Đồng nghĩa của munitions

Alternative for munitions

munitions, munitioned, munitioning

Đồng nghĩa: arms, fortification, implements of war, ordnance, ordnance store, weaponry, weapons system,


Military equipment, especially weapons and ammunition


All the cannon and small arms collectively, with their equipments, belonging to a ship or a fortification
armament ammunition arming arms buildup deployment disarmament hardware mobilisation mobilization ordnance preparation rearmament weaponry defence defense gun heat material protection security weapon armor guard cover resistance safeguard shield immunity safeguarding fortification stronghold deterrent screen ward guarding buckler aegis deterrence shielding shelter warfare egis refuge armour shock absorber citadel fastness fence wall bulwark support bastion buffer barrier rampart safety parapet buttress barricade breastwork fort earthwork defender embankment cushion preservation protector sanctuary mainstay prop care outwork precaution supporter stockade conservation bumper self-defense palisade safe keeping preventive bartizan battlement asylum insurance guardianship fortress safekeeping barbican preventive measure self-preservation shade obstruction block precautions circumvallation vallum provision self-protection maintenance partition caution invulnerability safeness palladium fail-safe redoubt reinforcement keep salvation upkeep sponsorship backing building up safety measure hindrance castellation impediment upholding patronage championship curb restraint check precautionary measure safety measures aid keeping pad dyke preventative embattlement auspices hedge assistance haven remedy auspice advocacy concealment surety bank guaranty protecting fender retreat protective measure indemnity mail castle defensive wall backstop prophylactic impregnability vallation suspension system big stick buttressing bolstering continuation underpinning continuance shoring up garrison harbor hold harbour harborage assurance outpost safety device crenellation hiding place fielder buffet wicket-keeper isolation sequestration segregation dam leaf springs torsion bars spring balustrade safeguards separation weir secludedness privacy aloneness solitariness solitude separateness seclusion escarpment tower strengthening canopy divider awning curtain quarantine detachment exclusion closeting guards surveillance gate measures sluice promotion help cloak blind mantle shroud separator arras guarantee charge umbrella guidance catcher encouragement financing welfare setting apart insulation unassailability protectorship wing mound hill supervision ridge trusteeship warranty agency favour elevation shutter windbreak philanthropy funding intermediary a roof dike assertion barrage strength plate breastplate panoply furtherance hiding housing prudence forethought anticipation veil envelope panel cocoon defences mask cushioning freedom blockhouse covering dividing wall prevention protective battlements benefaction espousal tutelage preserving safety guard bastille protective device conserving absorber sustentation favor foresight wariness providence circumspection hideout hideaway oasis reassurance stability projection convoy rock escort berm den sanctum foxhole middleman go-between obstacle neutralizer room divider investment perpetuation grant subsidy recommendation zoar port covert querencia ravelin fieldwork discreetness canniness regard fortalice discretion well-being inviolability resort hole church convent insistence on trench preserval disincentive evaporation safe haven armor plate presidio canal suit of armor protective wall bolt-hole upholder ditch care and feeding gully defenses safe house public safety tower of strength something to fall back on protective clothing bulletproof vest channel safe harbor freedom from danger chain mail flak jacket saving fosse ivory tower moat safety net coat of mail preventative measure entrenchment belt and braces port in a storm storage tanning anticipatory measure hole-up suit of armour refrigeration body armor body armour

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