Đồng nghĩa của make a move


To leave or set off (from or to somewhere)
leave depart split scram skedaddle set off take off be off get going push off shove off take one's farewells vamoose go exit quit withdraw go off go away clear out make tracks clear off cut out decamp retire retreat absent yourself set out flee start out make off make an exit make oneself scarce run off slope off run away beat a retreat scoot beat it up sticks hightail it abstract oneself bail begone part move run scarper peel off sally forth bug out get away push on bug off pack off bail out walk out get dig out step along buzz off pike off book skip out pack up pike out hit the road pull out run along walk ship flow leap shove march bustle blow off-load get off move about hurry escape abscond take a hike be on your way say your goodbyes pack your bags wend take leave range hightail sling your hook fly light out take a powder lam mosey cruise walk off make for make a break for it move out make one's way take flight get lost get under way bolt hit the trail disappear rack off get out move off bog off break camp flit remove repair betake oneself scat hamba naff off head off skip off vacate avaunt sod off haul off hop the twig get along push along get stuffed move along voetsak nick off duck out pop off check out hop it go jump in the lake go and jump in the lake take wing get moving hop the stick shoo say goodbye go your way make a start on your bike move on back out take a long walk on a short pier take yourself off cut and run draw away get out of my sight be off with you do a bunk head go and chase yourself make do a disappearing act head for the hills make a quick exit strike out beat a hasty retreat make a run for it advance absent go forth evacuate blast off abandon hook it desert vanish migrate make a break start set forth slip away proceed march out emigrate sally abdicate troop git hit the bricks uproot separate say adieu say farewell break up break off conk out split up quit the scene ship out say one's farewells dedomicile make one's farewells walk out on ease out step out go one's ways break go their separate ways part company go separate ways leave flat


To start hurrying to undertake a task
get moving hurry up get going speed up step on the gas get a move on get the lead out get your skates on look smart get cracking make haste step on it get a wiggle on put foot be quick hurry accelerate shake a leg gather momentum rattle your dags make it snappy stir one's stumps move faster rush hasten speed go faster make tracks lay rubber shift quicken drive fast barrel put your foot down whisk drive burn rubber get a wriggle on race dash career run fly zoom hurtle scurry floor it look lively shoot bolt flash tear blast sprint zip dart hit the gas scoot gallop chase hare belt streak buzz scuttle whizz roll charge whoosh pelt go fast press on scramble scutter bomb lose no time whip jump to it whirl hustle hotfoot it go like lightning go flat-out bucket bundle hightail hie wheech increase speed gather speed gain momentum rocket bustle breeze nip jump hurl motor leg it fleet jet trot step careen rip go hell for leather highball hump boogie blaze course rustle clip fast-track blow bowl cannonball get faster post expedite cut along whiz barrel along go like the clappers crack on put on a spurt fang it drive faster open up go like a bat out of hell pick up speed put pedal to the metal step on gas pick up the pace rev up open it up put the pedal to the metal put pedal to metal put a spurt on swoop wing sweep scud stampede bowl along zap spank along go like the wind scorch gear up bowl over dispatch spring ride rattle along go like a bomb cover ground belt along bomb along sail go all out hurry it up be quick about it buck up move it snap it up look sharp get weaving rev get on with it peel rubber put on speed open up the throttle put on afterburners get one's finger out pull one's finger out advance boost promote make faster impel give a boost to crank up spur on escalate fire up precipitate move quickly bound scamper push on vroom beetle ram travel flit yeet whish burst bullet bestir beeline sally haste spur jog smoke open the throttle nail it turn on steam make short work of move along dig in make time


To make an effort or attempt to do or achieve something
bid attempt try strive undertake seek try to get try to obtain make a pitch for make a bid for make a pass at make a play for endeavour endeavor essay venture tackle aim pursue assay experiment attack struggle solicit push make a run at move heaven and earth take a run at take it on oneself have a crack at do level best give it a fly spare no effort embark on give a fling give your all set out do your best to shoot the works knock oneself out do your utmost have a go jump through hoops bust a gut have a go at exert oneself have a stab give it a try give it a whirl give something a try give something a whirl give best shot do one's best try one's hand at give it your best shot make an attempt make effort have a crack give something a go make an effort have a stab at give it a go bend over backwards give old college try take the bit between your teeth give something the old college try pull out all the stops give it a burl break your neck have a shot at take on take best shot do all one can go the limit have a shot make every effort try out take a stab at take a crack at go all out labor aspire labour work toil go for broke try hard apply oneself work hard go for it put yourself out strain have a whack offer lean over backwards do your best rupture yourself make an all-out effort do your damnedest give it your all shoot for go for moil drive fall over backwards hustle scramble drudge slog sweat peg away exert yourself leave no stone unturned beaver away bang away bear down drive for have a swing at go after vie for have a bash give something a stab strive at search take pains work at be at pains slog away entreat make a stab at determine scrutinize give something one's best shot risk aspire to give a shot scrutinise battle plug away apply grind drive at make a bid lift a finger have at it put to the test make an attempt at take a whack at slave away knuckle down graft push oneself front up chip away at have a rip make a stab take a shot at hammer away break one's back try one's hardest keep your head down put one's back into it beaver make a great effort have one's nose to grindstone work like a dog compete contend have designs set one's sights be after have in view fight travail jockey plough slave plow try for do all you can dig away go for the jugular

Trái nghĩa của make a move

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