Đồng nghĩa của get the better of

Alternative for get the better of

Đồng nghĩa: defeat, overcome,


(of a feeling or urge) Be too strong to conceal or resist
beat defeat trounce best conquer overpower rout thrash triumph over destroy drub overcome overwhelm prevail over vanquish win against clobber crush gain a victory over kill lick murder quash slaughter subdue win over worst crucify demolish hammer make mincemeat of paste walk all over walk over whip better marmalize run rings around shellac skunk stuff take to the cleaners wipe the floor with get the upper hand surmount master own cream subjugate bring someone to their knees dispatch stop overmatch upend take get trim overbear get around overthrow blow out of the water tank be victorious over quell do down outdo annihilate massacre smash blow out surpass flatten outclass slam give someone a hiding wallop pound excel pulverize cane beat hollow outplay pulverise give someone a drubbing turn inside out top whomp smother outstrip undo total trash outshine outperform bury repress defeat utterly reduce overturn knock out bear down blow away wipe out exceed suppress transcend smoke break whup whop whap dust overshadow bomb humble trample win a resounding victory over tromp throw upset overrun skin flog torpedo be victorious zap triumph rise above snow under work over go one better than do better than pommel win dominate subject eclipse trump pacify subordinate subvert wax put down prevail finish outrun put in the shade knock for a loop swamp outmaneuver gain mastery over sink take it all drop put paid to outmatch outmanoeuvre pip at the post spank get the upper hand over lambaste outflank strike chasten render incapable render powerless pick apart outwit floor render helpless cap control devastate bust pass improve upon improve on stagger hide bulldoze curb pummel baste route roll obliterate override immobilize put to shame slay wipe off map outpace outjump tower over knock spots off deck do down shipwreck gain the advantage over steamroll bring to ruin take to cleaners ruin whack take a stick to come out on top grind down overtake roll back shut down finish off knock over chastise overtop rough up bash cut to pieces punish maul pummelled run roughshod over humiliate outgun batter belt gain ascendancy over mess up curry leather whitewash put an end to edge out pwn beat up flax run rings round KO outsmart thump plow under mow down butcher edge whale outhit decimate buffet tan ambush hurdle outdistance immobilise bludgeon slog entrap thresh beat down bung up nose out win a victory over give a drubbing to get one up on make a fool of do in slap about tame outrival be better than hose shoot ahead of clean up on larrup beat back put to rout blow out of water put to flight shut out throw back in confusion drive off extinguish gain the upper hand over confound discomfit bring to knees circumvent succeed over frustrate thwart trample underfoot overmaster foil checkmate put someone in their place topple capsize turn over nullify dismantle break down hegemonize cope with get over get control of get a grip on deal with waste bowl over shellack take care of put away blank shut off stretch dumbfound roll over take out overawe gain control over lay one out defeat heavily defeat easily demoralise render speechless eradicate astonish knock for six demoralize knock socks off shock oppress stun come out on top of weather outlive survive render outcompete outrank overstep scoop be more than a match for outstep get one over on go one better outhussle go beyond carry the day take the prize sweep prevail against be successful get last laugh come first take the cake win through gain mastery of take the honours be the victor win hands down win out take the crown gain a victory shake off overpass shame shoot ahead knock off unseat give someone a pasting wreck raze blast bring down shatter exterminate abolish stamp out squash snuff out level desolate squelch ravage vaporize silence liquidate crack down on terminate pull down tear down vaporise clamp down on slap down rub out put the kibosh on check end impair spoil blight desecrate scotch scupper dash quench extirpate nuke sabotage nix dismiss gain control of get rid of wreak havoc on knock down bring to naught put a stop to oust depose force displace steamroller cow degrade supplant remove damage enslave stifle execute muller dethrone defenestrate wrack mar ruinate blow eliminate prostrate dish banjax assassinate botch despoil ravish scourge cruel euchre remove from office bring to heel mangle maim mutilate do for do away with leave in ruins hold sway over bring under the yoke dispose of put the lid on bring about the downfall of blow a hole in bump off sit on blot out lay waste nip in the bud keep under thumb leave desolate unbuild settle raze to the ground turn something inside out run circles around mop up take apart take down scrunch squish knock the stuffing out of outfight shoot down uncrown dispirit undermine weaken tyrannize colonize be the ruination of queer administer the coup de grâce drive to the wall carry off give the coup de grâce take someone's life move in for the kill take off cripple enfeeble demote put the skids under throw a monkey wrench in the works of be the ruin of throw a spanner in the works of seal the doom of compel enthrall rule coerce underyoke eject dwarf upstage incapacitate downgrade disrate sap smash down wear down rule over tyrannise colonise enthral leave tower above usurp unthrone impoverish kill off be head and shoulders above be superior to be a cut above hold sway kick around reel back in seize annex whelm discharge dislodge defrock unmake deprive send to the gas chambers put to death stick torture put to the sword cut down enervate disestablish dissolve inhibit discontinue gut quelch ice strangle consume cancel halt arrest discrown erase tip remove from power purge tumble bring low bombard occupy put lid on bottle put out trample on keep inside clamp hold in shush break the spirit cut off keep in put kibosh on spike block out stem drive underground hold down interrupt expunge shell attack havoc efface injure invade force down bear down on cause instability disrupt cannonade disfigure dilapidate defile bodge deface poison strafe drum out appropriate annexe capture deplete abate break up wreak havoc assault make a mess of reduce to nothing reduce to rubble foul up bring to nothing screw up wreak havoc upon clean out lay in ruins louse up benothing take over wipe from the face of the earth clean up wipe off the map wipe off the face of the earth black out root out sweep away blitzkrieg take control of take possession of barrage hit target lather blitz cook one's goose fix one's wagon wipe off the mat


To frustrate or prevent (someone) from achieving an aim
defeat foil frustrate thwart ruin forestall neutralise neutralize baulk block circumvent contravene debar derail impede invalidate obstruct obviate overturn prevent scotch scuttle snooker stop stymie baffle bar confound deter discomfit halt hamper hinder nullify repel repress squash suppress upset balk checkmate curb dash nobble outwit parry rattle repulse scupper spoil undo blank bury check counter counterplot cross disappoint do for restrain put a stop to put paid to nip in the bud put the kibosh on put the stopper on put the mockers on screw up mess up beat down cause setback foul up hold up louse up stand in the way of upset one's apple cart put a spoke in someone's wheel put end to take wind out of sails beat cramp crimp counteract oppose smash inhibit trammel stall elude quash cripple prohibit bilk stump crab annul escape head off upset the apple cart evade put an end to fetter avoid hobble sidestep negate arrest root skirt stave off interfere with cancel ward off hold back take down stonewall take wind out of steer clear of hang up give the slip conquer defy cramp one's style withstand stifle bypass dodge hamstring offset duck crush be beyond circumnavigate snafu traverse wreck deflect forbid retard restrict queer disconcert overrule ditch juke kill avert defend against hold off overcome shut out cook someone's goose play off put the lid on spike someone's guns queer someone's pitch corner give the run around throw monkey wrench in throw a spanner in the works resist buck get out of shun divert finish something finish off countermove eschew surpass challenge act against disrupt interdict limit miss extinguish end crash keep lid on unsettle exceed quell destroy throw a curve fend off shatter make an end of bring to a close beggar confuse cheat bring an end to dish skin cease promote faze skip shake buffalo bollix put the damper on put a damper on confront pour cold water on throw cold water on shake off shuffle off triumph gain vanquish bring to an end crool banjax run circles around give the run-around run rings around be the end of lick preclude halt in its tracks shackle handicap puzzle throw a monkey wrench in the works put a brake on mystify upset the applecart dash one's hope encumber clog manacle short-circuit hog-tie nonplus handcuff embarrass veto flummox reject dead-end pigeonhole shelve tie up render null and void vote down disallow choke off cut off hang fire put on hold refuse revoke recant throw a monkey wrench into put on back burner throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw out rule against counterbalance give the thumbs down to counterpoise countervail negative balance compensate for cancel out make up for correct balance out counterweigh equalize square up be an antidote to countercheck make ineffective override equalise deactivate even up abrogate defuse wipe out subdue redress counterweight render ineffective intercept forfend pre-empt turn aside torpedo anticipate chill interrupt rule out devastate clobber blight sink dampen preempt help sabotage second-guess save keep get ahead of get in before shirk provide against steal a march on keep from happening ward cool get around beat someone to it beat someone to the punch beat someone to the draw keep off keep at bay plug worst throw estop demolish interfere attack spike hit blow stay forefend put off stave cork dam desist discontinue damp damage let commandeer injure blast mar disadvise scare poison be early turn off talk out of act like a wet blanket beat somebody to it be one step ahead of pick off act in advance of prepare for head off at pass cloud nix euchre wreak havoc with cruel wreak havoc on defend guard bulwark fence burst one's bubble shortcut discourage screen blow a hole in bring to naught outflank cover fend outmanoeuvre shield against fight off guard against safeguard against secure against stand up for protect against defend oneself against keep at arm's length skirt round outmaneuver preoccupy forecast delay monopolize project expect foresee envision predict find a way round monopolise get round end-run find a way around get past go around flee lose scape outrun body-swerve stay shy of throw off the scent fly weasel out of run around get away from shy escape from slip away from give the slip to run away from shuffle out of double get away finesse give somebody the slip run from give the runaround slip through the net shuck slip through someone's fingers


To deceive or trick
hoodwink deceive fool trick con delude dupe gull hoax mislead bamboozle cheat outwit cozen swindle bluff diddle do fiddle finagle fleece hornswoggle kid rook sting befool have misguide screw shaft snooker sucker swizzle beguile bilk buffalo bunco burn catch defraud euchre gaff gyp humbug juggle misinform scam snow spoof stiff gammon mulct sharp victimise victimize fake lead on rip off take in double-cross fake out pull a fast one pull a swifty on string along suck in take advantage of take for a ride take to the cleaners do a number on lead up the garden path pull one's leg put one over on have on lead one down the garden path make a sucker of pull a fast one on pull the wool over one's eyes pull the wool over somebody's eyes sell a pup sell a pup to pull someone's leg throw dust in someone's eyes flimflam skin hose bleed betray hustle chisel beat stick shortchange exploit ream squeeze short entrap skunk thimblerig chouse pluck nobble inveigle seduce do in chicane shake down illude lead astray overreach sell milk outfox outmanoeuvre give someone a bum steer outmaneuver jive ensnare put on lure rope in lie sandbag set up fudge stitch up clip circumvent sell down the river pull the wool over someone's eyes do the dirty on embezzle goldbrick outsmart gouge rob fox make a fool of tempt entice disinform fabricate misrepresent bait trap gazump distort mousetrap impose on misdirect baffle juke throw off the scent put on the wrong track caboodle prevaricate swizz outslick manipulate outjockey misstate double-deal take shuck outdo overcharge wheedle frame defeat lie to outthink steal a march on catch out pervert falsify outguess top pretend jerk around outgeneral goose worst jip confuse cap bewilder short-change lead down the garden path screw over sell out run a game on two-time stab in the back end run send on a wild goose chase figure out play someone false be disloyal to break faith with be unfaithful to fail let down decoy feign jockey sham cross doublespeak pilfer cajole propagandize thwart rush use trim propagandise sweet-talk play outplay out-think dissimulate disappoint play a trick on prey on four-flush plunder steal give the wrong impression dissemble cover up double-talk gaslight take to cleaners pull something double deal pull fast one put on an act put on false front pass off run rings round bait and switch give wrong information to put up smoke screen play trick on do out of sell a bill of goods to pull wool over eyes sell a bill of goods be cleverer than make rings round lead up garden path wrong steer put up a front do someone in the eye pull somebody's leg corrupt duck weasel dodge do someone dirty lead off slip out cop out worm one's way out of beat around the bush impose stretch the rules bend the rules pull something funny stack the cards hit below the belt slip something over on stump pull in dust pigeon filch outperform bunk maneuver manoeuvre entangle enmesh wind up molest abuse heist welsh bilk of extort play a jest on play a prank on play a joke on murphy blag soak enchant entrance charm attract sway contrive despoil play dirty play a practical joke on frustrate ruin foil hypnotize woo bewitch dazzle blind mesmerize captivate spellbind throw wangle impress coax dally trifle hook cuckold win over psych out toy play-act play games with bleed dry lead somebody down the garden path gip wanton intimidate harass hound soft-soap be sold a pup go one better than fix flam trip up bias impose upon take for play away cross up step out do number on sucker into allure solicit play joke on beat out of take for ride pull wool over butter up fit up lay a trap for play for a fool hypnotise mesmerise shave finesse hocus-pocus lirt crib blench rogue belirt toy with trifle with dally with play with terrorize blackmail attack pick on backstab make use of play fast and loose with give the runaround send on a wild-goose chase split play games stage-manage pull strings pull wires play for a sucker twist around your little finger take out fast talk give bum steer break the rules give the shaft terrorise best overcome affect simulate counterfeit yuck yuk jest jape joke banter fun jolly josh quip gag wisecrack chaff profess assume fib allege rag ridicule mock bother act claim aspire impersonate purport let on pass yourself off as make out pass for lay claim masquerade be deceitful stonewall malinger be hypocritical fish jazz claim falsely whitewash shuck and jive exaggerate perjure equivocate misspeak make sport of poke fun at make fun of yank somebody's chain palter bull overdraw misinstruct forswear tell an untruth tell a falsehood BS be economical with the truth not speak the truth perjure yourself make up a story tell stories invent a story lie through one's teeth be untruthful break promise make believe tell a lie lack candor forswear oneself bear false witness say something untrue commit perjury not tell the truth fake it stretch the truth tell a white lie perjure oneself tell untruths forswear yourself tell a terminological inexactitude concoct a story be forsworn depart from the truth persuade induce draw influence flatter blandish blarney urge fascinate talk into prevail on pull convince steer bring round come on palaver tantalize wile get round prevail upon tantalise work on invite get coerce tease press worm plague pester snare honey turn on argue into smooth-talk bribe prejudice bedevil impel pressurize flirt intrigue brainwash control appeal to work importune jawbone soothe barter enrapture flirt with turn stroke whet the appetite of oil soap pressurise bring pressure to bear on get around sweep off one's feet toll rig make mouth water sweeten up arm-twist make up to one-up spread it on talk court put someone up to something witch magnetize kill beckon make prod lead poison flannel fawn pressure reason argue train rope drag flatter into magnetise distract ensorcell tout shill ingratiate coquet kowtow obsess dare hit on draw in operate angle soften up toady caress egg one on stupefy lay it on draw out give the come-on to sweep off feet bootlick soften crowd push brownnose massage arrange bat eyes at defy pander to vamp besot make your mouth water torture torment titillate elude rebel against disobey belie dangle a carrot in front of philander with work over build up apple polish dangle something infatuate come on to suck up to play up to get next to hand a line machinate swing plot bring off collude lobby connive conspire chat up challenge lick someone's boots taunt provoke excite direct rub the right way lay it on thick sweep you off your feet make eyes at net compel dragoon counsel badger annoy worry harry gnaw beleaguer encourage capture work upon lean on twist someone's arm incite talk round pull strings with incline browbeat suborn colour bag immesh implicate embroil mesh ensnarl entoil tangle keep hanging make yourself felt with carry weight with touch bring pressure to bear upon cut any ice with mollify appease land color make someone's mouth water keep someone hanging on placate convert involve catch up betrap benet mistreat patronise capitalize on misuse profit from step on walk all over treat lightly play on take liberties with cash in on maltreat ill-use leverage trade on target patronize use for one's own ends conciliate pacify propitiate sweeten talk someone into something assuage gentle reel in lay for box in set a trap for twist somebody's arm humour set at ease win the affection of put off guard humor unarm disarm undermine someone's resistance


To injure a person's dignity and self-respect
squash humiliate disgrace embarrass shame debase degrade discomfit humble demean expose mortify chasten devalue discredit dishonor dishonour downgrade abase abash crush deflate flatten quash subdue take down own show up bring down bring low put to shame make ashamed put down make a fool of show in a bad light put someone in their place cut down to size have the last laugh on make someone eat crow make someone eat humble pie take down a peg take the wind out of someone's sails settle someone's hash take down a peg or two lower smear cheapen foul sink denigrate smirch shoot down defame sully stain stigmatize slander taint tarnish besmirch disparage chagrin belittle slur reproach besmear snub ridicule disfavor drag through the mud drag through the mire defile bring into disrepute tear down run down bring shame upon disfavour blot cause to lose face put in a bad light stigmatise reflect badly on give a black eye disconcert make uncomfortable make someone feel ashamed vilify malign calumniate censure soil insult mudsling diminish compromise disesteem ruin the reputation of bring into disfavour pooh-pooh do a hatchet job on damage someone's reputation destroy someone's credibility detract from give a bad name blacken someone's name cast aspersions on rip break slam bemean pan discountenance blister wither confound confuse vanquish downplay put out of countenance play down cause to feel small cast down blacken scandalize injure spot desecrate reduce disrespect disregard deride give a bad name to scandalise attaint lose face mock libel derogate bring shame on tar and feather

Trái nghĩa của get the better of

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