Đồng nghĩa của demean oneself


To be humble or humbled
sink stoop abase cheapen debase degrade humble chasten demean descend discredit disgrace dishonour dishonor foul lower shame smirch bemean humiliate succumb be reduced debase oneself debase yourself demean yourself lower oneself lower yourself cast down be reduced to take down mortify belittle denigrate devalue embarrass put down disparage cut down to size abash take down a peg smear condescend deign shoot down taint take down a peg or two tarnish corrupt crush reduce debauch prostitute deflate diminish own blot bring down tear down bring low make someone eat crow show up put someone in their place subdue defame sully slander stigmatize demote pervert deteriorate bastardize squash lessen profane warp vitiate deprave subvert derogate canker chagrin besmear poison snub defile stigmatise bastardise cause to lose face reflect badly on bring into disrepute drag through the mud run down bring shame to give a black eye stain downgrade resort besmirch concede discomfit break slur injure demoralize blemish blacken attaint libel mudsling reproach disfavor drag down disfavour make a fool of pull down demoralise slam pan ridicule put to shame drag through the mire make someone eat humble pie bring shame upon give a bad name put in a bad light come down from one's high horse humble oneself settle someone's hash go as far as lower the status of bring shame on depress unbend crawl demolish subjugate brand cow disconcert scandalize make uncomfortable make someone feel ashamed curb cast a slur reduce the status of spot dump on lower someone's status lower someone's dignity let down take apart disconsider disoblige tame disregard deride desecrate disrespect scandalise mock vouchsafe quash blister wither rip discountenance discipline restrain soften flatten confound confuse vanquish downplay abase oneself give a bad name to tar and feather lose face take to bits take to pieces afflict check repress depreciate betray put out of countenance play down cause to feel small take the wind out of someone's sails make ashamed minimize undervalue minimise make lose face sell out be untrue to oneself beat down put in your place abandon one's principles accommodate harm damage mar brutalize spoil weaken dehumanize desensitize undermine dehumanise decry desensitise destroy detract brutalise sink as low as act beneath oneself cut down silence overcome upset squelch put away strike dumb pop one's balloon make eat dirt put one away bring down a peg make one feel small cut to the quick force to eat humble pie vilify malign calumniate censure soil insult expose compromise disesteem cast aspersions on ruin the reputation of pooh-pooh do a hatchet job on destroy someone's credibility detract from bring into disfavour damage someone's reputation show in a bad light blacken someone's name traduce asperse bring discredit to bad-mouth knock rubbish befoul slag off speak ill of blotch breathe on attack muckrake sling mud at fling mud at do a number on cast a slur on assail rip up and down spread scandal about run smear campaign blacken the name of pollute blight hurt dirty smudge mark contaminate denounce daub offend spatter scorch ruin roast prejudice vilipend deprecate bring dishonour to displease tar condemn damage the reputation of poor-mouth revile label muddy begrime grime pillory characterize annoy scorn slight splash discolour vex impair class classify splatter dismay back-bite muck gaum mire distain bemire contemn horrify appal dis get dirty disfigure speak evil of characterise blackguard affront deface dismiss mark out despoil trash belie make filthy make dirty get filthy reflect negatively discolor appall pour scorn on criticise have the last laugh on mess up waste cast in a bad light harm the reputation of get the better of muddy the reputation of ravage criticize blacken the reputation of adulterate badmouth bedaub distort dilute influence despise bestialize infect misrepresent touch darken anoint mongrelize sling mud impugn be prejudicial to lower in rank slag gossip about vituperate drag through mud drag someone's name through the mud deform lower in status lie about blacken the character of villainize throw mud at disappoint stamp designate tag tell lies about relegate blot one's copybook run a smear campaign against crumb bedraggle maculate mess muss make mucky muss up muck up knock down cloud faze fluster rattle nonplus cast slur on put zingers on underestimate declass underrate do discredit to put someone to shame get one's comeuppance take the wind out harass worry cast a slur upon shock outrage disgust trivialize bump set back revert perturb disdain treat lightly blemish the reputation of tarnish the reputation of be a discredit to disrate bust mark down reduce to the ranks kick downstairs discompose scoff at make light of discount trash-talk diss cry down do down sneer at slate sicken repel revolt nauseate minify sell short misprize tinge rap abuse trivialise dispraise have a go at find fault with look down on pull apart write off clamor against hold cheap kiss off talk down spurn hit out at fault pick holes in become a stain of the escutcheon of become a blot of the escutcheon of irk backbite give offence to raise eyebrows amongst blackball cause raised eyebrows lampoon cause a few raised eyebrows amongst irritate miff zing disquiet chop insinuate push cap peeve dissatisfy categorize kick in the teeth skin alive blow off cut up identify describe slap in the face hit where one lives wreck scar call categorise name flaw total blow undo bloody crab cripple endamage crool disfeature label negatively accuse of being cross up make useless be a blot on the landscape devastate plunder screw up depredate sack pillage smash put a damper on desolate spoliate

Trái nghĩa của demean oneself

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