Đồng nghĩa của bin off


To end a relationship with
throw over abandon cast aside cast off desert discard finish with jilt leave break up with chuck ditch drop dump leave flat leave stranded rat on eighty-six forsake leave in the lurch quit run out on walk out on break with leave high and dry give someone the push give the elbow split up with give someone the big E strand maroon give up leave behind reject turn your back on wash your hands of turn back on betray blow off kiss off renounce abdicate relinquish break off with kiss goodbye disown repudiate surrender leave someone holding the baby run away from walk away let go of bail out on give the heave-ho withdraw from back out of hang out to dry leave hanging walk away from give someone the air split from beach stop going out with break off one's relationship with leave in a lurch go leave in trouble bail on leave holding the bag leave helpless give notice to brush off forbear run away disappoint divorce oneself from end relations with neglect disclaim abjure shun have nothing more to do with cut off disavow deceive coquette give up the ship flake out cop out cut loose bail out opt out of orphan let someone stew in their own juice leg it pull out of chicken out take a powder storm out drop out fly the coop take a walk bow out screw dispose of kiss good-bye break off split up walk out turn down break up jettison depart from get rid of give the old heave-ho leave at the altar do the dirty on resign yield spurn sacrifice take the oath drift away take your leave of go away from show the door change one's tune abstain from retire from escape from depart vacate exit disappear from be gone from abscond from flee evacuate escape drop out of discontinue take oneself off from decamp set out from disregard fail split with ignore exit from move out of resign from get out of break away from clear out from forget take off from clear fly from flee from empty secede from withdraw hightail bail separate separate from decamp from pull out disaffiliate from defect from separate oneself from split off from sever relations with break away move from walk off head out from bow out of step aside from run along from move out from say goodbye to walk out of take leave from turn your back form a splinter group abandon ship run off from absent oneself from check out from call it quits disillusion cast away cast ashore disenchant fail to support isolate trap cease leave isolated shed fall short of expectation step down from snub bag detach oneself from end bereave let someone down stab in the back bail out from slip out clear from pull out from part company with finish put behind you be done with make vacant make empty eject from leave all alone bail from make an orphan leave alone leave parentless split delink from dissociate oneself from disaffiliate oneself from void disaffiliate avoid retire apostatize break free from retract retreat skidaddle retreat from displace dismiss shirk secede refuse break from become independent cancel divorce banish oust cut out pack up stay clear of have nothing to do with steer clear of weasel out of shy away from opt out give a wide berth to discount toss aside write off shrug off repeal run for the hills go from vamoose from scram from part with bolt from slip out from make oneself scarce from do a disappearing act take a hike from set off from give the slip to go AWOL clear off from head off from remove oneself from cut and run from abort revoke rescind refrain from cheat on do away with back out on be disloyal to be unfaithful to


To fire, sack, or eject someone
give someone the boot discharge dismiss get rid of throw out boot out expel fire give someone their notice kick out lay off make redundant oust sack send packing defenestrate give someone the sack turf out cashier give someone the bullet give someone their cards give someone the push give the elbow give the heave-ho show the door give someone the air give someone their marching orders give the old heave-ho give someone the big E remove eject bounce banish turn out drum out can evict give the bum's rush run off chuck out cast out axe ax sling out muster out give the gate out give walking papers force out put out send away suspend rout throw someone out on their ear reject boot show the door to hand someone his hat chase off send home drive out chase out turf yeet toss out chuck release terminate retire displace depose let go give notice to impeach pay off unfrock give the ax bump pension let out shut out disqualify shelve give someone his recall deselect disfrock disemploy furlough give notice depone wash out kiss off turn off turn away pink-slip give warning defrock unseat ban bar debar blackball throw out on your ear drive away expulse chase slang black blacklist show you the door ask to leave push out relegate exclude fling out fordrive dispossess heave out thrust out give the hook bust exile deport ostracize excommunicate ostracise eliminate extrude dethrone expatriate dislodge freeze out deprive disfellowship discard topple demote repudiate boycott uncrown unthrone drop proscribe unmake veto ignore supplant preclude keep out repatriate embargo leave out leave out in the cold lock out snub dispel send back overturn cut disallow overthrow replace shift omit transfer rusticate disbar prohibit bring down drive off except rule out interdict outlaw cast off scatter count out cut out disperse shun disband clear vote against move nix supersede eighty-six extradite evacuate transport upset discrown break dislocate remove from office give the sack to sideline send off ship refuse forbid discount disclude stop disregard uproot take over close out declare redundant put an embargo on miss out deprive of office send to Coventry take out pink slip give marching orders hand walking papers run out of town put out in the street cut dead ride out on rail give the cold shoulder to give a pink slip consign attaint repulse send down empty unchurch prohibit from entering denounce downgrade degrade heave anathematize excuse unhorse subvert disown court martial overlook strip of rank takfir curse coldshoulder vote out marginalize give heave-ho disentitle purge ditch unloose irrupt dump toss dissipate force to leave unsettle marginalise invisibilize give one's cards unhire shed dehire give pink slip give someone the pink slip give bum's rush sentence sentence to transportation throw overboard kiss goodbye squeeze out do away with give someone their P45 give the chop relieve of duty delete usurp disenthrone disthrone show the gate to elide forget slur erase say no to declare ineligible refuse admission to refuse entrance to deny stand in the way of reposition abolish hand over not include fail to include factor out relocate expunge pull detach disturb budge abstract squander chase away return give something a miss leave off avoid knock over disentangle extricate repel scramble free bring low step into shoes of take down see the back of knock out of position knock out of place clear out estop deny access to obviate prevent block bate occlude dig out get out knock loose bring about the downfall of withdraw down negative kill send for trial consider undesirable not count refuse to admit split up beat off break up pass over ward off set aside cold-shoulder refuse admittance prevent from entering spurn shut the door on steer clear of thumbs down place an embargo on hit list refuse to employ put on hit list break it up shoot down take away move out clear from send to a safe place remove from undermine liberate demobilize dispatch rid bundle give the cold shoulder demobilise relieve displant substitute override wrench out crowd swap places with substitute for sit in front for fill in ring outplace take over from ring in back up force stand in take the place of show out allow to go dispense with dispose of do without slough off push aside

Trái nghĩa của bin off

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