Đồng nghĩa của harbour

Alternative for harbour


Đồng nghĩa: entertain, harbor, haven, hold, nurse, seaport, shield,


A place that is frequented for holidays or recreation or for a particular purpose
resort haunt retreat spot center centre hangout purlieu rendezvous spa honeypot refuge camp harbor haven hideaway hideout holiday centre holiday destination hotel inn lodge motel nest park spring stamping ground stomping ground tourist trap tourist centre fat farm holiday spot hot spring mineral spring tourist center watering place den home hidey-hole shelter territory patch hang-out lair meeting place roadhouse watering hole domain hiding place hostel local manor bar auberge hostelry favourite spot sanctuary hospice caravanserai caravansary asylum sanctum dwelling abode hole covert harborage bolt-hole cover safe house public house site joint dive nook habitat place tavern honky-tonk hermitage guesthouse pension cabin oasis foxhole fastness querencia bed and breakfast guest house zoar shield port safe haven place of safety safe place ivory tower port in a storm fringe residence area dwelling-place periphery lodgings social place concealment snuggery hidy-hole pot-house turf backyard mineral spring resort familiar territory native environment customary territory aerie muster station location protection favorite gathering place defence defense screen court church convent hole-up neck of the woods abiding-place motor court gathering point meeting point love nest assembly point locality niche range cubbyhole headquarters clubhouse aparthotel B & B boatel ark living quarters trysting place dormitory hide-out dacha cottage fleabag Gasthaus pensione pousada flophouse posada house parador dump lodging gathering place expedient outlet bolthole exit stopgap immunity recourse escape stronghold ambush resource anchorage preserve fortress makeshift opening place of shelter boarding house cloister security adytum bolt hole way out rooming house motor inn lodging house place of security sanctum sanctorum safety armor safeguard armour safeguarding guard dock safe harbor ward safe keeping aegis place of escape buckler shade stash cache housing pen weapon fortification barrier roadstead resistance resting place secret place moorage harbourage marina deterrent shielding deterrence guarding cushion roads mooring wall egis bulwark buffer dockage wharf fence shock absorber snug recess penthouse brood study shadow office island private room secluded form earth lee a roof sequestered nook comfort zone port of call bumper preventative preventive hedge hiding private space docks barricade bastion roof accommodation pier jetty digs pad quarterage shed crib seaport hithe ammunition accommodations boatyard piers landing dockyard somewhere to stay somewhere to live roof over head hole in the wall warfare weaponry munitions a roof over your head biosphere roost habitation citadel arms natural home home ground realm berth quay moorings fount source cradle fountainhead slip place of origin


To provide housing or accommodation for
harbor accommodate house lodge board quarter shelter domicile bunk camp roof room chamber encamp bestow billet bivouac refuge put up take in provide refuge settle entertain receive provide shelter for take station make room for provide with accommodation provide accommodation for give accommodation to give a bed to contain rent live reside stay dwell install sojourn inhabit fit instal nest hold crash cater for hole up be quartered give someone a roof over their head be domiciled have rooms admit welcome have room for feed post be big enough for have capacity for sleep place abide canton provide lodging for squat stop provide a roof over someone's head park hang out roost take up residence stay over have lodgings be housed be billeted be a lodger take lodgings take a room camp out locate garrison accept allow stow position base berth take care of keep bed let in allow entry to make space for give lodging holiday let crash provide with a place to work give shelter to provide with a place to sleep perch set up camp pitch a tent accommodate guest provision bide visit provide vacation provide accommodation be settled have one's residence have your home in have one's home make welcome tarry nestle vacay afford domiciliate establish stop off be accommodated break one's journey stop over spend some time bear give accommodation give a roof to find a bed for put a roof over someone's head have space for have beds for hide take refuge take shelter seek sanctuary take cover occupy seek refuge seek protection hostel find refuge dwell in live in lodge in be domiciled in stay in bide in be settled in sojourn in be a resident of have digs rest remain linger stick around hang around wait stay put tenant endure continue hang hover reside in hang round sit tight hang on hang about hold the fort wait around stay on hold on persist take up residence in be established in be present make one's home establish oneself ensconce be last populate sit pause stand prevail lie exist stick people possess delay have as your home be established keep on keep house put down roots be an inhabitant of settle in abide in make one's home in be ensconced in establish yourself be left stay behind set up home in bunk out make camp cling hold over hang one's hat tent inhere provide beds for loiter pitch tent hang out in hang one's hat in have taken up residence in have established oneself in await dally halt break outstay lag indwell bedwell remain behind sweat it out put down roots in set up home emigrate to hang up one's hat go to live in become domiciled in go to live set up housekeeping in move to take root set up house stay out own maintain be in residence pervade be the tenant of permeate ensconce oneself in establish oneself in be in command move into use be in residence in have a break relax be found be located be set take it easy put your feet up take a break be situated be positioned be sited are be perched


To give shelter or protection to
harbor shelter hide safeguard secure shield defend protect relieve give sanctuary to give shelter to provide refuge provide a refuge for give asylum to guard screen save preserve conserve keep safe cover watch over keep ward bulwark fend look after keep from harm give sanctuary take care of forfend fence fortify hedge house shade insulate cushion inoculate care for support give refuge afford protection to cover up ward off prevent avert watch foster assure stick up for uphold ride shotgun cover all bases take under one's wing wrap maintain go to bat for conceal haven provide protection for sustain make invulnerable champion ensure shotgun give shelter give cover chamber stonewall roof surround enclose cover for provide safety mind tend chaperon sentinel immunise mount guard on escort stand guard on cover up for immunize stand up for stand guard save from harm take someone under your wing oppose resist barricade garrison insure withstand hold stave off fend off beat off provide sanctuary be the defender of hold at bay take in repel danger guard against oversee attend to cocoon isolate separate police supervise indemnify enfold keep an eye on swathe guarantee nurse encase warrant minister to envelop sheathe encircle underwrite inclose cloak swaddle stand guard over patrol wad babysit strengthen cut off pad childmind line restrict be responsible for shut in enwrap superintend invest pack shroud take charge of sit with enshroud close off clothe see to set aside involve treat retain wrap up mask drape sequester cloister immure occupy pen register man fill keep intact cage seclude segregate corral dress exclude detach contain coop up closet wall in box in hem in nurture control island overlook set apart mother mew up encompass muffle coop fold shut off steward alibi regulate veil hem lag keep apart embrace govern superimpose preside over have charge of lap mantle fence in embosom circumfuse embower bower enswathe bosom protect from be in charge of safeguard from bind shield from roll provide with an alibi bundle up roll up give an alibi to prohibit keep in good condition keep from halt salvage keep in repair establish confirm stop reclaim retrieve arrest justify inject specify limit stipulate cherish provide for rear raise shepherd rescue make safe thwart intercept foil chaperone nanny make immune store administer to tend to picket wind mitigate variolate jab fight for endorse make sound make impregnable guaranty cinch ice rule guide manage supply with troops provide insurance for continue take out insurance handle administrate run keep guard on twine bandage immerse absorb camouflage stuff encage operate bunch bale make secure take out insurance cover persevere with keep a lookout over direct include bundle conduct till inwrap package perpetuate prolong ring-fence vaccinate answer for give security to agree to pay gift-wrap attend infold keep tabs on tuck shape upholster hold to divide dissociate cup bar baby-sit keep alive keep going crown cap keep up blockade paper over reinforce hood overcast canopy blanket top dress mulch quarantine partition sever disconnect be attentive of mind the store look out for give heed to look over ride herd on superpose fill out confine engulf obscure put something on top of choose select divorce sort out ghettoize obstruct place under cover place something over single out discriminate against ghettoise block off lock block bolt soundproof seal pound bound impound split up sunder out separate out obnubilate wrap around latch fasten pen in intern gird overlay girdle overspread close up wall off kettle shut up circumscribe close in rail in hedge in lock up seal up keep watch on keep guard over lock in separate off mew mure wall hold captive rail tape coat inlay keep in order keep the peace in keep the peace maintain law and order in make the rounds of keep under lock and key wrap up in cotton wool

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