Đồng nghĩa của forestall

Alternative for forestall

forestalls, forestalled, forestalling

Đồng nghĩa: anticipate, counter, forbid, foreclose, foresee, preclude, prevent,


Keep from happening
prevent preclude anticipate obviate frustrate hinder thwart avert intercept pre-empt foil head off second-guess stop baulk balk block check help parry circumvent delay deter envision expect forecast foresee impede monopolise monopolize obstruct predict preempt preoccupy project stave off fend off get ahead of get in before ward off nip in the bud provide against steal a march on beat someone to it beat someone to the draw beat someone to the punch restrain curb stymie defeat put a stop to hamper bar counter inhibit halt derail scotch oppose scupper prohibit forfend counteract avoid baffle arrest dash cramp deflect ruin rule out restrict beat snooker put the kibosh on debar spoil crimp shut out do for put paid to stand in the way of nullify hold back discomfit disappoint stall outwit checkmate interdict put the stopper on trammel forbid hold off divert retard hold up nobble upset repress cross ward defend against smash foul up cancel put the mockers on interrupt put an end to turn aside evade stump neutralize hamstring bilk exclude resist limit stonewall fetter repel take down repulse take wind out of neutralise louse up upset the apple cart upset one's apple cart put a spoke in someone's wheel keep at bay circumnavigate sidestep skirt escape overturn quash disrupt stifle eliminate crab bypass hobble cripple steer clear of root snafu proscribe negate ban save interfere with suppress annul keep lid on keep chill cool give the slip cook someone's goose play off fence screw up spike someone's guns queer someone's pitch keep off hang up cramp one's style get in the way of pick off cut off finish something finish off get out of withstand offset buck act against make an end of bring to a close disconcert crash wreck ditch juke unsettle free spare reprieve stave cork dam handicap constrain absolve obscure forefend stay exempt dispense remove throw a curve damp bring an end to contravene scuttle invalidate put the brakes on throw monkey wrench in shut off take out of play discharge commandeer let confound squash rebuff slow down rattle undo get one's retaliation in first disadvise scare dampen intervene interpose foreclose interfere blank counterplot bury shunt turn veer crush disqualify be early confront turn off be one step ahead of prepare for estop get round make unnecessary crool banjax beat somebody to it act in advance of head off at pass pour cold water on put a damper on talk out of throw cold water on act like a wet blanket dodge defend guard bulwark get the better of overcome lick conquer quit discontinue cease cause setback put end to mess up beat down take wind out of sails look away shove aside turn from discourage screen put a brake on put the lid on outlaw make impossible make it impossible for make impracticable make it impracticable for en garde elude shield yourself from shirk hold at bay shun rebuke cover duck fend get rid of do away with take away upset the applecart dash one's hope disallow give the run around veto discard discount dismiss shield against safeguard against secure against protect against render null and void fight off guard against stand up for defend oneself against keep at arm's length skirt round except enjoin abolish revoke recant suspend reject make illegal criminalize bate freeze nix deny spike taboo embargo deprive withhold censor close out freeze out leave out count out close one's doors to not consider forget about declare taboo criminalise shut down give the red light to give the thumbs down to put the chill on lock up say no declare illegal confuse traverse skin


To impede the work or ability of, especially intending to cause failure
obstruct hinder impede hamper inhibit block check curb restrain frustrate encumber restrict handicap trammel fetter cramp shackle retard delay hamstring halt hobble bar limit manacle handcuff balk baulk embarrass stall interrupt slow derail prohibit cumber stay bridle stonewall bork interfere sabotage crab sandbag throttle obscure screen complicate hold up hold back interfere with hog-tie short-circuit slow down tie up hang up put a brake on stand in the way of get in the way get in the way of weigh down monkey with thwart stop arrest foil stymie catch prevent clog baffle constrain disrupt set back be a hindrance to throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of avert ruin overturn spoil confine nip in the bud ensnare enmesh tie net capture straiten snag still entrap hem in tether brake oppose deter curtail cripple pause shelve bottleneck suspend crimp muzzle burden neutralize freeze stand fence choke contravene debar neutralise resist counteract draw up put off bring up pull up fetch up shut down box in shut out louse up stand still come to a standstill stand off not move peter out throw a spoke in the wheel of throw a spanner in the works stifle control suppress repress hold down stem circumscribe constrict discourage moderate regulate smother reduce staunch contain withhold rein in bind hold in disadvantage leash stem the flow of put at a disadvantage place at a disadvantage cap impair delimit entangle debilitate inconvenience sideline prevent from making progress cramp one's style drag one's feet tie one's hands secure give disadvantage take out fasten put out of commission not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of set limits on impose limits on rein dissuade quash cut short terminate muffle squelch swallow forbid govern hold fight back put a leash on entrammel put a lead on hitch up ward taboo faze bit interdict outlaw enjoin repulse bottle up circumvent tame rebuff choke back checkmate keep in check put an end to keep in pull in keep under control slacken pace keep a lid on keep back bite back put on brakes put an stop to bring to a standstill put a spoke in someone's wheel play for time plug treat unfairly be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably do a disservice to tell against wrong inflict a handicap on give a disadvantage to treat harshly caulk barricade dam seal close out jam clog up blockade block out close up fill up fill cut off pack close close off jam up shut off stop up intercept block up stuff hold off choke up bung up stanch block off occlude bung bottle stopper gag congest choke off plug up

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