Đồng nghĩa của long term

Tính từ

Persisting for an extended period of time
lasting continuing abiding enduring eternal perennial perpetual long-term permanent undying deep-rooted durable indelible lifelong long-lasting long-lived long-standing remaining surviving established fast firm ingrained secure unceasing unending everlasting immutable irreversible never-changing ceaseless changeless immortal imperishable indestructible never-ending unfading ageless constant dateless dependable endless fixed interminable non-stop ongoing perdurable persisting stable steadfast steady timeless unbroken unchanging unfaltering uninterrupted unwavering continual forever incessant indissoluble inexhaustible inexpungible longstanding old reliable sempiternal unremitting in for the long haul till the cows come home persistent prevailing long-established long-running living time-honoured traditional extended lengthy marathon immovable strong extant resilient lingering existing lifetime inveterate solid sound time-hallowed livelong lifetime's in existence still existing all-time for life for all your life well established ancient staunch time-honored age-old longtime far long great long-drawn-out long-drawn longevous old as Methuselah advancing pursuing full of years chronic maintaining prolonged persevering sustaining progressing carrying on deathless continuous ineradicable unfailing infinite stubborn set unvarying relentless settled sustained deep-seated boundless unrelenting invariable without end unflagging unyielding unchangeable tenacious indefinite regular unalterable amaranthine unabating confirmed resolute sure obstinate recurrent indefatigable inextinguishable limitless dogged illimitable habitual undeviating incurable untiring tireless continued never-failing unshakable rooted unforgettable nonstop certain inbred recurring unqualified inexorable decided unlimited entrenched dedicated round-the-clock unshakeable determined consistent unrelieved residual vast incorruptible inflexible rigid accustomed bottomless usual undestroyed immeasurable uniform resolved unswerving running unbounded classic unfluctuating standing unbreakable measureless single-minded memorable inborn ever-present ineffaceable immemorial dyed-in-the-wool fathomless immensurable routine unfathomable horizonless devoted monotonous set in stone alive habituated unchanged assiduous diligent frequent invariant current repeated faithful even loyal true unwaning unquestioning resistant around absolute hard-and-fast untold vestigial staying repetitive consecutive incalculable inestimable wholehearted inextirpable always around-the-clock oft-repeated intense unmitigated bound indeterminate overlong undivided numberless uncompromising seasoned never dying termless definite protracted no end to outstanding unshaken unabated stationary incommutable unhesitating static inalterable never-ceasing devout unvacillating irredeemable determinate immense unmodifiable unflappable connected aeonian unbending valid hard ardent undiminished cosmic frozen unmovable without limit pertinacious binding unquenchable hardened patient unsurpassable self-perpetuating multitudinous countless insistent irreparable accepted no end of dead set on proved irrepressible staid inured rock-solid returning purposeful hard-shell firmly established sturdy existent real present inevitable unconstrained agreed final arranged prearranged unwearying committed cast-iron unrestrained deep planned intrenched incorrigible in the bag stated being made to last stalwart haunting predetermined customary sedulous intransigent well-established prescribed unwearied pious pat equable flat obdurate explicit stanch stabile hard-core hard and fast round the clock stiff-necked true-blue bred-in-the-bone down-the-line deep-set brick-wall same intent extreme without respite allegiant tried and true adamant tried-and-true trustworthy bound and determined tried and tested long-living left behind long-l fresh unspoiled youthful about implanted driven indomitable inseparable never-dying continuing on undefined atemporal agelong long-existing age-defying yearlong annual yearly seasonal long-harbored long-cherished long-nurtured unended unsuppressible predictable in circulation in progress gut instinctive intrinsic remorseless unsparing serious repetitious repeating reoccurring intermittent dragging slow left over uncontrollable weariless severe unflinching unalleviated stern harsh inerasable leftover good trusty going on infallible neverending unstoppable unexpungeable shatterproof death-defying ever living pigheaded mulish dangerous acute beyond measure always-on perduring unchecked uncontrolled non-biodegradable non-corroding driven in periodical periodic level phoenixlike undeadly anti-aging interminate congenital unconditional unrestricted unbridled undaunted on an even keel spun-out adherent drawn-out dire alarming grave for keeps liege immobile heavy-duty hard-wearing toughened nonperishable non-breakable stout sworn radicated regularised indurated regularized standardised innate total lavish preset undecaying inannihilable irradicable worn set in concrete meaning business bent on going all the way allotted specified unerasable stirring rememberable full utter telling indisputable convinced satisfied confident incontestable indubitable positive undeniable incontrovertible genuine doubtless free from doubt convincing unequivocal unquestionable for a fact clear persuaded assured fail-safe surefire can't-miss unerring standardized without limits calm that will never die that will live forever forever and a day long-held defined decreed precise supportive vigorous subsisting with no holds barred unmanageable insuppressible unrestrainable uncontainable inexpugnable express exact well grounded stunted imperceptible shrunken token unblinking adamantine infrangible staying put solid as a rock not decaying contemporary ironclad actual writ in stone definitive stipulated still not subject to change unfathomed extensive straight delivering there come-through rock solid counted on intractable wild irremovable sacrosanct abundant abounding large million all-embracing stupendous without number uncounted supertemporal huge wide tremendous irrefragable nonbreaking inexterminable unwreckable reinforced armored undestroyable undestructable unruinable armoured irrefrangible unvaried irrevocable not to be forgotten never to be forgotten in current use not lost out of control irremediable undoubting classical unrepairable unrectifiable importunate having no end not stopping snug tightened clenched clinched perseverant proven ritual conventional traditionary evergreen famous eminent unrecoverable irrecoverable unredeemable irretrievable sticky prescriptive orthodox secured riveted 24-hour fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians predestined fated doomed lost beyond repair categorical peremptory unreversible unrepealable unappealable day-and-night legendary renowned famed remembered celebrated acclaimed doctrinal standard ritualistic widespread popular common normal stereotyped in for long haul like bad penny thorough about in circulation to the fore fervent earnest vehement complete clasped fitted lodged stuck tight fiery torrid unreformable fanatical compulsive thoroughgoing zealous impenitent obsessive supreme diehard unapologetic unashamed honoured commemorated beyond recall sicker widely used bona fide paragon laureate well-known heroic remarkable genius epic glorious honored illustrious storied through and through hard-line red-hot all-consuming card-carrying deep-dyed die-hard

Tính từ

Marked by a person's overall balance in skill and ability from a performance
complete methodic methodical efficient polished systematic competent expert master masterful refined capable effective effectual great masterly virtuoso adept gifted proficient skilful skilled skillful adroit dexterous dextrous ace educated experienced good practiced practised professed versed veteran able all-around all-round clever crackerjack deft employable fit fitted habile handy knowledgeable long-term multiskilled multitalented old schooled slick sure-handed talented taught trained tutored well-rounded accomplished consummate crack compleat brilliant mean excellent professional fine well versed wizard seasoned artful first-rate tasty savvy stellar outstanding first-class superb qualified bravura workmanlike delicate nifty wicked magnificent sharp supreme apt genius smart pro superlative marvellous formidable a dab hand at impressive practical marvelous on the ball superior ingenious exceptional whiz vet top-notch deadly up to speed big league out of this world splendid elite leading versant learned world-class dazzling magic brainy cool well trained well-versed there smooth au fait tuned in wised up wonderful exercised finished familiar hardened long-serving demon smashing fab very good exquisite battle-scarred hotshot tip-top peerless brill specialist conversant topflight quick facile dynamite with it extraordinarily skilled on the beam very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled no slouch exceptionally good highly trained a hand at highly qualified quintessential exemplary ultimate perfect certified virtuosic faultless intelligent fluent preeminent transcendent best handpicked deluxe choice capital supremely skilled dominant tested tried drilled phenom class leet time-served champion hot A1 clean equal ready rounded instructed accustomed sport nimble-fingered very able sharp as a tack know stuff top-drawer no dummy top-hole suitable hep hip sensational fabulous terrific tremendous fantastic the right stuff knowing one's stuff knowing the score broken in sufficient know the ropes crisp know one's stuff up to it know the answers know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around endowed awesome established mature worldly-wise star top topnotch distinguished super switched-on acquainted well-informed sophisticated worldly wise steady disciplined weathered long-time old-time inured sussed from way back knows one's stuff not born yesterday been around wise to ways of the old school well up up on in the know agile nimble precise bright astute neat resourceful flawless impeccable accurate nippy graceful keen effortless creative versatile flexible inventive active up to snuff proper canny prompt ambidextrous fleet remarkable alert useful exact artistic serviceable quick-witted lithe sharp-witted knowing imaginative ingenuous cunning lively spry immaculate pure lissom whip-smart sprightly thorough strong light-footed suited limber acrobatic supple light adaptable fleet-footed equipped painstaking multifaceted productive acute perceptive ideal phenomenal satisfactory lightsome precocious shrewd twinkle-toed balanced prepared adequate many-sided discerning plastic varied mobile pliable functional elastic all-purpose protean puttylike various fast perspicacious crafty supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent finely judged reliable old hand nimble-footed original complex complicated eligible innovative powerful unrivaled intellectual businesslike strict well-executed unrivalled inspired careful extraordinary innovational variable scholarly profound erudite penetrating cerebral fertile elaborate rational lissome swift quick-moving innovatory originative Promethean zippy eggheaded whip subtle lithesome featly light-foot gracile feline brisk sly very intelligent deviceful having know-how Einstein whiz kid class act quick on the trigger shining at quick on the uptake prodigious confident very well decent straight decisive impeccably credentialed prolific right on errorless dead-on well sporting on-target trustworthy well-endowed spot-on sure-fire stringent kosher mighty well credentialed pitch-perfect happy express categorical first class classic hardy voluble redoubtable notable sure-footed glorious licensed chartered invincible indomitable hot tamale certificated advanced specialized inch-perfect elegant appropriate sensible habituated universal perfected dynamic ultraefficient specialised organized cute sik exo easy toughened matured puissant amazing well executed cultivated select beautiful enterprising intuitive insightful perfectly-executed wide-awake vigilant feasible forward worthy responsible astounding admirable right fitting malleable authorized having good hands having the know-how receptive urbane rangé arty untainted ten paradisiacal matchless aces utopian untarnished foolproof crowning beyond compare unmarred unequaled absolute culminating sublime paradisiac A-OK out-of-this-world stainless excelling classical defectless blameless spotless sound indefectible unblemished clever with one's hands good with one's hands adept physically multilayered polygonal manifold multidimensional quick-thinking licenced proved authorised accepted trailblazing razor-sharp rad phat schmick organised teachable killer useable working realizable realisable hyperefficient usable practicable know backwards and forwards highly endowed know one's onions golden desirable preferable cultured pioneering adjustable multiform polymorphic polymorphous nobody's fool quick to learn deep well up in worldly wise been there versed in observant sensitive thinking outside the box nimble-witted quick off the mark have the goods ahead of one's peers out of the ordinary have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age all there vigorous smart as a whip wide awake mercurial quick on the draw curt wired well suited well qualified adapted of long standing past your prime patriarchal full of years athletic discriminating springy sylphlike tripping artsy-craftsy having the goods knowing the ropes green thumb old-timer cut out for having a knack for having the right stuff like a pistol has what it takes like a one-man band equal to the task up there able to perform unflawed unequalled meticulous fastidious ground-breaking causative teeming constructive avant-garde demiurgic forgetive formative fruitful poetical breaking new ground ultra-fine dainty close finical fine-drawn dead on finicking hairsplitting orderly incorrupted finespun minute hairline definite persnickety winning detailed nice nuanced unerring particular finicky light on one's feet

Tính từ

Protracted, extending for a great period of time
long-drawn-out lengthy marathon prolonged protracted interminable overlong extended lasting boring dragged-out dragging drawn-out far great lingering long long-lasting long-lived long-term spun-out tedious time-consuming boundless delayed diffuse diffusive dilatory late limitless long-winded overextended prolix rambling slow sustained tardy unending verbose wearisome wordy seemingly endless dragged out for ages spun out without end forever and a day long-drawn extensive very long of considerable length gruelling epic grueling endless everlasting persistent multiday longish multiyear elongated lengthened king-size elongate king-sized increased enlarged oversized unfurled unrolled widened outstretched proffered conferred unfolded strung out stretched out drawn out stretched continued spread king size spread out enduring ponderous expanded never-ending discursive digressive garrulous windy laborious tiresome meandering convoluted padded made longer abiding broad long-standing continuing long-running durable ceaseless incessant unceasing constant circumlocutory circuitous perpetual uninterrupted infinite unlimited non-stop pleonastic verbal unbroken monotonous continual periphrastic wandering logorrheic maundering circumlocutionary redundant ambagious logorrhoeic immeasurable unbounded flowery unbound interminate eternal permanent day-and-night continuous looped timeless dull remote stretching rangy distant far-off lofty faraway stringy towering high tall deep running stretch lanky gangling far-reaching full of verbiage no end of no end to on a treadmill

Tính từ

Done regularly and repeatedly
habitual customary normal regular usual common fixed ordinary traditional accustomed standard familiar routine natural wonted established set typical characteristic constant frequent general periodic periodical repeated steady time-honoured accepted addicting automatic consistent conventional cyclic disciplined expected iterated iterative long-term mechanical methodical ongoing perfunctory permanent practised practiced reiterative repetitious rooted seasoned systematic everyday stock commonplace popular average quotidian run-of-the-mill prevailing ubiquitous household settled garden-variety classic daily universal prevalent orthodox unexceptional common or garden workaday mainstream unremarkable prosaic classical plain predictable day-to-day widespread time-honored bog-standard standard-issue long-established cut-and-dried cut-and-dry recognized acknowledged garden variety recognised old ritual prescribed confirmed stereotyped stereotypical rife representative archetypical public mundane historic vanilla rampant ritualistic true archetypal pervasive current proven age-old going received chronic prescriptive regulation folk enduring ancestral lasting tried and true tried and tested idiosyncratic overall majority generic acceptable undistinguished sanctioned ruling garden humdrum typic native simple proverbial ancient staple formulaic widely used matter-of-course homespun dull middle-of-the-road inveterate agreed endemic symptomatic vintage taken for granted persistent long-lived old-world long-standing old-time approved recurring extensive admitted scheduled ingrained domestic traditionary essential favourite favorite inherent in character stable preferred collective well-known fashionable shared well established predominant uneventful distinctive proper old-fashioned emblematic so-so basic standardized mediocre indifferent immemorial characterless modest monotonous doctrinal humble standardised vulgar well worn old hat a dime a dozen no great shakes par for the course in vogue widely held true to type diurnal obvious respected gut default venerable comfortable discreet inconspicuous orderly seasonal diagnostic numerous recurrent acquired honored abiding known given used habituated perpetual OB hackneyed derived authorized immortal ageless in use boilerplate canonical staid endorsed understood acquainted chosen honoured timeless inferior fair mean ceremonial reiterated incessant profuse continual unsophisticated obligatory one-size-fits-all decided unadventurous conformist touted recognizable adopted family casual banal terrestrial unimaginative informal arranged specified past conservative unopposed passed legit okayed authorised recognisable anticipated foreseeable indicative foreseen reliable unpretentious colourless nondescript perennial memorable unforgettable undying deathless predetermined de rigueur whitebread likely unsurprising distinguishing of choice in the habit of well known uninteresting boring unmemorable pedestrian unprogressive determined appointed individualistic clichéd cliched dime-a-dozen nitty-gritty homely OK uninspiring plastic white-bread grind agreed upon prearranged appropriate inborn local inbred innate in keeping ornery common variety matter-of-fact true to form to be expected mass wide conforming old school colorless trivial arrived at defined only to be expected on the cards … all over broad congruous not up to much nothing to write home about planned old line quintessential national blanket communal overarching global joint outright assigned recommended backward-looking earlier generation exemplary signature comprehensive stipulated unmistakable model textbook definitive consummate symbolic absolute ultimate prototypical broad-spectrum across-the-board total in circulation across the board sweeping in force epidemic broad-brush all-round nationwide societal wholesale all-around official paradigmatic ideal fundamental supreme dyed-in-the-wool entrenched well-established at its best at her best at his best deep-rooted traditionalistic old-style sound officially recognized secure unshakable vested valid certified authoritative legitimate lawful legal correct accredited licensed allowed documented validated authentic rightful bona fide undisputed kosher licenced genuine formal ratified renowned declared proved warranted verified hardened unquestioned supported confessed inured hard-shell firmly established deep-seated undoubted ineradicable professed permitted affirmed avowed exhaustive dominant irradicable just legalized traditionalist authenticated right verifiable worn credible legalised sworn real worldwide by the numbers catholic ecumenical all-embracing uncontested famous notorious existing statutory proclaimed straight backed present sincere reasonable OK'd admissible above board square pervading identified definite sensible overt trustworthy permissible constitutional self-confessed logical magisterial best cogent convincing preponderant regnant vouched for licit commonly accepted generally accepted stated good coherent solid widely recognized ceremonious explicit conclusive effective plausible rational omnipresent cleared in style in fashion unlimited pandemic ex cathedra precise cosmopolitan whole signed and sealed multinational indestructible within the law diffuse well-founded all-over undestroyable all-inclusive worldly unrestricted unremovable astronomical ex officio well founded widely believed lamestream empowered canonic central self-proclaimed core contemporary latest extant modern allowable open certain primary legendary famed believed strict tralatitious statutable enrolled qualified seeded eligible nominated perceived mutual voted for regimented express net realized remembered avowedly asserted sop wont done val in established usage realised reigning cashable self-evident axiomatic circulating embraced united like pro forma made official bonafide same old ceremonialistic formalistic tried and trusted noted binding reputed infamous superior commanding sovereign standard operating procedure playing it safe in a rut in the groove according to Hoyle honest celebrated intermutual commutual certifiable sanctioned by law by the book going by the rules indelible stubborn ineffaceable trusted afoot contractual veritable actual usable commonest returned answered complete full imperial executive mandatory bureaucratic departmental administrative notable about predominating international thorough inclusive unexpired straightforward conceded unchallenged carried compendious influential operative main preponderating principal bruited about making the rounds doing the rounds in general use going around in the air talked of panoramic entire encyclopedic cyclopedic tested published unsuspected true-blue legally acceptable in effect legally binding permeating embracive on everyone's lips aboveboard straight-shooting honest-to-goodness truthful upfront for real short-listed tried demonstrated publicized inescapable omnibus finest greatest unanimous in-depth encyclopaedic wall-to-wall broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged all-in attested checked dependable publicised revealed patent manifest branded firm inannihilable superlative ultraconservative reactionary unheretical button-down unoriginal buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative publicly known widely known generally known sure establishable upheld demonstrable right as rain telling the truth on the level fair and square on the up-and-up derivative down pat sustained pious religious punctilious mother of all justifiable cosmic planetary celestial all empyrean stellar bien pensant on the up and up supportable tenable sustainable compelling reasoned defensible straight arrow in line pragmatic lucid believable congruent warrantable viable workable grounded justified realistic signed sealed handed down according to the book tried-and-true persuasive understandable dinkum ordered suitable decisive cathedral positive okay fitting and delivered weighty analytic analytical consequent prudent pukka telling satisfying sober thoughtful satisfactory straight from the horse's mouth all there holding water watertight profound well-advised holding up responsible holding up in wash got it together faultless well grounded together intellectual commonsensical unassailable accurate flawless levelheaded impeccable advisable right-thinking standing up well-grounded exact cool right-minded most common most typical most reliable most complete most scholarly most usual most frequent most perfect most significant

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