Đồng nghĩa của do for


To kill or take the life of
kill dispatch croak destroy slay claim fell take do in carry off murder execute eliminate bump off liquidate ice top stiff take out put to death knock off off blow away waste smoke rub out slaughter do away with assassinate terminate exterminate dispose of massacre butcher eradicate wipe out whack do to death mow down cut to pieces finish off make away with erase annihilate neutralize snuff take the life of get shoot down scrag cut down neutralise put away cause the death of end the life of hit polish off put down put to sleep extirpate decimate wax get rid of zap blot out finish remove abolish wipe from the face of the earth guillotine hang give someone the works grease garrotte lynch down snuff out asphyxiate strangle wipe off the face of the earth garrote deep-six terminate with extreme prejudice take care of stretch out put to the sword gun down blackball nix obliterate suffocate smite sacrifice crucify take someone's life immolate expunge drag scratch sterilize sterilise exclude clear away take down drag down electrocute blow someone's brains out take a life smother garotte defeat behead cool decapitate chill do extinguish shoot knife murk dust off silence cancel vaporise purge vaporize put an end to end kill off root out stamp out send to the gas chambers quash mutilate axe euthanize ax overwhelm put paid to wipe off the map gas send to the chair stone to death dispense with send to the gas chamber put before a firing squad send to the gibbet string up send to the electric chair put out of its misery stab dust stun blast delete bowstring fry efface depopulate quell kill in cold blood carry out a sentence of death on ruin mass murder ethnically cleanse send to kingdom come clean up black out sweep away overcome discard take away discontinue stone overpower rout put a stop to worst nullify best put end to stick torture mangle maim beat vanquish send to the gallows devastate abort overturn annul overthrow bring down bring to an end stop banish administer the coup de grâce give the coup de grâce drive to the wall move in for the kill take off abrogate invalidate knock out put out knock something on the head get shot of give the chop cast out phase out drive out


Ruin or foil
bring to naught ruin wreck blight dash destroy devastate scotch shatter smash torpedo cancel out louse up mess up negate neutralise neutralize poison reduce to nothing render ineffective sabotage wreak havoc on banjax foul up nix queer screw up scupper cruel dish euchre make a mess of muller blow a hole in put the kibosh on make of no use or value blast demolish crush undo overturn spoil mar upset defeat blow overthrow put paid to wipe out vitiate injure annihilate impair balls up wrack put an end to throw a spanner in the works of do in throw a monkey wrench in the works of decimate raze muck up damage squelch explode topple pop burst thwart overwhelm extinguish pull down sink lay waste bring down vaporize blow up cream tear down lay in ruins nuke break rub out desolate foil waste trash vaporise stymie play havoc with total botch cook someone's goose upset the applecart make a hash of put the lid on put the skids under be the ruination of finish be the ruin of seal the doom of rattle bring to nought disable wreak havoc with discredit knock down deface reduce to rubble mutilate dilapidate scourge pulverize bring to nothing deplete bring to ruin wreak havoc upon despoil leave in ruins ruinate ravish mangle desecrate clean out defile reduce bodge ravage disfigure maim flatten pulverise level leave desolate bust refute disprove squash drive a coach and horses through prove wrong blow sky-high give the lie to shoot full of holes blow out of the water put out of commission destruct disrupt put out of action trounce slaughter tumble write off break up darken cloud undermine tarnish take the enjoyment out of take the pleasure out of queer someone's pitch take the edge off take the shine off cast a shadow over taint blemish cast a pall over put a damper on touch stain quash subvert harm cripple obliterate eradicate put at risk hinder overreach outmaneuver rain on someone's parade frustrate abolish outmanoeuvre outfox obstruct hamper work against skin abate crimp have cramp impoverish outsmart make waves offset craze unbuild quell bring to an end put a stop to scuttle impede hurt end compromise prevent crool stop clobber bring about the downfall of scar nip in the bud interfere with disturb disarrange disorganize disorder nullify convulse delay slow retard hold up unsettle decay afflict disappoint endanger turn upside down derange slow down fell smite chastise chasten glitch up imperil jeopardize cause confusion in cause turmoil in throw into disorder throw into disarray throw into confusion prejudice threaten be detrimental to invalidate jeopardise hamstring be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to weaken enfeeble paralyse be deleterious to bloody bankrupt restrict flaw limit endamage paralyze stifle cross up flub bungle blunder bobble muddle bollix throw foul jack up muddle up make a mistake goof up


Stop abruptly
put paid to forestall frustrate thwart balk baulk block check dash derail foil scotch smash stop defeat hamper hinder impede obstruct oppose prevent snooker finish finish off nobble scupper stymie put the kibosh on put the stopper on stand in the way of bring to a close make an end of put an end to put a stop to put the mockers on circumvent counter curb restrain ruin outwit cramp baffle beat spoil disappoint nullify crimp discomfit checkmate halt foul up upset the applecart upset put a spoke in someone's wheel inhibit trammel prohibit bar counteract repress take wind out of take down neutralize cross crab bilk hold up screw up root give the slip nip in the bud neutralise put the lid on louse up overturn hold back stifle wreck stump ditch juke suppress cripple crush quash obviate end traverse snafu hang up cook someone's goose queer someone's pitch spike someone's guns bring to an end rattle mess up queer play off annul confuse take the wind out of your sails stultify skin confront fetter extinguish quell destroy kill cease sweep aside shatter dish be the end of hobble hamstring crool banjax contravene debar scuttle invalidate cancel render null and void cramp one's style overcome negate lick preclude conquer put a brake on dash one's hope arrest give the run around forbid confound repel squash deter repulse cause setback get the better of blank undo put end to parry counterplot beat down take wind out of sails bury contain clamp down on crack down on regulate bring to a halt throttle stamp out subdue bring to a stop put a lid on get out of escape bypass evade stave off circumnavigate defend against interfere with head off steer clear of sidestep retard disrupt ward off deflect restrict interdict skirt limit crash keep lid on avert avoid stall shut out hold off stonewall unsettle elude promote halt in its tracks dodge duck run circles around throw monkey wrench in throw a monkey wrench in the works shake off shuffle off give the run-around faze skip run rings around shake throw a spanner in the works disconcert buffalo bollix fend off intercept divert pre-empt cut off forfend handicap delay puzzle mystify help turn aside turn back discourage anticipate interfere nonplus interrupt preempt flummox rule out encumber second-guess turn away get ahead of get in before throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of provide against steal a march on corner beat someone to the punch beat someone to it keep off beat someone to the draw offset buck devastate redirect intervene reroute countermove demolish sabotage forefend clobber blow throw a curve glance commandeer rebut rebound shackle be early be one step ahead of pick off act in advance of prepare for head off at pass block off shunt turn veer control triumph beat off gain vanquish clog manacle short-circuit hog-tie handcuff embarrass withhold quiet indispose dead-end pigeonhole shelve tie up resist look away shove aside turn from cumber defend guard bulwark fence glance off draw away put on hold throw a monkey wrench into put on back burner choke off hang fire constrain drive away screen keep back affect disturb put off remit suspend cover ward fend keep tamper influence turn off throw cold water on intermit jam incommode conflict trouble inconvenience discommode pour cold water on put a damper on shield against fight off guard against safeguard against secure against stand up for protect against defend oneself against keep at arm's length skirt round keep at bay get in the way be a hindrance to get in the way of preoccupy forecast monopolize project expect foresee envision predict perplex bewilder monopolise throw fox floor obfuscate dumbfound wilder gravel discombobulate maze stick put at a loss bring up short stagger be all Greek to bamboozle be too much for

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