Đồng nghĩa của afflicted

Alternative for afflicted

afflicts, afflicted, afflicting

Đồng nghĩa: agitate, bother, disturb, perturb, trouble,

Trái nghĩa: comfort, console, relieve, solace,

Tính từ

Suffering from an affliction, or suffering from pain, distress or disability
aggrieved depressed hurt plagued stricken tormented cursed distressed grieved impaired suffering doleful sad woeful miserable sorrowful unhappy mournful wretched sorry cheerless dismal disconsolate rueful dejected despondent woebegone gloomy joyless desolate melancholy forlorn tearful anguished heartbroken dolorous piteous grieving despairing crestfallen inconsolable blue grief-stricken pathetic saddened heartrending down heartbreaking morose glum brokenhearted heartsick melancholic troubled upset heavyhearted low broken-hearted sombre comfortless abject cast down somber distressing lugubrious pained downcast agonized lamentable downhearted sullen distraught solemn cut up mourning agonised heartsore pitiable teary grievous sorrowing deplorable depressing down in the mouth tortured dreary down in the dumps anxious pitiful hurting perturbed depressive droopy hangdog bothered ruthful concerned devastated low-spirited saddening poor discombobulated bleak uptight weeping antsy regretful dull grim worthless wounded funereal painful harrowing heavy-hearted plaintive worried spiritless dire agitated drear lonesome lonely elegiacal in the dumps bugged shook down-and-out disturbed harassed dark miffed bereaved affecting bitter jumpy displeased paltry mean dolesome angst-ridden drab harrowed shook up bewailing bemoaning wailing aching base tragic heart-rending vexed all torn up irked gutted drearisome uninviting in a tizzy austere unwelcoming bad tear-jerking disheartening dour dim dispiriting inhospitable godforsaken gray dingy bare cold stark morbid weepy dispirited chill murky bland darkening plutonian tenebrous saturnine black tenebrific sepulchral grey oppressive in pain dolent calamitous unfortunate clinical draggy dreich sunless dejecting mopey uncomfortable elegiac impersonal cloudy wintry jarring wintery Cimmerian institutional wrecked peeved spooked crushed jittery moving broken touching overwhelmed unglued disconcerted traumatized scurvy vile strung out bummed out discomposed discontented compassionate stirring beggarly commiserative arousing shabby in a stew aflutter funeral plangent deploring shaken ruffled disquieted flustered traumatised heavy with grief overcome with sorrow mortified sore persecuted riled distressful regrettable annoyed chagrined irritated lachrymose racked with suffering racked with pain racked put out bowed down gut-wrenching lamenting remorseful disheartened distracted overcome pining discouraged disappointed lousy merciful shaky emotional demoralised tristful down-hearted demoralized lame dolorific afflictive dragged ripped exercised wired disturbing dirgeful hopeless burned wistful contused poignant unconsolable up the wall bundle of nerves basket case distrait hyper shot down fidgety choked in tears in grief in doldrums cheap inadequate despicable contemptible insignificant helpless bummed mirthless long-faced sour hapless powerless in the pits chap-fallen downtrodden derisible meagre disgraceful to be pitied meager small troubling in sorrow in mourning full of sorrow sick at heart singing the blues uneasy unsettled dismayed apprehensive luckless hinky unquiet goosey insecure tense edgy dithery nervous atwitter queasy queazy nervy strained asea destroyed ailing overwrought exacerbated beset puzzled inconvenienced aggravated confused pestered hung up perplexed afraid harried frightened scared provoked terrified het up alarmed fearful fed up disgruntled traumatic upsetting ill at ease worried stiff on a downer out of sorts tragical unlucky angry agonizing offended indignant resentful affronted catastrophic cruel unpleasant agonising disastrous feeble disappointing wronged nettled piqued malcontent injured dissatisfied discontent harmed ill-used steamed in high dudgeon oppressed victimised cheesed off victimized in a huff hard done by unnerved discountenanced haunted pessimistic moody grave in low spirits humourless humorless in the doldrums chapfallen sober terrible brassed off dreadful sick as a parrot down and out awful pensive defeatist discouraging horrible horrendous horrific appalling severe sulky bleeding crummy earnest cast-down serious disquieting in a blue funk troublesome sedate grumpy atrocious horrid Eeyorish gruesome frightful heavy difficult harsh negative subdued nightmarish sunk in gloom unamused weighed down as sick as a parrot daunting stony-faced surly disconcerting shamefaced ghastly dirgelike discomforting downbeat dirge-like nostalgic horrifying objectionable abominable daunted sheepish forbidding in despair shocking mortifying grisly foul vexatious excruciating brooding foreboding monstrous galling dysphoric discomposing hostile worrying hurtful adverse taken down torn up listless with a long face worrisome irksome churlish ruinous unsettling revolting loathsome stressful perturbing rotten distasteful unpalatable torturous cataclysmic defeated glowering devastating execrable nasty agitating cynical demoralizing abashed sobersided stern disillusioned threnodic sapped crabbed maudlin down-in-the-mouth hairy tormenting troublous frightening fraught macabre weighty adust mopish broody shattered afflicting conscience-stricken commiserable hideous demoralising bereft enervated crushing unsmiling staid solitary hellacious bummed-out flat sinister ashamed deathly unfavorable unfavourable abhorrent unnerving sourpuss muted weary ominous ugly moping po-faced no-nonsense poker-faced disagreeable damp hard lurid unwelcome undesirable low-down let down in the toilet destructive heart-wrenching down in dumps inauspicious direful ill-fated unpropitious languorous triste heart-breaking low in spirits languid scowling sorry for oneself grouchy undermined prostrated exequial deathlike funebrial threnodial repentant contrite apathetic Stygian obscure hollow heart-sick lovesick depressant penitent apologetic desperate beseeching ruined entreating supplicating imploring overcast disenchanting atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging unsatisfied torn-up sunk cringing browbeaten guilty cowed pitiless vicious ruthless savage impoverished brutal merciless emo frowning taciturn without energy griefstricken taken aback deflated in distress disenchanted cross guilty-looking furtive prostrate with grief lost lowered bowed poverty-stricken down in mouth forgotten homeless forsaken abandoned off sluggish self-reproachful compunctious heinous given to looking on the black side intimidated embarrassed sneaking have the blahs unable to be comforted unable to be consoled let-down not happy friendless destitute uncared-for in anguish heartsickening crying sorry for yourself gloom-ridden having the blahs having blue devils ticked off teed off browned off peed off languished crabby beside oneself with grief sick cowering humiliated tender melting dragging defenseless defenceless fruitless alone in a funk cataclysmal feeling down full of gloom blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny fatalistic sobbing ill-humoured huffy whimpering snivelling ill-humored close to tears useless petty puny blubbering tough larmoyant longing suspicious alarmist distrustful doubting sniveling on the verge of tears unenthusiastic chilly dreamy yearning reflective fatal straitened unfriendly hard-pressed shadowy discommodious harmful perilous dangerous full of hardship doubtful threatening exacting ill-omened treacherous ill-boding injurious chilling parlous pressing precarious exigent messy jeopardous apocalyptic rocky very bad deadly contemplative musing dreaming meditative easily moved in floods of tears with tears in your eyes thoughtful daydreaming lethal mortal desirous wishful fateful ill-starred in a reverie repellent annoying unbearable repulsive offensive odious detestable irritating unsavory repugnant unsatisfactory icky stinking disgusting nauseating unacceptable abysmal obnoxious diabolical unendurable displeasing sickening gross repellant uncool yukky grotty godawful grody unappealing awkward yucky nauseous unsavoury concerning beastly uncongenial unlovely unpleasing nerve-racking off-putting nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking

Tính từ

Suffering from an illness or disease or feeling unwell
ill sick unwell poorly ailing indisposed diseased infirm peaky queasy sickly feeble frail funny weak bad queer crook unhealthy bedridden liverish invalided seedy crummy iffy infected valetudinarian down groggy grotty lousy peaked peculiar punk qualmish queazy queerish ropy rough sickened sickish squeamish unsound wabbit bummed grim woozy nauseous rotten run-down laid up not well off-colour under par below par in a bad way off-color off colour out of sorts not in good shape not oneself not up to par not very well under the weather in poor health laid low not up to snuff at death's door sick as a dog green about the gills a wreck like death warmed up off one's feet on sick list on the sick list feeling awful feeling rotten feeling terrible got the bug running temperature injured nauseated unwholesome miserable debilitated disabled incapacitated housebound immobilized awful impaired terrible laid-up disordered contaminated tainted septic blighted run down feverish in pain peccant abnormal ill in bed out of action confined to bed out of commission rickety rocky infectious immobilised achy hypochondriacal decrepit off washed out faint dreadful peely-wally peakish invalid delicate dizzy giddy enfeebled enervated shaky lightheaded prostrate low light-headed weakened languid sapped wasted tottering prostrated asthenic down-and-out suffering wobbly anaemic confined slight anemic weakly tender effete drained poor fatigued tired exhausted pale hospitalized incurable unstable unfit unsteady failing thin mean declining hospitalised lame under medication broken down doddering wimpish wimpy dying unsubstantial pallid sickly-looking drawn emaciated green imperfect defective ill-looking not so hot wretched crippled worn out soft softened fragile down with puny doddery in poor shape flimsy tenuous dragging insecure wavering lacklustre lackluster sinking in bad shape out of shape not yourself off one's feed rundown horrible bilious not up to the mark slightly unwell ugly strange paltry unsightly qualmy pukish reeling pasty pasty-faced haggard ghastly off form uneasy languishing ropey ashen whey-faced gray colourless bloodless ashy grey ashen-faced valetudinary handicapped corpse-like cadaverous sallow in bed not feeling well plague-ridden infested disease-ridden wasting stricken wan pinched the worse for wear in bad health reduced deathly pale hors de combat slender got a bug etiolated peelie-wally spent weedy sick as a parrot not a hundred percent as white as a ghost as white as a sheet colorless weary without energy vitiated nesh sensitive susceptible shattery dainty fishy wispy shatterable brittle fracturable spindly languorous sluggish depleted beat pooped pathetic strengthless trembly sapless meager meagre cranky chronically ill always ill pining often ill laid-low in ill health in poor condition bedfast paralyzed bedbound paralysed irresolute low-energy burned out worn-out broken-down knackered out of condition not healthy faltering tottery bockety not so good in a decline tuckered out out of gas out-of-action tired out vacillating indecisive sensile halting anile flat on your back flat on one's back out of humor down in the mouth in declining health not feeling up to snuff slipping away inconstant worse ticklish quaking staggering fading doubtful tricky

Tính từ

Annoyed, frustrated, or worried
vexed annoyed irritated exasperated bothered upset aggravated irked angry nettled troubled worried displeased distressed furious incensed inflamed irate peeved put out agitated choleric cross enraged fuming harassed infuriated maddened piqued wrathful hot-tempered huffy ill-humored ill-humoured miffed testy confused disgruntled dissatisfied fed up fretted frustrated perturbed resentful riled disturbed flustered harried narked provoked tormented in a huff in a temper in high dudgeon mad miffy perplexed ruffled eggy galled in a bad mood scunnered sore steamed teed off vex brassed off browned off cheesed off hoha ireful peed off snuffy tooshie wrath hacked off ticked off foaming at the mouth hot under the collar not best pleased out of countenance embittered disappointed discontented disheartened discouraged angered indignant aggrieved bitter defeated crabbed unfulfilled rancorous unsated ungratified unsatisfied offended acrimonious hurt pained stung affronted rankled ticked rabid hot livid outraged roiled infuriate ballistic hopping shirty enflamed foaming wroth apoplectic grieved steaming horn-mad riley hung up carrying a chip on your shoulder up the wall acrid annoying weighty grieving distressing steamed up hard bent out of shape crook snaky unhappy malcontent ratty disaffected irritable impatient grumpy discontent sullen sulky malcontented crabby wounded insulted complaining grumbling griping kvetching out of joint wound up injured worked up needled rattled chagrined restive bellyaching grouchy touchy snappy fretful critical disquieted envious grudging restless querulous ropeable short-tempered picky surly ill-disposed boiling out of humour bad-tempered in a lather ill-tempered in a pet fit to be tied blue in the face in a fume going crook hopping mad anguished reproachful tetchy chippy rebellious miserable hassled prickly snitty factious blue dissentious troublemaking slighted snubbed fault-finding carping nitpicking disgusted sick and tired sick to death excited burning with excitement anxious het up salty quick-tempered petulant spiteful fed up to the teeth belly-aching out of sorts peevish unforgiving sour revengeful with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the back teeth churlish huffish grousing cranky out of temper crabbing kicking uncontent vitriolic hateful bad tempered irascible seething antagonized very angry raving raging hacked incandescent wild rousted splenetic frenzied roused soreheaded stroppy waxy bugged heated aerated disapproving regretful dogged antagonistic hostile uptight buffaloed ranting scandalized storming frantic spare scandalised dark choked passionate antagonised shocked fed-up faultfinding ennuied unappeased jaundiced fretting not satisfied sniveling plaintive put-out unassuaged begrudging insatiable jealous pushed too far seeing red in a rage in a frenzy off the air in a paddy beside yourself up in arms at boiling point on the warpath raging mad all steamed up beside oneself overcome with anger rubbed the wrong way blown a gasket with all guns blazing burned up as cross as two sticks bummed out at end of one's rope boiling mad in a bate in a filthy temper beside yourself with rage hot and bothered snivelling

Tính từ

smitten besotted with infatuated with love-struck by obsessed with beguiled by beset bewitched by captivated by charmed by devoted to enamored of enamoured of enchanted by enthralled by in love with into plagued struck affected besotted crazy about enamoured enamored gone on hooked hopelessly in love with infatuated lovesick mad about potty about stricken struck on taken very attracted to very taken with wild about bowled over by ensorcelled by laid low sweet on twitterpated by very keen on head over heels in love with in love head over heels in love captivated fascinated bewitched spellbound charmed obsessed entranced enchanted absorbed devoted engrossed passionate enraptured fond mesmerized keen mesmerised attracted hypnotized nuts about hypnotised hooked on enthralled fanatical taken with riveted rapt crazy gripped beguiled stuck on mad enthusiastic about keen on sold on enthusiastic focused intent focussed smitten with excited passionate about mad on preoccupied enticed seduced loving intoxicated amorous single-minded fixated intrigued monomaniacal immersed fond of interested wrapped up in head over heels intense preoccupied with single-minded about hell-bent preoccupied by obsessive about possessed by hung up on involved engrossed in caught up in dedicated to immersed in ardent addicted to wild wild on under a spell interested in dotty about turned on intent on hung up zealous eager transfixed dotty dazzled tantalized titillated very enthusiastic delighted thrilled gripped by nuts potty consumed tantalised really into occupied happy engaged lost distracted buried concerned addicted deep busy queer caught up partial to sunk in taken over wrapped up absorbed in up to here heavily into up to here in taken up focused on locked in eat sleep and breathe tied up involved in dialed in up to your ears wound up deep in thought having a one-track mind gone twitterpated has a thing about silly about swept off one's feet overwrought dizzy love-struck fervid fervent avid hysterical nutty beside oneself attached hot for very keen overpowered very interested transported aroused sent carried away with gaga over taken up with prepossessed wackadoodle wackadoo fanatical about paranoid neurotic injured hit extremely curious very inquisitive highly interested extremely interested very curious using troubled wounded in the grip of wasted abusing jonesing for dependent on shooting up under the influence dependent strung out jonesing on prone habituated with a … habit crazed drawn agog deeply affected harmed caught predisposed curious moved inquisitive sold impressed roused attentive struck down inspired touched lured stimulated inspirited fixated by riveted by attached to mesmerized by attracted to hungry for fascinated by eager for intrigued by

Tính từ

Badly thought out
ill-chosen adverse awkward broken burdened calamitous cursed damaging deplorable desperate destitute disastrous doomed forsaken hapless hopeless ill-fated ill-starred in a bad way inappropriate inept infelicitous inopportune jinxed lamentable luckless out of luck pained poor regrettable ruined ruinous shattered star-crossed stricken troubled unbecoming unfavorable unfavourable unhappy unpropitious unprosperous unsuccessful unsuitable untoward wretched unfortunate unlucky miserable snakebitten snakebit ill-omened hard luck disadvantageous pitiful blighted untimely dire baleful misfortunate accident-prone inauspicious bad break behind eight ball tough luck cataclysmic fateful catastrophic black down on luck forlorn direful gloomy bleak discouraging bodeful ominous sinistrous baneful desolate disheartening ill-boding pathetic pitiable woeful abject sad sack worthless unpromising inconvenient unseasonable inapt bad inexpedient threatening troublesome malapropos ill-timed ill unsuited unwelcome mistimed improper destructive foreboding unseemly badly timed ill-advised ill-suited harmful negative unpleasant detrimental menacing portentous hostile disturbing objectionable contrary inimical problematic unfit discommodious difficult wrong opposed inadvisable dreadful prejudicial unacceptable inconducive disagreeable counter sinister nasty harsh minatory doomy disparaging evil bothersome forbidding unadvantageous undesirable terrible very bad unfriendly uninviting unhealthy discommoding incommoding creepy doubtful minacious unwholesome inhospitable grim perilous dubious off-putting unhopeful dangerous unchancy impending worrying foredoomed unsatisfactory tardy late antagonistic low bedevilled unappealing unenviable unwished-for unwanted unbefitting injurious tragic distressing grievous indecorous injudicious tactless disappointing bedeviled cataclysmal fatal tough unanticipated unexpected precocious early premature tragical heartrending heartbreaking devastating distressful damning unforeseen unusual unpredictable surprising unpredicted annoying disruptive awful deadly hard catastrophal undue disgraceful shameful incontrollable willful intractable ungovernable wilful wayward froward unmanageable unruly refractory irritating uncontrollable headstrong recalcitrant shattering crippling frightful woebegone hexed voodooed loser vexatious jonah behind the eightball down on one's luck poor fish ill-considered undisciplined unpliable stubborn unyielding fractious indocile wild

Tính từ

Having, posing or being a source of a problem (or problems)

Động từ

To have thrown into a state of distress marked by confusion
confused flustered perturbed disconcerted dismayed distressed disturbed agitated bothered confounded discomfited disquieted fazed frustrated rattled discommoded discomposed discountenanced exasperated upset aggravated chagrined demoralized discomforted nonplussed perplexed psyched troubled unhinged unnerved unsettled abashed demoralised flurried mortified put off put out stirred up threw off balance worked up worried embarrassed thrown off balance put someone off their stroke ruffled bewildered distracted discombobulated alarmed got to psyched out daunted put out of countenance put into a flap put someone off their stride flummoxed shaken shook discouraged threw thrown frightened baffled scared made uneasy surprised appalled taken aback took aback vexed puzzled spooked put down setted someone back on their heels disheartened dispirited unmanned humiliated shamed gotten to cowed startled unbalanced concerned jolted panicked exercised frazzled fussed distempered hagrid ailed alarumed derailed chilled addled made nervous shaken up shook up disarranged mystified muddled weirded out freaked out intimidated dejected horrified disoriented crushed shocked disappointed subdued undermined depressed made uncomfortable made anxious undone undid terrified weakened destabilized sapped dumbfounded harassed annoyed deflated terrorized caught off balance enfeebled disordered cast down gravelled graveled enervated needled jumbled disorganized fuddled put someone to shame let down put to shame rattled one's cage pulled the rug out from under put the wind up someone caused someone to lose their composure caused to be at a stand put on edge put someone off knocked for six upset apple cart set back put off his or her stride knocked sideways put the wind up destabilised terrorised made someone scratch their head fouled up pulled the rug from under hagridden hagrode threw off thrown off thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz deterred overwhelmed awed overawed hassled saddened excited hurried heated humbled browbeat bullied dashed disarmed bamboozled befuddled affected bustled displeased abased affronted devitalized disillusioned paralysed stunned stupefied disorientated downed deranged displaced demented disrupted sickened rummaged turned disarrayed disenchanted hindered disgruntled pothered disempowered bugged balked affrighted disgraced snarled brought low sent up degraded dizzied bowled over ridiculed loused up crippled stopped someone in their tracks dampened demeaned paralyzed belittled astonished disparaged made waves messed up worsted screwed up blinded crazed made someone eat humble pie debilitated unglued unzipped filled with consternation knocked the stuffing out of mixed up baulked damped irked flipped caught somebody off balance made self-conscious buffaloed mucked up caught somebody unawares sent into a spin nettled floored browbeaten took the wind out of someone's sails taken the wind out of someone's sails snafued gave someone a turn threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy given someone a turn uncalmed gave a turn given a turn rode ridden taken by surprise took by surprise thrown into confusion threw into confusion thrown into disorder thrown into uproar threw into disorder threw into uproar blown out took steam out blew up taken steam out blown up taken apart blew out took apart thrown into tizzy took the wind out taken down got one's comeuppance gotten one's comeuppance threw into tizzy taken the wind out taken down a peg took down took down a peg

Động từ

Past tense for to cause (someone) pain, suffering or distress
troubled distressed tormented bothered worried plagued upset tortured harassed vexed pained harrowed oppressed beset annoyed bedeviled bedevilled racked agonised agonized persecuted irked irritated burdened hurt grieved pestered harried wounded wound cursed excruciated anguished ailed strained tried stressed besieged exasperated affected taxed crucified smote smit smitten smited martyred discommoded blighted pursued gripped pressed struck stricken took taken visited buffeted buffetted caused suffering to caused trouble to disturbed perturbed bugged depressed saddened agitated hassled discomposed disquieted dismayed cast down hounded nagged perplexed fretted concerned unsettled badgered galled aggrieved haunted fussed provoked mortified beleaguered weighed down disconcerted flustered gnawed at molested alarmed dejected dogged ruffled flurried frazzled fazed unhinged disheartened discomforted got to injured chafed rattled aggravated distempered teased crushed cut to the quick dispirited discouraged displeased punished needled assailed bummed out distracted freaked out weirded out unnerved devastated mistreated derailed hagrid piqued maltreated lied heavy on peeved scourged discomfited offended caused agony to wrung abused ill-treated tyrannized put off given someone grief gave someone grief dashed caused pain to picked on alarumed exercised hectored riled scared frightened nettled daunted narked made anxious desolated tyrannised angered demoralized disgusted made uneasy frustrated inconvenienced gotten to confounded miffed cut up confused cut given a hard time gave a hard time made wretched put out sweat made miserable caused anguish to preyed on hacked off sickened discombobulated attacked put a damper on beat burned up burnt up demoralised weighed heavily on got down rended rent ticked off made despondent stirred up traumatized stung appalled convulsed niggled overwhelmed moved seared taunted driven up the wall drove up the wall touched outraged shaken shook mithered devilled deviled brought down deranged interrupted teared tantalized tantalised heckled inflicted anguish on hung over dampened hagridden hagrode shocked caused discomfort to puzzled spooked traumatised nagged at rode ridden pothered made gloomy wringed wronged turned off made unhappy victimized beat down got harmed grated undone undid rasped spited caused pain frosted griped itched stabbed embarrassed tested put the squeeze on chivvied grinded ground inflamed pierced goaded preoccupied suffered put into a funk bit feared drained wearied importuned baited discountenanced nauseated caused discomfort pinched stewed sweated repelled stretched rubbed up the wrong way abased excited victimised pricked cowed hit hard affronted browbeat cramped pushed repulsed chilled psyched grated on inflicted pain on inflicted suffering on despaired suppressed bent someone's ear bullied tired disparaged indisposed lacerated disappointed made your heart bleed made desolate weighed hacked you off weighed on made waves caused concern to wound up intruded roused debilitated got across got at made uncomfortable flipped out reduced to tears put your back up got someone down bewildered caused anxiety to caused anguish cast a gloom upon turned made sad hurt deeply hurt somebody's feelings psyched out put a strain on put on trial knocked sideways put in traction hurt someone's feelings put through wringer hit put on the rack torn tore thrown threw ruined destroyed ravaged consumed gave a bad time given a bad time ached inflicted got on your nerves gotten on your nerves throbbed smarted hunted damaged wreaked imposed wrecked wrought bedogged terrorized excoriated faced beaten down gotten infuriated gutted ate eaten suffered from incensed maddened terrorised rocked entangled hampered grope aggressed grizzled enraged insulted rankled chivied swamped overcome engulfed avenged twinged prickled scarred nudged revolted sapped exhausted bored constrained burnt burned played up jumped on one's case crossed impeded hindered brought one down dampened spirits obsessed pressed down on gravelled graveled wrenched discriminated against tangled scorned ribbed chaffed started in on made blue dragged down killed bruised disgruntled scolded berated intimidated buttonholed bitten lied labored laboured mused occupied devoured nicked chagrined rousted unmanned chastened dissatisfied intruded upon broke the heart of broken the heart of abraded imposed on strapped reviled horrified domineered reproached incommoded knocked the wind out of got on your wick shattered stirred breathed down someone's neck squirmed browbeaten forced upon descended upon carped at kept after harshed one's mellow tensed pressurized overtaxed pressured overstretched possessed broke one's heart broken one's heart broke broken brake whipped impaled obtruded mangled brutalised mutilated encroached overcharged martyrized grilled accosted terrified brutalized maimed taken over took over ragged thrilled deterred slighted upbraided disobliged hazed jarred startled gnawed infested beaten made someone see red dunned felt pain dragged darkened confronted enervated damped dulled swallowed up overawed boned pushed buttons rankled with descended on brought down on eaten at ate at affected badly lambasted caused sorrow caused offense bled enslaved dominated mourned caused suffering worked over gotten across gotten at run down grossed out tired out caused disquiet to made downhearted aroused anxiety in dazed crazed incapacitated flipped floored felt unwell driven bananas drove bananas mixed up made it tough for rubbed salt in wound made severe demands on turned your stomach dished out ridiculed tensed up overextended lampooned complicated keyed up interfered turned one off astounded kept under made sick impinged on layed up caused someone distress caused to feel mental strain knocked for six pushed to the limit knocked the stuffing out of got in your hair pushed the buttons of made tense poured cold water on fired up rocked the boat made a scene made your gorge rise leaded someone a merry dance dashed the hopes of drooped sweated out gave someone the blues harshed someone's mellow relucted repressed dished it out egged on made an impact abashed pressurised knocked back stuck it to turned on left a mark given someone the blues left a mark on caused to feel emotional strain made demands on disordered aroused disadvantaged deprecated made someone feel nauseous thumbed nose at brought tears to your eyes thrown off balance tyrannized over made suffer prostrated made someone fed up amazed crunched impacted on awed turned one's stomach threw off balance made someone scratch their head played cat and mouse made someone want to throw up caused to lose heart niggled at laid up aken smort smorten befell befallen been were was overcame given one the business gave one the business fell upon fallen on fell on fallen upon bore given the needle gave the needle eaten away at ate away at nit-picked ate up eaten up overrode overridden gnawn given someone the hump gave someone the hump wore out worn out given offence to gave offence to threw off thrown off gotten on someone's wick got on someone's wick got someone gotten someone ran down gotten your back up got your back up broke in hitten broken in given it to gave it to gotten under one's skin got under one's skin driven round the bend drove round the bend overdone overdid gotten in the way shook up got in the way shaken up given someone the works gave someone the works taken control of took control of took the heart out of taken the heart out of gotten in one's hair got in one's hair bore down broke someone's heart threw cold water on borne down thrown cold water on broken someone's heart done a number on did a number on torn to shreds torn to pieces tore to shreds tore to pieces antagonized antagonised roiled exacerbated humped teed off made angry rubbed the wrong way put someone's back up put someone's nose out of joint made cross ired madded drove crazy driven crazy drove mad driven mad got in someone's hair steamed up ruffled someone's feathers enflamed embittered got your goat got under someone's skin made someone's hackles rise rattled someone's cage made someone's blood boil sent into a rage put someone off their stroke made your blood boil put down hit where one lives driven to distraction drove to distraction nonplussed driven round the twist drove round the twist given someone the pip gave someone the pip got on someone's nerves gotten on someone's nerves dissed jarred on cheesed off gotten on one's nerves got on one's nerves tried someone's patience worked up prodded gotten someone's back up got someone's back up soured humiliated let down got up someone's nose gotten up someone's nose put on the spot disillusioned got across someone scandalized acerbated empurpled panicked kept on at scandalised rubbed you up the wrong way got your dander up rattled one's cage tried the patience of worked on raised your hackles got one's goat gotten one's goat shamed gotten someone's dander up got someone's dander up got someone's goat gotten someone's goat disaffected gotten under your skin got under your skin disrupted got someone's hackles up bummed henpecked disrespected hacked zinged put into a flap browned off worn on wore on crabbed put disgraced raised hell sticked in one's craw flummoxed put your nose out of joint disenchanted criticized setted one's teeth on edge umbraged tried your patience criticised tried one's patience made discontented muddled dumbfounded upset the apple cart made fretful loused up hung up got up your nose mystified made your hackles rise gotten on somebody's nerves got on somebody's nerves put pressure on put someone out made you see red caused anxiety put someone to trouble made blood boil put in a spot put off his or her stride put somebody's nose out of joint set one off put someone to shame set on put to shame put the wind up someone set someone's teeth on edge setted someone back on their heels put to trouble gotten under skin got under skin envenomed got on nerves gotten on nerves compressed squeezed poisoned alienated took aback taken aback got someone's wick festered made nervous chid chided foiled thwarted discontented rattled someone's chain petted tiffed huffed made resentful empoisoned made bitter tattered frayed eroded fouled jaundiced muddied bristled spurred stumped fuddled blustered frilled furbelowed steamed capped curdled sounded cooled mispleased winged absorbed interested ignited awaked attracted motivated grabbed absorpt quickened worn wore grudged begrudged stressed out boiled scoured worsened slapped caused someone to lose their composure snubbed bullyragged macerated forayed despoiled noodged surprised humbled deflated caused annoyance to caused resentment to incited questioned examined tweaked quizzed slurred palled wigged cramped style imposed upon played dirty riled up dispraised slandered yawped inveighed growled murmured grumped complained squealed maundered grouched whinged bleated kicked whined kvetched caterwauled yowled hollered beefed pecked at screamed groused yammered muttered croaked whimpered squawked wailed grumbled moaned bellyached carped keened yauped repined started made sore lost one's temper went on at gone on at jarred upon grated upon raged jangled estranged acidulated made rancorous venomed made livid heated up unquieted rubbed one the wrong way paralysed jerked around setted your teeth on edge exiled expelled dragooned asked for it disarranged affrighted wound somebody up got your hackles up gotten your hackles up dumped on made restless leaned on demeaned urged harped on at degraded egged grumbled at belittled moaned at made one see red pushed one's buttons caused someone difficulty paralyzed meddled discommodated scraped away run up the wrong way brought pressure to bear on got a rise out of gotten a rise out of made somebody's blood boil disorientated recurred caused to panic messed moaned on at found fault with kept complaining to dashed hopes singled out made fed up worked into lather made it hot for someone dampened the spirits of aroused hostility in screwed up pushed someon's buttons made someone eat humble pie preyed on your mind resented picked at made indignant come back to become bored fouled up boiled over lied heavily on got the knife into filled with consternation shattered the illusions of had had enough made turbid made self-conscious resent messed with made things hot for someone puts somebody's nose out of joint messed up worsted made it tough stayed with caused offense to made someone go out of his way ruffled one's feathers lost patience grated at caused offence to found fault gnawed away at mucked up whipped up sticked the knife into driven nuts drove nuts awoken awoke blew up blown up got even gotten even thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz putten worn down wore down gave the business given the business thrown into tizzy threw into tizzy wore upon worn upon driven you crazy drove you crazy wore away worn away ran up the wrong way snafued drove you up the wall driven you up the wall trodden on someone's toes given offence gave offence trod on someone's toes drove you to distraction driven you to distraction gotten on someone got on someone given a zinger given the cold shoulder gave the cold shoulder gave a zinger became bored taken it out on took it out on took a rise out of taken a rise out of came back to driven you round the twist drove you round the bend drove you round the twist driven you round the bend worn to shreds wore to shreds bit into bitten into took the wind out of someone's sails taken the wind out of someone's sails gave someone a turn threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy given someone a turn given someone bother gave someone bother gave trouble given trouble drove you off your head driven you off your head drove out of mind driven out of mind driven you out of your mind drove you out of your mind took the wind out taken down a peg took down a peg taken down took down got one's comeuppance gotten one's comeuppance taken the wind out driven somebody up the wall drove somebody up the wall gotten on the wrong side of gotten up somebody's nose got on the wrong side of got up somebody's nose

Động từ

(usually of a disease or condition) Past tense for to affect adversely
attacked infected affected damaged injured corrupted devastated vitiated crippled destroyed contaminated marred ruined spoiled spoilt annihilated demolished impaired ravaged troubled compromised impacted overcame overcome touched harmed struck stricken broke brake broken influenced perturbed sabotaged tainted upset defiled occurred polluted prevailed crushed hurt overwhelmed poisoned blighted debased impinged weakened impacted on impinged upon prevailed over wore away worn away shook up shaken up spread to struck at struck down stricken down did damage to done damage to played havoc with took hold of taken hold of wreaked havoc on wrought havoc on wrought havoc exerted influence on had an effect on had an impact on spread among fouled run through put out of commission put out of action destabilized dirtied wrecked undermined subverted jeopardized plagued debilitated hindered tarnished deteriorated disrupted impoverished diminished devitalized corroded depressed disabled blemished impeded incapacitated dismantled trashed wound wounded enervated disfigured inconvenienced sapped withered flawed blasted endamaged scorched battered smashed bloodied radioactivated crossed up crabbed enfeebled shattered defaced shocked torpedoed interfered with depraved jeopardised diseased loused up made impure smashed up laid low made ill roughed up perverted moved destabilised messed up fouled up screwed up ran through enthused mucked up detracted from caused detriment to debauched done harm to did harm to thrown a monkey wrench into taken out took out threw a monkey wrench into lay low mangled mutilated maimed deformed sullied stained wrenched vandalized bruised totaled totalled distorted scarred vandalised teared cut twisted lacerated befouled pulled soiled scratched discoloured smirched mauled discolored blotted sprained disfeatured slit split strained ricked besmirched torn tore uglified scathed desecrated razed cricked contorted rent rended degraded adulterated hacked jarred wronged despoiled abused gutted cramped dilapidated gashed profaned alloyed prejudiced put out banged up made ugly made unattractive cut up cracked separated cut about played merry hell with pummelled burnt burned put a damper on slashed marked ribboned shred shredded ripped molested traumatized smeared lamed tattered butchered hamstrung hamstringed ravished darkened grazed pounded obliterated chopped shivered crumpled tarred wasted overexerted blotched speckled disqualified tagged massacred dismembered truncated hog-tied gimped scraped castrated pulverized knackered nicked maculated disintegrated dumped on severed rotted extracted belted bleached grabbed dishonoured stabbed yanked rifted dishonored piqued made a mess of whipped clawed hacked up knocked flailed caused injury to annoyed pulled apart tampered with frazzled dented dinged slapped pummeled run evulsed aggrieved faded tweaked worked over rusted flayed whacked waxed did mischief to mashed disserved divided punched spanked slugged slayed done mischief to pinched made foul seized frayed plucked hashed maltreated disfashioned ruptured flogged carved gnawed queered distressed pained punished pommeled sundered bended bent caused pain to lashed sliced infested traumatised tormented tortured rived detracted cleaved demoralized caused injury scuzzed up littered snatched warped chopped up laid waste grieved made filthy pulverised toxified pommelled incised demoralised handled roughly kinked spray painted misshaped wrested undone undid gnawn drove a nail into the coffin of driven a nail into the coffin of ran riven rove extraught torn apart slain slew tore apart carven stung drawn blood did in done in drew blood

Trái nghĩa của afflicted

afflicted Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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