Đồng nghĩa của expedite

Alternative for expedite

expedites, expedited, expediting

Đồng nghĩa: hasten,


To facilitate or accelerate the progress of
advance forward press promote rush accelerate facilitate hasten hurry precipitate quicken aid assist boost ease further push stimulate urge dispatch speed fast track fast-track push through speed up spur on step up dash off help along make easier urge on accomplish quickly achieve quickly finish quickly hurry up make short work of give a boost to give a push to grease wheels oil the wheels for shoot through smooth the way for clear a path for help encourage spur impel drive make easy smooth pave the way for clear the way for simplify oil the wheels of smooth the path of open the door for assist the progress of enable run interference for loosen up open doors make possible support back inspire motivate favour foster favor make smooth make smoother grease the wheels fire up hand-carry crank up walk through champion abet rev up succour serve succor contribute to lend a hand back up make faster escalate progress cultivate nurture whisk incubate nourish second uphold goad grease plug backstop work with unclog sustain cooperate with collaborate with lend a hand to work for push forward prop up go with bail out take care of gee up stoke send forward crack on bundle assist in help with give a lift to hurry along give backing to gather momentum hurry on get moving lubricate oil reduce the difficulty of open the door to lessen the labour of make haste go faster get faster pick up speed take the sting out iron out the difficulties of take the edge off make peace pave the way cooperate oblige relieve sanction benefit accommodate endorse give assistance to attend wait on attend to develop incite condone prompt stump hype reinforce be of use to thump puff collude with connive with side with jack up hike up do someone a favour be of service to give a leg up get stuck in with lend a helping hand to give a lift get someone out of a tight spot muck in with make a pitch for go down the line for stand up for ride shotgun help out give a leg up to do someone a service pitch in with put on the map go to bat for do for be a tower of strength to give a hand open doors for root for bail someone out give a boost be a factor in propel countenance advocate connive prod go along with be in collusion with participate in connive at set on put up to be hand in glove with egg on nurse patronize patronise extend ballyhoo broaden generate engender propagate expand contribute spread lend support to sponsor strengthen look after finance care for comfort fund improve subsidize espouse enrich befriend bolster subsidise be of service protect minister to advantage pitch in tend be of assistance rescue stand by see to profit underwrite maintain proselytize collaborate chip in give assistance bankroll proselytise conspire buttress establish administer to keep an eye on shore up give support to come to the aid of buoy up lend a helping hand see someone through take part raise rear make friends with fortify get involved participate fuel breed benefact muck in propagandize avail treat foment invest in endow propagandise be useful invigorate aid and abet be of use enhance join in get stuck in minister indorse speak for doctor give help to prop play ball bring up plunk for plump for give money to defend envigorate play the game stake keep grubstake angel bolster up stick up for make a contribution to stand behind watch over be conducive to tide over give strength to keep going be a patron of give a helping hand to be of assistance to take under one's wing pick up the tab for put up the money for foot the bill for be in the service of keep one going be a source of strength to pursue rally round court present revitalize feed proclaim preach suggest grow teach steady peddle propound tend to conjoin liaise make a contribution instruct arouse revitalise mind favorise add to advise give a donation to provide for domiciliate plot contrive subscribe to act as guarantor of do your part give a helping hand pull your weight do your bit lend support welcome guide mitigate alleviate augment hearten carry make yourself useful kick-start wait upon pull for deal with recommend consolidate bring aid to perk up be beneficial be helpful be advantageous give somebody a hand service give someone a flying start be supportive of bring relief to bring comfort to cater to cheer up give a shot in the arm to save deliver supplement sweeten bear a hand to stand one in good stead render assistance to cotton to make a friend of case out buddy up be valuable be of benefit be profitable buck up collude be in cahoots with be in league with keep in countenance increase redeem emphasize answer remedy administer heal cure pander to pander care make provisions for mother push for give one's attention to attend to the requirements of approve straighten out keep you going smile on approve of underline cement galvanize intensify stress get in with hit it off get chummy with come on to take up with instigate get behind aid in help in campaign for ally vote for spring release bring off be of worth better set up lay the foundations of add value be solicitous of ally oneself with do a good turn to do your bit for give aid and encouragement to deepen heighten embolden drum up do something for abide by stick by ameliorate build play along be willing show willing reciprocate respond agree be on the side of corroborate buoy incentify incentivize empower underpin steel reward safeguard give one's blessing to take up the cudgels for throw one's weight behind galvanise energize incentivise energise substantiate highlight emphasise sit cradle father do a favor do a service come to somebody's aid nursemaid comply with join forces pull together work together stick together capitalize do good to be good for befit suit do a favour give help be there for do one's part save someone's skin save someone's bacon bale someone out be of help come to someone's rescue do one's bit for do a good turn do someone a good turn keep head above water keep someone going see through keep the wolf from the door keep someone in funds bridge the gap be advantageous to pay off for be beneficial to bless please be helpful to gratify be to the advantage of satisfy take charge of be in cahoots capitalise provide finance for pay a subsidy to provide capital for give a grant to juice baby-sit be of help to be useful to power be of advantage to keep alive shell out for watch out for keep tabs on fork out for pick up the check prime the pump cough up for chip in for pick up the tab pony up for cheer along keep someone's head above water go along with the plan go along tag along get in on the act give one's backing give one's support


To demand earnestly or pressingly
push press pressure pressurise pressurize urge encourage influence persuade advise compel implore admonish drive goose hustle oblige promote beg bother hound incite spur advocate constrain harass badger browbeat bully force pester beseech induce inspan prod solicit hassle intimidate motivate nag recommend harry inspire make obligate prompt railroad adjure coerce dragoon goad nudge propel entreat exhort impel insist steamroll key up speed up try to persuade push around put the screws to strong-arm press-gang put up to railroad into dragoon into pour it on prevail on insist on push for steamroller into bulldoze into turn on appeal to fire up sell on egg on exert influence on use pressure on go to town on put the heat on bear down on browbeat into put pressure on put the screws on use strong-arm tactics on provoke instigate stimulate stir bulldoze rouse move prick trigger lean on blackjack impress actuate excite arouse cause spur on muscle sandbag stir up bludgeon enjoin spark steamroller sting activate charge galvanize put the squeeze on inspirit inflame lead galvanise foment squeeze sway brainwash bring twist someone's arm animate pique sic fast-talk agitate demand whip up bring pressure to bear on ask work up bid rally incline plead incentivize require necessitate threaten whip call on terrorize enforce menace incentivise occasion terrorise set off put under an obligation turn on the heat kindle warn importune work start hector cow caution oppress tyrannize request domineer egg order bounce appeal set on impassion tempt root on concuss act on work on tyrannise impose ramrod sound talk into light a fire under prevail upon bring about twist somebody's arm counsel call send lobby bay entice abet raise cajole convince clamour set inveigle supplicate touch clamor coax convert get command wheedle petition conjure exact chivvy direct persecute drive on countenance taunt besiege procure bullyrag beset bogart invigorate suggest torment precipitate initiate embolden prescribe overbear quest bind energize shotgun envigorate bring around bluster apply despotize frighten exhilarate kick-start predispose plead with mau-mau win over act as a stimulus to energise get going rev up rowel set going come at call upon breathe down someone's neck trigger off touch off boss around put the chill on have someone do something put the arm on drum up disturb whomp up gain satisfy heavy preach compress electrify constrict condense squash challenge forewarn quicken reduce mobilize root sell politick repress restrict hinder suppress assail crowd remind subjugate overawe train condition determine mobilise enthuse argue bring force to bear on hold a gun to someone's head work over castigate spirit up act upon ride herd on high pressure twist one's arm act as an incentive to plague talk twist arm jog memory maneuver sanction manoeuvre make an offer they can't refuse force somebody's hand pound steer fire the enthusiasm of get someone going fire the imagination of ride roughshod over pick on trouble vex shove impose on orient propose put a bomb under advance rationalize rationalise commend campaign buffalo put through the wringer lord it over put heat on boss about draw fire predetermine jumpstart create dispose scheme plot insinuate originate needle hint plan rabble-rouse pursue sue requisition produce generate elicit pray pressurize into coerce into wake up begin buoy put in motion give rise to set in motion run bring on crank up lead to cause to be cause to become evoke steel stipulate instruct psych up impetrate set afoot give incentive to give incentive set astir bludgeon into bully into tell overcome add fuel steam up make waves walk heavy ride roughshod ordain hearten impact uplift empower vitalize decree enquire inquire bug drum terrorize into intimidate into restrain dictate foist strike incentify refresh help claim put to work obsecrate crave obtest use duress on burden conscript blackmail use force on urge by force choke obtrude contract exert force on rule make necessary crack down pray to plead to bear down pin down tighten the screws on put the bite on ask authoritatively make a claim ask brusquely ask forcefully appoint leave someone no option but to throw weight around bear hard on put screws to put squeeze on bring pressure to bear upon crave of pump up suggest to pick brew ferment hint to cheer on pep up boost up heckle go on bended knee to go on bended knee call for clamor for stipulate for give the order to give the command to press for disparage scold berate breed forward craze juice psych further dig agitate for reproach revile annoy favour awaken favor get to afflict override upbraid haze torture grip fan the fire dominate ride enslave give the incentive to act as a incentive to tyrannize over be autocratic lure bring round manipulate beguile bribe suborn fix prejudice control terrify scare finagle worry turn corrupt tease bait square reason affright spook affect awe have buy appall appal expect pay off turn the screws on get round buy off put the frighteners on soap seduce nobble bring pressure upon shanghai get at grease palm scare the bejesus out of inhibit commit lean astrict indebt bias kick bend change leave someone no option dog will subdue daunt irritate swagger poison bring over effect alter unnerve roust lash titillate make indebted tighten the screw on turn the screw on ruffle high-pressure budge commandeer extort charm flatter push about invoke wrest exert mistreat antagonize chivy blarney scare off antagonise make compulsory force upon court worm petrify sweet-talk soft-soap alarm blandish palaver warrant smooth-talk kowtow banter con snow oil shock panic scarify horrify fright victimize alarum startle involve reward entail butter up lay it on soften up spread it on sweeten up exploit jockey play strike terror into upset strike terror in dismay victimise propagandize enlist proselytize proselyte propagandise proselytise scare to death put the fear of God into fill with terror make things hot for someone inspire panic in make it hot for someone frighten out of your wits swing give someone a backhander lubricate pervert tip sweeten the pot take care of approach rig tamper influence by gifts give an inducement to do business make a deal keep someone sweet oil the palm of give someone a sweetener oil palm buy back sugar need take want bear mean work upon secure someone's support oil someone's hand talk someone into wheedle someone into argue into talk round pull strings with behoove postulate turn on to press someone into pressurize someone into convert to cause to believe reason someone into pressure someone into lead to do colour bring to senses prod someone into lead to believe wear down behove be grounds for win argument gain confidence of sell one on prove to make yourself felt with carry weight with cut any ice with leave no choice but to seek color emphasize to instil in instil drum into establish stress to inculcate inculcate in instill stress bring home to drive into ingrain in knock into din into clamour for appeal for pray for arrogate beg for apply for pester for hit up hold out for nag for sue for summon lay claim to whistle for inquire about badger for bay for petition for ask for bring home get into head fix deeply in someone's mind establish in someone's mind drive home leave in no doubt


To deal with (a task or opponent) quickly and efficiently
dispatch perform execute fulfill fulfil settle accomplish achieve effect finish conclude discharge accelerate carry out deal with sort out push through make short work of complete do implement effectuate bring about observe conduct realize satisfy bring off realise meet dispose of carry through end abide by stand by take care of hold keep occupy redeem answer officiate engage comply with fill take up distribute assign work commit negotiate prosecute compass perpetrate make tick transact enforce pull off put through act out follow through with carry off deliver the goods do justice to take care of business carry to completion be engaged in act upon acquit oneself of wind up run with the ball go that route do to a turn enact follow consummate apply engineer administer manage put into practice produce bring to fruition attain obey put into effect engage in undertake put into action succeed in act honor honour wrap up actualize go through with operate make happen cause occasion perfect contrive conform to adhere to heed finalize practice result in polish off go through bring on translate into sew up create act on organize practise succeed pursue impose live up to clinch engender secure win bring organise render finalise procure generate draw on spawn induce prompt beget catalyze score breed invoke make good establish give rise to get through catalyse put into operation fix wreak crown polish initiate cap keep to handle make good on respect act in accordance with stick to affect exercise administrate hit finish off gain take run tackle yield land put to bed set the seal on mind bring to pass reach follow up on carry on put in force deliver on follow through on nail start in on defer to keep faith with be true to be faithful to complement have participate in inflict work out be involved in provoke ply live out terminate originate precipitate add the final touch to round off go whole hog go the limit call it a day bring to a conclusion add the finishing touch to make perfect bring to maturity do thoroughly round out bring to an end put the last touches on make up top off put the finishing touches on pull chalk up clock up accept obtain notch up kindle serve set up be responsible for rack up take part in acquit pull something off deliver survive ultimate acquire process turn respond to trigger be guilty of bag cope with net make it earn be to blame for get there snag bring forth promote introduce foster button down do the trick consent to develop be true be faithful measure up to pay attention to acquiesce in clean up see through make it through put the tin lid on bring to bear be as good as bring home the bacon undergo take action motivate have an effect on exhibit give put something into effect actionize bring something off direct determine arrange work on be behind transgress make ready action take action on up and do make work take effect stage set off carry something on swing present cut annex be successful employ enable annexe exact hack score a success put screws to press work at specialize in exert play out reify authorize authorise embrace regard consecrate sanctify put on close incarnate advance force contribute to follow up follow out follow through provide the means for pass spend take notice of act according to be bound by have regard to put over do the job come through sail through hold to wrap can make real earn wings grasp strike conquer seize serve out bring into effect bring into play deal out materialize reorganise make concrete materialise reorganize corporealize wrest do to a T function labor labour form inspire ring up log mop up top it off knock off put away bear get done arrive at put lid on fold up put finishing touch on put the finishing touch to call a day institute muster hatch conjure found enkindle thrash out oversee adopt nail it get someplace latch onto bring to completion make a reality stir up touch off sow the seeds of multiply work up spark off get up bring into being whip up lead to inaugurate hammer out steward overlook fulfill one's potential make hay see to put it over do a bang-up job do one proud field toil through launch do business button up address juggle be heedful of TCB goose-step to fit in match equal preside over tend to put in place be at the helm of be in charge of watch over hold down fit arrange for call forth play merit justify get deserve start actuate cause to occur cause to happen warrant comply reap come around to concur in knuckle to fall in with bow to agree to fit in with knuckle under assent to play the game concur with yield to accede to don't rock the boat cave in to acquiesce with submit to give in to stay in line go along with play ball suffice tie gratify begin turn the trick turn out put across carry draw find garner capture match up to knock down come to have bring home gather scare up make fast buck cop be in line for wrangle scrape together bring home the groceries be deserving of hustle bring in pay one's dues come by be entitled to be worthy of be gainfully employed have a right to pull down make it big eke out derive pick up profit sock measure up come up to act in perform in play in


To move or run away quickly
skedaddle run away run off beat it bolt escape flee fly beat a retreat make off scram take flight turn tail break bug out clear off retreat run run for it scarper skidoo split vamoose blow dart dash decamp hasten hightail hook it hurry hustle leave leg it levant move race rush scamper scat scoot scurry skip off speed spur whiz zip beat a hasty retreat clear out cut and run cut out head for the hills hightail it light out make a break for it make a quick exit make a run for it make tracks peel out take off do a bunk do a fade do a runner fly the coop get lost go through hurry up kick rocks make haste make time move fast shoot through take a powder go like lightning make oneself scarce shake a leg step on it get a move on show a clean pair of heels shoot hurtle career hare scuttle zoom tear pelt belt whisk bundle barrel chase blast bomb trot bustle buzz hie motor blaze careen rocket nip highball drive whirl course rustle travel jet breeze bowl cannonball step rip jump ram hurl hump hotfoot it post crack on sprint charge scramble accelerate fleet haste whizz scutter beetle be quick streak bound move quickly gallop speed up beeline whip quicken bucket wheech clip boogie go hell for leather get cracking fast-track burn rubber flit roll get the lead out cut along step on gas get your skates on go like a bat out of hell stampede plunge pound dive wing go quickly zap steam press dispatch push hotfoot scud fling put on some speed flash go fast press on whoosh push on lose no time vroom shift get moving bestir dig in turn on steam make short work of sally put foot yeet barrel along go like the clappers whish burst jog get a wiggle on bullet smoke lay rubber move along skirr skitter skip go away make yourself scarce depart go abscond push off shove off quit get out begone withdraw exit buzz off take a hike bug off do a disappearing act retire run along get going get disappear pull out bail out go off absent oneself walk out get away hit the road bail part set off voetsak vanish hamba set out rack off get off step along hop it be off sling your hook dig out sally forth pike off pack up pack off pike out book shoo hit the trail peel off bog off avaunt slip away steal away do a moonlight flit nick off head off sneak away sod off go jump in the lake lam take leave vacate go and jump in the lake be on your way start out naff off get along haul off take French leave take to your heels go on the lam desert take it on the lam evacuate break out make an exit slope off be off with you make a getaway up sticks on your bike be gone break out of abstract oneself recoil pull stakes duck out back out take to one's heels be on one's way break free draw back pull back fall back make your getaway absent yourself do a vanishing act check out move off walk off say one's goodbyes make one's getaway make break loose get free avoid shun get under way evade go AWOL break camp make a escape repair spring remove have it away make a move betake oneself make your escape do a Skase back off give ground push along get stuffed pop off pack one's bags take a long walk on a short pier sling one's hook draw away take your leave take wing hop the twig make a break take yourself off move out hop the stick canter head strike out trip dog it shrink bust clear elude gambol kite abandon scorch make quick exit make one's escape move away cut loose say goodbye get out of my sight run out on back away drop back move back give way make a start walk out on leave flat go your way skip out take to flight amble leave in a hurry do a moonlight sneak off scatter make away skiddoo absquatulate recede beat off hurry away go to hell romp regress depart suddenly duck egress dodge alight shirk tear off hide spread fold disengage range cruise remove oneself go out have it away on one's toes make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave hasten away wend mosey get on your bike distance oneself make for make one's way run from book it free oneself extricate oneself whistle take one's farewells cannon bust out frolic go back go and chase yourself slip separate say adieu turn around run scared pass emerge elope double step on the gas sweep break up say farewell flourish abdicate ditch dump migrate emigrate git burst out brandish advance absent proceed troop start shrink back conk out dedomicile step out rush off speed away break away from make getaway wriggle out make a U-turn desert under fire pass quickly show quickly make a dash for it drop out opt out leave in the lurch cop out run like scared rabbit kiss goodbye leave holding the bag leave high and dry go forth pack your bags blast off set forth march out move on hit the bricks go like the wind break off split up quit the scene say one's farewells ease out go one's ways part company ship out make one's farewells go their separate ways go separate ways play hooky get away with work out of go scot-free slip through your fingers get out of someone's clutches make good one's escape take on the lam turn on a dime leap hop caper dance lope prance jump ship bob frisk cavort ricochet carom tiptoe skim glance graze buck go south make scarce make a quick getaway depart secretly hippety-hop


To cause
bring on cause produce create generate engender effect occasion induce beget effectuate prompt make breed catalyse catalyze spawn bring yield provoke precipitate invoke do work inspire advance start accelerate bring about result in give rise to lead to translate into draw on set off bring forth establish stimulate instigate initiate make possible promote introduce trigger foster set in motion elicit kindle give kickoff launch put in motion bring to pass incite bear enkindle be the cause of activate make for be at the bottom of affect actuate trigger off sow the seeds of contribute to stir up mean whip up evoke spark off touch off arouse originate develop begin make happen hatch spur foment achieve realize spark drive realise call forth accomplish rouse institute end in work up excite perform be conducive to contribute enact further carry out render bring off encourage fire up muster execute be instrumental in cultivate entail conduce attain conduce to engineer carry off carry through amount to fulfil compel inaugurate contrive pull off add up to culminate in spell secure fulfill cause to occur cause to happen motivate actualize influence set up stir turn out give birth to move push forward necessitate add to help have a hand in have a part in implement lead complete organize open play a part in return put in place earn abet brew raise net manage discharge instil instill play a role in provide bring out multiply progenerate propagate inflame fetch procure deliver organise supply afford cook up start the ball rolling get things rolling ferment wreak run compass found tender animate rally galvanise bring in pull in quicken pique rake in give off impassion pay out force galvanize rev up be a source of conceive innovate conduct set in form issue succeed brainstorm start off draw bring up enforce pick inflict equal imply sway dispose conjure pose constitute present deposit leave agitate administer get up bring into being perpetrate turn grow into wax get run into think up come out with dream up fix impel be a factor in consummate open the door for have as a result have as a consequence administrate finalize be responsible for have the effect of finish in draw out forward be partly responsible for oil the wheels of wake up turn on energize kick-start jumpstart exhilarate crank up push buoy energise prod inspirit succeed in arrange for finish fire conclude prime bestir build up exercise whet suscitate awaken draw forth waken undertake finalise turn the trick put across pay accrue kick out give out transmit emit commit prosecute furnish bestow gather in offer proffer haul in admit beam sell for blossom transact negotiate make ready operate engage in put through determine invite risk involve cost


To make something less tight
untighten loosen slacken relax release slack loose lessen relieve abate aid allay ameliorate anaesthetize anesthetize appease assist assuage calm cheer comfort cure disburden disengage doctor facilitate forward free further improve lift lighten meliorate mitigate moderate mollify nurse pacify palliate promote quiet relent simplify smooth soften soothe speed still tranquillize tranquilize let up attend to clear the way let up on make easier open the door run interference for speed up ease unclench let go make looser unknot become looser open weaken reduce diminish veer become less stiff become less tense become less rigid ease off ease up salve alleviate hearten console gladden uplift solace cheer up succor succour encourage buoy up placate brighten reassure condole assure compose sweeten bolster elevate help boost enliven revitalize lighten up give solace to bring comfort to inspirit put at ease take a load off revitalise buck up unloose relinquish make better set right broaden stretch modify unwind liberalize liberalise give condolences to lighten burden reanimate support empathize with commiserate with envigorate make one feel at ease give sympathy to quiet fears sympathize with besoothe invigorate make well give a lift to condole with commiserate free up quieten become relaxed resolve fix settle unbind hang loose go easy contain quell extinguish control make slack become slack lax become loose rectify remedy extenuate cool dull give respite to perk up mellow mend heal dispel counteract revive elate buoy vary punctuate work free work loose inspire enhance stimulate restore stop temper liss subdue interrupt iron out sort out prevent break up leaven ginger up bring respite to patch up bring an end to make bearable refresh loosen up look up jazz up take load off bring aid to make something bearable bring aid put to rights

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