Đồng nghĩa của maintaining

Alternative for maintaining

maintains, maintained, maintaining

Đồng nghĩa: bear, guard, keep, possess, preserve, protect, retain, save, support, sustain, uphold,

Trái nghĩa: abandon,

Động từ

Present participle for to keep the state of something or a place in good condition

Động từ

Present participle for to conduct repairs or improvements on

Danh từ

An assertion, especially one maintained in argument
contention argument assertion claim allegation position stand thesis view belief opinion declaration plea affirmation hypothesis idea submission case postulation profession announcement asseveration pronouncement statement advancement avowal charge contestation demurrer deposition discussion explanation ground hurrah predication rumpus theory averment supposition assumption notion protestation feeling sentiment judgement presumption thinking judgment surmise viewpoint mind conviction perspective insistence stance avouchment thought impression attestation persuasion proclamation verdict presupposition conjecture theorem proposition suspicion defence evidence representation defense proposal point of view suggestion way of thinking attitude rationale standpoint assessment speculation postulate conclusion guess fancy vindication premise reason estimation hunch evaluation estimate outlook slant angle interpretation eye testimony appraisal inference reasoning witness logic accusation polemic assurance justification maintenance pretence swearing grounds theme presentation accounting account appeal argumentation concept asservation rationalization expostulation intimation apology excuse reasons pretense exposition rationalisation pleading side mindset thoughts deduction principle approach basis line intuition sense axiom philosophy take line of reasoning understanding inclination plan reaction two cents' worth school of thought say-so considered opinion persistence testament testimonial stress emphasis reiteration petition analysis expounding affidavit reflections pretension rating gauging sworn statement imagining certification taste gaging think presentiment supposal dossier data imputation hint implication indication insinuation perception stab guesswork provision brief impeachment crimination overment censure generalization consideration stereotype apprehension inkling conceit consciousness generalisation insight summary of the facts scheme foundation attribution sneaking suspicion funny feeling antecedent lemma layout system assignment derivation making out say input conception reflection comment will shot in the dark educated guess starting point tentative law resolution posture call vent wish vote desire option stressing determination preference aspect decision suffrage part okay report mouthful participation choice voice diagnosis right of speech vox populi right of free speech positive statement say so stamp of approval offer treatise dissertation paper issue questioning recommendation tender entry motion disquisition essay subject topic advance overture bid composition monograph demonstration dialectic proffer draft tendering effort attempt submitting try text matter proof posit apriorism point knowledge acceptance expectation divination draught study assent admission line of argument handing in memoir monography research discourse tractate piece of writing observation ideas guesstimate reckoning leaning appraisement feelings appreciation frame of mind vantage point sentiments disposition image bias shot awareness beliefs review contemplation reading picture prediction regard mood value judgment valuation predilection faith fix standing cogitation twist eye view esteem frame of reference deliberation shoes intellection discernment approximation policy guessing respect views grasp abstraction prejudice conceptualization admiration temperament bent direction ballpark figure theorizing recognition comprehension assimilation meditation orientation reverence honour favour favor veneration premiss given hypothetical honor if creed conceptualisation theorising credo tendency sizing up partiality finding forecast elucidation cerebration air headset character demeanor temper musing proclivity way demeanour deference rumination answer induction critique grip popularity predisposition good opinion praise remark mental state mental outlook stock projection light summing-up rough calculation rough guess where one is at certitude stab in the dark big idea construal denomination clarification tenet note preconception excogitation convictions colour doctrine examination vision ideology inspiration result opinions approval color school hypothesizing acclaim signification approbation accepted wisdom sensibility pondering context liking anticipation sensation judgment call bet order cognition prognosis laudation homage adulation brainwork prospect high regard way of looking at things hypothesising way of looking feel extolment informed guess theorization mind-set vantage high opinion assuming imagination outline visualisation like it is mind's eye calculation thing visualization clue surmising brainchild two cents worth possibility POV brain wave intelligent guess attidue meaning certainty instinct facet sight connotation deportment utterance emotion hand definition attitudes tenor drift trend response recce emotional state pose surmisal approximations notions reply deliverance spin one-sidedness version vein reck hunches guesstimates accepting preconceived notion preconceived idea prejudgement prepossession way of looking at it measure gut reaction dream impulse manner broad view overview extrapolation firm stand summary translation look glimpse measurement mensuration idée fixe concern dogma line of thinking ranking affection close-up propensity penchant fantasy illusion long view humour humor rationality vagary caprice commentary counter inclining love repute world view mental attitude construct assay perhaps halseny rough idea likelihood condition doubt suppose consequence sequitur eduction acknowledgement cognizance realization riff variation approximate calculation fashion point of observation aspiration contrivance personal feeling construction identification recollection reputation fondness ballpark figures rough calculations tone strain generality costing guesstimation advisement debate vantage ground apprehending hold percipience gut feeling sympathy care setting framework from the perspective of findings corollary results ratiocination trust kaupapa comeback feedback cult conclusions weighing up summing up realizing agonizing brooding perusal objective intention worry motivation intent ism method style cherishing value point of vantage where one stands paradigm situation model cogitating apperception envisaging wrinkle optique article of faith party faction camp realising flash acknowledgment realisation experience attention concluding inferring mulling illation sixth sense pensiveness agonising absorption annotation notice notation explication stamp acuity indulgence acceptation fool notion Anschauung scope hue guise complexion appearance religion sect viewpoints positing postulating presuming mode of view private opinion notes pronouncements scholia reviewal remarks observations talk way of life selection affiliation grouping group criticism line of thought ideation introspection hearsay weighing rumour gossip studying rumor points of view pick advice election nomination commendation awe credit communion connection church counsel decree ruling discretion volition exhortation firm belief fixed opinion choosing resolve druthers picking adjudication commitment ciphering estimating arithmetic predicting computation figuring calculating tip fave selecting settlement favourite preferment priority favorite pitch prompting piece of advice setup tip-off bit instruction game plan top of the list first choice

Danh từ

The action of carrying something on over time or the state of being carried on


Having or owning

Trái nghĩa của maintaining

maintaining Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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