Đồng nghĩa của concluding

Alternative for concluding

concludes, concluded, concluding

Đồng nghĩa: assume, close, end, finish, gather, infer, presume, reason, stop, suppose, terminate,

Trái nghĩa: begin, commence, start,

Tính từ

Furthest to the rear
bottommost closing final hindmost lag last latest latter rearmost terminal terminating ultimate conclusive ending end eventual finishing endmost culminating furthest definitive farthest outermost decisive crowning climactic determinate determinative later remotest winding up extreme utmost aftermost uttermost absolute hindermost valedictory departing ulterior deciding lattermost far supreme lowest curtains least meanest antipodal categorical dying furthest behind far-off net clear at the end swan song bitter end once and for all determining clinching settling finite trailing late recent following tail ensuing subsequent farewell resulting consequent furthest back last-minute goodbye leaving deathbed parting definite convincing unconditional unqualified irrefutable positive irrevocable official principal completing state-of-the-art reliable downright limiting flat-out nailed down precise complete perfect plain actual real straight out hinder authoritative posterior key emphatic prime unequivocal backmost furthermost farthermost outmost back rear furthest away farthest away rearward hind after aft very caudal behind nearest the rear postern astern backward faraway consummate top nth max maximum most outside paramount stern mizzen retral declining outer outlying aback abaft posticous dorsal at the back ebbing in the wake of back of bringing up the rear at the back of the queue whole entire ultra undiminished unlimited thoroughgoing plenary thorough exhaustive all-out too-too preeminent total unreserved sheer unmitigated chief twilight too much last straw worst case out of bounds most recent most remote most distant

Danh từ

An act, event or occurrence representing an ending or shutdown
closure shutdown stoppage termination arrest closing discontinuance discontinuation ending halt arrestment ceasing cessation conclusion end surcease cease close closedown expiration finishing halting lapse stop stopping check cutoff finish shutoff cloture folding offset stay desistance failure shutting closing down shutting down winding up dissolution disbarment disbandment breaking off discontinuing cutting short suspension finale interruption completion consummation wind-up wrap-up windup finis break culmination adjournment terminus expiry denouement resolution pause homestretch capper endgame mop-up standstill grand finale end of the line downtime layoff period intermission freeze abeyance consequence result fulfillment respite curtain fulfilment blockage payoff outcome rest interval breather hiatus break-off disruption recess gridlock time-out desuetude determination retirement grinding halt obstruction hindrance screaming halt letup curtains execution delay achievement accomplishment issue occlusion sign-off stopping point closing stages last part bottom line last word abandonment interlude separation deadlock climax epilogue coda peroration wrap time off epilog time out screeching halt upshot realization realisation lull omega perfection breakup winding-up final stage end of the road final stages let-up limit breakdown severance remission disjunction jam snafu walkout holdup lockout down hitch immobilization sit-down deduction alternation gap discontinuity withdrawal blackout curtailment cancellation suppression abortion cesser end result dead stop dead end final word cut-off cancelation kiss-off ballgame effect full stop brick wall roadblock end-stage end-stages attainment target inhibition cut-off point tie-up immobilisation holiday vacation finalization fruition staying prevention restraint checking stalling restraining dénouement death liquidation finalisation last stage last leave hols breath sewing up final part final act polishing off schoolie run-in stalemate impasse ten temporary closure interregnum logjam standoff stand outro eventuality disbanding Mexican standoff happy hour temporary cessation of business day off breathing spell cessation of business coffee break breathing space dispersal final point last stop bitter end dismissal scattering final thoughts disestablishment disunion prorogation silence evaporation defunction release solution disappearance break-up split-up winding down

Danh từ

The successful resolution of a task, goal or quest
successful completion achievement accomplishment consummation fulfillment fulfilment realisation realization actualization completion effectuation fruition attainment commission enactment engineering execution implementation prosecution triumph undertaking acquirement actuality close closing conclusion conquest discharge effecting feat finishing fulfilling masterpiece perpetration procurement pursuance reaching reification success completing coup gaining performance production winning act deed effort exploit maneuver manoeuvre carrying out carrying through master stroke polishing off sewing up successful resolution winding up successful conclusion successful fulfillment positive result successful consummation successful execution successful finalization tour de force perfection crowning pass doing performing end acquisition discharging culmination redemption gratification conduct dispatch enforcement observance gain satisfaction pursuit bringing off conducting resolution baby maturity achieving implementing acquiring obtaining finish administration practice operation procuring materialization kick contentedness contentment materialisation self-realization self-fulfillment self-actualization acquittal accomplishing getting hold of pulling off kicks observance you got it just the ticket following pursuing finalization ending capping perfecting finalisation exploits responsibility action transaction committal committing feats effect getting securing realizing rendering exercise contrivance application reaping acts work imposition carrying off bringing about profit carrying-out exertion employment serenity nirvana joy realising succeeding arrival bringing into being bringing to fruition play purchase honoring honouring arrival at nuts and bolts satisfying carrying into action inner peace putting into practice meeting retrieval collecting amassing collection obtainment appropriation maturation ripeness playing acting enjoyment salvage recovery ripening making good pleasure readiness fruitfulness portrayal staging adherence to personation representation depiction appearance personification play-acting impersonation presentation playacting acting out

Danh từ

The inference of particular instances by reference to a general law or principle
rumination meditation ponderings reflection thought thoughts anticipation attention cerebration cogitation cognition consideration contemplation deduction deliberation deriving excogitation heed hope ideation inducing introspection intuition judging knowing logic musing rationalisation rationalization reasoning regard scrutiny seeing speculation study theorization thinking understanding apprehending brainwork considering deducing discerning inferring perceiving rationalising rationalizing realising realizing conclusion inference assumption supposition presumption reason determination sequitur eduction thesis finding verdict induction consequence suspicion hypothesis findings judgment results conviction analysis belief ratiocination corollary pondering interpretation illation judgement result mulling opinion answer derivation musings ruminations broodings introspections reveries examinations concentration accounts debate advisements pensiveness brown studies forethoughts mullings agonizings impressions premeditation ideas attentions absorption thoughtfulness reviews abstraction daydreamings woolgathering discussions images imagination planning concepts conception pictures notions notices perusal calculation circumspection views application self-examinations reasonings inspection wool-gathering observation ruminatings judgments judgements preoccupation assessments investigation opinions trances carefulness care caution prayers apprehendings think intellection mind's eyes puzzlings worryings solipsism egoism self-discovery introversion self-absorption soul-searching inlooks navel gazing daydreams recollection dreamings rap conferrings wariness prudence ventilation consultations purpose negotiations premises vagaries perception preconceptions fantasy vision prospects conceptualisations dreams caprices conceptualizations muses objects hesitation minds awareness interest time mentation thought processes answers conclusions hypotheses illations verdicts beliefs suspicions theses assumptions consequences derivations deductions presumptions corollaries sequiturs absent-mindedness dreaminess distraction entrancements inattentiveness reflectings heedlessness raptness remoteness distractedness engrossments aloofness absence of mind absence obliviousness inattention vagueness evaluation inventories scans enquiry cross-examination inquiry probes estimations interrogations breakdowns research looks once-overs exploration diagnosis checkups checks surveys inquisition dissection audits going-overs

Trái nghĩa của concluding

concluding Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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