Đồng nghĩa của live up to

Alternative for live up to

Đồng nghĩa: fulfil, fulfill, satisfy,


To succeed in reaching or equaling (a standard or quality)
reach achieve come up to meet satisfy compare with equal fulfill fulfil match up to measure up to admit of comparison bear comparison with be equal to be good enough compare match fill the bill fit the bill be on a level with hold a candle to parallel equalize be equal with equalise square with be tantamount to approximate keep pace with tie with touch be a match for rival be on a par with approach correspond to tally with equate with be as good as agree with be as great as be commensurate with emulate vie with be equivalent to be the same as coordinate with tot up to come to be the equal of be in the same category as contend with amount to be identical to be in the same league as equate to rise up to keep up with compete with make the grade align with match up with track level rise to balance equiponderate copy be level with rank with run abreast be even with make make even break even with equipoise tally be consistent with harmonize with rime with fit be like correspond with suit fit the pattern jibe with coincide with accord with answer check with comport with imitate marry with rhyme with be consonant with be similar to correlate to cohere with sort with chord with conform go with dovetail with be comparable with add up to square tie correspond equate even agree accord draw amount harmonize coincide challenge resemble harmonise finish equal jibe even up make equal check consist cohere come near come close to quadrate come near to measure up make level comply with deadlock standardize regularize align dovetail concur be comparable to rime go comport sort rhyme chord extend standardise regularise correlate get near break even level up make uniform conform to be in the same class as make the same finish even be equal be level be even concert be consistent be compatible match up be in agreement serve keep abreast of stand the test compete stand the pace equilibrize symmetrize stand comparison with arrive admit of comparison with steady stabilize be equivalent proportional stabilise sum total acquiesce be in tune eventuate come about sync overlap befall identify be the same evaluate make comparable better beat grow number get close to become effect aggregate measure up with measure up against be in harmony synchronize click go hand in hand go well with concord consort chime get along with fall in with attune synchronise go together blend be on an equal footing with correlate with complement develop into concur with partake of tie in with lip sync be in harmony with be in agreement with be related relate relate to be in tune with assimilate be congruous with reciprocate link be compatible with nudge perform oppose fill be neck and neck be on a par come within reach of close in on go up to creep up on stack up against be near to verge upon draw near be almost be close to move toward be not a million miles away from draw near to touch on bear down on draw up to move in on border on threaten verge on border get on for handle partner rivalize partake near contest complete be alike be consonant marry up be identical discharge scramble for go for go after execute suffice gratify redeem jockey for position smooth cope with even off carry out seek to displace trim democratise commeasure coordinate adjust democratize socialise even out communize handicap establish socialize make consistent level off bring into line line up


To succeed in
fulfil fulfill enact finalise finalize perpetrate realise contrive accomplish achieve attain bring about bring off bring to fruition carry off carry out carry through clinch consummate do proud effect effectuate engineer execute fulfill your potential gain fulfillment make it manage perfect pull something off realize satisfy score succeed in deliver on pull off get done make happen nail it follow through with get there make good rack up sew up wrap up bear out make good on make the grade complete reach finish perform produce conclude negotiate compass honor commit secure hit seize grasp land honour conquer strike conduct meet earn bag wrest do fix discharge net prosecute acquire gain make win procure snag chalk up clock up arrive at follow through on notch up latch onto take care of put through bring to completion get someplace do justice to keep faith with fulfill one's potential make hay be true to do the trick put it over do one proud do a bang-up job put the tin lid on garner succeed get obtain capture reap log ring up actualize gather establish receive collect draw reify hook glean come by wangle nab collar cop knock down get hold of bring in have come into possession of get hands on pull down go the distance nail catalyze catalyse find live up assume notch make it to make work go through with finish off inherit bring to pass bring home the bacon pick up derive incarnate pot swing scoop harvest make real carry be awarded be given clear take over advance walk off with build up annexe enlist come away with annex walk away with ameliorate make concrete materialize materialise reorganise corporealize make a reality reorganize come into accede to be elevated to appropriate amass grab come to have access glom onto possess oneself of polish off


To act in accordance to the terms of
fulfil fulfill uphold honor execute respect complete heed implement redeem accord with adhere to agree with answer be in accordance with be in agreement with be in conformity with comply with conform to embrace fill follow honour keep make good on match meet obey observe respond to satisfy abide by stick to stick with accord to act according to carry out cooperate with fall in with keep to live by stand by stick by acquiesce to act in accordance with defer to fall in line with follow through with go along with pay heed to submit to take heed of yield to assent to bear out be true to do as told get through see through toe the line go through with keep faith with make it through discharge effect effectuate be faithful to perform carry through be true be faithful be as good as action reach consummate affect accommodate serve realize accomplish apply attain nail adopt achieve administer actualize acknowledge realise perfect do actionize enforce sanctify agree to carry off deliver on be heedful of act on do justice to match up to follow through on pay regard to be guided by square with check with be bound by accommodate to cater to cohere with act upon chord with measure up to cope with harmonize with pull off tally with make the grade coincide with be good enough perform according to fill the bill cut the mustard fit the bill bring to completion follow up on put into effect pass muster put into action be loyal to put into practice put into operation goose-step to mind hold to pay attention to accept conform consent to accede to acquiesce in bear in mind take to heart conform with go to the wall for recognize recognise note maintain support listen to watch give allegiance to regard have regard to concede to bow to follow orders concur with practice practise adhere be loyal remain true to cleave to be devoted be devoted to sticky by be attached be constant keep to the rules adapt to stick to the rules go by the book do what one is told adhere to the rules go with the flow don't rock the boat play by the rules be dutiful to abide by the rules comply with the rules observe the rules act in accordance with the rules be ruled by obey the rules knuckle under kowtow to don't make waves adjust to play it by the book follow the rules fit concur agree cohere correspond accord coincide harmonize check dovetail comport rhyme reconcile chord tally go suit level jibe be in harmony be consistent with rime be consonant consist balance be congruous harmonise be consistent gee be compatible align with match up check out fit in sort square be in agreement


To assure someone that an event or action will definitely take place
promise pledge swear vow assure guarantee commit stipulate undertake vouch affirm confirm declare engage warrant agree contract covenant ensure plight assent bind espouse underwrite accede obligate profess secure subscribe bind oneself commit oneself swear an oath cross your heart give an assurance give an undertaking give an undertaking to give your word cross heart answer for say so swear up and down take an oath swear on bible assert avow attest state aver testify certify avouch asseverate pronounce maintain claim proclaim guaranty give one's word allege insist verify endorse cinch cross one's heart lay down uphold support affiance depose vouchsafe prove betroth troth predicate announce acknowledge validate contend insure purport authenticate corroborate swear on the Bible protest make a deposition stand behind give assurances enter into an agreement state under oath establish vouch for give a pledge clinch ice witness give your word of honour nail down lock up give your assurance bargain reassure oblige wager stake concur soak plight oneself pledge oneself solemnly promise dare say trust promise under oath cross one's heart and hope to die swear to the fact negotiate a deal reach an agreement back defend pledge yourself swear blind consent allow approve provide give witness swear by depend on rely on sign for effect get behind have confidence in swear to God make an affidavit delegate sponsor argue arrange set out give your oath give word tell put oneself down for back up stand by sew up make safe seal show lock on set the seal on okay encourage set sustain rubber-stamp repeat bear out bear witness have a lock on put on ice give grounds for reassert reaffirm give someone your word pawn swear under oath bind yourself make a commitment buttress substantiate undertake solemnly give word of honor plight faith plight troth make compact give one's hand become engaged tie oneself to forfeit hypothecate mortgage offer as security use as a guarantee say indicate admit express reveal confess suggest advance utter put forward hold present submit disclose justify evince make known cite testify to propound evidence adduce deliver ratify demonstrate manifest attest to recognize opine postulate concede divulge promulgate propose press air expound make out expose voice recognise advocate publish grant own enunciate broadcast emphasize convey emphasise sound communicate pass explain imply intimate plead represent determine accept offer own up verbalize mention put forth posit come out with recite stress illustrate give evidence speak ascertain denote vent publicize bear witness to verbalise spiel give out narrate articulate point out publicise move set forth spell out trumpet bring forward make evident show beyond doubt asservate make public swear to vocalize let on recount raise exhibit ventilate report advertise advertize talk mouth bespeak note document vocalise signify post clarify give substance to give voice to leak give testimony charge bring out pretend open up give away fess up come clean put into words insinuate hint put decree connote give phrase word signal specify blast quote volunteer herald table vindicate annunciate blazon realize moot inform blare impart relate spout release render elucidate urge appear import disseminate sing give credence to circulate betoken check spill realise blurt yield mutter shout show to be true be evidence of modulate sound off get across declaim show clearly discover throw out give utterance to give expression to lay down the law own up to blurt out talk about 'fess up pop off blow the lid off bring into the open second be responsible for adjudicate rule impute judge name formulate call stand up for hypothesize frame reflect couch preach proffer dictate remark reason champion venture blaze debate allegate broach prescribe notify discuss speak for circumstantiate enounce stump placard flash settle spread rehearse register reinforce showcase sound out detail designate favor orate sanction favour cry outline request exclaim stick up for intone unveil appreciate speak out countenance depone ostend state on oath confide come out rumor invite acquiesce lay bare soliloquize make clear blab chirp make plain show once and for all get off chest see cough nominate solicit bare read whisper jaw lip embrace rumour put across put up be aware of be conscious of refer to hypothesise cop to give proof of let out pass on tell the truth tell all about give substance to the fact that make a clean breast of witness to the fact that come out of the closet go public with bring to light make a clean breast spill the beans produce evidence demonstrate the truth go along with submit proof let the cat out of the bag witness to reel off demonstrate the truth of submit evidence subscribe to spill the beans about establish evidence spill your guts produce proof come up with speak with confidence challenge accuse syllogize reiterate lay insist on give assurance of show the truth of bolster make a case identify instance breathe say confidently point project reenforce invoke be emphatic enforce find put about that lay out strengthen be liable for go bail for assert under oath stand bail for be proof of be a monument to cop adjure assign draw conclusions blaze abroad countersign press for make clean breast allow to be valid result develop fix convince be aware that be conscious that chime chin ejaculate give words to go mark relay call attention to observe have a case add up shore up lend weight to take a stand be a sign of blazon abroad address chatter mumble stand for be a witness flag up say under oath get on a soapbox spread it around state publicly shoot off mouth shout from the housetops pass the word shout something from the rooftops shout out make reference to retell yammer pipe summarise yak murmur summarize perorate drawl regurgitate gab gas translate interpose betray croon constate soapbox provide evidence of interject explicate look paraphrase intonate inflect depose to animadvert throw one's weight behind babble yell clothe roar pipe up with get off speak about unfold editorialise editorialize comment talk big talk of weigh in say out loud read out give a recitation read aloud say aloud read out loud restate shoot one's wad mouth off shoot off one's mouth get on soapbox blow hot air act as if put in words seem avert cosign assume presuppose get over put over pour out perceive cognize know let slip let drop let fall issue give utterance go into shout from the rooftops give vent to give expression bring out into open bring to public attention put cards on table dish the dirt get out of system give the low-down go public on blow the gaff take the wraps off bring out into the open blow wide open give the show away let cat out of the bag break the news come clean about take the lid off bring to public notice give the game away let on about get off your chest mean bow to agree to approve of accede to acquiesce in cooperate with concur with arbitrate suppose defer to acknowledge publicly declare publicly impersonate intend make sure pose decide come out of closet cop a plea take on board be wise to admit guilt presume bear testimony act as a witness give an affidavit personate lay claim rip cross zap mix dispute enjoin make a public declaration of state one's faith in affirm one's allegiance to affirm one's faith in accept blame unbosom oneself snitch unload plead guilty squeal weasel fink accept responsibility finger tell all blow infer see to it make certain accommodate have welcome receive consent to gain entertain take adopt be completely honest be ostensibly be apparently set oneself up pose as theorize premise tender peddle promote vote introduce bounce self-declare dump on self-disclose make a clean breast of it clue in make a clean breast of things self-report spill your guts about make clean breast of tip hand get something off your chest open one's heart self-respond humble oneself level with rat on let the cat out of the bag about self-divulge spit out be disguised as allege that one is masquerade as pass for set oneself up as have at lace into go at take on set to lay into jump on come at light into give a ruling on sit in judgement on rule on make a ruling on sit in judgment pass judgment decide on settle on give a verdict on pass judgement on allude double-check be sure to be in no doubt satisfy oneself do not forget to take care propone recommend ask spitball counsel advise proposition prefer kibitz assert that one is proclaim that one is maintain that one is imply that one is point to represent oneself as feign the identity of pass oneself off as lock horns with gang up on let have it put up argument stick it to mix it up display uncover bring up get at give a clue tip someone the wink about convey the impression hint at say indirectly drive at give someone to understand give a hint drop a hint allude to point toward give someone to believe make reference to the fact allude to the fact tip off let cat out of bag give an inkling give someone an inkling of ascribe sock it to one have bone to pick fly in face of guess take for granted choose take as a hypothesis theorise select estimate speculate figure commend drum blow the gaff on go into details squeal about get something off one's chest cough up make a motion put to speak one's piece hold out make a pitch move for hit on lay before lay on the line indorse enumerate ordain patronize describe interpret pitch set down tout pontificate patronise be specific about give blow-by-blow give rundown chime in side with agitate for pull for campaign for go for root for work for lend support to argue for spread around constitute proof of constitute evidence of clear up

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