Đồng nghĩa của debar

Alternative for debar

debar /di'bɑ:/
  • ngoại động từ
    • ngăn cản, ngăn cấm
      • to debar someone from doing something: ngăn cản ai không cho làm gì
    • tước
      • to debar somebody from voting: tước quyền bầu cử của ai
      • to be debarred from one's rights: bị tước hết quyền


To prohibit or interdict the participation or inclusion of
bar exclude ban preclude blackball disentitle disqualify reject black eliminate except prohibit rule out stop disfellowship interdict shut out close out count out declare ineligible deny deprive expel forbid freeze out keep out lock out refuse suspend veto say no to refuse admission to refuse entrance to leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder to stand in the way of ostracize ostracise proscribe blacklist boycott block repudiate embargo prevent remove disallow evict bate banish snub outlaw eject leave out oust omit check shun spurn dismiss disregard obviate avoid ignore estop throw out keep off cold-shoulder get rid of keep at arm's length pass over close one's doors to invalidate impede restrict disenable hinder restrain obstruct exile vote against nix inhibit discount discontinue disable forestall forfend force out deter put an embargo on ward off send to Coventry shut off give the cold shoulder steer clear of place an embargo on rusticate deny admittance to render make illegal lock someone out enjoin unchurch blank taboo exempt inveigh declare incapable denounce coldshoulder discard thwart down negative kill cashier drum out consider undesirable anathematize override circumvent limit refuse to employ thumbs down hit list put on hit list cancel avert abolish revoke recant unfit hand someone the frozen mitt leave in the cold takfir curse shut out of leave out of account weed out mark off shoot down cast out excommunicate incapacitate stave off put paid to not consider forget about disfranchise eighty-six paralyze impair weaken paralyse cut off not make the cut strike ward quit cease interrupt cover withhold patronage conceal mask hide disbar bounce make impossible make it impossible for make it impracticable for veil abstain from shroud wash one's hands of pass by turn your back on brush off have nothing to do with stay away from impose sanctions hold aloof from ice out refrain from give a wide berth to pass up refuse to take part in seclude close deny access to disclude occlude sideline blockade screen beleaguer not count refuse to admit cut out miss out make impracticable put a stop to put out set aside prevent from entering refuse admittance drive out shut the door on block out fence off


To expel or send away, especially permanently
expel dismiss ban bar oust throw out blackball drum out turn out kick out blacklist cashier discharge exclude out reject relegate remove turf out banish black boot out bounce chase defenestrate eject push out rout slang thrust out chuck out fling out send packing sling out bin off bust cast out dispossess expulse fire fordrive get rid of heave out run off sack suspend ask to leave drive away give someone the push give the elbow give someone the air give someone the big E give the boot give the bum's rush give the hook give walking papers show the door show you the door throw out on ear throw out on your ear unseat depose dethrone disbar topple let go give notice to declare redundant deprive of office lay off retire make redundant evict force out drive out throw someone out on their ear give someone their marching orders deport exile put out give someone the boot extrude dislodge send away displace boot axe ax give the heave-ho give the old heave-ho discard eliminate turf chuck can force to leave send off chase out toss out show out show the door to put out in the street expatriate transport extradite empty disallow repatriate ostracize expropriate ostracise yeet ship out hand someone his hat muster out chase off give one the gate shut out throw out on the streets toss out on ear heave-ho disband disperse liberate demobilize rid bundle dispatch clear demobilise overthrow supplant overturn demote cast off let out slough off allow to go send home lock out do without push aside dispense with dispose of deprive uncrown downgrade unthrone degrade bring down unmake defrock omit bump toss eighty-six ditch irrupt unloose dump give the sack to cut delete throw overboard kiss goodbye drive off squeeze out give someone the bullet elide erase slur disregard forget do away with give someone their P45 give someone their cards give the chop impeach unfrock unhorse upset break discrown subvert remove from office drop show the gate to strip of rank give something a miss take out leave off leave out miss out freeze out give heave-ho run out of town ride out on rail


To frustrate or prevent (someone) from achieving an aim
defeat foil frustrate thwart ruin forestall neutralise neutralize baulk block circumvent contravene derail impede invalidate obstruct obviate overturn prevent scotch scuttle snooker stop stymie baffle bar confound deter discomfit halt hamper hinder nullify repel repress squash suppress upset balk checkmate curb dash nobble outwit parry rattle repulse scupper spoil undo blank bury check counter counterplot cross disappoint do for restrain put a stop to put paid to nip in the bud put the kibosh on put the stopper on get the better of put the mockers on screw up mess up beat down cause setback foul up hold up louse up stand in the way of upset one's apple cart put a spoke in someone's wheel put end to take wind out of sails beat cramp crimp counteract oppose smash inhibit trammel stall elude quash cripple prohibit bilk stump crab annul escape head off upset the apple cart evade put an end to fetter avoid hobble sidestep negate arrest root skirt stave off interfere with cancel ward off hold back take down stonewall take wind out of steer clear of hang up give the slip conquer defy cramp one's style withstand stifle bypass dodge hamstring offset duck crush be beyond circumnavigate snafu traverse wreck deflect forbid retard restrict queer disconcert overrule ditch juke kill avert defend against hold off overcome shut out cook someone's goose play off put the lid on spike someone's guns queer someone's pitch corner give the run around throw monkey wrench in throw a spanner in the works resist buck get out of shun divert finish something finish off countermove eschew surpass challenge act against disrupt interdict limit miss extinguish end crash keep lid on unsettle exceed quell destroy throw a curve fend off shatter make an end of bring to a close beggar confuse cheat bring an end to dish skin cease promote faze skip shake buffalo bollix put the damper on put a damper on confront pour cold water on throw cold water on shake off shuffle off triumph gain vanquish bring to an end crool banjax run circles around give the run-around run rings around be the end of lick preclude halt in its tracks shackle handicap puzzle throw a monkey wrench in the works put a brake on mystify upset the applecart dash one's hope encumber clog manacle short-circuit hog-tie nonplus handcuff embarrass veto flummox reject dead-end pigeonhole shelve tie up render null and void vote down disallow choke off cut off hang fire put on hold refuse revoke recant throw a monkey wrench into put on back burner throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw out rule against counterbalance give the thumbs down to counterpoise countervail negative balance compensate for cancel out make up for correct balance out counterweigh equalize square up be an antidote to countercheck make ineffective override equalise deactivate even up abrogate defuse wipe out subdue redress counterweight render ineffective intercept forfend pre-empt turn aside torpedo anticipate chill interrupt rule out devastate clobber blight dampen sink preempt help sabotage second-guess save keep get ahead of get in before shirk provide against steal a march on ward cool get around beat someone to it beat someone to the punch beat someone to the draw keep off keep at bay plug worst throw estop demolish interfere attack spike hit blow stay forefend stave cork dam desist discontinue damp damage let commandeer injure blast mar disadvise scare keep from happening poison be early turn off talk out of act like a wet blanket beat somebody to it be one step ahead of pick off act in advance of prepare for head off at pass cloud nix euchre wreak havoc with cruel wreak havoc on defend guard bulwark fence burst one's bubble shortcut discourage screen blow a hole in bring to naught outflank cover fend outmanoeuvre shield against fight off guard against safeguard against secure against stand up for protect against defend oneself against keep at arm's length skirt round outmaneuver preoccupy forecast delay monopolize project expect foresee envision predict find a way round monopolise get round end-run find a way around get past go around flee lose scape outrun body-swerve stay shy of throw off the scent be beyond someone fly weasel out of run around get away from shy escape from slip away from give the slip to run away from shuffle out of double get away finesse give somebody the slip run from give the runaround slip through the net shuck slip through someone's fingers


To limit or restrict
restrain control check contain curb bridle restrict suppress hold limit subdue regulate repress constrain govern muzzle confine cork dampen hamper handicap inhibit moderate prevent rein bit curtail harness hinder hold back keep keep in check leash measure rule smother stifle tame bottle up choke back hold in check rein in straiten circumscribe cool delimit detain deter direct gag guide hogtie impound imprison gaol jail keep within bounds kill pull in rein back retard stay stem keep in put a brake on box up crack down hem in hold down keep down keep under control lock up pin down pull back put away sit on tie down bring under control keep in line keep the lid on have on a tight leash stop impede obstruct frustrate thwart foil avert arrest block baulk halt forestall prohibit balk preclude obviate bar stave off intercept fend off counteract shut out head off ward off nip in the bud rule out forfend cramp fetter shackle stymie encumber trammel hobble clog handcuff interfere with manacle embarrass hog-tie short-circuit slow down turn aside hold up avoid forbid put a stop to ward interdict tie up chill interrupt put an end to baffle defend against hold off throw a spanner in the works of counter deflect forefend delay keep lid on stave keep at bay dam keep off anticipate hamstring oppose cripple bottleneck crimp burden cumber neutralize choke contravene bork neutralise resist interfere crab be a hindrance to box in set back throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw a spoke in the wheel of throw a spanner in the works get in the way louse up damp let save help pre-empt disadvise scare divert turn off talk out of put a damper on throw cold water on pour cold water on act like a wet blanket discourage slow dissuade quash faze reduce stall sandbag withhold outlaw taboo enjoin hold in hang up put on brakes put an stop to stem the flow of stand in the way of brake derail shut down freeze keep back still catch stonewall pause draw up pull up fetch up get in the way of close off shut off decelerate sabotage circumvent terminate postpone shelve checkmate defer fix bring up intermit bring to a standstill scupper discomfit slow up retardate put off put back foul up screw up back off bog down choke off take down cramp one's style bring to screeching halt throttle obscure screen complicate discontinue suspend stand fence cut short muffle squelch swallow staunch fight back weigh down repulse rebuff monkey with end disrupt slacken pace keep a lid on bite back stand still come to a standstill protract not move stand off peter out remit prorogue rattle prolong bind entangle chain disconcert demarcate put a spoke in someone's wheel play for time make late hold off on hold over cap bound constrict peg cut off give a hard time saddle with scrub sidetrack drop brace can set demark specify prescribe girdle delimitate define knock off place a limit on bring to an end keep within limits keep a tight rein on mark off draw the line on defeat spoil disappoint nullify dash slacken scotch crush confront snooker beat lessen down decrease hesitate loaf falter mire dawdle flag loiter poke bog crool banjax cancel overcome stump negate lick ruin conquer annul outwit do for let up render null and void upset the applecart dash one's hope give the run around put the lid on put the kibosh on


Penalize for wrongdoing
punish discipline penalise penalize chastise chasten correct castigate abuse beat cane get lash mistreat murder scalp sentence thump wallop whip batter flog harm hurt injure misuse oppress scourge manhandle recompense visit admonish blacklist cuff defrock dismiss drop on execute exile expel fine immure incarcerate lecture mete out punishment to paddle rebuke reprimand reprove skin skin alive spank switch tear down train bring someone to book bring to book come down on make an example of slap someone's wrist teach someone a lesson attend to beat up do in give it to someone give someone what for rap knuckles rap someone's knuckles slap wrist crack down on give a going-over give a lesson to give someone the works give the works knock about rough up teach a lesson give a going over throw the book at come down on like a ton of bricks punish severely have someone's guts for garters thrash belt hammer strike whale hide tan birch baste lick pummel lambaste pound bash drub buffet hit maul pummelled pommel whup leather flagellate lambast lather slate bludgeon thresh work over slog whop tromp whap scold curry chide flail bung up flay mess up belabor horsewhip strap pelt belabour club give someone a hiding bat lace slash fib do upbraid berate take to task punch out smack attack clout clobber whack censure lay into reprehend objurgate reproach cowhide rawhide excoriate punch slam cudgel slap condemn tell off call down criticize beat the living daylights out of carpet knock deal with trounce dress down trash bruise tongue-lash larrup tick off smash give someone a dressing-down criticise afflict amerce lace into have a go at rake over the coals paste rag destroy crush thwack assail keelhaul rate assault score jaw rap break rap over the knuckles give someone a roasting scorch pulverize sock trim slug lam rant at give someone a rocket bawl out whomp shellac smother bang rail at give someone a good hiding chew out give a hiding tan someone's hide rain blows on ream out pitch into haul over the coals rail against maltreat read the riot act box pulverise sanction curse torment dock overwhelm rout mulct torture denounce remonstrate with blast impose defeat judge bullwhip revile terrorize harass slaughter annihilate diss deck bollock vituperate smite scathe best quirt flame terrorise hit with exact a penalty from slap with wreck marmalize cream bury fulminate against put on the mat massacre worst flatten smoke demolish disable blister roll crucify tank tonk biff welt bop drum pan lacerate ram swat skunk bomb dust own plug give someone a drubbing defeat utterly give someone a telling-off slag off blow away take a stick to be victorious over put down snow under give someone a bollocking blow out rip into walk all over make mincemeat of whip someone's hide tan one's hide lay one on walk over knock around bring someone to their knees run rings around maim beat hollow triumph over blow out of the water blow up at do over give a talking-to give someone an earful mutilate let someone have it wipe the floor with get the better of mash jump down one's throat mangle take to the cleaners win a resounding victory over take a strap to tear off a strip kill give someone a rollicking knock into the middle of next week turn inside out tear into sort out ground scapegoat crack chin yerk harangue flop flutter flap ferule tap fill in paddlewhack dust someone's britches warm someone's seat wax yell at have words rap across the knuckles severely reprimand thong stripe discipline someone for repress soften exprobate try suppress subjugate smear deride call over the coals roast lash into have your knife in strafe wound damage slipper disfigure contuse cripple lame deface brutalize dash against aim blows at brutalise tear a strip off have on the carpet impair incapacitate gash graze scud skelp scratch put out cause pain to total cut bang up pinch scrape cause injury to give someone a hot bottom put over one's knee give someone a licking put someone over your knee blip flax give somebody a hiding warm someone's bottom beat the living daylights out of someone take disciplinary action against handicap inflict plague blame put on the carpet imprison wreak befall decry reprobate lay down the law devastate trouble harrow disparage deplore deprecate impose penalty inflict a penalty on impose a sentence on inflict handicap bump ruin ravage impact bother slag dis dispraise anathematize execrate disapprove inveigh against fault award a penalty against impose a penalty on put at disadvantage jerk shake whisk arraign find fault with descend on avenge descend upon force upon pain bring down on send up point finger at frame pronounce hang something on depreciate belittle denunciate blow whistle on proscribe give something a bad press send up the river thumbs down on pin it on name put away give someone a bad press lay at one's door adjudge let have it wear out beset burden bedevil charge levy put exact cause suffering to sting assess sconce impose a fine on pay through the nose throw book at make pay confiscate extort punish by fining seize tax sequestrate monster savage wig row rail potshot ream scarify pull up give someone a caning give someone a mouthful give someone a wigging send someone away with a flea in their ear slap on the wrist give a rocket give someone hell criticize severely give someone some stick jump on rap someone the knuckles drag over the coals slap down give someone a row lay out give someone a rating lean on vilify pillory rubbish denigrate bag malign bad-mouth blow up cut up skewer run down pull apart asperse nag light into impugn besmirch slur pull to pieces pick holes in cast aspersions on derogate rip give a piece of one's mind rollick animadvert on take to pieces vituperate against pour scorn on find fault sledge declaim sail into give a bad press to fulminate call on the carpet insult take apart hit out at take someone to task shoot down pick to pieces cut down nitpick about throw brickbats at rap someone over the knuckles accuse carp go on at check inveigh rant disapprove of carp at slander talk to give some stick to rage calumniate traduce take down fustigate scorn kick up a stink about take to the woodshed rave at stigmatize call to account defame storm slang thunder growl caution protest cavil tear to pieces come down hard on monish stigmatise lesson zap cavil at go for the jugular chew someone out tear apart nag at give flak to nit-pick bag on express disapproval of slap someone on the wrist lash out at go on about pick at kick up a fuss about lampoon contemn taunt remonstrate ridicule libel backbite discredit ostracise ostracize animadvert discourse orate perorate recriminate preach rake speak out object complain speak nitpick jawbone mouth off expostulate fume tie into rave spout get after make a stand vociferate beat up on expostulate about climb all over swear at cuss out do a number on shout at objurate pass strictures upon declaim against give one hell jump all over strongly criticize kick draw the line throw shade get at speak to slap on wrist rap on knuckles sound off mouth off about tell a thing or two go after scoff at put someone on the hot seat make a fuss about crawl all over put someone on the griddle burn someone's ears do down tear to shreds nitpick over pin someone's ears back find lacking reprimand severely let fly round on brand lash out refute pull someone up hit out attask exprobrate give a tongue-lashing argue with assault verbally disagree with satirize threap pile in moralise moralize despise warn start on start in harsh rebuff incriminate satirise adjure advise counsel take on take chew fry oppose rank on give going-over ding notice glue forewarn hoist reject read out look askance pick apart jump on one's case bite someone's head off snap someone's head off slight rake over coals criticize harshly fluff dishonor dishonour disgrace dress-down jack up sit on offend lance incise pass judgment jump down someone's throat tear someone a new one give someone a dressing down give someone a telling off give piece of mind give tongue-lashing give somebody a piece of one's mind prosecute minimize discount have words with blacken someone's reputation cast a slur on give someone a carpeting eat out criticize hatefully impeach indict complain about lay on give comeuppance give bad press cut to bits persecute give something a battering weigh into do a hatchet job on give someone bondi take somebody to task take down a peg give a hard time get on burn one's ears have someone on the carpet keep after rag on carp on send someone away with a flea in his lower the boom give the dickens call to task point the finger at give the devil criticize strongly be hard on pick on ride zing hose miscall minimise give someone stick bring to account protest against bluster huff be rude to call names blow off cut to the quick run something down show up charge with protest strongly dump on menace intimidate take a stand trash-talk call someone names throw shade at thunder against rage against make a protest rant about vociferate about animadvert upon vilipend give a black eye protest strongly at remonstrate about challenge bushwhack tackle sic sick raid rush rant and rave rile make a stand against take issue with object to raise objections to make a protest against complain vociferously about disagree violently with oppose strongly put up a fight against kick against complain bitterly about take a stand against speak out against kick up take great exception to set on turn on dive into go in on cry down grumble moan whine grouch gripe fuss grizzle whinge bark at beef grouse crab wail caterwaul cry grump scream repine bellyache bleat keen address talk descant expatiate exhort wade into wade in pounce on pounce upon holler mutter kvetch squeal yammer squawk whimper murmur croak yawp maunder earbash pontificate to sermonize to spout to soapbox declaim to stump accost apostrophize spiel sermonize preach to hold forth to sermonise buttonhole yowl yelp yap bawl yaup spout at spiel to deliver a tirade to speechify to preachify to grouch about sound off to get on a soapbox hold forth give a lecture to have at kick up a fuss sound off about bellyache about take exception complain vehemently about beef about hit hard give the cat o'nine tails

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