Đồng nghĩa của holy

Alternative for holy

holier, holiest

Đồng nghĩa: godly, pure, religious, sacred, spiritual,

Trái nghĩa: unholy,

Tính từ

Following the precepts of a religious practice
devout godly pious religious saintly righteous pietistic saintlike virtuous good moral pure spiritual beatified canonised canonized deified divine faithful God-fearing ordained sainted god-fearing hallowed perfect sinless angelic believing chaste clean devoted devotional glorified humble innocent just messianic prayerful reserved reverent seraphic special upright venerable ecclesiastical canonical sacred churchly priestly clerical church dutiful ecclesiastic sacerdotal orthodox ministerial pastoral churchgoing theological dedicated scriptural apostolic practising committed doctrinal non-secular parsonical prelatic ecclesial ethical born-again practicing clerkly blameless churchy upstanding worthy irreproachable law-abiding guiltless sectarian blessed celestial honest reverential bible biblical hieratic decent theistic deistic pontifical vicarial non-temporal papal episcopal uncorrupted principled noble honourable presbyteral rectorial honorable right faultless respectable straight true nice exemplary scrupulous high-minded conscientious meritorious laudable praiseworthy stand-up right-minded commendable trustworthy squeaky-clean noble-minded all right obedient conformist priestlike otherworldly ethereal moralizing smug moralising churchlike conforming charismatic superhuman deific transcendent Aaronic clergy late observant fair worshiping ceremonial worshipful ritual hierological metaphysical theologic dogmatic mystical beatific unworldly stainless spotless anti-corruption classical worshipping prophetic sanctified seraph equitable heavenly consecrated impartial matchless deserving charitable punctilious philanthropical philanthropic godlike creditable peerless theocratical monastic monkish rabbinical parsonish cleric late lamented schismatic goody-goody supernatural sacrosanct of blessed memory parochial diaconal full of good works proper moralistic conscionable incorruptible seemly truthful reputable chivalrous aboveboard distinguished immaculate gallant magnanimous decorous square courteous kosher clean-living salt of the earth true-blue

Tính từ

Free of immoral behavior or qualities
faultless flawless immaculate perfect pure spotless sublime uncorrupt undefiled untainted unsullied sinless impeccable innocent unblemished uncorrupted virtuous chaste squeaky-clean guiltless blameless untarnished clean virginal upright righteous white irreproachable good lily-white squeaky clean without fault whiter than white as pure as the driven snow clear infallible innocent as a lamb without sin whole unpolluted unsoiled unstained unwemmed chase unspotted unfailing inviolate saintly unimpeachable stainless moral decent wholesome impeccant pristine incorrupt inculpable modest virgin honest demure uncontaminated cleanhanded exemplary angelic unoffending sackless free of not guilty free of sin untouched unspoilt intact unaffected pure as the driven snow vestal fresh unmarked undamaged unadulterated maidenly celibate unspoiled decorous uncensurable undebased G-rated above reproach natural angelical crimeless refined unmarred guilt-free above suspicion spic-and-span in the clear spick-and-span abstinent unimpaired simple unflawed uninvolved lawful licit legal legitimate proper unmixed maiden unalloyed sterile unwed unbroken sterilized honourable ethical unmarried self-denying self-restrained honorable seemly antiseptic noble absolute fair upstanding reputable safe neat free sterilised continent intemerate snowy straight fine purified unused prudish unprocessed plain as new unmodified undiluted sanitary unharmed preserved pious ideal crisp worthy seamless picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible respectable taintless quiet elegant shining restrained austere new inexperienced impotent controlled monogamous subdued beyond reproach clean-living salubrious nice mint in perfect condition in mint condition mint condition brand-new brand new artless reserved gentle girlish angel-like glowing unmutilated native unexceptionable gleaming retiring undisturbed platonic unblackened uncultivated bright burnished polished polite free from guilt beyond criticism free from blame unchanged just principled dignified disinfected shiny not to blame estimable in good taste indigenous without blemish smooth spot-free impregnant moralistic redoubtable irreprehensible incorruptible true model raw crude wilding agrestal sparkling refreshing unopened guileless unobjectionable earthy uninjured sound unhurt unworn uninfected healthful organic unblighted unprofaned wild high-minded morally correct high-principled right-minded absolved calm serene cleared exculpated peaceful untroubled tranquil at peace exonerated sweet invigorating primal restorative luscious envigorating pasteurised aseptic healthy pasteurized lily white wide-eyed anti-corruption excellent unseasoned untrodden spanking-new shipshape in tiptop condition firsthand brand spanking new untried spanking brand-spanking new original spanking new unfermented not rotten not sour pure as driven snow wet behind ears babe in woods good for you germ-free health-giving nunlike void nescient bereft devoid ignorant empty unaware free from sin faithful unfilled with uncompounded uncombined ritually pure apropos without lacking unblended clean-handed lacking in unsubdivided basic single elementary unfamiliar with untouched by kosher fundamental non-complex non-compound unacquainted with harmless unblamable

Tính từ

Of, or like, God or a god
unworldly mystic metaphysical ethereal ghostly divine incorporeal otherworldly extramundane immaterial sacred supernal unfleshly unphysical heavenly godlike goddesslike immaculate spiritual celestial angelic godly supernatural beatific deific mystical seraphic supreme saintlike deitylike superhuman immortal empyreal blissful cosmic saintly hallowed blessed transcendent supernormal deistic omniscient preternatural empyrean deiform paradisaical transcendental transmundane omnipresent ambrosial almighty cherubic omnipotent rapturous blest extraterrestrial superterrestrial astral elysian unearthly virtuous all-powerful other-worldly beyond human out of this world magical magic occult weird intangible nonmaterial nonphysical devotional rarefied discarnate platonic numinous refined airy pure asomatous disembodied paranormal uncanny miraculous mysterious psychic necromantic phenomenal supranatural unnatural secret spectral hidden unknowable eerie phantom dark arcane unusual mythical abnormal thaumaturgic wizardly sorcerous superior supermundane esoteric abstruse ineffable unreal orphic unfathomable fairy impenetrable rare obscure legendary mythological invisible superordinary unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible concealed unrevealed abstract sublime unaccountable visionary exalted nonrational cabalistic witchlike anagogic thaumaturgical fairylike religious unsubstantial insubstantial bodiless spooky inscrutable non-rational black shadowy oracular mystifying bizarre awe-inspiring fabulous superphysical supersensible extrasensory inexplicable hypernormal unbelievable hermetical astrological alchemistic ghostlike extraordinary psychological psychical non-material inner formless unbodied uplifting moving inspiring inspirational boundless nonmaterialistic special enchanted powerful spiritualistic theoretical supersensory daydreaming daydreamy dreamy fantastic cabbalistic shamanistic cryptic charmed strange creepy intellectual haunted ensorcelled witching parapsychological enchanting bewitched philosophical speculative ideal clairvoyant runic demoniac voodoo tranced diabolic conceptual notional odd queer eldritch entranced spellbound far-out grotesque spookish eery freaky haunting fundamental essential deep recondite basic awful rum horrific ghastly dreadful ominous fearful ideational profound high-flown theoretic universal Druidical exquisite perfect dreamlike fairy-tale flakey uncouth flaky out of the ordinary oddball whacko oversubtle impalpable unpractical academic supramundane philosophic suprahuman hypothetical conjectural ontological jesuitic eternal difficult mysterial imaginary quixotic telestic more than human

Tính từ

Of or resembling paradise
paradisaical blissful divine celestial blessed godlike supernatural angelic sublime rapturous immortal superhuman beatific glorious supernal cherubic seraphic excellent wonderful delightful ambrosial empyrean beautiful lovely extraterrestrial enjoyable alluring entrancing exquisite ravishing paradisiacal adorable lush scrumptious yummy paradisal darling delectable delicious luscious sweet paradisiac paradisaic heavenly spiritual godly ethereal paradisical saintly blest sacred empyreal Elysian joyful rapt pure deiform deific elysian superlunary otherworldly exalted unearthly golden idyllic perfect Arcadian utopian transcendent other-worldly out of this world unworldly innocent ecstatic serene astral eternal transcendental transmundane hallowed empyral Olympian angelly angelical beneficent kind humble radiant angellike archangelic righteous caring devout self-sacrificing appealing pleasant pleasing agreeable gratifying nice splendid terrific great fabulous good magical dreamy fantastic grand pleasurable satisfying congenial felicitous magnificent marvellous magic brilliant delightsome fab savoury savory welcome palatable jolly marvelous grateful neat dulcet tasty ideal swell pretty happy fine amusing entertaining diverting thrilling charming exciting enchanting captivating super smashing brill peachy ducky cool beaut fun ripping cracking corking spiffing champion capital topping wizard bonzer beezer frabjous supercalifragilisticexpialidocious top-hole very agreeable very pleasant cheerful tasteful replayable non-material non-materialistic socialist reforming progressive immaterial genial groovy likable Erewhonian Edenic likeable to your liking mystic fey mystical superb airy-fairy preternatural stellar amiable superlative sterling amazing superior noble sensational very nice awesome rare goodly well-favored choice par excellence halcyon idealized enchanted peaceful rustic pastoral picturesque euphoric elated joyous enraptured stoked beaming glad unspoiled rural arcadian bucolic Utopian aerial sylvan unspoilt blissed out refined scenic restful calm out-of-this-world comfortable idealised relaxing tranquil upper airy skylike paradise sky cosmos firmament ether fascinating engaging cheery ineffable very pleasurable very attractive greatly to one's liking refreshing

Tính từ

Kind in behavior or actions
good altruistic bighearted charitable compassionate friendly generous giving good-hearted humane humanitarian kind kindhearted kind-hearted magnanimous munificent philanthropic philanthropical selfless sympathetic unstinting beneficent benevolent considerate immaculate kindly merciful obliging self-sacrificing unselfish angelical approving benign bounteous bountiful creditable do-good eleemosynary esteemed free freehanded goody-goody greathearted inoffensive liberal moralistic openhanded openhearted pharisaical respected social-minded spotless unerring unsparing chaste gentle goodhearted graceful gracious great-hearted pietistic pietistical pristine tolerant unflawed unmarred well-disposed large-hearted prayerful redeemable redeeming unblamable untouched virginal helpful big-hearted caring benignant thoughtful big tender understanding lavish decent open-handed warm-hearted public-spirited warm ungrudging noble amiable hospitable amicable good-natured indulgent softhearted warmhearted tenderhearted all heart high-minded honourable honest just fair honorable soft-hearted lenient neighbourly neighborly accommodating tender-hearted nice lofty excellent easy mild free-handed loving chivalrous mellow well meaning almsgiving acceptable moderate reasonable loose soft-touch cordial affable equitable congenial responsive genial patient soft princely well-meaning civilized fulsome open freehearted profuse prodigal pleasant willing civilised agreeable likeable likable approachable human clement forbearing feeling socially concerned lovable righteous pitying respectful easygoing cheerful sociable delightful engaging fatherly well intentioned bleeding-heart motherly good-tempered good-humoured good-humored gallant sweet idealistic self-denying abundant ample unprejudiced ready solicitous plentiful full useful beneficient valuable donating prosocial patriotic contributing wonderful personable lovely loving and giving welfare nonprofit plenteous unstinted willingly given handsome gratuitous bleeding heart good scout Robin Hood not-for-profit non-profit non-profit-making forgiving unassuming generous to a fault public- spirited humble unpresumptuous modest mild-mannered swell ingratiating even-tempered self-effacing jovial doing good works affectionate empathic commiserative empathetic respectable elevated upstanding conscientious upright valiant goodish moral virtuous ethical great high principled heroic lordly accessible courteous sweet-natured prepossessing winsome harmless open-minded sentimental sensitive wholesome polite well-mannered deferential broad-minded comforting angelic soft touch cooperative benefic maternal brotherly calm tactful propitious unoffensive dutiful attentive regardful fatherlike sweet-tempered heart in right place pleasing supportive kin concerned commiserating fond open-hearted consoling condoling doting sympathizing sympathising hearty piteous permissive encouraging touchy-feely easy-going mushy sparing comprehending receptive ruthful companionable accepting having heart in right place condoning paternal avuncular full of pity moved pardoning pitiful very kind appreciative perceptive reassuring mindful well disposed old softie well-intentioned consolatory sorry heedful civil observant interested charming diplomatic thoughty social appealing welcoming well-bred appreciating vicarious winning taking enchanting captivating quiet placid comradely enthusiastic meek reverent soft-spoken temperate shy peaceful bland retiring non-confrontational cool pacific peaceable laid back dove-like lamblike demure sisterly dovelike simpatico barley-sugar as nice as pie heartfelt cheery sincere earnest happy wholehearted genuine inviting eager palsy convivial matey amorous deep chummy palsy-walsy bonhomous buddy-buddy long-suffering emotional catholic lax unbigoted complaisant unbiased stoical uncomplaining stoic latitudinarian easy-oasy sophisticated easy on wide progressive advanced easy with broad excusing free and easy radical

Tính từ

Of or like a ghost in appearance or sound
ghostly unearthly weird eerie phantom spectral spooky supernatural uncanny ghostlike other-worldly phantasmal phantasmic unnatural unreal wraithlike abnormal eldritch freakish magical mysterious mystic strange blood-curdling chilling creepy frightening hair-raising illusory insubstantial petrifying scaring scary shadowy sinister spine-chilling terrifying apparitional cadaverous corpselike deathlike divine eidolic ethereal freaky ghastly haunted indistinct otherworldly pale rum spiritual vampiric wan wraithy bizarre ghoulish preternatural nightmarish devilish macabre spookish horrific monstrous demonic haunting odd dreadful paranormal demoniac grisly gruesome horrifying eery shocking awful horrible fearful occult phenomenal frightful grim appalling ominous funereal terrible dark deathly unusual miraculous horrendous transcendental superhuman hideous secret disturbing grotesque horrid unnerving lurid fearsome fantastic dire direful sepulchral grewsome chimerical metaphysical fiendish non-mortal animal subhuman non-human rare mystical numinous morbid queer dreamlike supermundane superior hellish possessed alarming fabulous supernormal transcendent loathsome phantomlike extraordinary inhuman terrific nightmare psychic atrocious extraterrestrial hidden heavenly extramundane supranatural unfathomable fairy impenetrable mythical legendary invisible celestial unrevealed obscure unknowable mythological superordinary unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible concealed demonlike alien demonish Kafkaesque skeletal harrowing diabolical phantasmagorical demonly black curious peculiar bleak magic diabolic sombre somber forbidding gory corpse-like menacing inexplicable unaccountable threatening mystifying sullen wondrous spine-tingling singular morose dim gross repulsive bloodcurdling intimidating unpleasant offensive foul faint revolting disgusting nasty hairy redoubtable prodigious repugnant off-putting sick sickening out of the ordinary superphysical supersensible extrasensory incorporeal disembodied cursed jinxed shadowlike unhuman zombielike zombiesque exanimate demoniacal unsettling bone-chilling out of this world sadistic twisted perverted infernal too good for this world cruel soulless evil sickly awesome uneasy serpentine not of this world shuddersome superstitious disconcerting crawly thrilling sublime inappropriate hyperphysical bizarro undead exciting breathtaking startling inspired inexplainable unheard-of supranormal exceptional anomalous dread formidable uncommon far-out surreal very strange hair-curling cliff-hanging suspenseful inscrutable signal flakey uncouth flaky oddball whacko supernal causing excitement outstanding unprecedented remarkable unspeakable repellent objectionable distasteful displeasing disagreeable illusive trancelike illusionary trance-like unsubstantial imaginary exceeding extraordinaire especial atypical irregular marvellous unwonted wonderful unique aberrated aberrant freak uncustomary unworldly awe-inspiring non-rational hypernormal unbelievable unacceptable abhorrent obnoxious undesirable traumatic disquieting nightmarey hateful odious detestable vile vague misty hazy visionary hallucinatory psychedelic arcane nauseating deplorable reprehensible intolerable despicable contemptible obscene insufferable gloomy wretched untypical deviative marvelous deviant unrepresentative unsavoury sick-making unpalatable noxious beastly nauseous miserable rebarbative godawful exceptionable disgustful loathly dreary melancholic glum melancholy dispirited dismal depressive distressing desolate solemn depressing cheerless phantasmagoric dreamish unclear dreamy oneiric hypnagogic disheartening tenebrous cold sad from hell mortuary haggard unbearable beyond the pale anemic unsavory weak upsetting anaemic pitiless murky drab mirthless lugubrious drear gray mournful dingy grey grave shady unhealthy God-awful death-obsessed abominable ugly execrable heinous scandalous yucky bad rancid noisome repellant rotten daunting fulsome hellacious lousy putrid bogging wicked yucko stinking uninviting icky unsightly skanky egregious grotty worrying grievous outrageous mean unattractive unpleasing savage dismaying severe vicious scurvy annoying unwelcome malodorous shameful fetid gut-churning harsh deformed nefarious perturbing rank unlovely dangerous foetid irritating bestial mephitic baleful bitter woeful vomitous brutal stomach-turning stomach-churning smelly base dirty lamentable grody villainous on the nose very bad troublesome niffy abysmal disgraceful damnable olid pitiful disfigured vomit-inducing sorry invidious festy flagitious foul-smelling evil-smelling filthy poor as ugly as sin pongy stinky whiffy barbaric funky extreme ungodly iniquitous miasmal fugly calamitous pathetic brutish barbarous infamous sordid accursed unsatisfactory uncongenial unforgivable acrid serious foreboding misshapen poisonous hostile cheap bloody troubling sour unappetizing yukky unappealing tragic unfortunate paltry sleazy ruthless grubby difficult depraved irksome painful agitating tremendous overwhelming immoral ill-favored unpardonable ill-favoured discouraging dislikeable unprepossessing disastrous violent distressful squalid unpretty pitiable unhandsome unbeautiful pesky murderous stressful unfair cringe-making grimy crummy pestiferous sinful discomforting uncomely unclean galling lame black-hearted cruddy very unpleasant scabby scummy ratty hopeless poison merciless exasperating bum fraught terrorizing unwholesome desperate hard cacodemonic pestilential abject facinorous flagrant huckery terrorising uncomfortable dreaded brooding inexcusable agonizing unfriendly parlous emetic adverse strong off-color hurtful gut-wrenching shabby unkind unlikable opprobrious mean-looking imposing polluted inferior agonising uncool nerve-racking regrettable smudged bedraggled befouled smutty sullied bemired dusty uncleanly draggled muddy illegal stained mucky besmirched blackened unsportsmanlike sneaking grungy begrimed soiled ornery inauspicious inadequate unholy bloodthirsty afflictive tough infuriating heavy reptilian unseemly low-down astounding maddening malignant worrisome extravagant repelling trashy amoral terribly bad sober rubbishy testing rough torturous prurient concerning sanguine tasteless frustrating low deadly diseased satanic doleful bothersome discomposing dispiriting homely indescribable fierce impressive humourless humorless excessive blasted tormenting troublous malevolent unfavorable unfavourable sedate raunchy perplexing brute rude wanton punk unwelcoming austere striking saddening inhospitable powerful tragical disadvantageous vexing inconvenient wrong reeking cussed confounded unendurable insupportable heartbreaking bewildering censurable stark substandard embarrassing biting cutting unwanted heartrending bodeful ferocious excruciating dislikable unhappy inadmissible unsuitable hateable disappointing useless mediocre laughable affecting pants inexpedient coarse yecchy life-threatening perilous revulsive sucky shoddy causing fear a load of pants second-rate critical blood-and-guts sanguinary blood-and-thunder great piteous demoralizing malformed catty callous lou Mephistophelian discommoding misproportioned distorted miscreated teratoid mutant shapeless much-feared lewd beast indecorous impoverished oppressed harmful shameless intense impertinent abusive insolent discourteous chunderous vulgar deleterious pernicious injurious mischievous unfit resentful awful-looking frightful-looking pulse-pounding onerous tainted comfortless slimy poverty-stricken dour rugged scabrous crying hated reviled frozen gnarly offending mighty baneful overpowering aggressive unapproachable pressuring browbeating bullying blood-stained acute shivery shuddery brackish rocky woozy sensational demoralising insalutary inconceivable beneath contempt negative jarring graphic exaggerated very disgusting unlucky demonian demonical Luciferian pressured trying demanding taxing surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying scuzzy evil-looking unpromising teary tearful unimaginable pill heel like death warmed up nagging melodramatic explicit all-powerful reeky dull lackluster lacklustre unshapely resolute doughty indomitable invincible commanding ineffable unutterable untoward afraid massive irritable poignant troubled sobering precarious musty stenchy high fusty frenetic maniacal unhallowed crazed mad mortifying gruelling arduous tiring infected ailing frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty inexpressible inhumane heartless butcherly truculent plain-featured deeply distressing piggish gluttonous swinish degraded feral boorish ferine carnal irrational plain-looking vexatious like the back end of a bus valiant pigpen ripe inconsistent incompatible contradictory opposed glowering sorrowing unrelenting mephitical aggravating unpropitious unamusing distressed plain beyond words undefinable afflicting awkward averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic pathological unsound unpopular disliked freaking darned cotton-picking doggoned durn doggone goddamned deuced curst danged durned dang darn sensationalist overdramatized colourful unrestrained indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil unreasonable suggestive of evil brave imminent courageous against opposite extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign anguished sorrowful not pretty steep ribald salacious kitschy pulp duff poxy pits blimming inept catastrophic ridiculous silly god-awful rueful derisory cataclysmic rubbish absurd ludicrous third-rate foolish-looking grueling immoderate exorbitant unwished-for perverse maleficent moody irascible warped too horrible for words in opposition unwarranted impossible OTT preposterous suggestive chronic much-dreaded unsought defective detrimental scorned shunned outcast loathed incommodious uninvited rejected O.T.T. extortionate nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking stupefying shock-horror tacky vivid juicy scurrilous too great shaming disgracing ignoble debauching notorious uncivilised depraving debasing contumelious uncivilized corrupt degenerate criminal dilapidated to be avoided out of place for the birds strictly for the birds unwished for staggering stunning astonishing amazing yellow full-frontal surprising over the top subpar wanting bush junky deficient dissatisfactory crumby suboptimal a stinker of a a bummer of a glaring bad-looking purple racy fiery salty deep colorful distinct garish short on looks hard-favoured hard-featured common schlock malicious inconsiderate flimsy bush-league wack faulty low-grade cheapjack godforsaken low-quality cheesy el cheapo shlock bargain-basement down at heel trumpery run down cut-rate shlocky schlocky gimcrack off low-rent seedy venomous vindictive impolite unlovable spiteful churlish malign unloveable cross ill-humored bad-tempered mean-spirited ill-tempered ill-natured ill-humoured

Tính từ

Of very great excellence or beauty
sublime elevated great lofty glorious magnificent exalted grand imposing awe-inspiring majestic awesome excellent first-rate high ideal outstanding splendid superb supreme wonderful blissful delightful divine first-class heavenly marvelous marvellous perfect rapturous super terrific big eminent fab fabulous fantastic lordly mind-blowing smashing stellar transcendent abstract august beautiful dynamite gorgeous inspirational inspiring moving outrageous proud resplendent sacred spiritual splendiferous splendorous stately transcendental uplifting the most too much out of this world too good to be true noble fine impressive monumental striking distinguished heroic regal royal imperial grandiose massive illustrious epic baronial heroical Homeric magnific palatial dignified superior remarkable kingly princely gallant brilliant sumptuous renowned venerable celebrated famous pompous bright stunning notable lavish preeminent towering opulent luxurious famed noted commanding dazzling spectacular arresting radiant triumphant memorable shining esteemed gratifying colossal honored well-known prodigious extraordinary tremendous honoured preternatural supernatural immortal effulgent breathtaking rich time-honored solemn superhuman statuesque elegant queenly splendacious magnolious pleasurable extravagant considerable swanky stupendous mystical unearthly uncanny mystic supernormal phenomenal miraculous other-worldly magical ineffable ethereal transmundane numinous inflated acclaimed Olympian gigantic immense admirable pretentious huge giant enormous mountainous sovereign large mammoth paramount monstrous vast titanic hulking unforgettable whopping posh Brobdingnagian ritzy significant important ostentatious splendrous enjoyable ambitious noteworthy haughty unreal sensational stirring something else palatine amazing formidable exquisite ominous celestial sightly wondrous otherworldly metaphysical paranormal intellectual rarefied godlike high-minded deluxe very good worthy fit for a prince plush dramatic staggering bombastic orotund fustian fit for a queen fit for a king fit for a princess glittering utopian eye-catching portly powerful tall adored soaring steep fateful landmark momentous consequential signal prominent eventful epochal honourable good meaningful cheering red-letter historic material heart-warming rewarding groundbreaking pivotal pleasing satisfying far-reaching fulfilling honorable multistorey sky-high sky-scraping leading influential lionized respected prestigious undue overdue insane overweening stiff immoderate intolerable inordinate plethoric exorbitant extreme baroque surpassing fancy unconscionable excessive overextravagant overmuch unmerciful devilish altitudinous astral star redoubtable luminous foremost superstar admired heavy celeb maestoso magisterial lionised ginormous resounding sonorous of repute highly regarded well known well thought of of distinction of high standing big league pre-eminent eloquent high-flown portentous formal boundless airy unmatchable ultimate towery spiring aerial unmeasurable skyscraping ceremonious cool substantial leviathan mighty oceanic gigantesque mega jumbo sizeable monster whacking biggish largish astronomic vasty walloping goodly elephantine humungous sizable supersized gargantuan humongous voluminous astronomical boxcar outsized handsome supersize cosmic pharaonic bulky cyclopean outsize planetary hefty husky oversize oversized herculean bumper cosmical tidy galactic king size super-duper king-size Himalayan king-sized thumping extensive whopping great whacking great thumping great Herculean weighty gross very large very big ample immeasurable generous almighty solid expansive ponderous major abundant respectable healthy brobdingnagian overgrown serious infinite aristocratic capacious large-scale courtly wide substantive broad overwhelming limitless spacious unwieldy cumbersome blimp plentiful long comprehensive dirty great burly profuse strapping sturdy behemothic staid mastodonic giant-size commodious roomy Bunyanesque heavyweight appreciable plenteous copious giant-sized extra-large mondo brawny beefy very great imperious classic strong elaborate bold stout incalculable astounding hunky liberal showy unlimited measureless bountiful full-size powerfully built solidly built marked prolific man-size of considerable size man-sized behemoth full cumbrous bounteous titan barn door extremely large costly high-rise super-colossal larger-than-life classy muscular fashionable high rise whale of a great big brave expensive stylish rising raised awkward flashy high-reaching ungainly lumbering splashy cavernous flash ascending gracious thickset smart unusual clumsy astonishing daring unfathomable incredible endless eternal meaty hulky thick monolithic intrepid arduous mythological highfalutin' egotistic decent graceful impenetrable interminable illimitable pythonic mesomorphic not inconsiderable permanent mortal high-falutin' high-flying well built upraised alpine uplifted exciting stalwart proper unbounded superabundant thewy jumbo-sized Gargantuan steady bonny extremely big whaling distingué massy Cyclopean whopper megalithic mahoosive good-size good-sized cracking fat socking great a whale of a pronounced not to be sneezed at super colossal grandiloquent Miltonian picturesque lasting enduring amazeballs splendent choice high-sounding high-born legendary classical epoch-making authoritative luxuriant ornate abiding Brobdignagian startling exceptional intense irresistible dynamic laborious dressy daunting swish plushy swank high-ranking effective penetrating absorbing prime unbelievable flabbergasting oafish lumpish decent-sized maxi Moby wicked rip-roaring tall in the saddle widespread palatian forcible colorful extended mind-boggling fantabulous abnormal awful profitable spanking OS fathomless loutish heavily built clodhopping clunky expanded magnifico flamboyant buff robust ripped shredded overblown hallowed chic extra large appalling dreadful purple complex theatrical unsparing monarchial monarchical monarchic monarchal fairly large marathon lank elephantic solid gold colourful gaudy sweeping detailed mundo billowing terrible frightful fearful decorous unco stark jacked reasonable sensible through the ceiling measurable baggy life-size deep stocky well-proportioned Junoesque queenlike full-dress reserved never-ending catholic cosmogonic interstellar intergalactic interplanetary cosmopolitan empyrean global cosmogonal space ecumenical muscly fleshy heavyset chunky fair-sized family-sized thundering economy-size swelled family-size fair-size economy-sized sedate upright one for the book stretched-out far-flung spread-out well-built featureless immovable intractable faceless characterless spacey loose-fitting poised shapely trim unhandy highbrow composed Falstaffian paunchy flabby fubsy something to write home about all-inclusive on a grand scale overambitious unrealistic very long unmanageable snazzy modish quality larger buxom greater zaftig sombre refined somber couth starchy grave nifty numerous sundry simple multitudinous various legion several convoluted many multifarious swelling covering unmanoeuvrable consistent incommodious girthy big and strong roly-poly muscle-bound broad in the beam broad-shouldered corn-fed well upholstered well fed real worthwhile key snappy schmick sharp self-respecting firm sound tall and dignified touching affecting just so much useful durable valuable principal high fashion tectonic earthshaking earth-shattering devastating hard demanding big-deal major-league gee-whizz highly impressive challenging difficult exacting aggressive tough strenuous trying onerous severe industrious exhausting taxing toilsome energetic visionary hellish killing knackering courageous valiant fearless doughty valorous undaunted high-pressure dauntless gutsy audacious unafraid lionhearted indomitable stouthearted plucky stout-hearted mettlesome chivalrous greathearted exaggerated rock-ribbed spunky venturesome gutty undauntable manful venturous ballsy feisty lion-hearted fire-eating champion gritty impavid stand tall bigger than life

Tính từ

Too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words
ineffable indescribable inexpressible unutterable indefinable unspeakable incommunicable undefinable breathtaking inenarrable marvelous marvellous nameless staggering uncommunicable unimaginable untold wonderful amazing astonishing astounding beggaring description beyond description beyond words fabulous fantastic celestial deep divine empyreal empyrean ethereal heavenly ideal impossible incredible sacred spiritual transcendent transcendental unheard of untellable unthought of too sacred for words inconceivable unthinkable undescribable unbelievable indefinite impalpable defying description intangible unanalysable unanalyzable nondescript elusive unspecified unspecifiable preternatural sublime overwhelming abstract subtle implausible mind-boggling extraordinary improbable unlikely exceptional mind-blowing undreamed of beyond the realm of reason obscure indistinct incalculable incorporeal unpronounceable inarticulate difficult hard to define hard to describe stupendous prodigious remarkable phenomenal tremendous inexpressable unexpressible spectacular unsayable awful stunning striking miraculous portentous extravagant awesome eye-opening immense surprising eye-popping wondrous legendary outrageous amazeballs rad beyond one's wildest dreams top drawer out-of-this-world unimagined unconvincing fantastical unheard-of incredulous unconceivable uncompelling inapprehensible incomprehensible unique singular incogitable undreamed-of rare unordinary uncommon unknowable doubtful not understandable beyond belief full of it beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams preposterous unusual strange far-fetched dubious fanciful questionable absurd out of the ordinary unexpected outlandish flimsy ridiculous suspect unrealistic unprecedented hard to swallow peculiar bizarre weak sensational unsubstantial odd fishy thin anomalous cock-and-bull outstanding unforeseen unwonted unanticipated weird atypical abnormal special queer aberrant uncustomary unparalleled ludicrous curious tall puzzling notable won't wash scarcely credible especial not likely exceeding aberrated freak far out unreal extraordinaire cock and bull freakish out of this world reachy difficult to believe unreasonable magnificent remote strained farfetched laboured debatable out of the question nonsensical uncanny labored unfamiliar noteworthy incongruous too much hard to believe magical whimsical unaccustomed hard to take cockamamie oddball won't hold water full of holes baffling for the birds beyond the bounds of possibility freaky jaw-dropping awe-inspiring off the wall confounding unlooked-for unhoped-for insupposable superlative problematic wild eccentric brilliant surpassing phony illogical terrific stellar phoney unusually good irrational misleading highly unlikely not in the least likely insane thrilling funny crazy superior offbeat mad grandiose out-of-the-way iffy extreme foolish comical too good to be true befuddling wacky zany mystifying shocking original impressive unaccountable conspicuous incomparable stupefying outside chance unexampled outré flustering bewildering dumfounding seldom scarce heavy hare-brained like a dream come true unannounced off-the-wall jarring jolting out of the blue startling dramatic make-believe unthought-of unsuspected undreamt-of unplausible distinctive imcomprehensible extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful not on insupportable marked particular beyond reason won't fly extremely difficult to believe uncertain faint slight beyond possibility signal significant momentous supernatural unforgettable eye-catching arresting contrary untoward flabbergasting blindsiding inimitable not to be thought of exaggerated devastating dumbfounding inconsistent serious unco unapt providential irregular deviant harebrained reaching infeasible unsound unsettling unnerving flash gnarly forby flakey kooky scatterbrained flaky cockeyed lamebrained screwy less likely superhuman inexplicable specious unpersuasive off beaten path never to be forgotten overblown better than expected from left field slim impracticable hundred-to-one infrequent lame trifling feeble unconventional off-centre monstrous supermundane the utmost wonderworking numinous supranatural supercalifragilisticexpialidocious embellished fabricated dishonest suspicious dubitable false untruthful untrue divergent distinct novel new unknown untypical perplexing unnatural mysterious unsatisfactory transparent shallow ineffectual inadequate pathetic forced ponderous substantial huge great out of the common out of the way way out something else daggy wacko slim and none not expected shady laughable hyperbolic farcical incoherent poor unimpressive past belief open to doubt avant-garde out there breaking new ground loner cool extra special distorted disputable undependable equivocal untrustworthy embroidered histrionic arguable unreliable unacceptable fresh offensive undiscovered half-baked not convincing eerie quaint blown up unsung unremarked disgraceful ground-breaking unregarded far-out resplendent sensorial enthralling exciting invigorating bewitching captivating charming majestic envigorating mind-bending heart-stopping enlivening stimulating blissful fabled beguiling splendorous enchanting glorious fascinating enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled untenable uncredible complicated disconcerting spooky little-known little known unrenowned never before encountered rings phony shaky muddling discomfiting nonplussing shattering nonplusing confusing dismaying upsetting not able to hold water imaginary moving cherished touching perfect illusory erratic romantic capricious ambitious visionary artificial scanty subtile sparse preeminent scattered standout rarefied towering occasional tenuous few and far between attenuate short light attenuated isolated deficient recherche unfrequent few sporadic semioccasional limited illusive barmy suppositious different potty daft hallucinatory out of sight cock-eyed

Danh từ

A religious minister
reverend clergyperson cleric clerical clerk deacon divine dominie ecclesiastic minister preacher priest clergy clergyman monsignor parson sacred venerable vicar pastor churchman rector padre chaplain father curate man of the cloth clergywoman man of God sky pilot churchwoman josser Holy Joe kirkman woman of God woman of the cloth bishop evangelist rabbi minister of religion shepherd theologian missionary pontiff holy man pulpiteer imam father confessor sermonizer deaconess archbishop predicant dean God-botherer Bible-basher assistant curate presbyter elder monk member of the clergy holy woman cardinal cassock primate pulpitarian abbey blackcoat ecclesiast abbé curé celebrant friar confessor abbot prelate lay preacher church official servant of God high priest chief priest incumbent beneficiary clergyman/woman lama ordained minister archdeacon diocesan lecturer bible thumper the rev harp polisher turn-around collar devil dodger sky scout parish priest revivalist theologist church officer philosopher apostle crusader proselytizer evangelical gospeller moralizer televangelist scholar military chaplain homilist evangelizer pulpiter preach hot gospeller proselytiser preacher man proctor principal headmaster spreader of the faith vicegerent woman of god man of god churchperson person of God person of the cloth converter propagandist prior promoter herald messenger teacher campaigner missioner caretaker school chaplain army chaplain prison chaplain assistant hierarch abbess air force chaplain dignitary member of clergy metropolitan provost champion suffragan exarch coadjutor proponent advocate activist gospeler abba television evangelist circuit rider TV evangelist television preacher religious teacher

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holy Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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