Đồng nghĩa của go absent without leave


To leave or flee from a place or group
desert flee abscond bolt decamp depart escape evacuate go leave quit exit fly vacate walk defect scarper run away make off turn tail go AWOL take off move out take a hike take French leave check out do a bunk go missing sneak off go west abandon run off clear out vamoose disappear split make oneself scarce skip cut and run vanish withdraw clear off skedaddle cut out forsake retreat bail out renege slip away apostatize hook it renounce pull out beat it do a disappearing act fly the coop take a powder tergiversate scram elope take flight change sides get away steal away make tracks push off shove off bug out hightail it go away do a runner get off take it on the lam reject flit move part duck out run blow get scoot turn traitor beat a hasty retreat light out sell out walk out head for the hills make a run for it withdraw from depart from run along run out beat a retreat show a clean pair of heels pack your bags fall away from exit from make a getaway make a break for it revolt rebel drop out repudiate embark turn begone retire bail avoid get out book shun emigrate sneak away migrate sally slip pass emerge double start elude evade abscond from break faith lam escape from shift one's ground go over peel out slip out absent oneself run for it go on the lam do a moonlight flit do a Skase absent oneself from set out say goodbye turn one's coat leg it slope off break out hit the road go forth take your leave of take leave move out of go away from fly from pull out of run away from bog off remove oneself buzz off say your goodbyes go back on go through cut loose push on take to your heels bug off pack off dig out up sticks break out of shoot through run out on step along go over the fence wriggle out take on the lam give the slip walk out on burst out peel off sally forth work out of play hooky sling your hook get away with rat on pike off take a walk go off go scot-free pack up pike out stray backslide retract divert tergiverse change your mind be gone bust part with get out of break do a fade make skidoo break free jump make your escape make yourself scarce make a quick exit make quick exit leave hastily defect from scamper flit from hotfoot step on it leave abruptly step on the gas make good one's escape make a escape get out of someone's clutches do a vanishing act get free break loose break away from slip through your fingers hotfoot it go over to the other side abandon belief hightail absquatulate cut relinquish issue depart suddenly stir go from be gone from head out retire from decamp from disappear from ride off flee from break away bolt from set out from disengage from do a bunk from say one's farewells walk away slope off from take oneself off from take yourself off from step down come away dodge circumvent duck go secretly abdicate remove repair git advance absent proceed troop head off abstract oneself blast off set off move on get going rack off be off make a break set forth make an exit move off be on your way hit the trail break camp betake oneself march out absent yourself hit the bricks rat spurn change allegiances change loyalties be apostate revolt against back out secede from go over to the enemy maroon strand go out

Trái nghĩa của go absent without leave

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