Đồng nghĩa của storming

Alternative for storming

storms, stormed, storming

Đồng nghĩa: assail, assault, attack, beset, besiege, boil, charge, fume, outburst, rage, raid, rampage, rant, rave, seethe, tempest,

Trái nghĩa: calm,

Tính từ

Behaving, spoken or done in a determined and forceful way
energetic forceful aggressive vigorous determined passionate emphatic powerful dynamic potent active bold driving effective fiery impassioned punchy pushing racy strong zealous assertive effectual gutsy intense intensive pushy resounding vehement feisty forcible mettlesome muscular rugged strenuous high-powered hard-hitting all-out full-blooded high-octane in-your-face go-ahead pulling no punches violent compelling influential robust dominant tough commanding authoritative convincing persuasive cogent insistent mighty uncompromising resolute enterprising ardent confident bullish unrestrained blunt uncontrolled unbridled direct enthusiastic efficient weighty all out sweeping puissant earnest firm spirited ambitious domineering audacious bossy competitive fervent eager keen strong-willed wholehearted wild impressive militant out-and-out rigorous successful clear telling significant trenchant definitive important plausible eloquent credible unanswerable sound powerhouse plucky concentrated hardline fierce imperious stout concerted brassy self-asserting complete valid galvanic self-possessed self-confident self-assured thorough thoroughgoing hard arduous taxing go-getting committed full total exhausting brisk fast-track armed efficacious exhaustive all-embracing driven conclusive drastic coercive compulsory go-go controlling supreme authoritarian ruling unmixed virile vital hardy hearty motivating urging propulsive impellent lively major critical not backward in coming forward out and out highly capable in control honest frank forthright unsparing straight-talking condemnatory full of get-up-and-go in the saddle constraining upfront dynamical elemental strongly worded pithy electric capable no holds barred coherent moving impactful striking able rational reasoned pertinent sufficient not beating about the bush coming on strong straight from the shoulder ball of fire on the ball logical exciting reasonable meaningful lucid vivid dramatic grand material charming theatric histrionical graceful expressive well-founded articulate relevant acute well founded well reasoned performant imposing irresistible satisfying certain decided absolute definite unequivocal categorical explicit positive unconditional unmistakable unambiguous unqualified distinct downright outright sure pointed glaring sober ringing obvious express accented dogmatic flat stressed solemn assured evident one hundred per cent no mistake for a face

Tính từ

(archaic, of a person or animal) Full of life, or strikingly alive
vivid lively dynamic powerful spirited striking strong animated fiery vibrant energetic exuberant flamboyant quick vigorous active effervescent vivacious zestful animate blithe expressive peppy vital zesty bouncy buoyant high-spirited sparky zippy sparkling flourishing exciting electrifying forceful enthusiastic alive dazzling bustling dashing potent perky humming happening airy stirring robust impassioned zealous indefatigable colourful virile kinetic sprightly vehement buzzing intense feisty brisk driving colorful passionate rousing lusty snappy abuzz determined spunky spry aggressive coruscating industrious hopping bubbly intensive astir bold stimulating thriving tireless busy fresh sturdy springy unflagging sensitive resounding untiring ballsy frisky rugged vibrating breezy bouncing pert punchy emphatic radiant gutsy racy effective stalwart responsive enterprising muscular hardy abubble spanking sound pizazzy aboil jazzy forcible mettlesome pizzazzy strenuous jaunty pushy gay red-blooded full of get-up-and-go have-a-go full of the joys of spring full of life go-go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed hard-hitting bright and breezy full of beans full of pep full-blooded full of spirit all-out full of vim and vigour ball of fire high-octane alive and kicking high-powered bright chirpy ebullient merry chipper upbeat peart alert cheerful brilliant jolly festive frolicsome happy zingy scintillating sunny gamesome frolic crank hectic boisterous jumping excited bubbling irrepressible cheery buzzy fun-loving barnstorming invigorating gingery hyper crowded fun energized carefree envigorating joyful eager happy-go-lucky energised healthy pulsating zappy nimble entertaining full of fun go-getting hearty playful flush raring to go rich deep on the go exhilarating witty swashbuckling full daring clever theatrical gallant valiant elated vitalized ardent tough swarming activated strapping teeming solid substantial thronging moving agile light-hearted mirthful jocund fit able-bodied eventful keen hale and hearty well built brash rocking hale efficient in fine fettle wick like Piccadilly Circus in high spirits in the pink on the move full of commotion full of go gregarious unadulterated resplendent party throbbing whirring purring whining droning glowing chaotic awake refreshing exhilarated wild well-trodden good rushing thronged outgoing frantic afoot jovial fervent lucrative money-making paying rewarding gritty hustling frenzied frenetic sportive hilarious gleeful joyous mobile sporty peppery clubby social lighthearted swinging pure hurried avid zoolike furious youthful skittish live remunerative gainful fruitful occupied hot sharp burning blithesome glittering heated festal partyish enjoyable welcoming enlivened full of activity going strong still going strong saucy genial sparkly sassy dexterous dextrous deedful convivial holiday perk amusing glinting glimmering smart fascinating congested refreshed full of the joy of living as merry as a grig as lively as a grig aware up and about in motion magnetic electric full of zip reinvigorated invigorated revitalized fine athletic involved blooming go-ahead in good health heaving effectual positive restored revivified rejuvenated renewed rested strong as an lion in good trim in good kilter strong as an ox strong as an horse in tip-top condition in good shape in good condition functional well-trafficked pushing assertive charged revived ostentatious revitalised confident reenergized relaxed persuasive take-over steamroller fighting fit take-charge hard-driving full of vim charismatic influential play for keeps compelling play hard ball coming on strong energizing hyped-up activating go-getter productive vitalizing self-motivated highpowered energising extravagant rakish showy operating functioning inspirited reanimated motivated strengthened fortified perked up pepped up freshened fit as a fiddle full of energy handy operational serviceable operative occupational working diligent camp fancy-pants like a new person untired unwearied unfatigued fresh as a daisy quickened utile practicable well-oiled utilitarian like new rehabilitated bright-eyed bushy-tailed like a new man masculine male chivalrous manly all-male fearless brave intrepid heroic lionhearted stout-hearted manlike courageous valorous stable macho muscly brawny over the top OTT over the top whole husky burly hefty intact man-size mannish studly powerfully built fecund beefy ripped man-sized well made fertile butch shredded hunky laddish fast well well-conditioned unimpaired undamaged wholesome firm durable bombproof stout reproductive buff sexually potent jacked procreative generative right as rain wide-ranging sane undecayed well constructed hard hanging together up to snuff rigorous flawless normal well-constructed holding together perfect safe unhurt unblemished

Tính từ

Showy, bold or audacious in behavior or appearance
emphatic marked pronounced striking strong conclusive decisive powerful resounding significant telling arresting bodacious bold brilliant catchy commanding conspicuous decided definite distinctive dramatic eye-catching flamboyant grabby impressive kenspeckle momentous noisy noticeable positive prominent remarkable showy splashy unmistakable thumping thundering outstanding notable salient obvious evident extraordinary stunning manifest astonishing sensational amazing astounding incredible phenomenal noteworthy distinct clear signal spectacular recognizable staggering rare awesome dazzling recognisable out of the ordinary imposing plain surprising breathtaking discernible distinguishable blatant clear-cut observable startling memorable awe-inspiring unusual uncommon pointed arrestive jaw-dropping gee-whizz wonderful considerable apparent patent engaging perceptible appreciable exceptional palpable visible great singular identifiable distinguished attractive glaring electrifying easily seen wondrous attention-grabbing amazeballs fascinating can't miss it broad noted inescapable thick substantial assured open obtrusive dominant predominant drop-dead flashy flagrant eye-popping forcible written all over one forestanding dynamite jazzy cogent compelling forceful lofty charming confounding bizarre beautiful gorgeous captivating exciting to the fore in the foreground tense thrilling suspenseful gripping riveting lively graphic climactic vivid detectable perceivable measurable shock-horror stem-winding high-octane heady effective breath-taking sudden hair-raising rip-roaring action-packed intense studied undeniable sensible right under your nose under one's nose in plain sight in full view big as life open and shut miraculous prodigious marvellous unbelievable pre-eminent terrific unforgettable important famous tremendous stupendous fantastic uncanny weighty solid unreal super marvelous preeminent smashing primo wicked world class unco never to be forgotten zero cool gilt-edged out of this world

Tính từ

Significant or extreme in degree or intensity
violent intense strong wild extreme raging powerful forceful great passionate acute fierce inordinate profound resounding uncontrollable ungovernable consuming devastating excruciating fiery furious intemperate rabid rampaging rampant riotous uncontrolled unrestrained almighty biting blistering deep dreadful emphatic excessive exquisite fearful fearsome ferocious frightful ghastly harsh heavy immoderate inflamed keen overwhelming severe sharp terrible unbridled unchecked uncurbed unfettered unmanageable vicious agonising agonizing blustery concentrated convulsive desperate energetic enraged flaming forcible hard hellacious hot intensive painful peppery potent ruinous strenuous urgent vigorous aroused coercive dynamic explosive frenzied outrageous paroxysmal stormy tempestuous tumultuous turbulent vehement volcanic heavy-duty out of control full of force gale force cyclonic gusty squally torrid bumpy menacing thunderous boisterous bitter windy inclement savage thundery volatile howling blustering typhonic rough swirling choppy destructive restless roaring stormful chaotic rugged fervent ardent impassioned fervid zealous heated spirited feverish emotional fanatical lively earnest passional perfervid hot-blooded burning angry animated red-hot excited irascible touchy vociferous excitable clamorous impetuous temperamental insistent enthusiastic eager vocal charged warm frantic delirious melodramatic loud heartfelt full-throated avid heightened hopped up deep-seated all-consuming deeply felt superheated religious glowing outspoken blazing demonstrative noisy warm-blooded incandescent forthright strident acrimonious pronounced opinionated hyper hearty knock-down-and-drag-out bad-tempered blood-and-guts ill-tempered bang-bang hammer and tongs distracted on the make pumped manic entrenched devout abject true genuine obsessed frenetic fevered honest sincere serious hard-core intrenched exceptional unfeigned wholehearted rooted extraordinary psyched voracious crazy importunate nuts deep-rooted stirring thorough bona fide rousing supreme inveterate grave raucous demanding juiced amped settled bred-in-the-bone confirmed thoroughgoing querulous pettish oversensitive snappy sensitive quarrelsome fractious hypersensitive petulant easily offended fired up vociferant obstreperous hot-headed hotheaded crazed impulsive irritable quick-tempered incensed mercurial marked vivid penetrating unqualified piercing hot-tempered dramatic choleric enthused intensified shaken raving infuriated testy fuming highly strung hottempered steamed-up mean emotive gung ho overemotional sentimental true blue all shook up

Tính từ

Possessed of great anger or wrath
wrathful angry irate furious incensed enraged infuriated livid outraged angered ballistic indignant ireful mad rankled riled apoplectic choleric fuming irascible seething ticked cross displeased exasperated incandescent provoked rabid raging raving wild boiling foaming frenzied piqued roiled shirty sore aerated enflamed heated hot inflamed infuriate irritated steaming vexed hopping ranting riley wroth choked spare tooshie steamed up beside oneself cheesed off hot-tempered teed off up in arms bad-tempered going crook hopping mad ill-humored ill-humoured ill-tempered in a temper horn-mad hot under the collar on the warpath seeing red beside yourself with rage in a frenzy in high dudgeon bent out of shape foaming at the mouth fit to be tied blue in the face in a huff in a fume in a pet with all guns blazing aggravated aggrieved irked antagonized ropeable miffed very angry peeved maddened huffy hacked rousted splenetic roused nettled frustrated crook soreheaded annoyed waxy stroppy bugged upset antagonistic dogged hostile uptight buffaloed perturbed snaky scandalized steamed resentful frantic scandalised dark passionate antagonised shocked worked up hacked off browned off wound up fed up boiling mad ticked off overcome with anger at boiling point peed off raging mad all steamed up pushed too far rubbed the wrong way in a rage off the air blown a gasket in a paddy beside yourself burned up as cross as two sticks put out bummed out at end of one's rope in a lather in a bate in a filthy temper hot and bothered narked disgruntled offended galled bothered agitated testy brassed off miffy affronted vex not best pleased ruffled hurt eggy troubled snuffy intense violent impassioned discontented fiery vehement flustered ratty dissatisfied disturbed harassed fierce irritable excited blazing scunnered in a bad mood wrath stung bitter goaded flaming feverish emotional chafed fervent insulted ardent distressed fervid burning hot-blooded acrimonious bent berserk crazed surly insane touchy harried impatient maniac embittered snappy wounded hoha afflicted up the wall gnashing one's teeth sullen aroused slighted overexcited torrid charged glowing red-hot demonstrative warm-blooded superheated religious warm perfervid passional rancorous hateful desperate demented unreasonable smoking corybantic irrational worried sour pained raving mad sensitive tormented disgusted unhappy blazing mad flaming mad fretted manic crabbed uncontrolled dirty unglued filthy sulky frenetic crazy tempestuous acrid stormy rampant short-tempered out of control in a towering rage quick-tempered at daggers drawn very upset out of humour sombre somber in an uproar burning with excitement anxious het up good and mad mad as hell defiant scalding steamy piping airborne air-to-air flying ballistical surface-to-air chagrined ready to be tied overheated p.o.'d scornful radge full-on all-out uncompromising energetic breakneck concerted dishonored humiliated black tetchy disappointed ferocious crackers chippy vivid extremely angry umbrageous dishonoured grieved disheartened as black as thunder scintillating grouchy hassled in a wax injured disrespected discouraged vicious rage grumpy prickly crabby snitty salty weighty grieving hard annoying distressing white-hot red swollen unfulfilled defeated grudging unsatisfied unsated ungratified out of sorts raw infected stimulated confused fizzing spiteful carrying a chip on your shoulder mighty hung up tremendous chafing septic reddened animated perplexed malcontent unforgiving revengeful blustering powerful rough festered itching smarting tender stinging itchy angry-looking painful eager enthusiastic puffed up fevered festering huffish doing your nut boiling over going ape out of countenance vitriolic throwing a fit blowing one's top blowing a gasket ranting and raving blistered burnt scalded bloodshot ablaze mad as a hornet uncontrollable ill-disposed overwrought excitable unrestrained delirious oversensitive temperamental melodramatic quarrelsome querulous pettish fractious hypersensitive petulant easily offended distraught neurotic unrestrainable distracted very excited hotheaded hot-headed volatile unhinged deranged maniacal distrait impulsive mercurial convulsive swivel-eyed berko peppery dramatic irrepressible in a state carried away impetuous turbulent driven to distraction unnerved possessed out of one's wits panic-stricken hysterical in a panic nervous spasmodic in a fit hyper hysteric shaken steamed-up highly strung hottempered mean all shook up

Tính từ

Characterized by fierce, extreme, or violent energy or force
turbulent stormy tempestuous rough raging violent boiling foaming agitated blustery choppy furious tumultuous wild angry bumpy convulsive heavy storm-tossed bang-bang blood-and-guts cataclysmal cataclysmic cyclonic disordered explosive ferocious fierce hammer and tongs hot knock-down-and-drag-out paroxysmal rabid roily seething squally unsettled unstable volcanic boisterous weltering bitter blustering coarse confused destructive disturbed howling moiling noisy rebellious restless riotous roaring ruffled stormful swirling thunderous tremulous unmanageable windy stirred up rugged inclement foul dirty thundery bleak nasty gusty rainy blowy raw threatening menacing raucous vehement breezy intemperate hazardous risky intense harsh roiled cacophonous jarring stridulent buffeting rough-and-tumble frigid storm-wracked torrid riproaring murky cold damp savage frenzied coming down raining cats and dogs lawless anarchic disorderly chaotic rowdy unruly seditious unbridled mutinous roller-coaster refractory uproarious obstreperous full of confusion fiery full of upheavals excited shaking full of conflict untamed roughhouse demonstrative rambunctious uncontrolled vociferous passionate perturbed rampant full of ups and downs stern termagant in turmoil frenetic frantic delirious feverish mad unrestrained filthy hysterical volatile heaving aggressive unpleasant extreme brutal full-on disagreeable vicious impetuous bloodthirsty forceful maniacal out of control impassioned hotheaded potent headstrong full-blooded drag-out knock-down exciting hectic hoarse unmusical grating inharmonious gruff discordant rasping husky ugly dry wet rumbustious severe flapping clamorous troubled rowdydowdy irregular bad abandoned energetic lively heated jerky jouncy gusting rigorous ungovernable rolly ebullient overwhelming overpowering uninhibited flaming rampageous excessive intensified concentrated animated gay bullying herky-jerky murderous berserk cruel ruthless callous terrorizing pugnacious pitiless thuggish sadistic merciless barbaric barbarous homicidal heartless inhuman maddened assertive demoniac hot-tempered hot-headed fuming crazy terrorising cut-throat forcible radge

Động từ

Present participle for to move angrily or forcefully in a specified direction

Danh từ

A military attack or raid on an enemy position
assault attack strike offensive onslaught charge raid invasion rush blitz campaign incursion onset foray storm aggression attempt blitzkrieg bombardment descent drive offence offense push sally sortie thrust advance inroad onfall onrush coup de main act of war act of aggression assailment irruption assailing barrage razzia crusade seizure intrusion swoop encroachment sweep reconnaissance stampede pounce salvo torrent shower broadside volley ambush initiative intervention encounter hit skirmish defilement shootup heavy attack commencement of hostilities search surprise attack hit-and-run raid hit-and-run attack tip-and-run raid occupation annexation takeover conquering capture appropriation maneuver manoeuvres engagement manoeuvre war warfare action battle operation jihad arrogation annexing expropriation maneuvers police raid bust military operation overrunning overwhelming battle plan military campaign overstepping maraud infiltration usurpation subjugation conquest entrenchment transgression trespass penetration forced entrance bombing shelling cannonade fusillade air raid aerial attack air attack strafe air strike battery hail aerial bombardment air offensive crackdown gunfire movement drumfire fire cleanup clampdown cause violence flak pounding bandwagon exertion juggernaut drumbeat flurry effort crossfire strafing commitment elimination dash surge expedition venture depredation din agitation roar strife military advance wave mission bombing campaign blast artillery fire bomb burst lightning attack saturation bombing pelting discharge breaking in flood flow enfilade stream forcible entry weapon fire deluge sniping firing outpouring curtain of fire wall of fire barrier of fire effusion avalanche shooting takedown subjection gauntlet crucible ordeal bombarding trial gantlet cross blizzard suzerainty colonization rule possession control inundation air campaign fire raid air assault saturation raid bombing mission bombing run bombing raid shuttle raid entering foreign rule colonisation tidal wave explosion cannonading round surprise search endeavour raid on overrunning of invasion of foray into storming of attack on arrival assault on spread endeavor set-to all-out effort thrust into sally into sortie into descent on blitz on advance into advance on push into sally against intrusion into concerted effort night raid obtrusion into appropriation of trespass on infiltration of

Danh từ

A swaggering show of defiance or courage
bravado bluster boastfulness boasting bombast braggadocio fanfaronade swagger swaggering swashbuckling boast boldness bragging gasconade machismo skite vaunting audacity blowing bluff bold manner bullying crowing daring fuming grandiosity guts pomposity pretension raging railing rant rodomontade self-glorification show swelling talk showing off fancy talk hot air tall talk brag grandiloquence magniloquence gas cockalorum bull rhodomontade posturing thundering hectoring ranting threatening domineering threats bumptiousness imperiousness humbug exaggeration swank boisterousness rampancy rabidity overstatement self-praise swanking vaunt empty threats gloating heroics claim assertion self-satisfaction avowal fustian rhetoric braggart ostentation wind verbiage pretentiousness turgidity oratory rage rhapsody big talk crowing. bluster pride boaster loftiness swaggerer pompousness bunk blah-blah-blah gasconader blowhard boastful ornateness orotundity eloquence bragger gascon idle talk cracker blower vaunter vainglory display brashness puffery blather claptrap blether nonsense verbosity conceit showing-off bunkum periphrasis euphuism affectedness tirade guff bosh empty talk harangue diatribe tympany tumidity rave padded verboseness bombastry stuffed altiloquence stuff cotton affectation pad aureation balderdash long-windedness philippic extravagant boasting self-aggrandizement bombard phrase purple prose self-glory self-flattery self-importance self-promotion jeremiad vociferation broadside oration raving yelling histrionics outburst verbal onslaught

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