Đồng nghĩa của evaporation

Alternative for evaporation


A state of agitation or excitement
fermentation turmoil unrest disquiet ferment restlessness restiveness uneasiness unquietness agitation turbulence bubbling dissolving ebullition foaming frothing leavening seething souring volatilization Sturm und Drang tumult disturbance upheaval bustle uproar anxiety disorder disruption confusion chaos nervousness unease instability trouble activity disquietude hurry ailment bother fretfulness edginess insomnia movement furore uprising perturbation jitters impatience excitement anguish frenzy unsettledness transience worriedness fitfulness inquietude inconstancy discord hubbub dither clamour brouhaha excitability ants antsiness stir ruckus fuss stew ructions clamor mayhem apprehension rumpus storm flurry kerfuffle annoyance furor commotion discomposure hoopla row moil aggro flap outcry hurly-burly to-do stink hoo-ha carry-on coil hurry-scurry scene argy-bargy convulsion hell broke loose boiling overflow outburst effervescence ruction havoc pandemonium ado racket fracas hullabaloo riot clatter folderol bedlam broil ballyhoo maelstrom affray blather bangarang donnybrook lather welter palaver splash whirl excitation bluster pother bobbery heebie-jeebies jumpiness tenseness jitteriness fidgetiness hurricane williwaw foofaraw splore shindy din hurly squall action corroboree fireworks noise melee pantomime clutter hustle tamasha backwash do production hassle fun combustion zoo breach of the peace big scene fuss and bother helter-skelter hoo-hah hurry-skurry hue and cry alarums and excursions song and dance bobsy-die big stink hustle and bustle hubble-bubble fever ants in your pants glow heat imbroglio upturn rumble state of unrest rebellion anarchy insurrection rioting upset conflict strife dissatisfaction sedition protest worry fighting quarrel discontent tizzy discontentment disaffection grief distress tension change dissension trepidation anxiousness dissent altercation bickering fear controversy irritation chagrin vexation sorrow malaise debate perplexity mortification contention moodiness crisis disease ennui tempest disarray paroxysm enthusiasm cataclysm passion earthquake bouleversement stimulation distraction free-for-all delirium hysteria thrill violence roar incitement elation rage fluster panic whirlwind eruption apprehensiveness rampage complaint exclamation ecstasy hubba-hubba convulsions concern fury uncertainty blare disorganization babel provocation animation brawl spasm care deliriousness wildness alarm howl feverishness concernment mix-up flutter nervosity muddle solicitude sweat eagerness agita shouting intensity disarrangement vociferation tremor explosion adventure disorganisation shout disaster awkwardness discomfort rocking lament remonstrance protesting buzz clinker shock a buzz a charge a kick rapture storms business performance upheavals hurrah babble tempests maelstroms melodrama drama tohubohu haste shemozzle topsy-turviness hectic fit clangor katzenjammer chatter cacophony discordance rattle bowwow decibels bruit incitation sensation troubles fray bout quake roughness fisticuffs shindig hindrance lunacy craze mania hype fad dysphoria dyspathy unruliness street fight burst seizure shaking trembling quaking seism tottering riskiness peril perilousness danger hazardousness risk hazard warmth dangerousness arousal high winds disconcertment protestation revolution clangour mixing exciting experience precariousness flush pell-mell huddle snarl ataxia clamouring cry objection indignation tizzy, tizz nervous excitement strain disapproval opposition fervour overthrow shambles pressure disorderliness demurral hullaballoo zeal fire vehemence fanaticism fervor state of anxiety untidiness mess stirring flip-flop outbreak alteration turnaround shakeout switch catastrophe violent change about-face temblor formal complaint clamoring howls of protest flak chorus of disapproval trauma consternation madness burning up running a temperature febrile disease the shakes entropy disorderedness wilderness complication dishevelment new deal major change seismic shift sudden change new ball-game misorder rout dislocation haze messiness jumble muss hell intricacy tumble burden difficulty a madhouse slip-up oppression dread suffering pain hardship mare's nest a three-ring circus all hell broken loose blowup nervous tension overextension misgiving agony trial distention mistrust affliction urgency stress fearfulness destruction fling binge wingding orgy tear splurge spree expectancy albatross rush boiling point spin more heat than light hectic activity


The process of becoming smaller
contraction shortening shrinkage compression constricting constriction decrease diminution shrinking abbreviation compacting compaction condensation condensing contracting decline dwindling narrowing reduction squeeze squeezing telescoping tensing tightening downtick elision shrivelling abbreviating abridging abridgement abridgment combining confinement confining curtailing curtailment decreasing deflating deflation diminishing ellipsis evaporating lessening lopping merging omission omitting receding recession reducing retrenchment shriveling withdrawal withdrawing withering drawing in reduction in size cutting down drawing together diminishment abatement lowering cutback drop loss digest fall decrement summary abstract synopsis falloff cut depression compendium precis conspectus cutting outline drop-off epitome précis step down depletion brief short form ebb sketch truncation deduction restriction rundown limitation dent acronym breviary consolidation thinning bowdlerization résumé pruning wane clipping tapering recapitulation encapsulation discount syllabus recap summing-up weakening initialism downturn paring down declining trimming limiting waning devaluation degradation slackening falling off minimizing minimization review slash summation round-up summarization essence inventory dilution minimising wrap-up roundup sum summa attrition resume capsule dying down run-through sum-up potted version description in a nutshell dot dot dot pressing compressing downsizing discounting dieting compend crushing attenuation marking down downgrade restricting plunge clipped form curbing concentration nosedive slump dive depreciation downsize failing fading undermining cutting back sapping disappearance crystallization crash collapse shortened version mitigation rollback lightening easing decay impoverishment erosion tumble economic decline economic downturn miniaturisation miniaturization boildown crystallisation slimming alleviation downfall markdown concise version abridged version chopping debasement axing subdual subtraction subjugation pullback slimming down stenosis blockage cramp tightness impediment pressure stricture scaling down obstruction congestion constraint choking check binding straitening strangulation limit condition argument negative growth initial letter beginning letter initial shortened form overview gist enumeration nutshell extract cuts economizing draft snapshot account storyboard briefing prospectus plan blurb storyline cropping analysis scheme skeleton breakdown core bones record brief idea bare bones economy short version brief description main features notes brief summary bottom line summing up main points rough draft bare facts quick rundown draught economising sum and substance aperçu report rough idea low-down long and short of it abbreviated version cutting short abbreviature shortcut abstraction belt-tightening tightening your belt subsidence de-escalation striction decrescence letting up


The action of preserving something
preservation maintenance conservation keeping protection safeguarding care conserving keep preserving safety support sustentation upholding upkeep defence perpetuation safekeeping salvation security defense guard guardianship preserval refrigeration safeguard saving shield storage tanning ward care and feeding sanctuary guarding protecting cover safe keeping shielding shelter safeness aegis servicing asylum service refuge repair invulnerability repairs assurance immunity aftercare screen trust armor custody subsistence fortification relief sustenance charge insurance haven custodianship reassurance supervision armour harbour harbor tutelage impregnability armament self-defense improvement freedom looking after retainment continuance continuation management possession welfare conservancy unassailability running trusteeship protectorship patronage freedom from danger strength well-being inviolability indemnity barrier buffer surety food board surveillance certainty escape reprieve retreat stability ammunition wall public safety means nurture living livelihood nourishment peace safe haven comfort solace redemption lifeline good hands board and lodging help recovery kai buckler egis deterrent precaution bulwark preventive provision preventive measure weapon shade arms cushion caution palladium fail-safe safety measure weaponry hindrance block munitions stronghold obstruction impediment resistance curb restraint check precautionary measure deterrence preventative prophylactic remedy bumper mail protective measure fastness fence backstop shock absorber exception untouchability impenetrability imperviousness a roof shadow protector rampart prevention protective hedge guarantee absorber obstacle neutralizer insurance cover warranty lee disincentive hiding concealment housing buildup disarmament ordnance preparation hardware deployment rearmament mobilization arming convoy escort anticipatory measure warfare harborage citadel safety net safety device material gun heat safe harbor something to fall back on reinforcement plate breastplate panoply hiding place midst prudence forethought anticipation heart foresight wariness providence circumspection centre discreetness canniness regard preventative measure discretion belt and braces armor plate suit of armor protective clothing bulletproof vest chain mail flak jacket coat of mail suit of armour body armor body armour mobilisation circle core embrace center bosom


The action of formally ending or dismissing an assembly, partnership, or official body
dissolution end conclusion finish cessation discontinuation ending disbandment termination disbanding dispersal dismissal expiration scattering expiry suspension curtains closure separation disestablishment disunion adjournment prorogation recess defunction disappearance release silence solution wind-up break-up winding up split-up winding down stopping breaking off close stoppage halt closing arrest finale cutoff completion finis windup wrap-up desistance period cutting short outcome terminus dissipation dispersion disbarment concluding discontinuing resolution denouement consummation homestretch mop-up culmination capper endgame summing-up closing stages summing up summation grand finale swan song upshot epilogue omega wane last part epilog final scene catastrophe last act coup de grace stop discontinuance lapse surcease offset check shutoff cancellation shutdown arrestment closedown stay cease abortion cesser issue ballgame breakup effect cut-off result cancelation kiss-off consequence payoff cut-off point end of the line fulfilment fulfillment climax accomplishment execution achievement coda curtain realization determination retirement perfection peroration realisation sign-off wrap bitter end bottom line last word finalization fruition attainment death desuetude finalisation winding-up end result last final act stopping point final curtain sewing up polishing off limit target final word final point last stop dénouement liquidation eventuality outro afterpiece closer chaser blow-off button last stage clarification unravelling final part final stage final thoughts to a finish doing it to a T cleanup end piece run-in end of the road unraveling crowning glory standstill breakdown freeze crumbling collapse break disruption pause finishing destruction crackup blockage screaming halt occlusion grinding halt dead stop time-out deadlock screeching halt interruption dead end brick wall letup roadblock lull disintegration integration dispatch completeness success hips full stop finishing point

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