Đồng nghĩa của dedicated

Alternative for dedicated

Đồng nghĩa: consecrate, consecrated,

dedicates, dedicated, dedicating

Đồng nghĩa: address, assign, devote, inscribe,

Tính từ

Devoted to a task or purpose
devoted committed staunch faithful loyal steadfast enthusiastic stalwart true wholehearted zealous keen resolute unwavering ardent driven dutiful eager earnest fervent sworn assiduous devout diligent fanatical firm passionate constant fast fervid purposeful steady studious through and through good pious pledged stanch card-carrying dyed-in-the-wool single-minded deep-dyed down-the-line hard-working true-blue old faithful out-and-out single-hearted true blue mad keen true to the end as keen as mustard given over to dependable intense trusty unswerving reliable trustworthy vehement sincere conscientious avid wild intent thorough allegiant impassioned perfervid genuine unfaltering enduring excited tried and true tried and tested attentive spirited complete motivated enthused crazy diehard deep solid unfailing active sure fiery determined confirmed keen as mustard stable industrious obsessive vigorous focused honest obsessed extreme raring hungry red-hot upright voracious persistent religious scrupulous uncompromising athirst interested focussed desirous warm solicitous thoroughgoing energetic tried-and-true inveterate nuts passional antsy long-standing patriotic concentrated true-hearted attached responsible honorable honourable particular fierce absolute loving immovable pumped frenzied gung ho entrenched supportive anxious agog unqualified fixated hot feverish impatient thirsty fixed hearty strong rabid trusted animated established persevering deep-rooted close whole willing burning heartfelt truthful adherent sedulous serious lively punctilious correct laborious stubborn decent engrossed unshakeable die-hard careful ambitious hard-core unflagging deep-seated incorrigible absorbed full stoked entire rigorous fanatic strict unshakable undivided torrid geeked juiced forceful great addicted rigid hopped-up emotional busy greedy never-failing hepped up ebullient longing painstaking yearning straight flaming meticulous profound incorruptible utter exuberant inexorable righteous bosom obstinate bred-in-the-bone tried violent bound total long-established hardened liege engaged tenacious bustling warmblooded unfeigned zestful dogged habitual unquestioning abiding exclusive unapologetic unashamed charged superheated demonstrative incandescent trustable heedful exacting calculable frenetic gung-ho concerned incurable intensive circumspect warm-blooded hot-blooded appetent tough ready orthodox bright-eyed and bushy-tailed keyed up safe pure special reverent sound specialized specialised intransigent rooted emphatic settled intrenched influential obedient tireless obdurate ethical respectful stout indefatigable moral virtuous inseparable itching revering vivacious untiring hard-line exhilarated explicit venerating compliant authentic unflinching redoubtable unyielding pertinacious sprightly unchanging occupied reputable veracious thrilled mad compulsive unrelenting secure heated hooked employed in-depth pleased unreserved animate chronic over-enthusiastic craving persisting titillated impulsive full-bore unrepentant working blazing glowing regardful adoring unmitigated operose unhesitating accurate detailed bigoted unalloyed unadulterated affectionate raging nice fussy true to life arrant right-down high-principled exhaustive unequivocal positive behind one immersed fastidious infallible observant possessed filial inflexible exact high-spirited militant searching biased raving fond truehearted ingrained minute all accustomed habituated bugged specific deliberate chomping at the bit afire go-ahead certain boon ready and willing raring to go well-established inclined disposed covetous breathless nutty hanging tough eager beaver bona fide out and out dying to niche gotta have boutique impervious individual engagé insatiable hardworking hopeless dinkum unflappable doting big admiring consecrated sensible fundamentalist goody-goody worshipping worshiping heart-and-soul pietistic principled credible durable concentrating traditional conservative humble level-headed on task in good faith stiff ravenous grasping acquisitive on one's side feeling immobile adamant unmovable changeless unbending prayerful impartial uncontrived equitable unpretentious fair eternal beyond hope irrepressible undying effective unmistakable tested predictable goody two-shoes preoccupied enrapt rapacious avaricious seasoned dynamic as thick as thieves decisive unimpeachable impeccable respectable ecstatic pushy daring sturdy fascinated resolved watchful alert rhapsodic aflame wacky tantalized raw deeply felt personal incorrupt real unstinting unambiguous categorical wild-eyed itchy ripe self-starting zealotic fired fireball perennial set lifelong indomitable gaga tantalised zesty dyed-in-the wool participating tender warmhearted responsive indelible proved immutable turnt gone on unlimited unrestricted unconditional ultra-careful aggressive proactive bullish banzai full of beans hot to trot champing at the bit audacious steamroller nervy powerhouse unafraid resilient impenitent supreme irredeemable unreformable ineradicable longtime confiding believable definite inured staid hopped up hot for fired up take-charge can-do extremely enthusiastic in person strong-minded wrapped up quality undiluted outright sicker punctual contributing activist coming on strong wishing unbroken undistracted collective fullhearted involved unshared consistent radical on the level string along with familial hanging in playing safe dead set on bound and determined united consummate restless happy game glad amenable restive hung up hankering unreluctant pining well established deep-set hard-shell all-consuming firmly established dying hopping forward heart and soul into walking on eggs minding p's and q's flawless valued unanimous continued concerted whole-hearted precise obscene pornographic X-rated vigilant hundred percent whole-souled through-and-through comprehensive balanced intimate convincing uncorrupted cherished dear compelling undamaged best close-knit normal perfect treasured judicious orderly provident methodical without reservations tied-up go-getting intent on instilled congenital infixed unchangeable deep-down full-fledged deferential lock stock and barrel thoughtful cautious finicky dependent sonly sororal family fraternal daughterly unwaivering persuasive well judged unimpaired seasonable unspoiled eatable timely unhurt fresh trenchant felicitous favourable expedient potent well timed submissive docile prim elaborate technical extensive selfdisciplined strenuous picky chary pernickety discreet persnickety perfectionist deeply ingrained reverential two-fisted immoderate infatuated undecayed promising fit to eat unblemished well-timed uncontaminated intact to the core bespoke by the book going to great lengths by the numbers hopeful befitting a son or daughter all-embracing encyclopedic expert functional far-reaching duteous favorable dotty potty visionary obsessional pliant biddable deferent frantic maniacal intolerant extremist furious wackadoodle overenthusiastic wackadoo dependent on predisposed in love imbued hyped obligatory well-behaved binding desiring make good in good part make good on something encyclopaedic crazed overzealous messianic erratic monomaniacal partial headstrong domineering opinionated credulous willful unruly contumacious right just uncontrollable tumultuous consuming unreasonable illiberal delirious prejudiced one-sided irrational partisan ferocious well disciplined right-minded given to abusing jonesing for hooked on given to using jonesing on impetuous ungovernable infuriated intemperate swivel-eyed narrow-minded berko berserk veridical undistorted square worthy creditable all right estimable swotty plugging slogging plodding well trained incumbent on specially designed moving eloquent stirring poignant stimulated precipitate headlong inspiring affecting high-pressure high-powered hotblooded expressive thrilling quickened under the influence spaced out used to in the habit of using wedded to given to strung out prone to infected naked insane corybantic deranged freaked out overboard sick poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased sizzling bitten unwell virulent flipped ill nuts for high on turned on no lie up front steamed up on the up and up powerful acute angry inflamed urgent full-hearted manic excitable cordial vivid aroused heightened explosive tempestuous from the heart on fire ablaze unrestrained forcible temperamental mettlesome stormy stirred sentimental fevered psyched over the top carried away amped incensed amorous significant excessive severe hard rousing volatile heavy rash hellacious melodramatic uncontrolled emotive blistering vocal dithyrambic enamoured enamored touching aching white-hot vociferous unaffected effervescent clamorous sensitive meaningful extraordinary fuming exceptional insistent ghastly almighty forthright upfront exquisite dreadful guileless irascible abject terrible distracted vicious fearful stirred up fearsome unpretended blunt unbridled loud frightful hyper hyperactive brisk hectic excruciating full-throated roused volcanic wrathful amatory punchy outspoken mercurial wishful heavy-duty overwhelming overpowering inspired infatuated with hard-hitting solemn acrimonious overemotional addicted to devoted to rarin' to go energized deepest activated in-your-face energised hot-tempered unpretending pulling no punches heart-to-heart amped-up mournful bursting enraged effusive proselytizing evangelistic plucky delighted mighty tremendous seething spunky sad aflutter dramatic red-blooded marked sexy arousing titillating uninhibited peppery gingery penetrating piercing inordinate bubbling over sultry scintillating susceptible intensified uplifting doleful grave all out thirsting bitter decided gritty strong-willed bent on hardboiled buckled down set on bent aglow heartrending hysterical neurotic agitable exciting heartwarming overcharged edgy expectant inspirited galvanized verklempt sentient importunate primal soulful knee-deep visceral unconcealed undisguised noisy prepared moved influenced encouraged uplifted intuitive instinctive alight touchy-feely very great very angry strident demanding raucous natural straining chafing gagging prepossessed relentless open mushy romantic agitated overactive overwrought galvanised hot-headed high-strung desperate pronounced up proselytising evangelical in a hurry straining at the leash vociferant obstreperous self-driven turbulent rough short-fuse highly strung perfectionistic ignited major gut fain off the air very excited on the warpath untainted artless minded meant worked up paroxysmal cyclonic touchy savage convulsive drastic foaming at the mouth fit to be tied keen on daft disorderly lit lighted indignant irate ireful sharp full-blooded assertive resounding arduous muscular taxing actual undissembled pretensionless undesigning on the make starry-eyed in the mood of a mind pysched up up for on for favourably inclined waiting with bated breath nutso knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts bad-tempered ill-tempered hammer and tongs bang-bang frank candid high all-out exhausting crazy about mad about twenty-four carat honest to God high as a kite smitten critical in love with revolutionary shook on nutty about very enthusiastic about very keen on nutso over nuts about idealistic cut-throat beguiled enchanted besotted charmed unquestionable revolutionist mad on in flames lovesick captivated bewitched wigged-out subjective taken intoxicated spellbound love-struck enraptured seduced indulgent erotic anacreontic amative sisterly brotherly overindulgent legitimate vital ultra articulate detail oriented silver-tongued vibrant buoyant fair dinkum rebel fluent sparky perky very keen very enthusiastic caring kind airy peppy quick alive sparkling zippy benevolent gentle terrorist bubbly bouncy pregnant revealing graceful friendly nurturing full of life gay suggestive chirpy bouncing springy snappy go-go frisky jazzy pert racy zappy elated pizzazzy pizazzy chipper kinetic jaunty spanking considerate sympathetic peart generous amiable telling revelatory graphic glib lucid smooth-tongued meaning pointed well-spoken vitalized zingy warm-hearted tenderhearted bright and breezy indicative well-expressed alive and kicking expressing adoration bound up grandiloquent rhetorical smooth-spoken well spoken voluble impressive magniloquent well expressed sententious facund full of vim and vigour

Tính từ

Having or displaying resolve
determined resolute driven unwavering single-minded firm unswerving unswervable undaunted intent committed steadfast indefatigable staunch stalwart earnest tenacious unfaltering unhesitating unflinching persistent pertinacious persevering strong-minded strong-willed unshakeable steely insistent stubborn adamant dogged purposeful obstinate purposive obdurate resolved decided deliberate inflexible relentless intransigent implacable uncompromising unyielding unbending immovable unrelenting spirited brave fixed bold courageous manful plucky stout bulldog set indomitable unshaken strenuous unflappable four-square untiring stout-hearted wholehearted gritty mettlesome vigorous gutsy indurate inexorable serious stiff strong unbendable unmovable unshakable valiant compulsive full of determination grim perseverant rock-ribbed steady unchanging undeviating unflagging constant meaning business spunky true tireless industrious focused zealous keen intense diligent focussed forceful decisive enthusiastic assiduous ambitious unremitting motivated enterprising devoted bound patient dead set sure assertive bent eager ardent fanatical avid bent upon go-getting active solid settled self-assertive hard-driving self-starting aggressive unfailing goal-oriented energetic self-driven fierce dead set on obsessed enduring aspiring pushy out militant striving do-or-die bent on hell-bent on hell-bent upon iron-willed hard-nosed hell-bent passionate independent sedulous inspired pigheaded thirsty desirous faithful conscientious loyal obsessive hungry monomaniacal unfluctuating ruthless hanging tough even uniform consistent unvarying unvacillating laborious never-tiring invariant pat abiding regular sustained unqualified eager beaver brick-wall never-failing hard-working set in stone self-disciplined tending inclined disposed predisposed leaning firmly-based headstrong bullheaded cast-iron iron positive restless rigorous painstaking compelled consumed self-willed possessed telelogical calculated resilient galvanized impelled self-motivated daring radical fixated obsessional induced dynamic unwearied incessant Herculean hardworking hellbent mean business impulsive guided besetting pushed steered galvanised feisty high-powered unstoppable perseverative direct playing hard ball rigid nose to the grindstone be out for blood intrepid weariless unceasing inexhaustible vehement sagacious self-confident unappeasable definite immutable persisting irrepressible hardy tough go-go grind perky unstinted continuing undeterred fireball continued plugging hyper jumping plodding urged on straight reliable trusty perceptive heroic take charge mean pig-headed firm in spirit tough-minded ironclad animated resourceful confident certain never give up tough nut intent on set on two-fisted keen as mustard insistent on intent upon on one's mettle determined to committed to the idea of hell bent on tall in the saddle adventurous progressive pioneering thrusting self-asserting get up and go high-reaching power-hungry self-seeking power-loving like a ball of fire on the make desiring success stiff-necked mulish hard hardened willful hardheaded adamantine inconvincible wilful ossified opinionated perverse self-opinionated bound and determined immersed preoccupied fervid impassioned engrossed absorbed dyed-in-the-wool strict emphatic unmalleable concentrated riveted occupied engaged enthralled unalterable deep in earnest wrapped up stand pat fervent devout dour hardboiled buckled down stanch importunate cohesive coherent genuine assured merciless possessive sturdy unforgetful gung ho sworn tried-and-true true-blue responsible pious tried inveterate cruel unquestioning pitiless unsparing stern sincere impassive single-minded about firm about unforgiving invincible unbeatable flat-out all out stony-hearted unimpressionable unchangeable remorseless harsh unconquerable good going all the way going for broke quiescent permanent unmodifiable clear-sighted straight out unabated mortal hard-headed iron-fisted pounding inflexible about obsessive about fixated on fanatical about honest heartfelt dug in locked in hopeful unsurpassable impregnable invulnerable unswayable resistant set in concrete stick to guns whole-hearted lionhearted hard-line determinate dominant stable prevailing inexpugnable seasoned domineering concentrating fearless insuperable untameable bulletproof insurmountable unassailable standing pat going explicit serious-minded meaning what one says doughty undefeatable impassable hard-and-fast through-and-through impatient hang tough lost steeped busy submerged buried rapt spellbound captivated gripped centered hooked wrapped centred mesmerised taken up caught up tied up enfolded mesmerized

Tính từ

Characterised by prayer, devout, reverent
prayerful devout religious supplicant supplicating pious godly pleading beseeching soliciting saintly spiritual entreating righteous imploring sainted suppliant supplicatory faithful reverent devoted saintlike virtuous divine good pure moral believing devotional angelic blessed pietistic sanctified innocent spotless unworldly consecrated upright hallowed perfect chaste clean faultless glorified godlike humble immaculate just pietistical revered sacrosanct seraphic sublime uncorrupt undefiled untainted venerable venerated god-fearing holy sacred sacral blest orthodox consecrate ecclesiastical God-fearing churchgoing heavenly supernatural unprofane dutiful theological inviolable untouchable unassailable reverenced reverend beatified born-again clerical priestly worshipped anointed worshiped enshrined goody-goody doctrinal scriptural deific purified sectarian churchly cherished sacramental numinous solemn church exalted adored ordained canonized celestial honoured canonised set apart among the angels schismatic deistic sacerdotal pontifical canonical theistic ministerial respected honored deified moralizing reverential smug moralising sinless ethical blameless upstanding worthy irreproachable guiltless honest decent principled noble honourable uncorrupted law-abiding honorable right respectable straight true high-minded nice exemplary scrupulous stand-up right-minded meritorious laudable conscientious praiseworthy noble-minded squeaky-clean trustworthy commendable all right fair anti-corruption equitable stainless beatific charitable punctilious reserved philanthropical messianic impartial matchless philanthropic creditable deserving peerless special seraph full of good works immortal eternal devoted to God dedicated to God proper moralistic conscionable incorruptible seemly truthful reputable chivalrous aboveboard distinguished gallant magnanimous decorous clean-living salt of the earth square true-blue courteous kosher

Động từ

Past tense for to address or inscribe (a literary work, for example) to another as a mark of respect or affection

Động từ

Past tense for to apply oneself diligently towards a goal
gave given applied devoted committed consecrated addressed addrest administered bore down borne down buckled down concerned oneself gave all one's got given all one's got gave best shot given best shot knuckled down occupies oneself occupied oneself pegged away poured it on pulled out all stops worked hard bended bent directed buckled sweat hit the ball put one's back in it put one's shoulder to the wheel concerned designated assigned occupied labored concentrated laboured toiled struggled grinded hustled ground persevered endeavoured strived dug persisted endeavored sweated studied devoted oneself made an effort exerted oneself hammered away plugged away tried hard buckled to committed oneself made effort used some elbow grease spared no effort studied hard kept one's nose to the grindstone striven strove shown dedication done one's best did one's best given one's all gave one's all shown commitment showed commitment showed dedication got stuck in gotten stuck in gave old college try given old college try worked wrought slogged strained drudged slaved travailed moiled plowed plodded banged away beavered away put one's back into something put oneself out grubbed plugged tugged humped pushed dug away worked oneself to the bone made every effort grafted fought trudged lumbered staggered overworked overwrought grappled dragged yourself worked like a Trojan killed oneself leaned over backwards slaved away ground away grubbed away applied oneself worked one's fingers to the bone ploughed exerted yourself plodded away burnt the candle at both ends worked like a dog pulled out all the stops sweated away pegged along slogged away sweated blood kept at it burned the candle at both ends leant over backwards worked like a slave plugged along drave driven druv drove done your best did your best purposed foughten gave it one's all given it one's all gone all out went all out cultivated tended bent over backwards did all one can broken your back went for it fallen over backwards had a crack gone for it worked hard to done all one can broke your back fell over backwards taken pains went for broke gone for broke done your utmost took pains did your utmost

Động từ

Past tense for to adapt

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dedicated Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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