Đồng nghĩa của entering

Alternative for entering

enters, entered, entering

Đồng nghĩa: go into, join, set foot in,

Trái nghĩa: exeunt, exit, go,

Động từ

Going somewhere, typically with some degree of difficulty
getting arriving reaching coming making it turning up appearing approaching coming along materializing showing up coming up showing presenting oneself rolling in coming on the scene dropping in making an appearance popping in putting in an appearance rolling up blowing in bobbing up checking in clocking in materialising popping up showing one's face emerging coming into view walking on coming on turning out punching in cropping up surfacing arising transpiring occurring developing attending happening coming out unfolding landing coming to light coming about resulting issuing taking place ensuing eventuating springing getting in befalling presenting itself coming to pass looming springing up getting through proceeding manifesting reporting becoming apparent following rising evolving coming into sight coming into being fetching up making the scene emanating betiding showing your face passing being happing signing in getting there going down taking shape falling out punching the clock going on coming into existence flowing chancing getting here dawning coming forth breezing in getting to panning out pitching up coming off ringing in coming down deriving stemming originating visiting hitting falling manifesting itself pulling in revealing itself becoming visible winding up at entering into the picture starting beginning going becoming known supervening growing finishing up leaking out ending up forming crystallizing falling by arriving on the scene punching the time clock becoming evident making it to showing itself skying in coming to clocking on taking effect ending up at getting as far as exposing itself setting foot on crystallising falling in winding up taking form going to commencing making finding oneself reappearing spawning actualizing setting in accompanying coming from alighting presenting flourishing originating in landing up revealing oneself presenting yourself becoming a fact coming in coming to the fore seeing the light of day entering the picture supervening on showing oneself coming into kicking in landing up at washing up rising up joining succeeding coming after walking in coming next settling launching catalyzing happening suddenly accessing gathering kicking off catalysing popping out popping springing in closing in buzzing through riding up bursting through existing accruing breaking engendering manifesting oneself hoving into view manifesting yourself heaving into view dropping by heaving in sight making appearance assembling stopping drawing up pulling up fetching up at debuting haunting intervening seeing daylight recurring becoming public following on arising from stemning from arising out of resulting from gaining ingress getting inside piling out rolling out occurring suddenly occurring abruptly appearing unexpectedly appearing abruptly appearing suddenly entering society beaching passing in setting foot standing out sticking out putting in appearance catching your eye patronizing frequenting breaking through finding itself announcing oneself making oneself known gracing with your presence patronising showing yourself taking part prevailing spreading actioning passing off tumbling lucking stumbling leaking becoming common knowledge proving to be the case slipping out circulating getting out coming out in the wash getting around coming out in the open obtaining coming on the market going on sale becoming available lighting upon stumbling on blundering on hitting upon falling to one's lot arriving at culminating germinating showing up at going as far as coming up to landing on continuing to landing at catching up to weighing in drawing near hitting town busting in dropping anchor buzzing in dismounting disembarking barging in deepening broadening flowing from birthing progressing issuing from starting off emanating from springing from merging maturing increasing naturalising coming together changing advancing naturalizing impinging interrupting having one's foundations spurting hailing from heading upspringing flaring up gushing setting foot in going in burgeoning blossoming ripening shooting up proliferating mushrooming butting in charging in shooting sprouting pushing pushing up taking root

Động từ

Adding to something that already exists
including adding inserting putting in appending inputting listing recording registering typing writing writing down building in enrolling logging cataloging cataloguing noting documenting indexing scheduling filing docketing inscribing reporting keying chronicling detailing tabulating slating charting posting marking enumerating minuting booking diarizing copying transcribing indicating injecting introducing taking down committing to paper setting down putting on file putting down on paper making an inventory of jotting down writing in putting down making a note of putting in writing putting on record noting down keying in marking down putting on paper showing interjecting interpolating insinuating interposing instilling fitting in interspersing working in intercalating edging in fitting into sandwiching between sandwiching in incorporating infusing implanting squeezing in slotting in placing insetting putting filling in pushing sandwiching infixing inlaying interweaving cramming shoehorning sneaking squeezing imbuing enclosing sending forcing admitting interleaving integrating stuffing inculcating squashing in packing in wedging ramming jamming wriggling sticking thrusting impregnating worming intermixing driving slipping winding supplying inletting pumping shooting feeding filling building infiltrating bringing foisting placing in interloping dragging in setting intruding imbedding popping in obtruding embedding rooting importing shoving in forcing in positioning intertwining interrupting propelling carrying edging adding in enfolding intersecting ingraining interlarding sending with splicing splicing in impelling ingratiating alternating pouring wedging in slipping in horning in muscling in breathing sticking in placing into forcing into interjaculating adding to assimilating putting together amalgamating crowding hooking in bringing in crushing planting suffusing drilling inoculating intercutting sowing imparting enrooting impressing diffusing inseminating breeding packing transfusing engendering pressing engrafting disseminating onboarding compressing heaping impressing upon drumming in driving into loading shoving compacting squashing brimming wadding charging filling up tamping jam-packing packing tightly overfilling bunging up clogging confining setting in tucking in lugging in

Danh từ

The action of entering and taking control of a building
occupation invasion seizure conquest subjugation capture takeover annexation appropriation overrunning subjection colonisation colonization control incursion possession rule suzerainty attack foreign rule annexing expropriation conquering arrogation acquisition usurping annexion coup seizing gain commandeering confiscation sequestration requisition taking over raid assault foray offensive onslaught inroad sortie irruption storming assailing descent overwhelming offense overstepping offence encroachment maraud infiltration entrenchment transgression trespass penetration usurpation aggression intrusion forced entrance charge strike sally blitz onset thrust rush push campaign advance blitzkrieg onrush drive coup de main attempt assailment act of aggression razzia infringement crusade bombardment movement barrage impingement act of war swoop initiative spread reconnaissance storm invasion of overrunning of intrusion into onfall trespass on infiltration of appropriation of obtrusion into maneuver manoeuvre military operation obtrusion cause commitment exertion dash bandwagon stampede breaking in pounce expedition venture depredation juggernaut effort salvo forcible entry overflow torrent shower broadside volley sweep shootup military advance ambush surprise attack hit-and-run raid hit-and-run attack tip-and-run raid unlawful entry wrongful entry manoeuvres engagement war violation warfare action battle operation jihad intervention encounter maneuvers incursion into hit skirmish battle plan military campaign defilement usurping of infringement of impingement on impinging on heavy attack commencement of hostilities raid on storming of foray into attack on arrival assault on thrust into sally into push into sally against sortie into descent on blitz on advance into advance on night raid

Trái nghĩa của entering

entering Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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