Đồng nghĩa của uproot

Alternative for uproot

uproots, uprooted, uprooting

Đồng nghĩa: extract, pull out, remove, withdraw,

Trái nghĩa: establish,


To pull up by the roots
deracinate extract eradicate remove prize pry pull weed wrest wring yank corkscrew take out pull up root out dig up tear out weed out grub out rip out rip up tear up grub up pull out by the roots tear up by the roots wrench pluck extricate pull out unearth draw dig out draw out pluck out dislodge withdraw prize out wrench out reap rip raise root up physically remove tear evulse twist extirpate lever root pick force out haul out wheedle out bring out take off fish out winkle out work free work loose fish retrieve unroot confiscate destroy tweak prise pull up by the roots displace remove by force seize snatch snap take rend cull gather disinter winkle coax uplift heave disengage uprear upraise pick out pull off wring out pick off pry out grub strip off elevate lift hoist drag out choke compress push throttle turn strain contort pinch take out of the ground shake down isolate unsheathe siphon release free drag mine garner secure avulse catheterize syphon eke out sunder out pick up tug jerk grab force whisk clutch twitch peel collect produce whip separate detach get out squeeze pump tap elicit whip out take by force extort abstract educe inspire draw off evoke develop bring forth haul yank out prise out tug out lug jimmy jemmy clear hoick out pull something out attract catch hold of evince nip harvest take something out uncover rake out cut dig crop hold enfold glean pull sharply tease pull in pour clasp embrace gather in whip up take in hug dissociate siphon off suck up drain off catch suck embosom cuddle grasp uncouple pull at tug at clutch at snatch at take away take hold of catch at


To get rid of or destroy something
eradicate eliminate abolish destroy annihilate demolish extirpate remove exterminate overthrow overturn abate extinguish get rid of blot out root out stamp out weed out wipe out do away with put an end to erase obliterate kill cancel expunge liquidate efface clean up rub out snuff out sweep away black out excise raze crush squash quash cut out exsect put a stop to wipe from the face of the earth put down slaughter decimate slay massacre delete X-out end terminate suppress annul wreck torpedo nix scrub smash devastate take out nullify ruin total waste squelch rescind invalidate repeal revoke abrogate shatter negate cross out void desolate disannul undo trash nuke countermand strike out vacate defeat scrap avoid axe quell zap reverse stop ax put the kibosh on tear down do in retract blank out vaporize cut set aside finish vaporise dissolve repress put paid to withdraw blue-pencil recall blast pulverize null cream finish off ravage strike down roll back obviate pulverise stifle scotch overrule score out scratch out wrack block out subdue cancel out edit out dash check curb overwhelm pull down scratch put a line through declare null and void render invalid overcome beat crack down on drop dele vitiate nip in the bud ink out call off bring to an end blue pencil wipe off the map wash out wipe off the face of the earth render null and void bring to naught sink deny quench repudiate edit veto clobber banish frustrate override thwart blight neutralize renege abort give something the chop take back elide banjax blow break scupper obscure x out neutralise blow a hole in dismantle blow up lift do for censor conceal ditch dispatch bomb discontinue cover chop dump dispense with trim strike silence gut renounce recant white out exclude knock something on the head conquer purge rout break off queer dish omit disclaim abandon knock out cry off make void backpedal bring to ruin spoil bring down off put the lid on cast aside clamp down on knock off lay waste shoot down stroke out abjure call back slap down forget put out shut off shed discard disestablish subvert deracinate bowdlerize supersede bowdlerise launder butcher disrupt control offset upset impair call expurgate remove all traces of mar declare invalid back out of renig discharge disown blow to bits desecrate dismiss KO break with level cut off write off break up bust botch make ineffective despoil ruinate shut down ravish wreak havoc on clean out lay in ruins sabotage counterorder X out crack down forswear benothing black wipe blow away put out of your mind blow to pieces reduce to ruins leave out get off the hook declare vanquish snuff clamp down deaden put an stop to bring to screeching halt overpower sit on subjugate weasel out opt out stand down throw over back out worm out cast out phase out drive out get shot of wipe off face of earth blow sky-high mark out destroy root and branch take apart rub off amputate exscind scissor out cut up lop off cross through slash refuse incinerate topple put out of action trounce put out of commission destruct tumble suspend commit genocide cut a swath through execute kill off cut down score through strike through scrub out countervail rebut counterbalance restrict compensate limit forget it nig call all bets off confine counteract redact wipe off renege on disaffirm backtrack on go back on waive reject snow under scrunch squish unpublish blank blot scrape off take care of fell bring about the downfall of contravene countercheck ding blackball impugn traverse stonewall cross oppose belie turn thumbs down disprove redress turn down fly in the face of cover up shade make dark obfuscate darken pass out batten smother hold back keel over eclipse damage disallow score snip rub bleep decontaminate sterilize sanitize clean erode fade knock down make a mess of reduce to nothing cruel leave in ruins euchre defile reduce mess up bodge disfigure maim injure deface reduce to rubble mutilate foul up poison dilapidate scourge bring to nothing screw up deplete wreak havoc upon mangle muller flatten leave desolate louse up cover over sanitise rule out pass up sterilise Tippex out close shut out hide screen obstruct shroud rid clear rule against smooth away wear away rub away stamp something out empty strip bombard unmake shell scour dispose of cleanse rid of shake out clear out rout out unload take away attack cannonade batter strafe pound assault blitzkrieg barrage hit burst explode disable pop desist from turn your back on relinquish part with resign from halt give up eighty-six finish with ignore dust off remit shake lay off pack up forfeit have done with divorce leave off lay off of kick quit withdraw from throw up retire from forgo part from jilt shelve pack in cease interrupt shun sacrifice forsake can give over forget about blitz target junk wreak havoc with rattle bring to nought jettison throw out prohibit inhibit close down put kibosh on


To expel, force out or send away
exile banish deport expatriate expel eject oust displace transport ostracise ostracize outlaw separate ban bar extradite relegate drive out excommunicate proscribe cast out dispossess evacuate expulse throw out send away turn out evict exclude kick out boot out dismiss turf out remove bounce out drum out chase repatriate rout run off slang shut out reject chuck out send packing force out show the door purge dislodge send home send back preclude give someone the boot close out freeze out get rid of throw someone out on their ear prevent blackball rule out disfellowship cut defenestrate drop extrude drive away debar drive off put out heave out give someone their marching orders force to leave transfer eliminate cast off do away with give the bum's rush push out put out in the street cut dead thrust out consign black boycott sack attaint sentence ship out show you the door give the gate discharge sentence to transportation disown repudiate condemn extradict isolate rusticate sequester set aside marginalize sideline invisibilize marginalise hand over chase away deprive see the back of return shake off put a price on someone's head cut out leave out leave out in the cold axe cashier fling out send for trial bump toss ax eighty-six ditch irrupt unloose dump give the sack to throw overboard kiss goodbye give the heave-ho send off squeeze out give someone the push give someone the bullet give the old heave-ho give someone their P45 give someone their cards show the gate to give the chop foreclose prohibit forbid relocate interdict block move lock out disallow enjoin keep at arm's length deny admittance to refuse entrance to keep out keep off inhibit restrict deny stop except suspend estop refuse check thwart migrate override shut out of circumvent limit count out shut off shift reposition move on let go throw out on your ear give the 1-2-3 bundle off pack off lay off remove by force depose unseat dethrone topple fire overthrow supplant overturn can bring down usurp dispel remove from office uncrown unthrone defrock unmake bin off give someone the big E give someone the air boot chuck discrown smoke out chase out give the elbow scatter clear succeed defeat degrade upset erase turf omit discard dislocate empty replace blacklist come after bring low disregard crowd out sling out muster out get out toss out clear out throw out on the streets step into the shoes of show the door to take out flush out miss out remove from power overcome triumph overwhelm vote someone out repulse prohibit from entering demote outcaste unchurch yeet downgrade ferret out expropriate denounce unhorse impeach unfrock break subvert make redundant give someone their notice give someone the sack fordrive bust anathematize drive strip of rank ask to leave disturb give heave-ho give the hook give walking papers show out heave-ho toss out on ear disperse extricate knock over disentangle takfir curse free dissipate unsettle run out of town ride out on rail knock out of place knock out of position disthrone disenthrone hand someone his hat chase off dig out knock loose bring about the downfall of retire take over force disband squander abolish release pull expunge detach repel scramble delete strip ship budge abstract step into shoes of slur elide forget rid pink-slip embargo flush take down leave off split up beat off break it up break up drain vacate jettison extract withdraw give something a miss zero veto disbar ignore clear away draw out bring out deny access to disclude obviate bate discount occlude pass over put an embargo on ward off send to Coventry not count refuse to admit prevent from entering shut the door on refuse admittance sin-bin tell to leave the field red-card send for an early bath order off show someone the red card


Knock or force out of position
dislodge remove displace oust eject topple depose evict move shift unseat upset disturb expel overturn defenestrate disentangle drive out extricate force out knock over bring down bring low dislocate free throw out boot out drum out get rid of kick out knock out of place knock out of position turf out dig out get out bring about the downfall of knock loose dismiss turn out discharge out dethrone show the door give someone the boot bounce relocate reposition overthrow transfer chuck out cashier budge give the bum's rush throw someone out on their ear supplant remove from office cast out transpose send packing uncrown unthrone banish deprive unmake defrock fire usurp sack exile eliminate heave out put out give the old heave-ho give the heave-ho give someone their marching orders push out defeat evacuate purge discrown can put out of place misplace deport rout chase axe disarticulate extrude slang exclude ax reject expulse irrupt fling out throw out on your ear run off throw out on the streets give someone the push force to leave remove from power overcome vote someone out replace triumph overwhelm degrade dispossess disestablish get going set going change the position of put out in the street disjoint expropriate move out of place retire relegate release abolish chase out show out shut out toss out on ear heave-ho throw overboard bump toss give the sack to do away with kiss goodbye give someone their P45 eighty-six ditch send off give someone their cards unloose drive off squeeze out show the gate to dump give the chop give someone the bullet expunge pull detach unsettle ship abstract discard disenthrone disthrone muster out pink-slip break separate interrupt rummage perturb disunite divide unhinge take down see the back of take over step into shoes of put out of joint belch disgorge issue ejaculate spew eruct vomit spout spurt jet erupt excrete let out void ostracize transport pass send forth exhaust exude exudate ostracise spew out flush out spit out let go give the 1-2-3 bundle off pack off lay off remove by force thrust out ban bar dispel debar send away proscribe drive away expatriate bin off give someone the big E give someone the air boot excommunicate chuck suspend smoke out give the gate give the elbow rusticate scatter outlaw clear extradite repudiate succeed keep out blackball erase turf omit chase away empty set aside black blacklist come after freeze out disregard crowd out sling out toss out clear out leave out step into the shoes of show the door to take out miss out disown consign repulse prohibit from entering demote outcaste unchurch yeet downgrade ferret out denounce unhorse impeach unfrock subvert make redundant give someone their notice give someone the sack fordrive bust anathematize drive strip of rank ask to leave give heave-ho give the hook give walking papers show you the door disperse disfellowship takfir curse repatriate dissipate run out of town ride out on rail isolate extradict sequester send home hand someone his hat chase off force disband squander shake off repel scramble cut delete strip slur elide forget rid drop embargo prohibit flush leave off split up beat off break it up break up drain vacate jettison extract withdraw give something a miss except zero refuse veto forbid boycott disbar ignore disallow preclude interdict clear away draw out bring out close out estop stop deny access to disclude obviate prevent bate discount block occlude sideline rule out pass over put an embargo on count out ward off send to Coventry not count refuse to admit cut out prevent from entering lock out shut the door on leave out in the cold refuse admittance sin-bin tell to leave the field red-card send for an early bath order off show someone the red card


Take off
move on leave go depart set off take off make off move out move away relocate retreat make oneself scarce advance move off run off scarper be on your way absent go forth peel off say your goodbyes hit the trail proceed pack your bags sally forth bug out make tracks get away exit break camp clear off slope off evacuate betake oneself take leave push on flit bog off march out bug off run away head off cut and run pack off scram emigrate bail out walk out abstract oneself cut out retire get blast off escape beat a retreat dig out sally up sticks sling your hook fly abandon hook it quit desert absent yourself bail vamoose split begone skedaddle vacate get going vanish set out push off say goodbye abdicate bolt step along migrate shove off buzz off rack off repair hightail it pike off part scoot book be off flee troop disappear get off remove git clear out go off go away make a break beat it hit the bricks decamp move pack up pike out start set forth hit the road slip away absent oneself make an exit pull out run along withdraw take a hike abscond take a powder get out light out take flight hightail start out do a bunk run get lost beat a hasty retreat make a run for it make a break for it scat fly the coop run for it embark do a disappearing act voetsak do a runner head for the hills hamba check out blow shoo show a clean pair of heels make yourself scarce hop it sod off avaunt skip peel out leg it make a getaway nick off go jump in the lake turn tail withdraw from get under way set sail make a quick exit go and jump in the lake break get along naff off haul off steal away break out take French leave take to your heels depart from adjourn abscond from make move along skip off exit from escape from make a move pull stakes be off with you take it on the lam forsake lam on your bike skidoo clear travel head sail set forward go away from move out of sneak away duck out avoid shun go out evade go AWOL fall back make a start hurry do a moonlight flit be gone from go on the lam go through shoot through walk off pull out of break out of retire from draw away take wing back out take yourself off strike out hotfoot it recede separate dash pass defect elope hie break free hotfoot levant bound bustle elude break loose get free head out remove oneself career hustle dart scamper shift pull back slip out back away drop back disappear from absent oneself from run away from get out of get moving take a long walk on a short pier burst out cut loose hop the twig push along get stuffed pop off hop the stick move abroad bear transfer kite alight recoil resign transmigrate walk begin one's journey duck dodge ditch stir take oneself renounce step out absquatulate shrink empty draw back walk away tear away relinquish slip be gone sneak off emerge double part company skip out cut make a escape go from walk out on leave for betake yourself disengage clear out from do a Skase cast off decamp from say one's farewells seclude oneself do a fade make your escape flee from take your leave of fly from ride off break away set out from leave port give the slip step down move from haul away retreat from do a vanishing act leave suddenly run out on pull away back off play hooky get away with pull up stakes go your way take off from wriggle out take on the lam work out of get out of my sight take oneself off from drag away bow out go scot-free begin take to flight put forth leave in a hurry start off drift wander egress shirk range cruise amble canter hasten skiddoo gallop course barrel wend mosey sign out go to hell make one's way regress say adieu immigrate bust free oneself extricate oneself make for have it away make away set about get on the road maroon jump march break up say farewell fold budge from go out of shift from stand surety post security strand void commence make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave conk out dedomicile get on your bike get out of someone's clutches break away from make good one's escape slip through your fingers go like lightning dog it give way give ground go back move back flow off-load ship shove leap take one's farewells resettle step on it make quick exit run out drop out take a walk shut oneself away in go absent without leave go missing go west put up bail obtain somebody's release step on the gas make a move from run for the hills skidaddle displace go to one's room transport break off ease out leave flat ship out go and chase yourself move about shrink back issue circumvent flit from leave hastily defect from leave abruptly beat off hurry away split up quit the scene go their separate ways go separate ways trek storm off go off in a huff make a sudden departure get up and go storm out flounce out hide depart suddenly rush go one's ways make one's farewells move overseas bail out from clear from pull out from head out from hasten away run from bolt from yeet move house disengage from slope off from take yourself off from come away leave your country start a new life do a bunk from go forward sunder out burst out of break loose from bust out come out make one's escape from sprint aim beeline scramble scurry shoot scuttle race steer veer run off from move out from make vacant make empty eject from draw secede become independent gain autonomy divide off disaffiliate motor hand in your notice stand down step aside give notice pack in relinquish one's position end part with dump drop discard discontinue shut oneself away put out leave harbour leave dock finish raise sail put to sea put out to sea hoist sail make headway weigh anchor hoist the blue peter head for be done with journey retreat to resort process brush off bail from give up drop out of bow out of check out from break off with say goodbye to walk out of blow off run along from cast aside step aside from call it quits retire to go to adjourn to depart for set off for withdraw to remove to betake oneself to wend one's way to take off for


To discover (something hidden, lost, or kept secret) by investigation or searching
unearth discover find expose reveal uncover encounter come across elicit dredge up hit on strike on turn up ascertain delve determine disclose exhibit extract ferret fish out hear hunt out learn root see show spark spotlight strike track down ferret out nose out root up smell out sniff out bring to light catch on find out happen upon hit upon stumble on see the light take the wraps off detect dig up locate root out get identify dig out descry discern realize smoke out hunt down light upon realise chance on come upon spot recognize hunt up light on catch rout out scout up run down figure out run to earth notice recognise search out acquire obtain scare up stumble upon work out perceive bump into observe rummage stumble across come to know get on to come up with get wind of distinguish unmask happen on chance upon come by disinter suss out run across meet with get to know run into wise up to pick up on get wise to pick up meet espy trace run to ground establish luck into pin down grasp unveil unlock catch on to tumble to fathom out conceive divine dope out pinpoint lay bare show up extricate scent out sight excavate produce find by chance uncloak verify happen rumble meet by chance lay hands on get at achieve attain gain apprehend appreciate debunk pitch upon make out tumble upon stumble onto deduce trip over confirm read follow the scent of suss bring into the open know glean note sense have an aha moment think of look up get wind of the fact learn of become aware wise up get wise to the fact meet up with secure procure manifest remove buy purchase bring to notice reach sniff something out seek register get possession of bare nose something out dig transpire track fix settle capture undress fall upon bring something to light localise hook localize be found become known pop up crop up search for or out make certain look for trace back puzzle out become acquainted with figure fathom tumble into nail come to light come to pass size up have a hunch diagnose add up intuit contrive zero in on grub out comprehend smoke something out pose create cause behold blunder on twig come on explore glimpse run against find unexpectedly luck upon discover unexpectedly catch on to the fact throw up gather rake up drag up bring up receive understand apperceive have tumble be told of be advised find out about be made aware be informed of be told be informed get wind be given to understand be notified of be made aware of get the picture be led to believe hear tell get word have on good authority bump collar corral chance lay your hand on arrive at fall in with put one's finger on catch sight of trip on lay fingers on isolate pick out seek out single out place point out hunt spy finger quest pursue name ID eye view regard remark witness slang determinate get a fix on chase down separate out filter out look at sort out get hold of rub eyeballs come up against catch a glimpse of edge out spy out retrieve contact watch alight upon hit weed out lay eyes on set eyes on stumble cross the path run smack into have sight of get a load of clap eyes on get a glimpse of salute make contact with get a hold of chase probe surprise rendezvous with touch shoulders brush against clash with mark clock blunder across blunder upon run up against meet face to face come face to face with make a meet trail follow convene with get together with winnow sift out pry separate the wheat from the chaff define catch red-handed catch off guard catch in the act take by surprise take unawares burst in on catch unawares catch out nail down scout out describe home in on worm out remember recall recollect validate corroborate decide certify substantiate forage for shop for flag know again put the finger on put a name to make certain of label select call to mind analyze know by sight formal mark out settle on key separate make up your mind on peg card key out tag decide on diagnosticate button down tab cast about for scan search hunt for research cast around for consult peruse search for analyse

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