Đồng nghĩa của sneak away


To leave a place, or a meeting, without being seen or heard


To leave secretively
steal away abscond decamp bolt disappear flee make off run off vanish depart escape leave run away scram skedaddle slip away split take flight take off vamoose skip beat a hasty retreat clear off hightail it hotfoot it make oneself scarce make tracks push off scarper shove off cut and run do a bunk go AWOL bug out cut out do a runner fly the coop hook it light out make a run for it peel out take a powder take French leave do a disappearing act do a moonlight flit go on the lam head for the hills show a clean pair of heels fly make a break for it break out break free get out get away clear out make a getaway run for it do a vanishing act get free break loose make a escape leg it do a Skase bust desert hightail beat it take it on the lam take to your heels duck out lam break out of make your escape go out flit sneak off evacuate retreat absquatulate absent yourself go away go south depart secretly get make scarce break make a quick getaway quit dog it jump ship make a break skip out pull out depart suddenly hit the road slip make good one's escape burst out pass double cut loose work out of bail out beat a retreat elope play hooky break away from emerge get out of someone's clutches get away with run run out on get off wriggle out take on the lam make go scot-free slip through your fingers turn tail make a quick exit withdraw skidoo go exit retire go through shoot through scoot move abandon levant begone skip off take a hike vacate bail do a fade evade bug off buzz off walk out run along part book avoid go off push on dig out step along sally forth pike off pack up pack off pike out be gone slope off shun peel off recoil break away move out elude blow draw back fall back set out dodge escape from hurry shrink pull back abscond from back off take leave back away sling your hook shirk duck scamper hasten hustle dart dash hotfoot be off have it away step on it withdraw from depart from run away from be gone from disappear from retire from bog off set off head off flee from say goodbye give ground back out exit from make an exit go away from set out from absent oneself from move back say your goodbyes pack your bags disentangle yourself up sticks go like lightning free oneself drop out alight head scat strike out ditch dump pull stakes clear emigrate defect embark migrate sally separate issue slip out start get lost git go missing move away go from walk out on get a move on get going fly from bolt from decamp from check out drop back run along from go forth pull out of take your leave of move out of abstract oneself give way say goodbye to get out of shy away walk out of give the slip hit the trail clear out from turn away take off from be on your way bust out take oneself off from check out from amble canter bound career gallop course barrel hie bustle take to flight do a moonlight kite egress leave in a hurry scatter circumvent fade away extricate oneself recede get cracking move along slink off slink creep sneak skulk jump regress skiddoo book it make away yeet fold disengage spread go to hell make quick exit dash off walk range cruise bunk step on the gas have it away on one's toes wend mosey distance oneself spur scurry speed race expedite zip rush whiz take yourself off get on your bike be lost leave town leave hastily leave abruptly spring start out make a move go back go secretly back down exeunt walk off make for make one's way creep off resile go absent without leave go west go offstage flake off do vanishing act bid farewell make one's departure step out hide hurry up make time make haste move fast kick rocks opt out cop out kiss goodbye leave high and dry make a dash for it leave in the lurch leave flat forsake hasten away step back shrink away shake a leg break with leave holding the bag run like scared rabbit run from jump bail relinquish cut ignore disregard abdicate stir remove repair end advance absent proceed troop drop renounce discard discontinue head out remove oneself ride off blast off rack off set forth move off betake oneself march out move on break camp hit the bricks demur disengage from do a bunk from say one's farewells slope off from step down walk away come away shy finish turn your back on shut eyes to cop out of pay no attention to take no notice of eschew scram from part with vamoose from be done with secede become independent gain autonomy divide off part company disaffiliate make oneself scarce from take a hike from give the slip to take leave from head off from remove oneself from run off from cut and run from slip out from move out from set off from head out from clear off from brush off bail from give up break off with drop out of blow off cast aside move from bow out of cast off step aside from call it quits shrink back sunder out burst out of break loose from come out make one's escape from flinch fight shy of jib at quail at baulk at boggle at hang back escape blame for eject get off scot-free escape punishment for pull off parachute to safety leave the aircraft


To get away from something, especially with cunning or skill
evade avoid dodge elude escape shake shun sidestep duck eschew lose shirk circumvent finesse scape skirt baulk balk bilk ditch shuck baffle flee fly shy body-swerve escape from leave behind shake off break away from end-run get around run away from slip out stay away from steer clear of escape the clutches of get away from give a wide berth give the runaround give the slip shuffle out of weasel out of slip through the net of keep your distance lead on a merry chase hedge equivocate waffle tergiversate fudge pussyfoot renege welsh worm one's way out of put off dance around an issue cop out hem and haw weasel beat around the bush tap dance lay low bypass get out of skirt round beat skip funk shortcut ignore fight shy of miss duck-shove give a wide berth to wriggle out of cop out of cheat decline fend off cut disregard go around outrun have nothing to do with shrink from skive off duck out of pass over give the slip to parry keep away from skive dismiss abandon keep clear of pay no attention to turn back on turn your back on slide out of foil thwart neglect shy from find a way round outmanoeuvre renounce outmaneuver throw off the scent slip away from stop forgo abstain take no notice of circumnavigate keep at arm's length recoil from gloss over shy away from give up prevent overlook dance around throw off keep one's distance from juke discount quit check brush off slip get rid of refrain from desist dispense with refrain forbear forget pay no heed to tune out back out of get round stay shy of keep abstain from curb skulk kick run from skim over reject keep from hold off snub omit hold back jack in outstrip outdistance cold-shoulder goldbrick frustrate leave alone outflank flinch outwit burke pussyfoot around spurn stymie shuffle off malinger keep off fence unheed avert be oblivious to pay no mind unmind turn a blind eye to give something a miss desert hide from let something slide resist skimp on leave something undone abjure turn away lose sight of be lax about be remiss about not attend to skip out on shy away slough off pull out of baulk at pay little attention to block forsake sacrifice arrest refuse get shot of relinquish withhold ward off overpass skirt around find a way out of cease do without stave off head off wink at blink at stay clear of withhold from slur over pass up swear off leave off shut eyes to pack in skate over brush aside fail to deal with look the other way turn a deaf ear to slip through your fingers shrug off avoid dealing with leapfrog hack trick outpace clear rid oneself of overcome rid sneak away from get ahead of balk at wriggle deke defeat have no part of turn away from give the cold shoulder work around keep out of the way of lay low from jouk fake double get past swerve shirk from elope run away abscond extricate oneself from rationalize backpedal withdraw excuse revoke put the move on find a way around get clear of get free from wuss out recoil get away give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by cut someone cold cut dead give the cold shoulder to run off sham duck out of the way of swerve away from get out of the way of run around not attend scrimshank back down back off weasel out get out use pretext have alibi rationalise back out take fright flinch from turn tail stall play truant from creep dog bludge slip through the net be beyond fake out forego bob off chicken out of shrink restrain go without demur bridle belay inhibit fob off sheer sit out pass fast stay neutral fence-sit have done with starve sit on one's hands give the go by take the cure cut out constrain not take sides break off resist the temptation to lay off decline to stop oneself restrain yourself go easy give over lie down on job tergiverse take back road depart from deviate from hold off on go around the barn pretermit contemn defer discard refuse to contemplate fail to care for underestimate laugh off set aside trifle with be irresponsible elide think little of be indifferent be negligent depreciate overleap postpone procrastinate fail to provide for not trouble oneself not care be derelict throw to the winds be remiss in let go scant not care for be remiss make light of let pass fail to look after procrastinate over be careless live with misheed whitewash stay away restrain from withstand steer clear preclude hang back let it go take no notice gloze over leave be exclude look through turn blind eye paper over pay no mind to turn a blind eye bury one's head in sand fail to notice connive never mind slight close your eyes to turn deaf ear not take into account push aside quail at forswear repulse halt repel oppose forestall short-circuit free yourself of put to one side shed put away put behind you break the habit of neutralise help forbear from back away draw back disavow repudiate intercept deflect forfend bulwark defend guard divert disclaim disdain abdicate deny drop abnegate discourage screen interfere with make up for nullify obviate impede counterbalance prohibit hinder negate neutralize counteract anticipate gainsay disaffirm boggle at cover ward fend jib at desist from deny oneself shield against safeguard against secure against stand up for defend oneself against keep at bay pre-empt turn aside fight off put a stop to guard against protect against renege on let well enough alone have no truck with not touch

Trái nghĩa của sneak away

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