Đồng nghĩa của scuttle

Alternative for scuttle

scuttles, scuttled, scuttling

Đồng nghĩa: dart, dash, hasten, hurry, hustle, race, run, rush, scamper, scoot, scurry, tear,


To run hurriedly or furtively with short quick steps
scurry scoot trot scamper scutter skip rush race dash run hurry speed shoot career fly bolt hurtle hasten tear patter zoom zip hare belt barrel pelt bustle blast bomb whisk buzz bundle whirl careen drive blaze breeze blow rocket hustle bowl hie chase motor course jet rustle hurl cannonball rip nip jump dart step highball sprint travel hump ram scramble scud beetle hotfoot it crack on make haste charge gallop streak whizz whip boogie post flash go like a bat out of hell bucket go hell for leather clip leg it bound sweep get a move on burn rubber go like lightning stampede fleet get the lead out wheech zap step on it hightail go like the clappers barrel along cut along shift wing whoosh hightail it whiz scorch swoop jog move get cracking haste go like the wind lay rubber spank along spring put on some speed pound go fast dive flit steam hotfoot push trip make tracks bowl along speed up plunge rattle along shake a leg go accelerate hurry up fling roll skedaddle move quickly quicken expedite flee flutter burn fast-track lope double jogtrot dogtrot vroom put your foot down leap beat it go quickly boil hop it beeline jostle surge break rage press spurt tear along lose no time dispatch fuss get your skates on whip along go like a bomb really move skitter stir be quick skirr dust proceed spur canter skim amble bullet lunge climb tool bestir leave ride cannon make time crawl smoke pace tumble press on lash move fast sail propel get moving make off bear step on gas stir one's stumps belt along bomb along move along go like a bullet cover ground plough storm pile romp scat vamoose split launch oneself throw oneself go headlong roll along skite catapult retreat go briskly clear out go away hop along step along roar step lively flow stream gush rush around plow whistle cascade frolic gambol run off bug out run away kite progress make oneself scarce pour swoosh go at top speed push on waltz tear out outstrip express run fast pass go rapidly drive fast run very fast flood sloosh pass by move forward move rapidly go by slip away be off like a shot rush headlong rush off speed away light out move like greased lightning pump put on a burst of speed gear up bowl over gather momentum go all out hop walk yeet whish burst sally put foot tear up the miles go like greased lightning go at breakneck speed waste no time whip around not lose a minute take wing run like mad plunge ahead dig in get a wiggle on move apace get traverse turn on steam make short work of dance drift bounce shuffle glide make a run for it rush at make it snappy get on it head carry shove force bulldoze thrust toss buffet advance cut head off set off set out make a break set forth take flight take off aim steer depart veer make pull drag waft elbow frogmarch impel be in motion be carried manhandle bluster swarm clamber use elbow grease frog march scrabble shinny grope one's way move with difficulty struggle scale gust slide lurch pounce wind pitch go faster get faster swirl pick up speed flurry march coast slip cruise prance frisk wash float start increase speed gather speed pass quickly pick up the pace rev up step up barge pop crack blow fiercely steamroller blitz railroad buck scatter heave launch stride hurdle go like lighting rack thrill exhale circulate flourish flicker billow eddy descend plummet drop well up brandish flick book it chuck it down caper surge through startle duck dodge flitter go along show quickly stomp spin swish twist seethe churn nosedive run out flirt smooth along stoop stalk escape gee up play cavort stamp flounce bob scram beat a retreat turn tail contend strive squirt puff squall swing strike attack fall tear around skidoo run for it clear off scarper fall upon make for set upon hover vie hook it skip off levant decamp rev buzz around brush move suddenly dip run round in circles fly down peel out cut and run make a break for it head for the hills make a quick exit cut out beat a hasty retreat jab prod poke stride angrily go through shoot through fly the coop show a clean pair of heels do a fade do a bunk kick rocks take a powder do a runner get lost gain momentum move faster tilt continue move past drive faster tilt at put on a spurt open it up jockey for position get a wriggle on step on the gas open up the throttle put pedal to metal put on afterburners peel rubber open up put on speed


To ruin or cause the end of
scupper thwart ruin foil destroy wreck spoil stymie sink undo torpedo put paid to mess up frustrate stop scotch put a stop to nip in the bud put the kibosh on send to the bottom open the seacocks in smash devastate shipwreck queer extinguish shatter demolish put an end to clobber blow dish force down bring to an end put the lid on tip over bring down submerge forestall neutralize block contravene impede debar circumvent baulk snooker obviate overturn prevent invalidate obstruct derail hamper bar hinder confound baffle discomfit upset suppress halt repel squash nullify deter repress nobble repulse curb dash rattle checkmate outwit balk parry defeat do for neutralise restrain counterplot check blank disappoint cross counter bury put the stopper on put a spoke in someone's wheel stand in the way of put the mockers on foul up cause setback hold up screw up get the better of upset the applecart put end to beat down louse up take wind out of sails crush blight quash banjax sabotage nix mar blow a hole in bring to naught cramp cruel quell euchre make a mess of crimp blast end beat cripple annihilate impair disrupt injure stifle throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of damage play havoc with oppose do in bilk squelch finish wipe out inhibit eradicate poison subdue vitiate trammel wreak havoc on botch interfere with fetter decimate crab raze stump trash make a hash of harm crack down on hang up negate muller hamstring total root vaporize prohibit hobble abolish waste desolate crool restrict counteract break overcome limit annul eliminate arrest wrack stall overwhelm muck up cream nuke take down kill overthrow stonewall balls up take wind out of give the slip vaporise cook someone's goose queer someone's pitch snuff out put down tear down rub out cancel out render ineffective undermine cloud reduce to nothing hurt retard silence unsettle snafu blemish topple ravage compromise put at risk stain skin taint traverse pulverize wreak havoc with offset bodge desecrate ruinate terminate interdict cancel disfigure despoil ravish hold back bust put a damper on quench ditch juke head off play off pulverise spike someone's guns shut out hold off clamp down on cramp one's style bring to ruin stamp out throw a spanner in the works cut off get rid of rain on someone's parade pull down lay waste weed out lay in ruins slap down give the run around kill off finish off make of no use or value buck attack spike hit scar bring to a close make an end of disarrange disorganize disturb disorder burst explode disable pop cease afflict decay get out of censure delay convulse slow bring about the downfall of derange slow down turn upside down escape bypass evade trounce glitch up cause confusion in cause turmoil in throw into disarray throw into disorder throw into confusion be the ruination of intercept blow up endanger slaughter destruct tumble stave off circumnavigate obscure be the end of jeopardize imperil interrupt darken sweep aside defend against steer clear of sidestep ward off deflect skirt exterminate put out of action write off break up put out of commission put the skids under put out remove expunge blot out banish prejudice threaten dampen pick off avert avoid crash keep lid on be the ruin of bring to nought seal the doom of extirpate chill put the brakes on shut off get in the way of take out of play paralyse weaken enfeeble elude be detrimental to rout bloody bankrupt flaw crack down jeopardise chock touch tarnish duck faze skip shake disconcert buffalo bollix promote dodge endamage burst bubble cast a pall over cast a shadow over confront be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to shackle paralyze shake off shuffle off take the edge off take the shine off puzzle handicap be deleterious to halt in its tracks run circles around throw monkey wrench in give the run-around run rings around throw a monkey wrench in the works mystify take the enjoyment out of take the pleasure out of lick preclude conquer forbid subvert encumber clog manacle hog-tie handcuff short-circuit nonplus embarrass flatten cross up flummox put a brake on dilapidate mangle defile reduce level deface scourge dash one's hope pigeonhole corner dead-end shelve tie up maim mutilate deplete obliterate render null and void shut down knock down leave in ruins reduce to rubble bring to nothing wreak havoc upon clean out leave desolate put on hold throw a monkey wrench into put on back burner hang fire choke off trample on have impoverish craze unbuild overreach outmaneuver outmanoeuvre outfox abate outsmart sit on work against make waves confuse stultify take the wind out of your sails


A roughly cylindrical open container with a handle, typically used to hold and carry liquids
bucket pail can pitcher vessel canister cask container tub brazier hod vat kettle receptacle holder repository case box casing cartridge bag drum unit packet tank barrel crate cylinder die carton sack depot bin caisson vase hamper cover cast chamber jeroboam tin casket jar pit strongbox bunker chest package shape cradle vial basin poke folder dish punnet flask frame capsule stein pod churn bottle storage bowl magnum pot sac reliquary hutch humidor crock coffer pouch crucible firkin store silo beaker ewer pottery form carafe canteen cauldron cistern caddy hopper jug purse pocket urn decanter pan trunk locker pack flagon butt envelope reservoir basket covering reservatory sheath keg tun cassette shell cruet cabinet wrapping jacket jorum parcel magazine wrapper tray casserole cannister hogshead creamer husk encasement hull pipe sheathing housing boiler armor cupboard kist vault cocoon kilderkin puncheon depository safe rundlet runlet skin phial demijohn rack baking dish cocotte bundle armour carrier sleeve wallet crib wardrobe ark amphora plate treasury etui enclosure pottle ossuary saucepan billy ampoule tankard porringer tomb storehouse skillet mug cruse warehouse carboy cup pannier coffin chalice pond cardboard box saucer flasket flacon glass file trough chiffonier storage chamber integument coffret retort creel closet crater keeve kier kid press billycan cooking pot storeroom archive cooking utensil thermos manger chafing dish commode storage bin bank cache tin can stall jerry can exterior outside repertory rose bowl reticule pin water tank pyxis bassinet glass container tierce fish kettle treasure house storage place storage tank underground tank feeding trough picnic basket fodder rack samovar seidel earthenware pot earthenware tupperware sump utensil ramequin handbag pool piggin tabernacle dustbin vesicle blank tube corrugated box pall bier sarcophagus carousel apparatus device ampule pillbox steeper ampul portmanteau krater dresser feeder set packing kit exoskeleton carapace barrelet greybeard lug wastepaper basket garbage can circular file test tube vacutainer lid guard coalbin tea caddy scoop collector shovel cannikin canakin drawer chassis crating scabbard compact burette soldier growler hooker escritoire baggage sheaf vatje bidon packing case cage platter salver wine bottle toby jug jardiniere plant pot padded envelope planter mailing tube olla jerrycan oilcan melting pot barrique solera shrine hot water tank load bale luggage suitcase biddle tea chest ramekin cream jug milk jug wrappers bureau exchequer bud vase wickerwork basket cylindrical container water butt laundry basket rain barrel bota storage box coal bunker dead soldier vacuum bottle sachet small sporran strongroom crypt feeding-box charnel house catacomb grave foot locker pinto wooden container jam jar pop top Jiffy bag padded bag lock-up garner collection museum gallery godown arsenal packaging earthenware container reactor jewel box ashet charger trencher paten hip flask wood overcoat pine box funerary box well cisterna sink safety deposit safe deposit safe-deposit box plant stand window box money bag soft container wok bain-marie trug teakettle steamer caldron teapot water bottle tumbler crystal noggin vacuum flask goblet ampulla horn caster gourd alembic fiasco Thermos china oven dish ceramic soup plate serving dish dustpan frying pan karahi poacher stewpot stockpot wickerwork box dixie potjie surahi lota pipkin gallipot flowerpot mailer keister kete pressure cooker pannikin sheet roaster punchbowl Thermos flask veneer surface coat face exteriority in-tray out-tray shopping bag string bag bushel nacelle Dutch oven mazer mortar tureen boat external surface wrap outward aspect outer surface coating façade superficies outer covering outside surface facade front carrier bag flax kit cubicle buffet console sideboard pantry cuddy double boiler bunk pudding bowl mixing bowl sugar bowl fruit bowl finger bowl soup bowl cubbyhole recess woven container linen basket shopping basket wicker basket paper bag pudding basin deep dish concave container shuck storage cupboard clothes room walk-in storage room chest of drawers cold storage ambry trundle bed plastic bag mine fund storing place oracle emporium treasure trove stockroom storage area store room


A circular window set in the hull of a ship


A space or gap that allows passage or access
opening hole gap aperture space orifice rent slot crack perforation split vent break cleft breach chink fissure interstice crevice cut slit tear window cavity cranny gash outlet discontinuity eye groove gulf incision interval loophole mouth puncture rift rupture separation spyhole void foramen hiatus peephole recess judas spout fracture chasm inlet duct passage hollow check slash cleavage tube pipe channel lacuna pore rip crevasse notch eyelet crater nick flue division pit exit abyss keyhole divide leak pinhole shaft socket scission laceration flaw nook vacuity ravine nozzle schism way out rime rima egress wound door pocket depression fault prick embrasure entry knothole port porthole grike chip conduit indentation canyon gorge gulch clove chimney blowhole ventilator interspace escape disjunction vent hole precipice parting pipeline stab rimation narrow opening lip damage scratch issue basin gully defile niche tunnel open space tatter intake casement bergschrund interruption run entrepôt gate trap squint breadth eyehole furrow headway amplitude pause compass armhole fan crazing judas hole arrow slit punch pinprick burst ripping cracking tearing splitting mutilation displacement severance splinter booth hole-in-the-wall clough arroyo concavity air duct antrum valve blank dent pouch rim jab lesion hairline fracture snick funnel empty space cutting scarification scotch indenture dint chamber blowout dissolution outfall well bowl sinus brim flange geode caries vug score nip pierce carving dissection mark partition detachment split-up herniation airway breather pan caldera safety valve solfatara drain dip avenue exhaust maar shell hole air passage technicality blow-off let-out escape clause disunion divorce estrangement discord dissension difference breakup alienation variance disagreement dispute disconnection divergence conflict breaking fractionalization bifurcation fractionation disunity sundering break-up strife argument disharmony falling-out dissent bust-up friction quarrel difference of opinion divorcement dissidence parting of the ways breaking up feud splitting up infighting uncoupling disjuncture altercation clash fight misunderstanding splintering disintegration disengagement discordance disaccord dividing warfare inharmony dissonance discordancy war dissention disaffection squabble row contention wrangle debate breakage disputation fragmentation spat secession contretemps scrap battle royal contrast disaffiliation dissociation taking apart severing rending disseverment segregation rebellion withdrawal polarity subdivision quarrelling breakaway dismemberment controversy sedition disjoining disuniting bickering divergency tiff insurrection faction quarreling clashing bicker imbroglio brawl hassle kickup opposition donnybrook rhubarb argle-bargle set-to argy-bargy run-in words ding-dong cross fire war of words falling out bad vibes sour note cutting off shattering bursting distance disruption farewell leave-taking tussle annulment ending partitioning dividing up partitionment drifting apart smashing wreckage deterioration ruination resistance legal separation judicial separation great divide snag disapproval protest discontent ladder splitsville defection turbulence divisiveness unorthodoxy misbelief dispeace independence nonconformism barney sparring tumult rammy afters jarring hostility apostasy slanging match antagonism ill feeling tension shouting match ill will vendetta animosity turf war ruined goods squabbling wrangling cleaving trouble upheaval resignation leaving quitting arguing feuding analysis selection bisection parceling segmentation vivisection demarcation distribution diagnosis autopsy apportionment reduction mutiny blast eruption detonation acrimony wide area of difference fission seceding retreat desertion retirement exiting departure quarrelsomeness sectarianism removal loosening loosing unfastening untying departmentalizing separating detaching disparting distinguishing disseverance contrasting breaking down cutting up thermonuclear reaction atom smashing atomic reaction nuclear fission unzipping unbuttoning unhooking undoing unhitching freeing pulling out difficulty parcelling explosion pruning splitting the atom ruction dropping out splinter group blowup clash of views fuss chopping off extrication pulling off disentanglement hacking off breaking off crossed wires disconnect disassociation dialysis

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