Đồng nghĩa của across the board

Phó từ

In an indiscriminate manner
indiscriminately aimlessly blindly randomly unsystematically at random chaotically erratically haphazardly injudiciously non-selectively uncritically undiscriminatingly unmethodically wildly arbitrarily carelessly casually desultorily frantically instinctively madly mindlessly thoughtlessly unthinkingly wholesale confusedly promiscuously purposelessly undiscerningly unselectively without method without exception comprehensively extensively thoroughly all at once on a large scale scatteredly disorganizedly irregularly disorganisedly unpredictably undirectedly incidentally disorderlily slipshodly accidentally flukily messily heedlessly designlessly capriciously sloppily uncertainly directionlessly perfunctorily inconsistently lackadaisically incalculably occasionally cursorily waywardly remissly disconnectedly chancily unexpectedly loosely jumbledly unpremeditatedly unsettledly wantonly recklessly oddly singly isolatedly hastily negligently hurriedly ramblingly fortuitously untidily clumsily contingently fitfully sketchily variably laxly spasmodically inconstantly sporadically intermittently slackly neglectfully shambolically unstably illogically whimsically indeterminately unsurely without prearrangement unforeseeably improvidently nonchalantly shoddily irresponsibly unconcernedly spontaneously uncoordinatedly suddenly unconsciously disorderedly uncontrolledly entropically frenziedly fractally aleatorily stochastically nonuniformly iffily leaving things to chance without conscious choice out of a hat by lot dubiously doubtfully unknowably touchily undisciplinedly unevenly

Phó từ

By everyone
universally always everywhere globally invariably widely worldwide internationally uniformly broadly commonly generally without exception in all instances in every case all over in all cases in every instance nationwide catholicly entirely nationally unfailingly constantly regularly consistently continually habitually inevitably repeatedly aye ever perpetually every time customarily eternally incessantly ay forever without fail each time invariously whatever happens twenty-four-seven unalterably infallibly unceasingly dependably at all times day in, day out in all places on every occasion night and day at every turn unchangingly fixedly unvaryingly immutably steadily unchangeably changelessly stably inflexibly continuously persistently undeviatingly ceaselessly endlessly permanently rigidly evenly lastingly unwaveringly everlastingly firmly enduringly immovably all the time abidingly routinely steadfastly recurrently irreversibly frequently methodically incommutably unremittingly inalterably monotonously interminably unendingly reliably often unbrokenly certainly strictly religiously definitely undyingly invariantly predictably hardly finally faithfully statically periodically usually perennially time and again over and over time and time again oftentimes indelibly stringently unfadingly tirelessly relentlessly normally bindingly rigorously typically non-stop day and night as usual again and again immortally time after time more often than not systematically ordinarily unbendingly rhythmically absolutely determinately stationarily ofttimes uninterruptedly equably levelly oft without a break round the clock uncompromisingly over and over again morning, noon and night thick and fast oft-times imperishably decidedly agelessly indestructibly unyieldingly nonstop conventionally infinitely resolutely durably unrelentingly inexpugnably frozenly much perdurably flatly a lot a great deal as a rule very often most of the time many a time and oft not infrequently many times 24/7 surely irrevocably irreparably irremediably unfalteringly exactingly identically concretely deathlessly timelessly on all occasions unswervingly indefinitely rootedly sempiternally fatedly unshakeably symmetrically mechanically mostly ineradicably mainly homogeneously stiffly peremptorily exactly solidly equally truely hourly straightly lots smoothly without cessation per usual in the main at regular intervals many a time in many instances day after day on many occasions week in, week out at frequent intervals as often as not on numerous occasions in many cases punctually ingrainedly stubbornly evermore incontrovertibly calmly automatically equivalently irretrievably entire time conclusively similarly definitively obstinately fastly hardheadedly severely determinedly indissolubly sustainedly e'er precisely ongoingly traditionally unrelievedly recurringly naturally continuingly seasonally successively unmovably inexorably historically without rest on and on cyclically intermittently in general for always most often on the whole as is the custom as is usual by and large ad nauseam in most cases lots of times a number of times for the most part almost always inveterately many times over consonantly in the general run of things the entire time without stopping on several occasions at short intervals conscientiously flowingly unaffectedly around the clock incontestably classically biasedly fluently unabatedly unabatingly without surcease remorselessly decisively like clockwork whatever happened confirmedly at all hours irrefutably nonrandomly for good en masse frictionlessly fluidly disciplinedly controlledly irredeemably unrecoverably irrecoverably boundlessly expectedly indisputably repetitiously plainly sacrosanctly irremovably tightly sometimes occasionally sternly homogenously inexhaustibly illimitably immemorially continuedly forevermore categorically incurably as a general rule needless to say on average natch now and again once and again of course expressly explicitly measuredly metrically nonnegotiably harshly intransigently unchallengeably ultimately daily adamantly standardly accordantly alternatingly harmoniously congruously serially unblinkingly austerely for ever unerringly loyally unlimitedly too long determinatively unanswerably emphatically predominantly obdurately toughly authoritarianly anytime draconianly staunchly unflaggingly bottomlessly statedly unqualifiedly bullheadedly unmovingly single-mindedly heavy-handedly strongly by any chance in any case till cows come home for keeps in perpetuum to the end of time so long assiduously diligently trustworthily unshakably pigheadedly unflappably adamantinely composedly fatefully monolithically incorrigibly compatibly likely comparably indistinguishably commensurately correspondingly spasmodically serenely tranquilly correspondently proportionately at times in quick succession every now and then not seldom peacefully collectedly undisturbedly coolheadedly untroubledly coolly limpidly placidly unemotionally sedately parallelly coequally togetherly unshakenly unperturbedly unalteringly unworriedly without break accordingly homologously coordinately

Tính từ

Of broad scope or content
comprehensive complete exhaustive full inclusive thorough all-inclusive extensive all-embracing broad encyclopaedic encyclopedic sweeping universal wide blanket catholic in-depth overarching umbrella all-out compendious far-reaching total detailed full-scale wholesale eclectic out-and-out wide-ranging widespread absolute all-in broad-gauge broad-gauged broad-ranging clean coast-to-coast countrywide cover-all cross-disciplinary cyclopedic embracive global interdisciplinary nationwide omnibus panoramic radical thoroughgoing wall-to-wall entire expansive general grand multidisciplinary across-the-board all-encompassing ample compleat comprising containing discursive encircling infinite intact integral overall perfect plenary synoptic whole in depth the works of great scope the big picture the whole shebang lock stock and barrel all-round worldwide large-scale international common all-around pervasive broad-brush extended indiscriminate unlimited generic deep far-flung rangy pandemic mass ubiquitous unrestricted vast omnipresent prevalent outright ecumenical significant company-wide popular collective pervading boundless rampant inescapable permeating major unconditional public prevailing astronomical thorough-going predominant worldly profound rife broad-based everywhere huge large great nonspecific big sizable regular important massive humongous exaggerated hefty unmitigated all-over overstated overdrawn bird's-eye intercontinental unqualified all over the place diffuse wide-reaching far-ranging multinational immense straight-out one-size-fits-all ubiquitary encyclopaedical encyclopedical unbounded abundant non-specific gross undisputed very common all-present ever-present present everywhere all-pervading all-pervasive standard all-purpose basic nonexclusive master unconfined limitless epidemic ruling generalized whole-hog unselective generalised endless cosmopolitan catchall bulk quantitative broad-spectrum unanimous mundane accepted outspread preponderate overwhelming majority oversimplified over-general received aggregate integrated wholistic replete maximal in quantity in bulk non-selective national rounded on a large scale long expanded lengthy taken as a whole catch-all all-together holistic in the mass imprecise protracted state in toto all together with everything included ball-of-wax without exception scopic scopious full-on big picture full-blown unexclusive planetary from Land's End to John O'Groats all over the country wall to wall world momentous nondiscriminatory cosmic open-door open accessible to everyone free-for-all free to all non-restrictive non-exclusive welcoming open to the public life-changing ambitious influential weighty consequential leading spacious whopping thundering substantial bulky jumbo hulking prodigious stuffed monster heavy-duty roomy good mondo strapping enormous heavyweight packed healthy husky copious walloping awash capacious fat bull oversize ponderous colossal voluminous tremendous whopper mammoth commodious gigantic chock-full brimming considerable burly crowded of moment of significance of great import of consequence super colossal a whale of a prolonged generous spread out elaborate meticulous rambling lengthened drawn-out cavernous minute intensive painstaking careful rigorous elongated outstretched long-drawn-out sizeable penetrating particular drawn out specific long-term serious comfortable utter enlarged unbroken lasting spreading marathon long-lasting unabridged stretched out continued sprawling undivided uncrowded endemic drastic airy extreme plentiful far exact palatial uncut full-dress severe violent scrupulous faraway stretching distant long-lived long-drawn all high blow-by-blow intricate enduring panoptic elongate concentrated of considerable length spread-out undiminished stretched immeasurable yawning strung out spun out very long dragged out uncondensed unreduced cavelike consummate particularized advanced insidious liberal immanent interminable circumstantial rich profuse precise permeative permeant suffusive unabbreviated revolutionary continuing explicit full-out elaborated accurate persistent widened gaping seriatim full-length searching desperate stringent sedulous itemized sustained draconian chasmal forceful categorical lingering spread assiduous encompassing particularised overlong itemised considered diligent dragging longish remote tall stretch stringy running towering lanky gangling lofty far-off giant cushy proper panned broadly-based luxurious systemwide one-to-one life-size unrestrained earnest high-ceilinged bodywide straggly straggling completed definitive unblemished final full-spectrum contagious catching infectious unexpurgated conclusive personal immediate spacey raging current frequent never-ending time-consuming lengthwise abysmal plenteous adequate experienced meaningful maximum untouched inflatable expanding elastic dilating swelling epizootic uncompromising excessive categoric choate largest unflawed definite everything the word exclusive extendable stretchy enlargeable distending all over slow ultra iconoclastic wide open technical developed pure sheer numerous scenic regnant commanding many thronged multitudinous undamaged endlong unmarred long-run no stone unturned communicable most efficient firsthand direct dilatant expansile unsuppressed unrepressed wordy prolix verbose long-winded well furnished enumerated finicky all in from A to Z systematic abiding durable unmarked uninterrupted purposeful broad in content including all members including all categories customary celestial empyrean terrestrial usual stellar essential elemental point-by-point delayed dedicated expert focused functional systemic broad-minded diverse tolerant diversified unsectarian unbigoted solid rolling faultless at length top-to-bottom root-and-branch linear longstanding special intimate leaving no stone unturned thick latitudinous beamy intense flexible undogmatic long-standing long-running scattered first-hand specialized focussed specialised complicated general-purpose open-minded world-wide varied unspecialized multiculti unprejudiced lavish concerted hollow complex unshortened unimpaired sufficient longitudinal indeterminate receptive charitable without end widely distributed far reaching sepulchral vigorous strenuous demanding all-absorbing radial widening growing wide-stretching dispersed specially designed wide physically unfathomable dark close conscientious methodical wide-extending continuous sophisticated satisfying can't get away from whole-length full-blooded whole enchilada hook line and sinker whole nine yards far-stretched far-spread far-going far-extending gloomy concave resonant echoing reverberant sunken dismal explosive vehement excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome hard ghastly high-pressure fierce heavy terrible resolute frightful hellacious dreadful determined blistering furious keen acute ferocious almighty fearful all-encompassing all-embracing in detail difficult involved chambered deep-set alveolate socketed accelerated fast insistent speeded-up fanned out thoroughly extensively king-size increased oversized king-sized unfurled unrolled proffered conferred curved inward tricky unfolded king size

Tính từ

Broad in extent
shared widespread common general overall prevailing prevalent typical commonplace conventional normal pervading popular predominant regular universal usual accepted accustomed broad endemic pervasive public customary recognised recognized standard stock ubiquitous rampant run-of-the-mill mainstream orthodox established widely held generic well-known mutual familiar majority mass wide average proverbial like well established traditional embraced united current joint communal ruling global overarching outright national collective wonted blanket rife ordinary received routine comprehensive traditionalist intermutual commutual congruous adopted habitual natural epidemic nationwide societal sweeping total wholesale vulgar in force all-round in vogue broad-spectrum broad-brush all-around in circulation across-the-board middle-of-the-road set acknowledged time-honoured fixed confirmed conformist time-honored everyday expected fashionable going sanctioned classical preponderant approved dominant proven classic prescriptive official settled frequent authorized admitted regnant household rooted authorised stereotyped long-established staid unadventurous doctrinal extensive prescribed widely used existing well worn by the numbers stereotypical tried and true tried and tested agreed main principal correct conservative steady ongoing characteristic central canonical well-established endorsed bourgeois acceptable permanent middle-class passed chronic old-fashioned traditionalistic understood favorite favourite suburban net traditionary sound regulation ritual in style in fashion hidebound predictable old-line ritualistic agreed upon immemorial bog-standard widely believed proletarian in effect in thing favoured lamestream latest extant modern contemporary present effective comfortable acquired honored core uneventful humdrum the order of the day formal chief hackneyed derived prosaic circulating matter-of-course undistinguished honoured reigning ceremonial touted grassroots superior numerous typic vanilla primary preferred unopposed plain legit okayed abiding afoot favored great major about allowed appropriate permitted certified supported legalized ratified backed certain chosen validated affirmed OK'd enduring immortal ageless in use wont sop stipulated legendary famed notorious famous prime supreme dominating foremost bruited about in the air making the rounds doing the rounds talked of in general use going around lasting timeless taken for granted legalised same old on everyone's lips number-one focal pre-eminent arrived at standard operating procedure in the groove playing it safe according to Hoyle in a rut commonest undying memorable unforgettable deathless archetypal self-evident unquestioned axiomatic renowned repeated periodical periodic constant preeminent pivotal predominating made official vouched for influential preponderating operative provincial property-owning reputed infamous fundamental catholic all-embracing worldwide ecumenical addicting repetitious practised practiced iterative disciplined mechanical reiterative perfunctory iterated consistent systematic cyclic seasoned methodical automatic long-term middle-England petit-bourgeois proper small-town authoritative well known materialistic parochial shopkeeping propertied button-down unoriginal buttoned-down mossbacked ultraconservative old-school unprogressive standpat reactionary die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative unheretical parish-pump Pooterish derivative kosher religious right straight pious punctilious legitimate rightful square dyed-in-the-wool Victorian philistine illiberal inveterate bien pensant straight arrow in line entrenched according to the book historic stable ingrained deep-rooted old old-style officially recognized true secure unshakable vested most important most usual most frequent

Trái nghĩa của across the board

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