel out deracinate torpedo efface supersede counterbalance offset backpedal lift renig cast aside declare invalid countercheck redress blot out close down blue pencil give something the chop knock something on the head wash out weasel out deny declare weaken rule against get off the hook KO blow watergate unfit impair circumduct disqualify remit back out worm out opt out shoot down stand down throw over bottle up cork up shut down hush up put the lid on put damper on break dismiss blow sky-high render meaningless retire refute redline backwater forget counterpoise turf ignore belay rule out render inert go back on one's word wipe slate clean countervail rebut make null and void pull the plug back out of wangle out crawl out of make ineffective disband exterminate nig scratch confine restrict compensate squash limit junk contravene oppose frustrate ding belie blackball disprove impugn traverse stonewall cross adjourn cease extirpate shed bring to naught call all bets off take out forget it conclude prorogue jettison put down turn thumbs down break with turn down fly in the face of throw out disunite break up wind up excise liquidate dispense with clean up root out sweep away rub out snuff out wreck destruct split up close sever disorganize shoot ruin loose wrack wind down decimate shatter postpone demolish unmake collapse inhibit squelch prohibit put kibosh on put the kibosh on render void fade out resolve into cut abnegate bleep break off renounce renege on disaffirm backtrack on disclaim go back on abjure call back waive knock out finish off do in abandon bar exclude disown counter cry off call put a stop to block forbid preclude halt forestall omit prevent ban proscribe debar defeat disregard forswear check disavow give up hinder cut out censor impede obstruct stymie shut out leave out refuse cross out alter upset retreat divorce thwart outvote outlaw foil discount embargo take off counterorder baffle gainsay circumvent taboo phase out dash negative scotch derail contradict hamper snooker fetter stifle disconfirm forfend edit dispute hobble cripple hamstring beat crush confront give the thumbs down to scupper stump hold up dispose of strike out crimp edit out cramp arrest buck relax raise devalue withcall back-pedal on unsay bin pack in dominate flout defy predominate prevail go against disobey dishonour inter bring to a close lay in the grave bury put to rest hold a funeral inhume entomb put six feet under ride roughshod over trample underfoot bilk call in do a U-turn on get shut of call a halt to repel shut the door on trample upon dishonor snip change overset reorganise refuse to fulfil purge down prostrate knock on the head desist get shot of trim black spool back back up wind back reorganize elide dele knock off antagonize antagonise pull back take away draw back ink out blank out x out put a line through block out blue-pencil stroke out X out white out forbear knock down bring down pull the plug on controvert backtrack relinquish forgo deface weed out interdict except work against pass over brush aside confute avert desist from invert upend thumbs down question say the opposite of withsay withspeak refuse to accept have bone to pick call in question dare lay to rest differ take on abstain from shake off do without give something a miss render needless enjoin deter bate make illegal criminalize rebuff stave off put paid to count out ward off not consider close out freeze out close one's doors to forget about restrain forsake withhold freeze spike deprive rewind throw say no to zing disacknowledge declare taboo criminalise desert abdicate put the chill on lock up give the red light to say no declare illegal pass on keep back spoil disappoint write off toss aside banish oust shrug off baulk balk burn down silence blow sky high declare to be untrue contend expose parry argue against reply to tear down top contest show up burn convict debate evert take a stand against give thumbs down to discomfit checkmate crool foul up banjax cramp one's style hang up dash one's hope outwit overcome lick screw up upset the applecart conquer put a brake on stand in the way of nip in the bud do for give the run around


To cause a profound effect
impact affect alter change determine govern modify shape transform decide reshape exert influence have an effect have an influence make an impression touch work afflict agitate bias impress move reach bear on bear upon touch on weigh into influence sway strike inspire tell on stir have an impact on have an effect on make an impression on impact on hit overwhelm faze overcome get to upset manipulate excite control grab arouse stimulate exert influence on work on get carry condition disturb prejudice shake impassion form slant involve throw guide colour act on hit hard induce strike at mark mold color bend impress on mould shake up emotionally move prevail over get through to register with tug at your heartstrings leave a mark on dictate soften melt disquiet quicken touch a chord leave an impression on strike a chord forecast carry weight with get through distort warp twist garble taint angle persuade cross stretch doctor turn skew sell motivate prompt convert incline convince jaundice steer occur to spring to mind come to the mind of enter one's head make an impact cross your mind come into one's consciousness come to mind dawn on make an impact on come to present itself emerge to predispose crack nobble hook brainwash conduct bring round suck in prevail on twist one's arm talk round lead by the nose soften up win over put across turn one's head exert an influence on amaze astonish dazzle awe galvanize overawe rouse overpower score galvanise grandstand slay pique register enthuse electrify bulldoze kill thrill astound provoke enforce buffalo take aback feel admiration feel respect knock out stick in someone's mind show off cut a figure blow away be conspicuous push around make a hit make splash perturb trouble grieve concern hurt attack pain distress damage infect sadden devastate take hold of impinge bowl over interest knock back relate prevail regard knock for six impinge upon


To utterly destroy or devastate
annihilate destroy demolish wreck ruin devastate smash raze shatter decimate total obliterate extinguish waste desolate pulverise pulverize eradicate abolish cancel wrack erase nuke vaporise vaporize cream exterminate expunge extirpate eliminate efface liquidate crush quash kill undo zap slaughter massacre overwhelm beat benothing wipe out rub out tear down pull down stamp out do in snuff out root out blot out black out sweep away clean up finish off take out wipe off the map wipe off the face of the earth wipe from the face of the earth remove uproot put an end to do away with squash put a stop to put down get rid of weed out end obscure suppress slay terminate delete disrupt upset overturn overthrow bring to an end check take away put paid to X-out put the lid on excise exsect cut out off level trash finish torpedo ravage scratch shoot down knock off dispatch murder butcher bulldoze assassinate execute flatten nix knock down topple ax neutralize axe unbuild scrub neutralise defeat top ice stiff croak reduce to ruins dispose of smoke throw down raze to the ground blow to bits do for put to death bump off blow away wash out take apart stun quell purge kill off cover cut sink remove all traces of blow sky-high ink out strike out score out knock out cross out KO blank out destroy root and branch block out wipe off face of earth blue pencil mark out rub off nullify annul abort snuff fell claim whack get down take cut to pieces do to death carry off mow down hit put away put to the sword cut down gun down dismantle disassemble blow up break up bring down crack break wolf dilapidate trounce undermine wax blow to pieces drag clear away take down give someone the works sterilize sterilise exclude terminate with extreme prejudice drag down tear to pieces wipe off map put in toilet gobble up


Relieve of blame, responsibility
reprieve amnesty pardon acquit respite spare alleviate relieve allay mitigate palliate postpone absolve excuse forgive let off liberate remit stay let go grant a stay let up on let off this time grant an amnesty to grant a stay of execution let off the hook grant a stay of execution to cancel someone's punishment commute someone's punishment postpone someone's punishment remit someone's punishment release free exonerate exempt discharge exculpate clear have mercy on condone deliver unbind unchain unfetter unshackle deal leniently with be merciful to set free show mercy to except overlook whitewash dispense emancipate disencumber enfranchise unleash uncage spring manumit disenthrall disenthral be lenient to disimprison go easy on enlarge make allowances for let out bail out let loose turn loose set loose unburden disburden divest rid accept discount justify strip disembarrass untangle extricate lighten write off forgive and forget look the other way give indulgence to give dispensation to give amnesty to unyoke privilege from save parole unbridle rescue wipe the slate clean make exempt make allowance for unguilt extenuate loosen affranchise dismiss demobilize disengage bail unlock loose redeem untie grant someone a dispensation grant someone an exemption shrive ransom demobilise let someone off with let it go by let something ride free from restraint cut loose put on the street free from restriction turn out give rights to give absolution make excuses for apologize for pass over grant amnesty take rap for be lenient on pity forbear be merciful save from save from harm save one's neck save bacon be lenient grant a pardon to refrain from hurting allow to go allow to leave send away pull out of the fire have pity on cut someone some slack leave uninjured leave unpunished give quarter to not harm get off the hook get out of hock leave unhurt grant pardon to give a break leave unharmed vindicate atone wipe slate clean purge sanitise sanitize let off easy be easy on abandon drop remove rationalize disculpate explain declare innocent find innocent rationalise pronounce not guilty bleach lifeboat launder let off hook exclude grant immunity wipe it off wink at blink at grandfather pass by relieve of give immunity make an exception of make an exception for wipe the slate cleanse release conditionally release on parole give terms expiate purify save neck lustrate sanctify free from atone for not hold something against bear no malice towards feel no malice towards feel no resentment towards bury the hatchet with bury the hatchet stop feeling malice towards harbour no grudge against accept someone's apology stop feeling resentful towards turn a blind eye to turn a deaf ear to let it go let bygones be bygones bear no malice turn other cheek kiss and make up think no more of


Cause the downfall or ruin of
undo ruin undermine defeat destroy mar overturn quash subvert wreck shatter spoil sabotage scotch scupper topple upset annihilate cripple crush devastate harm impair neutralise neutralize smash squelch eradicate mess up obliterate put at risk thwart blow botch cancel out foil frustrate hamper hinder obstruct put an end to make a mess of play havoc with render ineffective foul up abolish break cramp craze crimp decimate demolish do for have impoverish injure louse up muck up offset outfox outmanoeuvre outmaneuver outsmart overreach overthrow queer raze skin stymie unbuild vitiate wrack balls up put the kibosh on blow a hole in bring down make waves screw up work against bring to naught throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of rain on someone's parade dash disrupt blight do in damage banjax dish cruel extinguish nix euchre put paid to pull down total torpedo pulverize waste desolate vaporize end nuke cream quell tear down nullify put the lid on prevent pulverise vaporise rub out blast suppress level make a hash of put a stop to wipe out threaten eliminate baffle balk kill remove erase check baulk disappoint ravage poison expunge flatten bring to an end extirpate invalidate beat trash efface squash knock down wreak havoc on wipe off the map take out wipe off the face of the earth terminate unsettle interfere with oust destabilize weaken depose unseat impede circumvent crool supplant dethrone stain cloud taint block exterminate hold up disestablish dissolve confound discomfit muller disfigure liquidate bulldoze put a damper on sink undercut break up destabilise bodge break down scuttle overwhelm finish off zap stop capsize dilapidate blow up checkmate outwit reduce snuff out wipe from the face of the earth blot out lay waste raze to the ground throw down bring about the downfall of obscure interrupt attack dispatch incapacitate disturb disarrange disorganize disorder disable annul convulse delay slow retard countermove darken negate turn upside-down derange slow down bollix cause confusion in cause turmoil in throw into disorder throw into disarray throw into confusion cook someone's goose upset someone's apple cart abort do away with put down take away endanger dismantle hurt imperil jeopardize tarnish blemish touch intrude on cast a shadow over cast a pall over prejudice disassemble contradict sap take the edge off take the shine off be detrimental to compromise ruinate desecrate bust take the enjoyment out of take the pleasure out of displace despoil ravish mangle crack wolf wipe off map blow to pieces trounce reduce to ruins blow to bits wax tear to pieces take apart put in toilet gobble up excise jeopardise deface scourge defile debilitate mutilate deplete maim fell delete defenestrate be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to reduce to rubble reduce to nothing bring to nothing bring to ruin wreak havoc upon leave in ruins clean out lay in ruins leave desolate lessen minimize minimise detract demean belittle diminish remove from power remove from office bilk be deleterious to crash dynamite blow down bomb spill knock to pieces cast down strike out batter tear up scatter mow down scratch out unmake scar queer someone's pitch chip away triumph conquer corner gain vanquish throw out give someone the boot dampen decay afflict chill explode forestall discredit glitch up contravene debar obviate snooker derail pop refute burst disprove wreak havoc with supersede invert depress rebel tumble reverse bar halt repel repress deter burst bubble repulse curb rattle parry nobble prove wrong restrain blank counter counterplot cross bury drive a coach and horses through blow sky-high give the lie to shoot full of holes blow out of the water put the stopper on put a spoke in someone's wheel cause setback get the better of put end to stand in the way of put the mockers on nip in the bud upset one's apple cart beat down take wind out of sails cancel slaughter massacre benothing stamp out root out clean up black out sweep away gut pillage disintegrate devour depredate pull to pieces consume spoliate fragment take down sack destruct fracture shiver get rid of separate plunder lay waste to bust up vandalize burn vandalise splinter split finish rive ransack tear apart take to bits take to pieces write off maraud strip prang snap blow away sever smash up pull apart smash to smithereens wrack up pull to bits make mincemeat of weed out loot rob rupture havoc overcome incinerate exhaust smite raid rape fleece clobber splinterize fragmentalize fragmentize scrunch crunch rend rifle dismember butcher scratch scrub off uproot divide blow out axe break into pieces ax part crush to smithereens blow apart crack up damage beyond repair wash out make hash of dash to pieces put out of commission shoot down strip down pull something down tear something down detonate lower avenge torment kick in depopulate purge wipe bankrupt cool strike bruise let down empty make desolate rip down maul powder chasten chastise take mangulate burn away pull something apart clear shipwreck take something apart reave forage be the ruination of spend squish exsect execute spray paint take care of burn out sunder rift put out of action lay low engulf put the skids under break to pieces drive propel force thrust tear be the ruin of seal the doom of drain absorb envelop expend commit genocide break to smithereens cut a swath through kill off cut down cut out implode perforate puncture play merry hell with run onto the rocks prostrate trample overrun pile up draw down use up play out fall to pieces fall to bits cover cut wreak havoc smatter scorch torch go through ink out knock out cross out blank out X-out wipe off face of earth blue pencil KO mark out score out knock off block out remove all traces of destroy root and branch rub off dismiss suspend bring to nought combust scald disband discontinue cremate carbonise carbonize adjourn cease disannul rescind avoid void null repeal vacate abrogate conclude prorogue burn to the ground burn down destroy by fire burn up reduce to ashes burn to a crisp scrap wind up disunite strike down split up close close down fade out discharge loose resolve into postpone collapse render void shoot roll back wind down

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