Đồng nghĩa của out of the blue

Alternative for out of the blue

Phó từ

Just like that

Phó từ

Without being anticipated

Tính từ

Not expected or foreseen
unexpected sudden unanticipated unforeseen abrupt impetuous unannounced impulsive unplanned without warning without notice not bargained for not in the cards surprising unlooked-for from left field blindsiding unpredicted unpredictable startling astonishing unimagined surprise unhoped-for remarkable incredible unsuspected unlooked for unusual accidental unsought fortuitous chance unintended unpremeditated unintentional shocking serendipitous coincidental fluky random unenvisaged spontaneous undreamed-of stunning stupefying jolting astounding dumbfounding extraordinary striking unimaginable instantaneous jaw-dropping dumfounding staggering unthought of eye-opening amazing jarring unheralded flabbergasting overwhelming inconceivable unplanned for casual unhoped for incidental involuntary adventitious sporadic aleatory atypical out of character uncommon out of the ordinary like a dream come true uncanny beyond your wildest dreams unbelievable inadvertent unwitting better than expected unthinkable uninvited unprompted undreamed of unsolicited unthought-of dynamite outrageous swift abnormal uncalculated quick rapid explosive lightning hurried precipitous spasmodic instant without delay speeded accelerated impromptu sharp fast expeditious hasty fleet speedy precipitant immediate rushing precipitate acute headlong rash quickened meteoric prompt breakneck whirlwind snappy brisk overnight flying alacritous express rapid-fire hot dizzy nippy zippy violent blistering rattling galloping breathless splitting rushed fleet-footed dramatic brief fleeting summary on-the-spot rathe short-lived momentary short cursory perfunctory fast-track transitory steep split-second transient jerky ephemeral unceremonious direct evanescent sheer urgent punctual nimble mercurial passing marked straightaway vertical whistle-stop active quickie mushrooming rude brusque vertiginous declivitous on the double ready peremptory high-speed fitful impermanent expeditive on the spot harefooted temporary flitting fugacious fiery fugitive unhesitating pronto deciduous fading convulsive flash PDQ very fast vanishing volatile in nothing flat agile flash in the pan here today and gone tomorrow fly-by-night short-term shock forthwith extreme distinct alert efficient crash arbitrary diligent timely acclivitous angular hairpin tight intense willing alarming rocketing accelerating escalating snowballing effectual effective hurricane cyclonic tumultuous tornado spur-of-the-moment snap without formality without hesitation impatient unsettling disturbing disconcerting disquieting perturbing spectacular lively nasty hurrying frightening scary upsetting frightful without discussion eager thoughtless chop-chop slapdash slambang unpleasant now or never not to be delayed volant quick-fire uncivil undignified impolite discourteous harsh disagreeable double time brilliant flashing dazzling light-footed fleet of foot quick as a wink crude capricious lurching frenzied brutal dismissive off unmannerly offhand awful unforgiving forceful impressive hair-trigger charged crazy jouncing bumpy in a flash shifting interim bold perpendicular bluff winged spanking curtailed rampant dashing electric cracking screaming speedball double-quick barrelling perishable limited jumpy paroxysmal unsteady erratic uncontrollable like mad like crazy shaking a leg irregular

Tính từ

Occurring by chance for no apparent reason
random chance accidental coincidental fortuitous incidental ad hoc arbitrary casual inadvertent serendipitous unexpected lucky adventitious capricious stray unforeseeable unforeseen contingent fluky spot unpremeditated unintentional unplanned unintended unwitting unanticipated unlooked-for unthinking haphazard involuntary flukey unmeant unconscious aleatory odd extemporaneous spontaneous unthought undesigned erratic aimless purposeless undevised unpredictable occurring by chance occurring by accident unpredicted uncertain fortunate subconscious surprise undreamed-of offhand impromptu unknowing occasional uncalculated fluke circumstantial chancy incalculable unhoped-for by chance variable not bargained for without warning sporadic possible related accompanying unlooked for at random not planned unpurposeful by-the-way attendant concomitant contributory lucky-dog from left field unknowable changeable concurrent irregular by accident well timed luck out luck in providential heaven-sent depending liable provisional likely probable probably subject reliant expedient opportune felicitous propitious convenient auspicious timely happy apt abrupt unsought sudden surprising jammy at the mercy of events uninvited astonishing unprompted undreamed of unsolicited unthought-of startling without notice throwaway misguided mistaken passing parenthetical unstudied trivial unconsidered happening unexpectedly unguarded off-the-cuff ill-considered ill-judged innocent naive simple naïve thoughtless careless honest well-intentioned negligent heedless unheeding prosperous privileged successful natural unconcerned feckless uncaring unmindful irreflective reckless healthy wholesome well-off profitable not on purpose golden promising bright fair favorable enviable nice meet advantageous favored efficacious proper just fitting favoured favourable well-timed

Tính từ

Done or performed without prior preparation or thought
unplanned impromptu spur-of-the-moment unprepared ad-lib extemporaneous extemporary extempore improvisational improvised offhand offhanded off-the-cuff snap unconsidered unpremeditated unrehearsed unstudied ad hoc adventitious aleatory down and dirty haphazard impulsive random spontaneous undesigned unexpected unforeseen unscheduled not planned unscripted ad lib improvisatory ad libitum unarranged on-the-spot makeshift extemporized off the cuff extemporised improviso cobbled together thrown together improv informal improvisatorial made-up casual automatic autoschediastic played by ear extemporal rough and ready unintentional on the spot on impulse off the top of one's head spur of the moment winging it by ear unintended hasty sudden natural unthinking uncontrived hurried expedient unpracticed winged candid whipped up toss off toss out off the top of your head from the hip not rehearsed shot from the hip unposed abrupt scratch off-hand uncoordinated slapdash quick immediate make-do emergency throwaway instant jury-rigged jury rushed made up off guard not thought out provisional specified specific special uncontrolled off the top of head without preparation off the hip according to pleasure as one wishes as one thinks best without restraint catch-as-catch-can helter-skelter involuntary quick and dirty vamped headlong tossed off dashed off thrown off stopgap temporary band-aid quick-and-dirty crude substitute substitutive ersatz hit-or-miss temp rough-and-ready simple basic unrefined unpolished unsophisticated cheaply done crude but effective spur-of-the moment cheaply made ad-hoc of inferior quality slipshod devised rigged pro tem ad interim pro tempore short-term sketchy standby new do-it-yourself alternative

Trái nghĩa của out of the blue

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