Đồng nghĩa của invalidate

Alternative for invalidate

invalidates, invalidated, invalidating

Đồng nghĩa: annul, avoid, cancel, nullify, quash, vitiate, void,


To put an end to, especially formally
nullify annul cancel quash negate rescind undo void abolish overrule abrogate overturn repeal revoke abate avoid disannul dissolve null override overthrow reverse undermine vacate veto weaken render invalid repudiate terminate annihilate circumduct counteract counterbalance countermand disqualify impair neutralise neutralize nix offset roll back strike down unfit vitiate X-out blow sky-high render meaningless render null and void retract set aside withdraw recall declare null and void obviate take back wipe out do away with recant disallow obliterate dismantle put an end to scrap end kill axe remove scrub lift discharge ax call off drop stop renege rule against cancel out backpedal abort dismiss make void disclaim abjure call back stamp out counterpoise discontinue ditch delete countervail eradicate erase reject renounce destroy dump expunge eliminate discard disestablish countercheck redress suppress extinguish black out blot out defeat bring to an end balance deny upset disaffirm zap suspend cut compensate for efface make ineffective backtrack on throw out get rid of cast aside abandon make up for subvert disown supersede declare invalid rub out forswear blue pencil cry off give something the chop take out back out of knock something on the head make null and void negative retreat alter trash correct exterminate renig chop refuse torpedo prohibit counterweigh balance out contravene cross deracinate blackball frustrate renege on call ignore finish squash wash out go back on outvote counterorder liquidate weasel out invert bring down wreck ruin demolish dispense with root out sweep away snuff out unmake close down go against put down turn down knock out exclude censor phase out divorce declare discount disobey disregard dishonour break off backwater forget back-pedal on abnegate watergate bleep get off the hook waive dishonor withcall banish refuse to fulfil inter bring to a close KO lay in the grave bury put to rest hold a funeral inhume blow entomb put six feet under wangle out remit rebut unsay cork up hush up bottle up shut down break finish off do in pull the plug crawl out of scratch restrict compensate limit nig confine retire refute redline do a U-turn on put damper on call in opt out stand down throw over back out worm out shoot down turf belay purge omit knock on the head dominate flout defy predominate prevail put the lid on equalize forget it edit black spool back back up wind back ding impugn traverse stonewall oppose belie disprove ride roughshod over trample underfoot elide dele deactivate subdue overcome equalise conquer defuse counterweight render ineffective put out cast out drive out get shot of trample upon ink out cross out blank out strike out x out put a line through block out blue-pencil stroke out edit out X out white out call all bets off break with square up even up take off pull back take away draw back bring to naught render inert turn thumbs down backtrack disband be an antidote to rule out wipe slate clean go back on one's word ban adjourn cease change overset forbid fly in the face of down prostrate conclude prorogue break up wind up disunite upend bar debar embargo lay to rest split up close disorganize loose wrack decimate postpone collapse destruct sever shoot wind down shatter junk block proscribe knock down destabilize extirpate shed rebuff supplant topple sabotage unsettle jettison disavow fade out resolve into render void excise remedy rewind depose unseat dethrone disrupt oust throw say no to zing taboo preclude outlaw disacknowledge clean up equilibrize even out inhibit squelch pass on keep back give the thumbs down to shut out fix right halt counter reduce stabilize respond rectify lessen stabilise counterwork buck undercut damage put kibosh on depress level raze bring about the downfall of capsize pull down wreak havoc on rebel tumble destabilise put the kibosh on crush put a stop to quell give up waste smash dispatch slaughter repress check stifle devastate quench interrupt thwart cut out massacre total knock off curb crack down on off beat nip in the bud pull the plug on quit cut off put paid to pack in call a halt to silence slay weed out wipe off the map put to death desolate dispose of wipe off the face of the earth nuke blow away expire vaporize croak clobber assassinate butcher murder overwhelm leave off vaporise snuff clamp down on bump off slap down wipe from the face of the earth scotch pulverize cream die execute bring to a halt go smother uproot rout can pulverise ice tear down whack desist top stiff elapse lapse smoke score out pass determine dead-end scrag do to death let up wink out wrap up pack up take the life of lay off mow down close out do for cripple spoil hamper hinder mar control foil refrain from prevent ravage stymie part obscure intermit harm overpower forget about get shut of conceal obstruct cover mess up vanquish trim gut complete relinquish screw up muck up disconnect queer scratch out leave out get crack down sink end the life of desist from shut off give over cut down polish off wrap ultimate round off round out chuck in cut to pieces put away give someone the works run out cut short terminate with extreme prejudice sit on remove all traces of blow someone's brains out call it quits slash bin take stamp something out rid strip clear reduce drastically kayo withhold shelve scrunch squish exsect wipe deaden cause the death of make away with expel snow under put out of your mind put to sleep bring to a conclusion prorogate come to an end recess bring to an untimely end clamp down put an stop to bring to screeching halt erode fade redact wipe off bowdlerize hit unload cover over blank strike bowdlerise blot scrape off launder wipe off face of earth blow to bits mark out destroy root and branch take apart rub off resolve smooth away wear away rub away forgo clear away sunder douse attack settle scupper pass over murk wax brush aside cow shade obfuscate darken batten eclipse crown consummate hang behead decapitate chill do knife asphyxiate dust off garrote electrocute take a life garotte garrotte lynch guillotine cool strangle incapacitate dash put at risk triumph over arrest choke get done call it a day pack it in switch off sew up end up nip something in the bud wind something up top off botch put lid on bottle trample on keep inside clamp hold in shush keep in trample spike stem drive underground hold down beat down abstain from shake off do without give something a miss render needless disable threaten make a mess of play havoc with foul up blow out dampen skin crimp have impoverish throw a monkey wrench in the works of craze unbuild balls up injure blow a hole in overreach outmaneuver rain on someone's parade outmanoeuvre outfox work against throw a spanner in the works of cramp outsmart make waves louse up bollix interfere with break down cover up make dark pass out hold back keel over turn out detect stub out damp down intrude on put to the sword send to the gas chambers ethnically cleanse send to kingdom come benothing kick pause subjugate lay off of depart surcease disjoin dissever intervene separate interpose demise decease exit flatline perish fall succumb bag it blow off except avert forfend forestall wane deter bate stave off count out ward off not consider freeze out close one's doors to kick in conk out kick off peg out pass away step out pop off check out


To make or prove (an argument, statement, or theory) unsound or erroneous
disprove refute contradict negate rebut discredit belie explode gainsay compromise confute debunk expose undermine weaken controvert negative shoot down prove false prove to be false show to be false make a nonsense of shoot full of holes give the lie to knock the bottom out of shoot down in flames blow out of the water drive a coach and horses through disconfirm deny confound falsify quash challenge blow sky-high repudiate prove wrong demolish call into question counter break disaffirm bust overthrow contravene disavow disclaim overturn dispute oppose be at odds with blow sky high disallow disown puncture destroy deflate nullify contest discount question query defeat reject silence find unfounded blow up disagree disagree with raise doubts about tear down prove to be wrong show to be wrong cast doubt on set aside show up impair conflict with run counter to overwhelm ruin prove unsound annihilate deceive go against ridicule oppugn cross discard vanquish subvert prove impossible put paid to pick holes in cut down to size impugn show in its true light traverse shut up bring to naught put down knocks props out from under throw out poke holes in shoot holes in knock props out knock bottom out of argue catch uncover denounce condemn unmask nail set straight throw light on moot examine address altercate answer bandy canvass crush canvas wrangle contend argue against squelch debate pettifog retract backpedal pick a bone dissent against declare to be untrue quibble over pick an argument with wonder about put up argument hammer away at differ with argue the pros and cons of argue about take issue with protest against take a stand against have an argument about bandy words concerning object to contend over give thumbs down to quibble about agitate against pooh-pooh rebuff declare untrue dissent from put under suspicion poke full of holes shake one's faith in take back curb ban disbelieve recant block begrudge spurn restrain exclude forgo withsay taboo doubt sacrifice revoke forbid prevent disacknowledge stand in the way take exception to call on not buy say no to enjoin from hold back keep back turn thumbs down fly in the face of renounce argue with confront abjure resist abnegate combat fight call in question be against attack be anti defy abandon forswear withstand be hostile to eschew renege brush aside quarrel with take on forsake be in opposition to cast off buck parry cancel cast aside thumbs down reverse stand up to fight against give up disapprove of battle have bone to pick impeach cancel out face down refuse to acknowledge dismiss criticize fault surrender retort relinquish censure respond backtalk find fault with deflect naysay call in convict evert top burn discuss complain about knock cavil at find lacking burn down dispose of reply to counterclaim dare withspeak counteract differ criticise carp at call out render null and void say the opposite of enquire refuse to accept defend against plead against retaliate against demur against demur about come to blows with be a dissenter from rebel against test face off tackle feud with inquire litigate rally against remonstrate throw down accost investigate interrogate rival defend oneself against refuse renig welsh disinherit ditch drop cut off drop out weasel out of wash hands of worm out of go back on one's word end relations with send packing turn your back on cut off without a penny wash your hands of refuse to recognize divorce oneself from have nothing more to do with bar check counterattack face dislike hinder thwart obstruct repel contend with take struggle against gainstay dissent neutralize protest assail assault disapprove neutralise bombard withstay encounter taunt put up a fight against speak out against strive against turn the tables speak against frown at set your face against stand up and be counted against be in defiance of not countenance search out take issue take a stand


To frustrate or prevent (someone) from achieving an aim
defeat foil frustrate thwart ruin forestall neutralise neutralize baulk block circumvent contravene debar derail impede obstruct obviate overturn prevent scotch scuttle snooker stop stymie baffle bar confound deter discomfit halt hamper hinder nullify repel repress squash suppress upset balk checkmate curb dash nobble outwit parry rattle repulse scupper spoil undo blank bury check counter counterplot cross disappoint do for restrain put a stop to put paid to nip in the bud put the kibosh on put the stopper on get the better of put the mockers on screw up mess up beat down cause setback foul up hold up louse up stand in the way of upset one's apple cart put a spoke in someone's wheel put end to take wind out of sails beat cramp crimp counteract oppose smash inhibit trammel stall elude quash cripple prohibit bilk stump crab annul escape head off upset the apple cart evade put an end to fetter avoid hobble sidestep negate arrest root skirt stave off interfere with cancel ward off hold back take down stonewall take wind out of steer clear of hang up give the slip conquer defy cramp one's style withstand stifle bypass dodge hamstring offset duck crush be beyond circumnavigate snafu traverse wreck deflect forbid retard restrict queer disconcert overrule ditch juke kill avert defend against hold off overcome shut out cook someone's goose play off put the lid on spike someone's guns queer someone's pitch corner give the run around throw monkey wrench in throw a spanner in the works resist buck get out of shun divert finish something finish off countermove eschew surpass challenge act against disrupt interdict limit miss extinguish end crash keep lid on unsettle exceed quell destroy throw a curve fend off shatter make an end of bring to a close beggar confuse cheat bring an end to dish skin cease promote faze skip shake buffalo bollix put the damper on put a damper on confront pour cold water on throw cold water on shake off shuffle off triumph gain vanquish bring to an end crool banjax run circles around give the run-around run rings around be the end of lick preclude halt in its tracks shackle handicap puzzle throw a monkey wrench in the works put a brake on mystify upset the applecart dash one's hope encumber clog manacle short-circuit hog-tie nonplus handcuff embarrass veto flummox reject dead-end pigeonhole shelve tie up render null and void vote down disallow choke off cut off hang fire put on hold refuse revoke recant throw a monkey wrench into put on back burner throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw out rule against counterbalance give the thumbs down to counterpoise countervail negative balance compensate for cancel out make up for correct balance out counterweigh equalize square up be an antidote to countercheck make ineffective override equalise deactivate even up abrogate defuse wipe out subdue redress counterweight render ineffective intercept forfend pre-empt turn aside torpedo anticipate chill interrupt rule out devastate clobber blight sink dampen preempt help sabotage second-guess save keep get ahead of get in before shirk provide against steal a march on keep from happening ward cool get around beat someone to it beat someone to the punch beat someone to the draw keep off keep at bay plug worst throw estop demolish interfere attack spike hit blow stay forefend put off stave cork dam desist discontinue damp commandeer damage let injure blast mar disadvise scare be early poison be one step ahead of pick off act in advance of prepare for head off at pass turn off talk out of act like a wet blanket cloud nix euchre wreak havoc with cruel wreak havoc on defend guard bulwark fence burst one's bubble shortcut discourage screen blow a hole in bring to naught outflank cover fend outmanoeuvre shield against fight off guard against safeguard against secure against stand up for protect against defend oneself against keep at arm's length skirt round outmaneuver preoccupy forecast delay monopolize project expect foresee envision predict find a way round monopolise get round end-run find a way around get past go around flee lose scape outrun body-swerve stay shy of throw off the scent fly weasel out of run around get away from shy escape from slip away from give the slip to run away from shuffle out of double get away finesse run from give the runaround slip through the net shuck slip through someone's fingers


To have a diminishing effect on
impair damage harm mar spoil reduce injure undermine vitiate weaken blunt decrease diminish hinder lessen worsen debilitate deteriorate compromise enervate enfeeble blemish bloody break crab cripple deface disable disfigure endamage flaw hurt impede threaten blight cheapen debase destroy devaluate devalue ding disqualify prejudice queer ruin tarnish total tweak unfit cross up foul up lose strength make useless mess up rough up put the kibosh on water down crool wreck thwart shatter scotch scupper smash devastate endanger imperil foil disrupt jeopardize undo botch be detrimental to blow bodge jeopardise be disadvantageous to play havoc with be prejudicial to put at risk dilute thin be deleterious to moderate temper cut sap mitigate adulterate lace extend sophisticate disempower deplete soften thin out take the edge off soften up mangle crush mutilate maim taint wound defile vandalize deform sully scar trash ravage demolish distort vandalise stain louse up sabotage devitalize annihilate blot desecrate incapacitate disfeature waste bruise besmirch scathe scratch wrench dismantle corrupt raze corrode despoil batter shake up tire attenuate erode lower subvert etiolate abuse uglify discolour discolor upset impoverish prostrate touch dirty paralyse pollute gut wrong desolate dilapidate smirch scorch torpedo contort burn detract from shock paralyze wear away knacker smash up put a damper on screw up muck up wreak havoc on make feeble make a mess of cause detriment to do harm to put out of action do mischief to be a blot on the landscape do in molest traumatize blacken degrade soil befoul obliterate destabilize poison darken tag pervert blotch speckle twist annoy traumatise disfashion misshape nick make unattractive afflict depress make ugly handle roughly disserve blast wither inconvenience dump on cramp interfere with take out destabilise depredate sack pillage disgrace squash spoliate plunder hamstring put out of commission throw a monkey wrench into have a negative effect on have a bad effect on hamper take apart warp bend detract pulverize bankrupt restrict mangulate limit grieve torture pique pain wax aggrieve torment foul distress sting defeat decimate stifle draw blood cut up hack up contract fell smite sink chastise chasten pulverise level dash emasculate make feebler reduce the power of deprive of force pull the teeth of remove the sting from reduce the powers of exhaust fatigue rain on someone's parade weary eat away rob from wear down drain lighten constrict shrink deflate dissipate assuage calm rarefy extenuate abate soothe offset indispose wear out poop immobilize frazzle unnerve make weak torpefy knock out wash out fag out sap your strength take it out of wear to a frazzle immobilise lay low jade crack dent tear knock lacerate maltreat gnaw infect split rust rot disintegrate bleach fade stab contaminate bang up cause injury tamper with do damage to play merry hell with drive a nail into the coffin of


To expose or reveal the true nature or character of
show up debunk expose uncloak undress unmask nail uncover belittle convict defeat disclose discover discredit embarrass emphasise emphasize highlight humiliate indicate mortify pinpoint reveal shame unshroud worst lay bare let down point up score off bring to light put spotlight on put to shame make a fool of show in bad light unearth unveil blow the whistle on betray divulge show display bare spill unbosom exhibit leak find out blow wide open set straight catch out let on about pull the plug on let the cat out of the bag make known give away throw light on spill the beans on take the wraps off bring out into the open demystify smoke something out detect identify manifest lift the lid demonstrate air out declare crack bewray let slip let cat out of bag give the game away make manifest let out smoke out present prove tip off tell of brandish let drop denude evince make obvious trot out put on view nake discount catch controvert shoot down cast doubt on raise doubts about condemn disprove dispute denounce negate tell unclothe announce confess admit acknowledge come out with let cat out of the bag make public publish impart broadcast unfold blurt out communicate blab bring into the open proclaim put on display put on show expose to view flash let on lay open report inform pass on cough mouth go public with blow the lid off open up spill the beans about spill your guts about let the cat out of the bag about flaunt disport produce feature showcase release promulgate stage publicize relate utter express bespeak babble open vouchsafe confide publicise roll out put on unburden tattle set out spring make plain squeal gossip take the lid off be evidence of squeal about bring out dig up unfurl set forth tip one's hand open to view spill the beans get off your chest let in on strip share break show evidence of detail entrust trust relay blow unrobe unclose turn up lay something bare leave unprotected put the spotlight on disburden overshare avow own snitch blow the gaff come out of the closet unburden oneself let it all hang out make clear come clean spill all confide in tell all provide details flourish allow to be seen make a clean breast of bring forward bring into view register advertise advertize to make clear intimate hold up to view crack wide open go public fess up tell all about cough up own up let hair down blow the whistle blow the gaff on blurt whisper parade demo disseminate supply offer launch show off deal in bring to view introduce deliver arrange put before the public lay out sport wield project breathe transmit hint buzz suggest insinuate let fall televise expose information unload on spill to crack to open your heart lay the gaff lay it on bend an ear share a confidence state recount describe narrate speak say recite rehearse chronicle voice portray depict vocalize verbalize pass charge acquaint chart talk enlighten apprise enunciate delineate articulate advise convey brief familiarize paint signify spin represent mention verbalise familiarise explain retail verse level clear vocalise sketch weave clue in catch up fill in leave word call upon give an account of tell on keep posted put before give evidence of give out spit it out give facts reel off wise up break the news


To die or cease living
expire die decease perish croak depart pass on pass away buy it conk out demise drop end exit fall flatline go part succumb check out kick it peg out be no more bite the dust go belly-up kick in kick off peg it pop off step out cark it cross the great divide depart this life give up the ghost kick the bucket snuff it go belly up go to the great beyond meet your maker pass over pop your clogs strike out breathe your last cash in chips shuffle off this mortal coil up and die go the way of all flesh go the way of the flesh buy the farm cash in one's chips meet one's maker cease living pass be lost go bung hop the twig hop the stick go to glory bite the big one cross the Styx go under go the way of the dinosaurs go to one's last resting place meet one's end meet one's death turn up one's toes pop one's clogs be killed cease drop dead draw one's last breath go to meet one's maker breathe one's last cease to exist push up the daisies be six feet under lose one's life hand in one's dinner pail farm buy the plot buy the ranch punch one's ticket kick in [slang] exterminate wane desist ruin abolish slip away decline vanish disappear collapse waste be destroyed OD cave lose life lose your life fold up run out be slain wilt go to one's reward shove off go to the wall go west run through conk take your last breath meet your end be a casualty be a fatality push up daisies die a death suffocate drown call off all bets cool off buy a one-way ticket deep six go to meet your maker meet one's Maker meet waterloo go down give way give up pack it in rest in peace be taken relinquish life suck the kumara go way of all flesh drop off lay down one's life

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