Đồng nghĩa của intervene

Alternative for intervene

intervenes, intervened, intervening

Đồng nghĩa: interfere, interpose, step in,


Take part in something so as to prevent or alter a result or course of events
mediate intercede arbitrate interfere intrude interpose conciliate intermediate interrupt negotiate get involved step in cut in divide insinuate oneself interpose oneself involve involve oneself meddle obtrude part reconcile separate settle sever interpose yourself involve yourself act as peacemaker barge in butt in come between horn in mix in muscle in act as an intermediary put your oar in put in two cents put your two cents in take a hand moderate make peace referee umpire act come resolve become involved take action take measures reconcile differences restore harmony meet halfway trade off act as middleman bring to terms make a deal strike happy medium be drawn in join in sandwich enter arrive plead speak chip in be invited advocate entreat supplicate petition lend a hand monkey with act as honest broker make the peace decide judge adjudicate adjudge determine act as a peacemaker pour oil on troubled waters act as a mediator clear the air liaise pronounce judgement placate soothe assess parley adjust pass judgement smooth temporize pass judgment rule on sit in judgement temporise deal broker facilitate propitiate make a ruling sort out straighten out give a verdict play ball go fifty-fifty sit in judgment come to school hammer out a deal come to terms work out a deal bring to an agreement act as middle conclude rule decree pronounce declare pass judgement on hear examine try bargain sit in judgement on decide on hold talks give a verdict on discuss terms make a ruling on wheel and deal officiate hold cut a deal ref count haggle find dicker consider palter pronounce on confer chaffer collaborate proclaim deem contract horse-trade ordain announce cooperate agree covenant assign stipulate consult together discuss a settlement compromise give a ruling on make terms settle on supervise answer oversee call stand run form judgment act as go-between clear up pronounce judgement on make a judgement on be in control of concede barter trade give a hearing put on trial take to court issue traffic rate deliver sell state think reckon perceive concert treat transact arrange affirm assert buy promise charge suppose sentence apportion award pass do business drive a hard bargain make concessions formally judge regard as give and take come to an understanding make concession strike balance find the middle ground set forth find a happy medium strike a happy medium reach a compromise find middle ground find happy medium meet each other halfway split the difference strike a balance lay down lay down the law view as see as believe to be debate finalize talk discuss consult confirm specify powwow connect compose accommodate swap network designate agree to horse trade try to reach a compromise treat with someone fix upon nail down authorize finalise square up work out come to a decision about figure out set cinch name pin down authorise agree on call the shots on take a decision on clinch square off prescribe come across with bury the hatchet act as mediator act as negotiator act as arbiter act as arbitrator


Interfere in something that is not one's concern
meddle interfere intrude pry interlope intermeddle interpose obtrude poke snoop butt in nose busybody kibitz mess tamper thrust horn in advance encroach encumber gossip hinder impede impose infringe enquire inquire invade molest muscle in sidewalk-superintend stir trespass mess with abuse rights barge in chime in come uninvited dabble in fool with mess around mix in muck about muck around push in worm in break in on crash the gates stick nose in put two cents in put your two cents in put your oar in stick your nose in impinge overstep gatecrash encroach on entrench poke your nose in get involved impose oneself on stick your oar in interfere with muscle in on entrench on horn in on make inroads stick nose into throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of interpolate interject bother insinuate pester intercalate chisel in hold up go beyond thrust yourself in intercede intermediate meddle in nose into be a busybody be nosy about butt into pry into intercede in kibitz on poke nose in barge into get involved in impinge on step in intervene in intrude into tamper with infiltrate creep worm disturb inch interrupt disrupt trench violate usurp crash appropriate arrogate elbow in impose oneself cut in impose yourself work in tread on someone's toes make inroads into step on someone's toes eat into squeeze in invade someone's space interfere in intrude on stickybeak nosy mouse peek enquire impertinently poke around be inquisitive poke about be curious be nosy inquire impertinently stick one's nose in mind someone else's business examine inspect poke into bug nose around poke one's nose in break in burst in poke nose into charge in poke one's face in get into the act put one's two cents in spy peep peer be inquisitive about watch meddle with sneak snook stare do some detective work stick one's nose into poke one's nose into


To anticipate and prevent or bypass (something which would otherwise have been necessary or required)
obviate avert preclude prevent avoid counter eliminate forestall help remove anticipate block counteract deter foreclose forfend hinder interfere interpose restrain ward get round head off make unnecessary rule out stave off do away with fend off get rid of take away ward off stop foil thwart frustrate intercept impede nip in the bud check arrest obstruct deflect circumvent halt hold off hold back divert pre-empt save baulk balk inhibit hamper defend against shut out debar put a stop to turn aside prohibit preempt second-guess restrict get ahead of get in before steal a march on provide against interrupt cool chill desist beat someone to it put an end to beat someone to the punch beat someone to the draw forefend commandeer stonewall free spare reprieve shunt turn veer absolve discontinue cease be early keep lid on bar baffle stave retard interdict keep at bay cork dam limit forbid repress keep off dispense exempt pick off beat somebody to it act in advance of be one step ahead of prepare for cut off head off at pass look away shove aside turn from discharge keep from happening curb stay keep damp let disadvise scare dampen turn off put a damper on talk out of throw cold water on pour cold water on act like a wet blanket parry preoccupy forecast delay expect monopolize project foresee envision predict refrain from monopolise dodge evade withhold from desist from restrain from stay away keep from counterbalance interfere with skip break the habit of stay away from withstand refuse steer clear of eschew sidestep escape forbear shirk skip out on leave off give up do without kick negate make up for shake neutralise get around forbear from skirt get out of shy from shun steer clear deny yourself forgo resist nullify shrink from abstain from abstain renounce bypass neutralize shake off oppose repel guard screen bulwark discourage repulse cover fence fend stall defend guard against keep at arm's length hold at bay defeat rebuff dissuade act against cross suppress discountenance bring an end to put off disfavor quiet warn indispose disfavour deprecate withhold frighten control keep back shield against fight off duck safeguard against secure against stand up for protect against defend oneself against skirt round protect safeguard shield secure shelter preserve harbor conserve harbour fortify watch house hedge uphold barricade garrison insure hold care for take in look after beat off keep safe watch over provide sanctuary be the defender of give sanctuary keep from harm repel danger


Cause disagreement between
come between alienate disaffect disunite divide estrange separate break up interfere interpose interrupt meddle part split up pull apart set against cause disagreement between pit against one another put at odds set against one another set at odds set at variance sow dissension between drive apart drive a wedge between tear asunder sever sow dissension factionalize cause disagreement among split cause dissent sow dissension among partition cause to disagree dichotomize sow disaccord triangulate cause disagreement stir the pot pit against cause a rift dissolve disband break disperse splinter create a rift in polarise polarize break apart differentiate diverge demarcate cause a rift between create a schism in schismatize isolate distance divorce detach break off keep apart turn your back on wean alien make indifferent antagonize withdraw the affections of set apart push away antagonise turn off turn away cut off make unfriendly sour disgruntle make hostile to put at a distance mediate intercede arbitrate intrude interpose oneself interpose yourself obtrude put in two cents involve oneself butt in intermediate settle put your oar in cut in put your two cents in insinuate oneself involve involve yourself horn in act as an intermediary mix in conciliate negotiate take a hand barge in get involved reconcile muscle in act as peacemaker step in sunder dissociate segregate disconnect disengage set in opposition set as rivals turn against decouple disassociate break away withdraw leave quit disjoin disenchant disillusion disunify insulate sequester seclude dissever disaffiliate quarantine ramify disjoint uncouple resolve unyoke unlink remove break with withdraw from make hostile withhold dismantle disrupt free lose upset disturb repel disquiet discompose agitate rive embroil avoid dissatisfy divert undo drive away break from walk away keep at arm's length place far off move away sever connections between part company distance oneself set at odds with cause antagonism between destroy the affections of put on the outs unmarry put away delink defect cocoon exclude cloister secede from become estranged close off shut away cordon off seal off abstract confine rope off fence off island keep out screen off bust up part company with sever connections with tape off shut off partition off curtain off keep in solitude form a ring around block off put a cordon sanitaire around reach a parting of the ways break off relations with


(of an action or operation) To bring to an end or prevent from continuing
cut off block close off cut short finish interrupt prevent renounce suspend withdraw withhold break can cease discontinue drop end halt quit stop bring to a halt bring to an end bring to end obstruct break off break up cut out desist from give over knock off lay off leave off shut off pack in pack up terminate abandon cancel axe pause abolish wind up give up kick die elapse dead-end pass conclude lapse expire cut let up scrap close determine go lay off of wink out intermit belay phase out dispense with disconnect bag it separate give something the chop surcease knock something on the head get rid of interpose disjoin scrub ax put an end to pull the plug on part desist disunite blow off put a stop to do away with dissever call it quits kill call a halt to refrain from forgo dissolve complete wrap up adjourn check avoid come to an end call a halt bring to a close abort abstain from relinquish eschew rescind hold back repeal forsake revoke finish off arrest postpone delay ditch call it a day curb forswear shelve call off swear off eliminate annul close out remove stay close down restrain quash inhibit prorogue recess reject shut down be over dump forbear from jack in run down wind down do without abstain forbear put the kibosh on shun refrain nullify hold up round out round off discard void recall draw to a close abjure leave steer clear of abate defer put on ice have done with culminate scratch bring to a stop cry off take a break nip in the bud put off invalidate impede withdraw from run out countermand disappear refuse sever vanish resign from abrogate keep vacate disannul null consummate hold off take away ultimate pull out of get out of set aside strike down take a breather roll back wipe out bring to a standstill sew up retire from keep from pigeonhole come to a close pack it in fade away peter out come to a standstill hamper disband hold over hinder withhold from call table give a wide berth to junk retract repudiate fade ease off reverse delete negate hang back resist mothball freeze rest annihilate desert suppress bar dwindle prorogate retard waive put back go without settle eradicate wrap pull up undo come to a stop obviate take five lay aside end up liquidate bite the dust take back put the lid on die down get done top off put in cold storage run its course come to a halt stop dead put on hold take a rain check on put on the back burner interfere with die away die out drop out of melt away have nothing to do with stall hesitate reschedule avert vacillate wait waver put aside overturn procrastinate chuck frustrate pull the plug jettison deactivate extirpate falter thwart ignore destroy exclude curtail handicap suspend proceedings nip something in the bud decline pass up preclude excise exit throw out obliterate get off evaporate foil overthrow detain erase get shut of ebb check out from extinguish hobble encumber hamstring remit vitiate escape from shake stem restrain oneself from stop oneself from disestablish finalize hold in abeyance forget about immobilize crown resist the temptation to evanish chop get shot of subvert put paid to bail immobilise prohibit discharge wane renege disrupt hang fire dismantle exterminate deracinate depart stifle nix supersede declare null and void not do trammel keep back finalise collapse dispose of be suspended break with cumber clean up take off lift stop oneself have a breather cut it out hold move from head off cease to exist stop short lay on the table put a lid on not continue fizzle out have a break become invalid leave alone bring to a conclusion take ten rule out do in bow out of step aside from become void become obsolete pass away blow over come to rest fade out put on back burner put on the shelf finish with hang up stave off forfend back out of say goodbye to quit cold ward off give a rest depart from kick the habit go away from throw up take the cure kick over bin put a stop to something stand down from fail hold back from relax yield resign spurn dissociate bring hold something in abeyance give something up forget come off disturb subdue quell back off turn back forlet jack something in be put on hold cap achieve succeed raise dismiss quit cold turkey snub exsect marginalize oust carve isolate usurp extract overlook cinch clear do call a stop to do for restrict bring to an untimely end draw to a halt expunge hold on stop midstream withcall ease up down tools stop work shed stamp out rise back out steer clear cool it stop in one's tracks reach a standstill take a breather from accomplish be at an end be no longer valid stop trying resolve knock it off retreat drop out trash throw in the towel throw in the sponge stop doing lie by spell stand finish up fight shy of not touch cut into break into cut dead take out marginalise put on a back burner bring down curtain draw to close put to bed put a period to fold up be put to bed button up cut loose button down remove gradually withdraw gradually replace gradually eliminate gradually stop using sunder take time out take time off override put the stopper on shorten abbreviate clip abridge clinch shutter get on the wagon hang it up sit tight hang about hang around efface blot out sweep away black out rub out root out snuff out decelerate give notice forego overrule fold retain deny constrain tie up loose ends come to the end be through with take the pledge go on the wagon avoid doing sit out be temperate transpire come to a conclusion carry through set the seal on carry out bring to fruition round up veto zap squelch intercept wind something up switch off clog wreck split up loose wrack decimate shoot shatter disorganize unmake destruct ruin demolish inactivate omit put in abeyance file pink-slip keep in abeyance protract stonewall recant put kibosh on deliberate adopt Fabian tactics backtrack on renege on disaffirm bridle repress hold off on keep hold of step down from defend against shut out save turn aside fend off keep from happening slay blow away murder put to death assassinate put a brake on throw a spanner in the works of slaughter throw a monkey wrench in the works of bump off torpedo call back disclaim go back on push back count out lay over break short leave unfinished stop cold stop in full flow be no more fly by resolve into render void go by bag secede from debar prevent oneself from cease to indulge in prevent yourself from not give in to keep off tail off trail off forfeit slip away refuse to pay mark time linger sideline take a breath reflect tarry divorce sacrifice jilt phase something out knock out escape sever relations with break away from split with delink from stop briefly disqualify interdict stymie shirk skip sink think twice call time dissociate oneself from disaffiliate oneself from stay away from bypass estop forestall forbid wither subside wilt cramp back off from break the habit of dodge shrink from rein in sidestep restrain from shy from continue respite put over part from part with skip out on kibosh skirt surcease from call it quits on be gone from be done with break free from take leave from have nothing more to do with moderate weaken break it up come to standstill catch one's breath make it impossible for make impossible ward make it impracticable for deter make impracticable shackle derail dust off decay lessen decrease diminish recede eighty-six turn your back on write off take a recess brush off walk out of walk out on disappear from run along from take off from abscond from exit from absent oneself from bail from break off with clear out from cast aside cast off set out from handcuff slacken evanesce degenerate get rid of by stages slow stop what you're doing deteriorate droop retrograde crumble bate molder dilapidate moulder take a rain check cripple scupper still catch staunch run low fall away go downhill wear away go down grow less go dead slow down get in the way of stand in the way of dither stagger wabble teeter balance wobble scruple limp stumble whiffle disallow draw up bring up fetch up render invalid put a sock in be abandoned blow the whistle on stand still hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill be broken off shilly-shally wiggle-waggle draw to a stand render null and void pull back draw back


To manage, direct, or control a person, group, or system to an unnecessary level of detail or precision

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