Đồng nghĩa của jolting

Alternative for jolting

jolts, jolted, jolting

Đồng nghĩa: jar, jerk, jounce, shake, startle,


Startling, surprising or shocking in an unexpected way
surprising astonishing amazing shocking astounding stunning startling stupefying flabbergasting dumbfounding jarring dumfounding blindsiding eye-opening jaw-dropping staggering extraordinary remarkable incredible unexpected overwhelming unbelievable unforeseen disturbing striking unsettling unusual unanticipated mind-boggling mind-blowing confounding beyond belief disquieting bewildering unnerving eye-popping unheard of hard to swallow sudden unpredictable unpredicted dramatic disconcerting sensational bizarre upsetting preposterous awe-inspiring uncommon strange befuddling outlandish baffling flustering freaky freakish from left field out of the blue unthinkable unannounced without warning unimaginable out of the ordinary surprise outrageous alarming destabilizing worrying uncomfortable destabilising dynamite perturbing distressing breathtaking impressive frightening scary frightful shock hard to believe brilliant phenomenal notable outstanding noteworthy wondrous gee-whizz amazeballs devastating awful weird curious peculiar uncanny quaint fanciful far-fetched eerie incomprehensible whimsical unlikely nonplusing queer portentous shattering confusing muddling discomfiting dismaying conspicuous inconceivable unwonted mystifying nonplussing puzzling spooky unordinary intimidating formidable fearsome forbidding terrifying dreadful terrible horrible ghastly horrifying horrendous daunting dire hair-raising direful redoubtable spine-chilling fearful appalling awesome horrific hideous ominous monstrous atrocious unspeakable abominable dread gruesome grisly bloodcurdling baleful bad lurid macabre abysmal grim grievous harrowing lamentable terribly bad very bad menacing unearthly sinister ghoulish sublime shuddersome creepy tremendous morbid discouraging disheartening demoralizing threatening nerve-racking unapproachable aggressive browbeating terrorizing pressuring terrorising bullying mindboggling dispiriting off-putting exacting challenging mean-looking taxing fazing demoralising disgusting scandalous disgraceful offensive revolting odious sickening repulsive nauseating foul loathsome repellent abhorrent repugnant obscene vile heartstopping horrid rancid distasteful grewsome repellant fulsome noxious agitating terrific nightmarish obnoxious nasty gross ugly nightmare evil noisome nauseous hellacious deplorable godawful glaring heinous detestable wicked from hell


Having or producing a sudden sense of thrilling excitement
electric charged exciting stimulating thrilling electrifying stirring dynamic rousing tense exhilarating galvanising galvanizing intoxicating dramatic envigorating invigorating animating breathtaking energising energizing exhilarative galvanic hair-raising heady heart-stopping inspiring kicky knife-edge mind-bending mind-blowing mind-boggling moving rip-roaring shocking startling adrenalized buzzy cliffhanging explosive volatile absorbing AC captivating DC electrical electronic emotional energetic juiced magnetic motor-driven plug-in power-driven rechargeable battery operated gripping lively riveting overwhelming inspiriting refreshing spirited inspirational fascinating amazing wonderful astonishing anthemic provocative stimulative stem-winding arousing spine-tingling enlivening emotive impassioned uplifting magnificent passionate animated enchanting stunning sensational challenging wondrous striking impressive fabulous exhilarant motivating provoking action-packed thought-provoking spectacular enthralling soul-stirring emotion-charged eye-popping eye-opening bracing awesome incredible vigorous intriguing tonic astounding exalting staggering entertaining encouraging enthusiastic hearty affecting sexy stupendous delightful powerful appealing awe-inspiring complex complicated baffling confusing difficult puzzling wild intense compelling interesting exhilaratory mind-altering piquant awakening memorable compulsive vibrant galvanical inflammatory electrically powered agitational vitalizing brisk brilliant fantastic strong heartrending heartbreaking imbued suffused fraught laden loaded full saturated pervaded permeated filled potent revitalizing cheering gladdening beautiful jaw-dropping suspenseful elating hallucinogenic sparkling nerve-racking edge-of-the-seat adrenaline-charged amazeballs giddy revitalising quickening animative elevating surprising ripping boisterous rollicking riotous uproarious heart-stirring out of this world adrenalizing exalté hectic titillating adrenaline-fueled giving one food for thought stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic motivational heartening persuasive impactful automated influential poignant impelling instigating affective touching instigative triggering inciting meaningful piquing renewing reinvigorating automatic restorative miraculous roborant arresting curious engaging fab shaking trembling shivering quaking vibrating shuddering attention-grabbing engrossing frantic exquisite swinging large boss mad microelectronic exceptional noteworthy immersing hypnotising meaty inviting charismatic eventful unique amusing newsy beguiling splashy relatable marvelous hypnotizing prepossessing attractive hypnotic remarkable tantalising involving vivid racy enticing out of the ordinary mesmerising pleasurable worthy of note fresh mesmerizing tantalizing preoccupying bewitching charming newsworthy unputdownable alluring entrancing portentous consuming mesmeric spellbinding trenchant marvellous topical seductive fine showy pleasing unboring emphatic diverting buzzworthy magical blood-tingling zero cool extraordinary imposing phenomenal prodigious splendid sublime majestic grand unbelievable dazzling outstanding glorious tremendous superb great notable unimaginable resplendent uncommon stately fantastical gorgeous sumptuous unusual monumental awful terrific noble rare proud august gee-whizz unheard of lavish luxurious eye-catching massive splendiferous picturesque splendacious magnolious opulent imperial exalted noticeable conspicuous unreal palatial bold commanding ritzy implausible impossible singular divine improbable marked vivifying outlandish royal grandiose regal transcendent unthinkable humbling far-fetched epic deluxe heroic dignified baronial princely radiant gallant formidable lovely heroical magnific unutterable pronounced stellar unspeakable bodacious noisy innerving prominent posh Homeric blinding untold ridiculous ineffable towering splendorous awe-striking confounding unlikely unthought of incomprehensible climactic melodramatic effective sensorial beyond belief sudden empyreal histrionic rich scenic elegant bizarre theatrical pretty smashing unparalleled weird unprecedented flabbergasting indescribable distinguished lofty absurd unconvincing dramaturgical kingly graphic preternatural plush kenspeckle distinctive flamboyant grabby catchy fairytale-like superlative bewildering surpassing sovereign colourful shock-horror utmost immense huge colorful incredulous unimagined unconceivable unusually good strange extravagant salient meteoric doubtful uncompelling special pointed dramaturgic out-of-this-world far-out unheard-of heavenly hard to swallow incogitable ethereal sultry too good to be true undreamed of theatric beyond the realm of reason histrionical beyond one's wildest dreams expressive farcical comic dreamlike charmed reviving cordial rejuvenating vital shareable viral scintillating coruscating splendent ravishing choice ensational readable superhuman supreme crazy something else observable bright high-born fit for a prince cherished perfect unforgettable sensitive unco better than expected prime penetrating fit for a queen fit for a princess lordly warm panoramic blissful hot high glaring gleaming definite inapprehensible undreamed-of unordinary unknowable unsettling unnerving disturbing disquieting the fit for a king sensuous difficult to believe supernatural high-octane jarring dumbfounding dumfounding blindsiding dynamite considerable radical super fat titantic never to be forgotten studied left-field sharp biting far out fabled enlightening fairy-tale dream-filled surpassing belief breath-taking too much not understandable full of it like a dream come true enigmatic sensory enormous some scandalous horrifying elevated irresistible exceeding extraordinaire especial peculiar odd atypical unwonted abnormal aberrated aberrant freak uncustomary anomalous imaginative chimeric romantic whimsical out there romanesque glamourous glamorous supercalifragilisticexpialidocious legendary outrageous inexpressible profuse shattering substantial obvious manifest sensual rad deviating chimerical illusory superior inordinate devastating vast tragic thespian extra special pompous glittering indefinable lurid appalling sensationalistic revealing swanky sweeping astronomic humongous undefinable incommunicable magic weird and wonderful pretty as a picture easy on the eye sensationalist significant screaming important gee-whiz catchpenny can't miss it top drawer uncommunicable inenarrable nameless overcoming paralyzing very large crushing paralysing ambitious beyond description beggaring description beyond words yellow historic momentous transcendental untellable deep holy sacred celestial ideal spiritual empyrean heavy bad fantabulous signal tabloid vulgar coloured rough pungent excessive livid coarse X-rated colored classic too sacred for words state-of-the-art idyllic questionable artistic pleasant preposterous photographic lush pictographic fanciful aesthetic pictorial luscious as pretty as a picture symbolic decorative unsoiled photogenic quaint dubious unrealistic esthetic tall fishy untenable labored laboured unsubstantial strained insupposable uncredible highly unlikely paradisiacal paradisal paradisaical paradisaic paradisiac rings phony hard to believe hard to take scarcely credible not able to hold water out of the question cock and bull cock-and-bull not in the least likely


To be triggering a passionate feeling or reaction
exciting provoking inciting riling stirring up fomenting impassioning inflaming rallying roiling rousing stirring triggering aggravating agitating animating electrifying firing up goading inspiring instigating arousing enthusing galvanizing incensing irking priming ruffling stimulating whipping up baiting charging egging on eliciting encouraging enlivening grilling kindling piquing pumping up revving up setting off vexing vivifying winding up working up activating angering awakening bringing about bringing out causing charging up commoving energising energizing enkindling galvanising motivating needling pepping up sparking off touching off triggering off working into lather chafing discomposing flustering inducing infuriating intensifying maddening offending shaking shaking up starting taunting upsetting waking up feeding the fire thrilling exhilarating firing invigorating moving titillating intoxicating astonishing dynamizing lighting a fire under envigorating giving someone a kick getting someone going turning on captivating amazing astounding frenzying magnetising giving a buzz firing with enthusiasm giving someone a charge jarring magnetizing taking your breath away startling shocking spurring impelling prodding prompting waking urging vitalizing fueling kick-starting fuelling inspiriting incentivizing stunning frightening zapping quickening giving a shot in the arm putting a bomb under innervating initiating driving generating producing creating sparking engendering giving rise to pushing occasioning setting in motion precipitating beginning putting in motion making promoting fostering effectuating effecting bringing on instituting launching leading to begetting introducing influencing spurring on originating establishing actuating resulting in developing bringing affecting breeding catalyzing raising pressing evoking propelling inaugurating catalysing persuading abetting whetting commencing swaying compelling pricking contributing to setting up fermenting spawning invoking nudging hatching founding bringing to pass innovating leading calling forth translating into getting going yielding pioneering kicking off emboldening starting off coercing wakening putting up to brewing inclining constituting instilling heartening opening bringing into being steeling pressuring exhorting organizing advancing picking forcing embarking on buoying organising putting in place enticing buoying up planting stinging cultivating working furthering installing siccing boosting setting on starting the ball rolling keying up setting going building igniting uplifting enacting dragooning filliping impressing making for forging pressurizing getting contriving fanning ushering in actualizing making happen making possible strengthening tempting getting under way firing the imagination of entering into pressurising forming inventing hounding culminating in helping conceiving ending in cheering refreshing engineering procuring necessitating reviving cheering on spearheading building up touching increasing bestirring starting up challenging whipping winning over psyching up sowing the seeds of cheering up dreaming up jumping into bucking up setting talking into getting things rolling prevailing on bringing forth entering upon giving birth to fanning the flames of getting going on drawing forth devising designing fortifying involving determining badgering revitalizing empowering contributing obliging rendering disposing inviting convincing gladdening directing forwarding assembling constructing revivifying discovering blazing a trail breaking new ground planning amounting to predisposing boosting up harassing summoning up putting together entailing chirking up bearing up bullying coaxing doing leading off masterminding authoring tearing into thinking up giving mobilizing coming out with cooking up launching into finishing in taking up inducting having a part in opening up machinating jump-starting realising realizing composing spiriting up geeing up drawing prevailing upon exalting setting about elating making a start on conducing to drumming up conducing falling to striking into getting off the ground drawing on getting down to getting off setting the ball rolling getting the show on the road getting cracking on getting to revitalising firing the enthusiasm of laying the foundations of rooting on leading the way coming up with bearing adding up to mobilising embarking upon making waves sounding corrupting paying off stoking up undertaking incentifying revolutionizing having nurturing reassuring brightening evolving bribing jumpstarting enheartening egging trailblazing bolstering pushing forward controlling restoring materializing assuring nursing conditioning adding to regulating giving incentive biasing biassing constraining playing a part in suborning concocting awaking spiking bracing converting running going about manoeuvring maneuvering livening up securing asking achieving crafting driving on having a hand in fashioning meaning playing a role in inveigling hassling starting on soliciting fabricating mustering giving shot in arm prevailing getting at seducing acting upon spelling striking heightening gingering up exercising countenancing redounding to terminating in informing being responsible for making the first move agitating for revolutionising bringing off getting stuck into breaking the ice crazing causing to happen laying the first stone of materialising zipping up getting one's feet wet embarking approaching blazing leaning on knocking up juicing up setting afoot setting a trend rigging bringing into existence amping up adding fuel commencing on sending acting as a stimulus to knocking together ringing in drawing out jazzing up rowelling calling into being bringing around steaming up getting going with taking the lead in roweling getting the ball rolling starting ball rolling livening innerving causing to occur getting show on road formulating cajoling hooking intriguing coining presenting imagining expediting grabbing resulting setting in implanting lodging bringing up chivvying executing advising impacting cranking up disturbing having as a consequence having as a result suscitating imbuing infusing lashing rousting posing satisfying gaining suggesting to hinting to imposing on orienting reigniting rekindling acting as an incentive to giving life to lighting up giving incentive to setting astir predetermining improvising setting an example lighting the way recalling putting into action setting down agitating against accomplishing being a factor in giving new life to breathing new life into making alive crowding reminding enduing infecting giving one an idea carrying giving impetus beghasting educing summoning applauding juicing fanning the fire sowing the seeds fanning the flames opening the door for attaining attempting patenting parenting procreating casting piecing shaping erecting moulding germinating molding enforcing disinhibiting steering mustering up getting up carrying off being partly responsible for having the effect of carrying through oiling the wheels of pulling off enhancing asking for it mounting bugging redoubling magnifying intensating deepening stirring embers adding fuel to fire switching on spooking calling to mind bringing back riding herd on setting on foot conjuring up causing to appear resurrecting calling up exacerbating sowing warming assisting bowing convening raising the curtain initiating things breaking ground comforting aiding causing to become causing to be pleasing teasing bringing in irritating calling down resuscitating entering on giving a boost to reenforcing digging tickling tantalizing risking impressing on making willing bringing round coming into being building a fire under getting cracking going ahead getting weaving on ringing up the curtain on getting weaving scratching the surface reactivating getting down to business hitting the ground running coming into existence reanimating adding fuel to the flames calling alerting tantalising making wild heating up instating laying the foundation dictating favouring favoring floating nourishing reinvigorating acting as a incentive to giving the incentive to getting to grips with beginning work on addressing oneself to considering starting the ball rolling on consoling praising costing debuting fixing up entering bringing forward knocking down admitting phasing in setting forth unveiling paving the way vivificating springing dispatching growing guiding deciding bursting into breaking the seal breaking into getting underway rolling out reinforcing bielding propping up raising your spirits raising the morale of giving a shot in the arm to stimulating spiritually giving confidence to giving hope to boosting morale lifting the spirits of stiffening the resolve of making up getting ball rolling breaking the ice on laying the cornerstone of setting the ball rolling on introing putting in taking action on improving festering taking the first step preparing the way taking the initiative making a start laying the first stone brainstorming serving turning out conceiving of modernizing fathering drawing up throwing together issuing managing succouring tackling administering conducting framing arranging enriching whomping up begging approving knocking off modernising throwing up starting out putting up orchestrating superintending supervising stage-managing coordinating endowing pleading enjoining finessing finagling negotiating manipulating wangling breaking through paving the way for succoring giving a leg up beseeching admonishing imploring entreating adjuring propagating presiding over requesting appealing insisting working out squaring overseeing having the bright idea of thinking of channeling channelling nagging sanctioning bringing to bear arguing into impacting on carrying weight having an effect on training ruling pulling strings wheedling proposing starting to using pressure on twisting someone's arm putting the screws on railroading into trying to persuade bulldozing into pushing for putting pressure on insisting on rationalizing calling on appealing to putting the heat on rationalising conjuring commending preparing proceeding with crystallizing getting on with going ahead with setting upon preparing the way for colonising taking the lead taking the initiative in leading the way for showing the way on colonizing laying the groundwork on pushing the envelope going out in front exploring mapping out laying the groundwork for taking the lead on showing the way buying off rewarding fixing luring buying transpiring nobbling keeping someone sweet making a deal soaping sugaring perverting influencing by gifts tampering buying back giving someone a backhander giving someone a sweetener intimidating oiling the palm of sweetening the pot tipping taking care of doing business lubricating greasing palm giving an inducement to crystallising lifting plotting hinting rabble-rousing scheming insinuating suggesting elevating


Present participle for to vibrate forcefully
jerking rattling vibrating convulsing jiggling juddering quivering shaking wobbling jouncing quaking shuddering joggling wabbling agitating bucketing trembling rocking jarring wiggling quavering bouncing tremoring shivering bumping jogging twitching jigging fidgeting fidgetting waggling shimmying waving heaving twittering twisting jostling writhing swaying tossing wavering moving oscillating stirring bucking rolling palpitating fluttering fluctuating jittering dithering thrashing squirming wriggling bobbing threshing shimmering jiggering squiggling roiling swinging disturbing fiddling throbbing pulsating contorting tottering wincing churning thrashing about banging lurching knocking jumping grinding quaving vellicating pulsing thrilling gyrating starting quailing shaking like a leaf rousing undulating concussing working vacillating moving around wagging wigwagging moving about shaking violently bothering tormenting shaking uncontrollably unsettling flickering doddering reeling flitting flaunting flittering staggering commoving succussing whipping flapping ruffling stirring up seething bobbling swinging backwards and forwards moving to and fro swinging back and forth bubbling foaming moving up and down putting in motion setting in motion simmering shaking up suffering a fit going into spasms swirling frothing moiling boiling struggling flailing distorting floundering worming agonising suffering bending agonizing recoiling twisting and turning tossing and turning rippling swishing beating flopping teetering blowing flying seesawing moving from side to side faltering pendulating batting swelling surging flowing twirling tingling dangling rising and falling having the shakes moving back and forth trilling rustling warbling spasming drifting waving rapidly noting flinching moving spasmodically pitching billowing flourishing dancing moving slightly having the quivers brandishing wielding wafting swaggering weaving swiveling swivelling moving side to side waving to and fro sweeping flicking whirling raising streaming swinging from side to side swinging to and fro quaking in your boots shaking in your boots moving backwards and forwards curling changing shifting varying coiling motioning alternating veering altering mutating snapping differing see-sawing ebbing and flowing coming and going going up and down yo-yoing


Present participle for to cause an unpleasant surprise to
shocking stunning staggering startling surprising upsetting discomposing flooring perturbing amazing astonishing astounding disturbing rocking unnerving agitating appalling disconcerting galvanising galvanizing electrifying taking aback bowling over knocking over shaking up knocking for six knocking sideways springing on stopping someone in their tracks throwing a curveball throwing off balance setting someone back on their heels stupefying flabbergasting dumbfounding shaking bewildering dazing nonplussing alarming dismaying striking dumb confounding throwing awing aweing dumfounding benumbing consternating unsettling overwhelming thunderstriking perplexing leaving open-mouthed knocking for a loop taking by surprise outraging horrifying disgusting sickening scandalizing distressing insulting petrifying shattering disquieting scandalising jarring paralysing paralyzing devastating leaving aghast grossing out blowing away knocking out throwing a curve blowing your mind taking your breath away taking the wind out of your sails terrifying disheartening intimidating scaring frightening affrighting daunting depressing fazing surprizing overpowering puzzling boggling stumping striking moving touching affecting impressing stirring up giving a shock getting to boggling the mind putting one away confusing rattling discomfiting dazzling causing wonder rendering speechless striking with awe revolting offending nauseating traumatizing repelling displeasing provoking antagonizing overcoming abashing angering numbing traumatising antagonising giving offence to raising someone's eyebrows completely surprising shaking out of your complacency hitting like ton of bricks giving a turn panicking spooking terrorizing alaruming scaring to death terrorising cowing frighting scarifying chilling chillin striking terror into scaring the bejesus out of putting the wind up flustering browbeating worrying discouraging unhinging filling with fear scaring stiff making one's hair stand on end scaring someone out of their wits putting the fear of God into scaring the pants off throwing into a panic throwing into a blue funk scaring the living daylights out of bothering discomforting demoralizing deterring scaring witless bulldozing demoralising making one's blood run cold putting off ruffling bullying discountenancing embarrassing unmanning overawing troubling stiffing vexing scaring away frightening to death curdling the blood scaring off making teeth chatter chilling to the bone mystifying filling with terror making one's flesh creep frightening out of your wits enthralling frightening the living daylights out of giving someone goose pimples giving one the creeps frightening the life out of transfixing chilling off subduing immobilizing putting chill on immobilising scaring silly knocking props out unstringing making waves freezing saddening paralysing with fear dispiriting concerning striking fear into making someone shake in their shoes scaring the hell out of scaring the pants off of frightening someone out of their wits sending into a cold sweat scaring the life out of throwing into panic frightening off dashing disappointing showboating grandstanding hotdogging threatening menacing distempering hagriding flurrying exercising frustrating undoing frazzling distracting ailing chagrining derailing disillusioning fussing freezing your blood oppressing disenchanting disgruntling pothering getting the wind up making someone jump out of their skin giving someone the heebie-jeebies throwing into a fright chilling to the marrow scaring someone half to death filling with consternation flummoxing throwing into a tizzy weirding out messing up screwing up freaking out lousing up snafuing letting down fouling up mucking up tyrannizing tormenting persecuting victimizing coercing strong-arming mau-mauing mortifying bludgeoning making it hot for someone putting the frighteners on striking terror in victimising making things hot for someone tyrannising inspiring panic in dragooning hectoring repulsing annoying making someone want to throw up turning turning stomach relucting afflicting making someone feel nauseous making sick turning off making your gorge rise disordering deranging muddling irritating scaring the daylights out of


Present participle for to diminish the confidence or courage of
unnerving daunting discouraging demoralising demoralizing dismaying disconcerting disheartening dispiriting upsetting frightening shaking unmanning alarming flustering rattling confounding cowing dejecting perturbing agitating discomfiting discomposing distressing disturbing fazing throwing unsettling disarming disquieting intimidating ruffling startling chilling chillin discombobulating frustrating panicking stunning stupefying taking aback unhinging bewildering buffaloing distracting enervating enfeebling flooring needling nonplussing riding sapping scaring spooking surprising uncalming undermining weakening worrying shaking up bowling over getting to putting into a flap setting back throwing into a tizz throwing off throwing off balance giving a turn psyching out putting someone off their stroke putting the wind up causing someone to lose their composure confusing bothering perplexing troubling unbalancing making anxious making uneasy destabilizing destabilising putting off pulling the rug from under pulling the rug out from under awing deterring abashing aweing overwhelming overawing subduing terrifying browbeating bullying terrorizing baffling flummoxing mystifying terrorising blinding distempering frazzling alaruming hagriding ailing disordering flurrying exercising undoing concerning derailing discomforting fussing discommoding disorganizing dementing downing jumbling disarranging turning rummaging fuddling disarraying sickening deranging displacing disrupting freaking out weirding out throwing into confusion throwing into disorder throwing into uproar appalling horrifying shocking affrighting petrifying frighting discountenancing embarrassing bulldozing scarifying repelling stiffing astounding vexing striking terror into puzzling scaring away scaring to death dumbfounding scaring off curdling the blood making teeth chatter chilling to the bone making one's blood run cold making one's hair stand on end mortifying impressing blinding someone with something taking your breath away annoying throwing into panic consternating scaring stiff scaring witless thwarting muddling filling with fear freezing your blood scaring the bejesus out of irritating giving someone goose pimples getting the wind up throwing into a panic making one's flesh creep giving one the creeps putting the fear of God into throwing into a fright chilling to the marrow giving someone the heebie-jeebies scaring the pants off throwing into a blue funk scaring someone out of their wits scaring the living daylights out of scaring someone half to death demotivating pouring cold water on throwing cold water on dissuading making someone jump out of their skin saddening scaring the daylights out of disappointing dashing paralysing chagrining disillusioning pothering disenchanting disgruntling snafuing letting down paralyzing depressing knocking sideways filling with consternation screwing up lousing up knocking for six messing up fouling up mucking up throwing into a tizzy

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